10 Best Battery Backup Sump Pumps in 2021

best battery backup sump pump

Flooding in the basement of your house can cause catastrophic damage. Lots of homeowners have installed the sump pump to prevent damage from the flood. While water starts filling your sump pit, the pump takes the water out of it. You can rely on the pump only when the electricity is available. However, what will you do when storms, rain, and lightning have caused a power outage? Thus, the best option for you is to buy a battery backup sump pump. We have now chosen the most reliable battery backup sump pumps for your needs. You can read these reviews to make your decision.

With our genuine efforts, we have found the best backup sump pumps for potential buyers. You can compare these products to make a purchase.

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Best overall

Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump 

Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump
  • Vertical float switch
  • Suction inlet
  • Discharge pipe
  • 1/4 HP motor

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Premium Choice

WAYNE BGSP50 Sump Pump

WAYNE BGSP50 Sump Pump 

  • Cast Iron model 
  • Local link technology
  • Drain 11000 gallons on a single charge

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Best budget

WAYNE ESP15 Sump pump

WAYNE ESP15 Sump pump 

  • Lift 720-Gallons per hour 
  • Thermoplastic construction
  • Produce alarm sound

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1. Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump

Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump

Wayne ESP25 is the best pick of all our battery backup sump pumps. With a 12V DC power source and ⅓-HP motor, the sump pump performs best. Wayne ESP25 does not work as your main pump, and you can use it with Wayne CDU800 and other similar models. As it has thermoplastic housing, it is water-resistant and durable. It is capable of discharging 2300 gallons of water per hour at a height of 10 feet.

You may choose almost any Group 27 size battery to operate the system. The system includes a polyethylene battery case protecting the lead-acid and SLA battery.

The pump is easy to activate by using a float switch, and thus, there is no need to use electrics. While there is a high-water level, the switch will make the pump active. In this active state, the pump will send an audible alarm. However, it will continue making noise throughout the period when it is pumping water.

High-quality 75Amp battery, flawless performance, and resilient design are reasons for choosing this battery backup sump pump.

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  • Loud runtime alarm
  • High durability
  • Powerful motor
  • LED display


  • No Wi-Fi connection

2. WAYNE BGSP50 battery backup sump pump  

WAYNE BGSP50 battery backup sump pump 

We have chosen this premium product for total basement protection. You may use a backup battery or AC power to add power to the system. The battery will continue its operation for 6 hours, and it can pump up 11,000 gallons of water. As the system does not produce much sound, it will not cause a disturbance.

You will get 2 cast iron pumps in the package. While one of them stops functioning, the other one will start its work. The LED lighting of the remote display indicates the system’s status. You will find information about the Estimated Protection, Battery Health, and the Water Level in the Basin. The Protection Status can range from high to low.

Wayne has integrated highly innovative and creative Local Link technology into the system. When your Wi-Fi connectivity is down, and there is a power outage, this technology helps in data transmission. 

Moreover, you need to install a free mobile app to check out the real-time status during the power outage.

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  • Pre-plumped model
  • A solid-state air switch 
  • Local Links updates the system
  • Two submersible pumps


  • Need to purchase a costly battery

3. WAYNE ESP15 Sump Pump

WAYNE ESP15 Sump Pump

WAYNE ESP15 is another high-quality 12V system that enables you to keep your basement dry by removing the flooded water. This model is a battery backup submersible sump pump with a DC-powered system. The pump has the capability of passing 1750 gallons of water per hour. It can pump water up to the height of 15 feet. Moreover, the switch on/off height of 4” and 9” is another notable feature.

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Manufacturers have created a corrosion-resistant design by using thermoplastics. The thermoplastic housing and self-priming technology have added a level of protection to the overall model. You need a 40 to 75-Ampere battery to operate this backup pump system. The diameter of the sump pump outlet is about 1-1/2″ FPT. You can install it in sump pits having a diameter of around 15 inches.

WAYNE ESP15 also includes an LED indicator light and an audible alarm to make sure that you have activated the backup system. The float switch is reliable, helping you with an automatic operation.

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  • High water passing capacity
  • Alarm sound
  • Rust-resistant design 


  • Problem with the clipper

4. Zoeller 507-0005 Battery Backup Pump

Zoeller 507-0005 Battery Backup Pump

Zoeller 507-0005 is one of the reliable quality battery backup pumps with a 10 Amp recharger. You can recharge the battery automatically with the AC connection. Thus, before the power outage, your battery will always be charged. When your primary AC pump does not work, this system will save your property from water damage.

