10 Best Bottle Jacks in 2021

best bottle jack

Do you need reliable bottle jacks to lift and lower your car? These bottle jacks are safety equipment for home mechanics and car buffs. Although they are small tools, they can lift heavy loads. You can use them with jack stands to accomplish your work. Moreover, these portable, user-friendly tools are also useful for different home repair projects. However, which is the best bottle jack for your purpose? You may need time to check all the available products in the market. That is why we have reviewed the most popular bottle jacks for your needs. By assessing the height range, capacity, and other details, we have picked these products. 

We have identified essential features of the best bottle jacks. You may compare them while making a purchase.

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Best Overall

Alltrade 640912 All-In-One Bottle Jack

Alltrade 640912 All-In-One Bottle Jack
  • Include jack stand and bottle jack
  • Safety bar locks unit 
  • Large steel base

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Premium Choice

US JACK D-51125 12 Ton Bottle Jack

US JACK D-51125 12 Ton Bottle Jack
  • Hydraulic hand jacks
  • Include a stop ring
  • Painted design
  • Handle included

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Best Budget

Pro-Lift B-004D Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Pro-Lift B-004D Hydraulic Bottle Jack
  • Easy to use
  • Include a steel lifting saddle 
  • Built-in bypass system

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1. Alltrade 640912 All-In-One Bottle Jack 

Alltrade 640912 All-In-One Bottle Jack 

We have chosen it as the best one of all products, as the single unit combines both the jack stand and the bottle jack. Designed with a steel base, this unit is useful for trucks, unibody vehicles, and regular cars. Moreover, this 3-ton model is the perfect choice for using it with off-road vehicles and light trucks. It can lift your vehicle to 21 inches.

The safety bar is much longer, as it is about 18 inches. Due to the large base, the bottle jack provides a stable balance. Moreover, as there is a safety lock, it is not easy to unlock the system while sustaining a heavy load. However, you may use this all-in-one, versatile bottle jack for other projects. 

Powerbuilt has designed this jack by maintaining Portable Automotive Lifting Devices and ASME safety standards. The special design is best for flat and concave lifting surfaces to deal with different factory-approved lifting points. 

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  • Includes a safety lock
  • A large base
  • Stylish with a patented design
  • Easy to lift and move


  • Slightly heavier 

2. US JACK D-51125 12 Ton Bottle Jack  

US JACK D-51125 12 Ton Bottle Jack

US Jack D 51125 is the premium choice in our list, and this heavy-duty piece can be your best companion when you need to lift your vehicle and other heavy machinery. This jack’s weight capacity is about 12 tons, and you may apply it for a range of purposes.

With a 10.5-inch lifting range, this model has grabbed the attention of several professional mechanics. Moreover, you can find several safety features adding efficiency to the hydraulic jack. One of the best features is the stop ring, which prevents overstrike. What’s more, there is a fluid bypass system to keep up the best working condition. 

The bottle jack also includes a handle to let you use the system without any issue. As the bottle jack has a compact design, it is best for residential car repairs. However, you may also buy it for commercial vehicles, farming equipment, and trailers.

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  • A highly sturdy bottle jack
  • Painted jack- No rust problem
  • Highly durable ductile-iron base


  • No safety lock

3. Pro-Lift B-004D Hydraulic Bottle Jack  

Pro-Lift B-004D Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Pro Lift 004D is one of the high-quality hydraulic bottle jacks available at a very reasonable price. While changing your car tire, you may use this tool to lift the vehicle. The user-friendly and affordable bottle jack is capable of lifting a weight of about 4 pounds. Moreover, you may also use this tool to hold up small foundations and floor joists. 

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By using this bottle jack, you can lift your car to 15 inches. We think that it is a good lifting range to let you do anything to your vehicle’s underside.

The built-in features of Pro lift 004D have made this product highly functional. For instance, you can find an integrated bypass system protecting against ram overtravel. Moreover, there is a carrying handle helping you to move the unit to any place. The serrated lifting saddle ensures a proper grip. You will also find optimum stability due to a broad base.

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  • Strong base 
  • Easy to carry
  • High lifting capacity


  • Much small

4. Amazon Basics Hydraulic Bottle Jack 

Amazon Basics Hydraulic Bottle Jack 

We have found it as another reliable hydraulic bottle jack available in different load-carrying capacities. Based on your needs, you may choose between 8-ton and 10-ton models. Moreover, this highly durable bottle jack can lift your car to 17.3 inches. The system operates at a temperature ranging from 40F and 107F. The corrosion-resistant device will last long despite your regular use. Manufacturers have used alloy steel to manufacture this bottle jack. The welded metal used outside and inside the unit has added durability.

