10 Best Cordless Pole Saws

The thick, over-hanging and unwanted branches growing in the trees of your garden or any tree around your house needs to be trimmed. For this, you either rely upon professional woodcutter or you wait for the branch to bend down a little so that it is accessible to you. Thus, you must not worry because now Pole Saw is a wonderful tool through which you can easily cut short the branches which are hanging at certain height. It requires minimum efforts and you can simply place the Pole Saw on appropriate branch and start the process.

Black Decker LPP120 Pole Saw

Black Decker LPP120 Pole Saw is one of the best of its kind in the market. It is one of the most excellent tools available in the marketplace to trim the branches of your trees. It is perfectly designed to prune trees of height 14 ft, and the best part about this Pole Saw is its light weight. The cutting bar is 8” long with a large diameter of 6” for the chain. The package includes LPP120 20 volt MAX Lithium Ion cordless Pole Saw, LBXR20 battery, LCS20 battery charger, blade guard, oil bottle for lubrication, a wrench, and instructions guide on how to operate it.

Greenworks 20302 GMAX Pole Saw

This tool is embedded with a 40 volt Lithium Ion battery which not only makes it a powerful tool but also a long lasting one. Pole Chain Saw requires 2 mAh battery but it does not come along with battery and charger. It has 8 inch bar and chain in it which helps you to cut down the thick overhead branches of the trees. It has an in built oiler which oils it whenever required and makes it durable. There is a small translucent oil tank in which you have to fill the oil and this will do all the work for you.

Greenworks 20672 GMAX Pole Saw

One of the most reliable options will be to go for Green Works 20672 G-Max Pole Saw that is cordless and comes with 40 volts battery. The 2 mAh battery that comes along with charger to enhance its performance like never before. The tool is made with three piece aluminum shaft which can be extended up to a length of 8 feet which makes it easy for you to access the branches at height. You do not have to lubricate it with oil from time to time because it has an in built oiler which oils it whenever necessary.

Greenworks 22342 Pole Hedge Trimmer

It is embedded with 40 volts G-Max Lithium Ion battery which needs to be powered by 2 mAh battery, but it does not come along with battery and charger. It has the unparalleled capacity to cut the branches of thickness 5 to 8 inches in no time. There is no need to use other tools for trimming bushes and shrubs when you are using this Pole Hedge Trimmer. The charging system of this Pole Hedge Trimmer is compatible with chargers of other models too.

Greenworks 22242 Pole Hedge Trimmer

It has a Lithium Ion battery of 24 volts and 2 mAh battery which is included in the package along with the charger. It comes along with 20-Inch dual action blade made of stainless steel for high performance and long durability. It also has 3 position pivoting head that adjusts blade so that it has extended accessibility and gripped handle for trimming the branches at multiple angles.

Black & Decker LPP120B Pole Pruning Saw Bare Tool

This tool runs on 20 Volt MAX Lithium Ion battery which is not included in the package. Also, the charger is not included in the package. The length is extendable from 6.5 to 10 feet and an overhead height of 14 feet. It has an 8 inch cutting bar for a diameter of 6 inches. It comes along with two years warranty and can cut 100 branches in one time if charged fully.

Oregon Cordless MAX PS250-A6 Pole Saw Kit

The mid mount motor design helps you in balancing the tool and makes it lighter to handle. It is embedded with a planetary gear reduction system which utilizes the power effectively and it helps in adjusting the intensity of cutting. It has Lithium ion battery of 40 volts which has premium cell technology with constant no fade power feature. You can cut approximately 500 branches of thickness 2 to 3 inches using this. The bar is of 8 inches which cuts all your bushes, shrubs, and branches. It is embedded with a hook which can be used for pulling down the branches.

WORX WA0169 Cordless Extension Pole

It has a comfortable gripped handle which fits perfectly into JawSaw WG320/WG321 model. It has an extended reach up to a height of 10 foot and comes with tool free attachment. The cordless pole saw can be easily operated using this pole saw handle.

GreenWorks Pro PS80L210 Cordless Pole Saw

It has brushless motor which delivers excellent performance to the user. It comes along with 80 Volt 2 Ah battery and charger is also included in the package. It has 10 inch bar surrounded by chain, and the length can be extended to 8 feet. It has translucent oil tank which lubricates the tool from time to time so that it does not get jammed.

Therefore, in the light of aforesaid facts it is quite clear that this era of technology has gifted us with many tools which help us in saving time and money. And Cordless Pole Chain Saw is one the best tools we could ever have.