The housing made of thermoplastic does not corrode. Moreover, you will find it easy to install both the primary and backup pumps in one pit. The float fitted to the discharge pipe is bigger than other standard backup pump switches.

The LCD display shows voltage, while the LED light denotes the absence of AC power. You will also find it indicating the battery status. When your sump pit has water, and your battery is operating, you will hear an alarm sound.

Overall, we can say that Zoeller 507 is a reliable backup sump pump integrated with essential features to protect basements and other sites.

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  • Noncorrosive battery case
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with sump pump of any model


  • Battery not included in the package

5. Zoeller 508-0005 Battery Backup Sump Pump

Zoeller 508-0005 Battery Backup Sump Pump

Zoeller 508-0005 is a reliable battery backup system that works with most other AC sump pumps of this brand. With a little higher investment, you will get this quality product.

The pre-assembled battery submersible model saves your effort, and it includes a 12V DC powered motor. It has impressed us with the high-water flowing rate of about 2,340 gallons per hour.

The package does not include a 12V battery needed for your pump. You have to buy a 27/29 size deep cycle battery that has a high reserve capacity. By using some hookup wires, you may deal with some additional batteries.

The Zoeller 508 has a control box providing data with the LCD screen. You can easily check out the battery voltage. 

LED light indicators will give you an alert about the battery charging condition. However, you may keep the water alarm silent for 24 hours. The system is capable of pumping 2340 gallons per hour at 0 feet. Your sump pump diameter needs to be at least 18″ and 24″ deep.

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  • Include a check valve
  • Works smoothly
  • A cooling plate
  • Aluminum seal pocket


  • The O-ring becoming loose.

6. Superior Pump 92900 battery backup sump pump

Superior Pump 92900 battery backup sump pump

Superior Pump 92900 is a submersible battery backup pump capable of moving up to 1380 gallons per hour. It can lift water vertically to 25 inches. The automatic functioning of the tethered switch is another notable feature of the pump. You do not need the effort to turn on and turn off the switch. Moreover, the system includes 1¼-inch NPT discharge that ensures high-capacity pumping. The thermoplastic design has made this pump corrosion resistant.

The unique box design fits Absorbent Glass Mat marine batteries. You will also find an alarm (87dB) in the control panel. In the absence of power, there will be no sound. While the voltage level is below 10.8 Amps, there will be a low battery alarm. The battery backup pump also includes a stainless-steel mounting clamp to help you mount the float switch to the pipe. 

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One of the unique features of the pump is the reverse polarity alarm. When you have moved the battery backward, you will hear the alarm.

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  • Affordable model
  • No rust issue
  • Reverse polarity alarm


  • The reset alarm button is not automatic.

7. BURCAM 300403 battery backup sump pump

BURCAM 300403 battery backup sump pump

BURCAM has designed a lightweight sump pump operated by batteries. This submersible pump is best for residential uses. You can install it in the basement and other sites of your property. This 12V pump is available with a check valve, trickle charger, tethered switch, and a battery case.

The float switch works appropriately when your sump pit has a diameter of at least 14 inches. The right sized sump pit ensures an automatic and smooth operation of the pump.

BURCAM has manufactured the sump pump in a way that it can work with most other primary sump pump models. You may install it easily on any discharge pipe. The pumping system is capable of filling up to 1600 gallons of water per hour. The head can be up to 10 feet. The backup pump also includes an alarm to send notifications about the activation of the system.

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  • A quality battery case
  • Include a tethered float switch
  • Best for residential applications


  • Capacity must be higher.

8. Superior Pump 92910 Battery backup sump pump

Superior Pump 92910 Battery backup sump pump

A 12V battery backup system is useful when your primary sump pump has stopped functioning for a power outage. The pump can lift 1380 gallons per hour, and the water lifting capacity is 25 feet in height. Manufacturers have used quality materials to build their components. Stainless steel jacket shaft seals and copper motor windings are the most durable parts of the system. Thus, you will find quality in the overall design made of thermoplastics. 

With a 1-1/2″ discharge pipe and 1-1/2″ MPT threads, this sump pump performs smoothly. The intake screen helps in filtering out the debris for the protection of the impeller.