You can invest in this hydraulic bottle jack for your high-clearance, heavy vehicles. Many mechanics have bought this jack for auto shop and home garage to use it for different repair works. As the bottle jack has a lightweight model, you may easily carry it and store it at any model.

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  • Alloyed steel construction 
  • Leak-free performance
  • A welded design


  • Problem in the seal

5. BIG RED T92003B 

BIG RED T92003B 

The sturdy steel construction and some unique features have made this bottle jack highly popular. You can purchase it for both commercial and residential uses. The heat-treated saddle has a serrated design to ensure a secure grip and good lifting area. The jack is capable of lifting your machinery and car up to 17-3/4″. Make sure that the weight of your car is not more than 20 tons. The highly engineered design made of drop forced alloyed steel ensures high durability and quality. The operating temperature has to range between 40F and 105F.

Piston ram uses a polyurethane sealing ring that has a Y-style design. It prevents the load from falling. You can buy this bottle jack for lifting trucks, cars, SUVs, farm vehicles, and industrial tools. In terms of performance and design, this bottle jack has become a perfect choice for several users.

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  • A welded structure
  • ASME PASE compliant
  • Include a glide-action pressure pump


  • Very small

6. Torin TAM90203S bottle jack  

Torin TAM90203S Bottle Jack

Torin TAM90203S bottle jacks are highly useful tools for both commercial and residential uses. The highly engineered industrial welded design ensures that these bottle jacks are highly durable. Like any other model, Torin TAM90203S has a drop forged alloy steel used for its design. You will find incredible quality in the overall construction. The outer and inner welded structure with a leak-free model has made this bottle jack a reliable choice.

There is also a glide-action pressure pump to lift your car and other heavy objects with minimal effort. Moreover, you will find an integrated oil-bypass system with an overload valve. These are some safety features protecting the hydraulic system from going beyond limits.

You may buy this tool to use it with agricultural, military, and industrial equipment. It can lift your 2-ton machinery to 13-5/8″. The package also comes up with a carrying case to help you with easy transportation and storage.

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  • Industry-standard design
  • Best for vehicles and other industrial equipment
  • A secure grip


  • Leakage problems in a few cases

7. BAOSHISHAN 4-Ton bottle jack 

BAOSHISHAN 4-Ton Bottle Jack

We have chosen this product for those who need a double ram bottle jack. The durable jack is made of an alloy steel structure that ensures high durability and quality. The working space is larger than that of the standard models. The outer and inner sides have a flawless welded structure that makes the model long-lasting. Moreover, you can find a built-in pressure pump to help you lift the heavy load with minimal effort. Lots of users have purchased it for commercial and residential repairs.

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The bottle jack has the capacity of lifting a load of about 4 tons. You can invest in it to deal with your RV, SUV, truck, minivan, and off-road vehicle, and other automobiles. The lifting height of the model is about 15.35″, and we think that you will have no problem in repairing the car by lifting it to this height.

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  • Easy to transport and store
  • Include a carrying case
  • Sturdy structure 


  • The plastic case- Not durable

8. Omega 10065B bottle jacks 

Omega 10065B Bottle Jacks

Omega 10065B is a compact side-pump hydraulic bottle jack with a capacity of lifting 6 tons. Manufacturers have used hardened cast steel to design this bottle jack. The heat-treated design ensures that the model is highly durable. You can choose this tool for different types of jacking operations.

As one of the reliable bottle jacks, it integrates many safety features. Due to the overload protection system, the device will surely last long. The forged release valves with a unique cross-type design are also the most notable safety features. With this unique setup, you can understand that this tool helps you in controlling the load. The screw-top extension is easily adjustable. Moreover, users have not complained about leakage problems. We have found that Omega 10065B is a reliable model for most of the mechanics from the overall review.

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  • Include release valves
  • Durable design
  • Multiple safety features


  • The lifting range must be higher.

