Cleaning your car with a Pressure Washer

By using the proper PSI level and nozzle you can absolutely use Pressure Washer to wash your car.

Following are the points to keep in mind while using Pressure Washers on Car.

  • Park your car is a good open space away from other cars.
  • Choose PSI level between 1450 – 2000 PSI.
  • Use Wide spray, not a narrow stream.
  • The first thing that one should do is to spray down the entire car from about 3 feet away just to wet it from roof to wheels,wells and tires. This begins the softening/loosening of any caked on dirt/grit.
  • Before applying any cleaner or car shining polish, be sure to rinse the car and spray off any mud or other debris that is stuck to the surface.
  • Don’t forget to use cleaning detergent that is designed to be used with pressure washers. Rinse off detergent from 4-5 feet away until you know the PSI level is good to get close.

By following the above guide you’ll be able to wash your car with pressure washer without any issue. Looking for which pressure washer is right for you? Check out our best pressure washer review guide.