The automatically functioning vertical float switch turns on and off your pumping system. The activation of the float switch also turns on the alarm. Moreover, there is a mounting clamp for easy mounting of the switch to the discharge pipe.

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  • Removable filters
  • Low battery voltage alarm
  • Reverse polarity protection.


  • Not user friendly

9. Zoeller 508-0006 ProPak53 Sump Pump System

Zoeller 508-0006 ProPak53 Sump Pump System

Zoeller 508-0006 has a time-tested reliable design with self-contained configurations. You will get a 10 Amp battery recharger system, warning system, and light indicators. There is an LCD screen displaying the battery voltage status and other useful details related to the system. Other essential parts of the pump are the AC pump check valve, adapter, tee, and DC pump discharge check valve. You can pump water using 1-1/2″ PVC pipes. To operate this backup sump pump, you may use any 27 and 29- group size batteries. Moreover, manufacturers have used non-corrodible polyethylene to design some parts of this sump pump.

The charger with a unique switch-mode technology has a compact design. The battery case can accommodate big-sized batteries (Group size- 29, 27, and 31). Overall, we have found a highly engineered design for this sump pump.

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  • Non-corrodible design
  • Easy to read battery voltage
  • A reliable, vertical float switch


  • Need to remove two pumps while managing only one pump

10. Red Lion 14942792 battery backup sump pump

Red Lion 14942792 battery backup sump pump

Red Lion 14942792 is one of the battery-operated backup sump pumps for residential uses.  Red Lion has designed an innovative and unparalleled product that pumps 1600 gallons of water per hour. The automatic system provides you with a maintenance-free solution.

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When your primary sump pump cannot work, you may choose this Red Lion model as the emergency protection system. You can save your basement, crawl spaces, and other sites of your property from flood damage. 

Manufacturers have included an internal diaphragm switch mechanism in the sump pump. As the switch is not on the model’s outer side, dirt and debris will not affect its operation. Moreover, the vertical switch is another notable feature of the system. You will get a 6-feet cord in the package. However, you have to buy the battery separately.

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  • Protection to internal parts
  • No complicated design
  • Advanced technology


  • A minor problem with the switch

Guide to buying a battery backup sump pump

Water infiltration through the footings and foundation walls may result in structural issues. To prevent moisture damage to your basement walls, you can invest in battery backup sump pumps. But, why should you use battery-operated backup sump pumps? These pumps have no moving parts, and they have a high capacity of moving gallons of water every hour. They have an advanced charging system for the continuous operation of the pump. Moreover, these battery backup models have a plug-and-play design that ensures easy installation.

You need to check out some factors while buying the best battery backup sump pump.

Construction and design

As your backup sump pumps rely on a battery, you have to ensure that the system includes the best protection against environmental risks. The power source must remain dry all the time. In most cases, manufacturers use thick thermoplastics for protecting your battery. However, when there is no waterproof housing, you must place the battery above your pump.

Moreover, the best backup sump pumps have rust-resistant materials, like cast iron and steel. Some manufacturers apply special coatings to prevent wear and tear.

The presence of an alarm

Backup sump pumps should have an alarm system to indicate the water overloading issues and faults to the primary pumps. While the primary pump cannot remove water smoothly, you may need to inspect the problem.

DC versus AC

Most of us like to have battery backup pumps, which can deal with AC power and battery. It helps you reduce the impact on the battery, as the pump works only with the availability of power. While there is power, the system will recharge your battery automatically.

Type of batteries used in the backup sump pump

Most of the sump pumps need deep-cycle batteries. Starter batteries (used in vehicles) may not be the perfect choice due to their fast drainage. AGM batteries are best, as they do not need much maintenance.

While dealing with batteries, you have to check out the number of Amp-hours. You must use one, which has 75 aH. These batteries will last longer and keep your basement dry. The backup sump pump battery can perform continuously for 6 to 90 hours. However, the water flow rate into the sump pit and the battery size may affect this overall duration.

Should the flow rate of the backup pump correspond to that of the primary pump?

It is not a necessity. Still, it is better to match the flow rate of these two pumps. While your primary sump pump cannot work, the backup model needs to manage the load. However, as your backup pump is a battery-operated device, you must not think it will sustain consistent performance.


To sum up, we have chosen the high-tech backup sump pumps with battery-operated systems. By analyzing the performance and other features of different backup sump pumps, we have picked the best-branded models for you. You can easily buy the right product by reading our comprehensive reviews.

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