9. BIG RED TA91206 Pneumatic Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack 


BIG RED has designed a high-quality pneumatic, hydraulic bottle jack for commercial needs. You can lift your heavy-duty, industrial machinery, construction tools, and other similar things. The best fact is that you can operate the system both manually and pneumatically. The bottle jack has the potential of lifting about 12 tons. The simple device will help you to lift different vehicles, like SUVs and trucks. The large base makes the jackstay stable while you install it. Moreover, there is a dual-spring system, which helps you in lowering the car smoothly and safely.

The highly polished and sealed cylinder rams have no risk of corrosion and rust. Manufacturers have used high-performance seals for these parts. The lifting range of the tool is 10-1/4″ to 20-1/16″. As the system includes a push-button trigger control, you can increase efficiency and speed. The air pressure range needs to vary from 100 to 175PSI.

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  • Lower the lift time
  • No overloading problem
  • A durable construction


  • The carrying handle- Not properly positioned

10. Powerbuilt 620470  

Powerbuilt 620470

When you are looking for a bottle jack for unibody cars, this product is the perfect choice for you. With the Powerbuilt Unijack, you can lift your trucks and cars safely. You know Unibody cars have factory-approved lifting points that help you in avoiding damages. While using a regular jack, it may not be easy to lift your unibody vehicle and hold it. After raising the car with the jack, no space is left to install the jack stand.

To solve this issue, Powerbuilt has designed its Unijack solves. The unique design ensures that you can hold the unibody car securely with one lift point. This jack has both flat and concave lifting surfaces to manage your lift points. 

The bottle jack has the capacity of lifting a load of 4000 lbs. Moreover, the lifting range is 8-5/8 to 18-3/8 inches. Users have purchased it for their minivans and sedans.

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  • Portable jack
  • Highly durable
  • Include the jack stand


  • Lifting problem on the flat concrete floor

Guide to buying the best bottle jacks

You may have gone through the details of every bottle jack we have reviewed. Still, it is not easy for you to find the right product for your needs. To help you choose the most reliable bottle jack, we have presented you with a brief guide.

The most important thing is that lots of potential buyers confuse bottle jacks with ground jacks. Bottle jacks resemble the bottle shape with a narrow and round design. They are user-friendly and highly portable. The bottle design enables them to secure jacks quickly, and you may use them for vehicles, like trucks. However, they are not the right choice for racing cars and other flat vehicles. Their load capacity is a high load, and they have extension screws to let you adjust the jack.

On the contrary, ground jacks have no similarity to bottle jacks, as the jack is flat to make it reachable under the flat vehicles. While floor jacks are bulky, bottle jacks are compact. These floor jacks also have wheels with long pump handles for lowering and lifting vehicles.

Now, as you have understood the difference, you can effortlessly search for bottle jacks.

How to decide on the size of the bottle jack?

A standard bottle jack has a weight lifting capacity of not more than 4 tons. By using this jack, you may deal with your SUVs, trucks, and cars. You can check out your vehicle’s weight and then look for the right bottle jack for your needs. It will help you to find a jack with the right load capacity. 

Know the lifting range of your bottle jack

Another essential thing to buy the bottle jack is the lifting range. You need to understand how high the jack will lift the vehicle for your needs. In most cases, the lifting is between 9 and 18 inches.

Material and quality of your bottle jack

Materials used for designing the bottle are one of the crucial factors. Reliable manufacturers use sturdy materials to manufacture the base and body of your bottle jack. The high-quality jacks are capable of withstanding the pressure applied while lifting the heavy vehicle. Moreover, the best bottle jack models have a blend of alloy steel and iron. The combination of these materials makes the jack highly sturdy. 

It is better to choose paint jacks to ensure minimal risk of rust and corrosions. Quality bottle jacks also include handles for your benefits.

Ease of use of the system

You have to make sure that you can comfortably operate the bottle jacks for any purpose. It is better to check the handle of the device. The best models have a long pumping handle to ensure your comfort. 

Bottle jacks- How do they work?

These devices rely on hydraulics for their mechanism, and they include two cylinders on the interior side of the jack’s body. By pumping the handle, you can move the piston. The movement of the piston increases pressure, which turns out force for lifting the shaft.

Thus, the pressure created in a smaller canister reaches the larger one. As the larger cylinder has more space, it generates more lifting force with pressure to lift the car.


Now, it is easy for you to decide on the best bottle jacks for your needs. You have to check out the lifting range, weight capacity, durability, base size, and other bottle jack factors. The innovatively designed bottle jacks also have safety features to protect the system from damages. Take some time to check our reviews to make the best deal.

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