10 Best Brick & Masonry Sealers in 2021


Masonry, stonework, and bricks increase your house’s aesthetic value if you have maintained them properly. Cold temperature, precipitation, and several other factors may result in wear and tear. Water seeping into masonry affects the overall structural integrity.

By sealing your brick and mortar joints, you can protect the surface from moisture. Investing in a masonry sealer is the smartest way to prevent damages to your property. That is why we have chosen the best masonry and brick sealers for your needs. You can easily pick the right one.

We have chosen the quality sealers for your brick and masonry surface. You can compare them and make a great purchase.

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Best Overall

LastiSeal Brick & Concrete Sealer 

LastiSeal Brick & Concrete Sealer 
  • Deep penetrating
  • Paintable
  • Natural finish
  • Water-based sealer

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Premium choice

Armor WL550 brick and masonry sealers 

Armor WL550 brick and masonry sealers 
  • Water repellent 
  • Breathable
  • Low VOC

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Best budget

Rain Guard Water Sealers SP-1103

Rain Guard Water Sealers SP-1103
  • High-gloss finish 
  • Water-based sealer
  • Safe to use

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1. LastiSeal Brick & Concrete Sealer

LastiSeal Brick & Concrete Sealer

The best pick in our review is the brick and concrete sealer from LastiSeal. You may use it for sealing masonry, wood, and grout. Manufacturers have thoughtfully formulated the sealer with eco-friendly elements. Moreover, this sealer is a non-flammable product and does not cause any risk. LastiSeal sealer works great for both interior and exterior applications.

As the sealer has a water-based formula, you can apply it with a roller, spray, or paintbrush. The package holds 2.5 gallons of solutions covering up to 250 Sq. ft. Using the sealer, you will protect your masonry from salt, water, sun rays, and other detrimental elements.

The sealer acts as a waterproofing agent and seals the surface. It reduces concrete dusting and efflorescence while restricting water vapor transmission. Thus, you may try out this sealer to save your property from potential damages.

Although you may have applied the LastiSeal sealer, you can still paint the surface. Moreover, the sealer does not trap moisture and makes the surface slip-resistant. 

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  • Easy to apply
  • Give ultimate protection
  • Breathable
  • Best for porous bricks, pavers, and stones


  • Leave some white residue

2. Armor WL550 brick and masonry sealers

Armor WL550 brick and masonry sealers

Armor WL550 is a quality sealer with water-repelling abilities. You can minimize damages caused by freeze-thaw cycles and water absorption. Moreover, the sealer prevents mold growth, stains, cracks, and pitting issues. As the sealer works below the surface, it will leave a film on the stone, paver, brick, concrete, and other porous masonry surfaces. 

The sealer can penetrate the surface and create a matte wet look. It also develops the hydrophobic barrier to minimize the water absorption rate by 95%. Besides, as it is a breathable product, it prevents moisture damage to the surface.

You do not need to reseal the surface after applying the sealer for 3 to 5 years. However, the porosity of the surface may make a difference in the frequency of resealing it.

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  • UV resistant product 
  • Last for several years
  • Prevent surface growth and other damages


  • It does not cover many areas

3. Rain Guard Water Sealers SP-1103

Rain Guard Water Sealers SP-1103

When you are looking for a high-gloss sealer at a pocket-friendly rate, you can choose this product. You can notice the glossy finish after the application of the sealer. Manufacturers have used a water-based formula with low VOC content. Moreover, you will not find the odor emitted by this sealer. 

You may buy it for outdoor applications to prevent damages from weather elements, sunrays, salt, dirt, and freezing temperature. The solvent-based sealer does not result in a yellowish look after the application. It works best on both painted and unpainted surfaces.

Thus, add a protective coating to the surface by using the water sealer. When you apply the sealer, it will have a strong bond with the surface. The 1-gallon can of this sealer helps you in covering 200 square feet.

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  • Designed for both horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • An eco-friendly product
  • A high-grade gloss sealer


  • May need several coats

4. Black Diamond Stoneworks

Black Diamond Stoneworks

When you are looking for a budget-friendly option for sealing your bricks, stones, masonry, and other surfaces, you can choose this product. The quality sealer ensures ultimate protection from weather elements and chemicals. Decorative stonework will retain its original look when you have applied this sealer properly. However, you must not use the sealer for your marbles and granite stones.

After the sealer becomes dry, it will not darken the surface. Moreover, the chemical-resistant formula has made this product unique. The VOC-compliant water-based sealer needs minimal maintenance. Your stone surface will shine more with this sealer.

Black Diamond has offered a durable and non-yellowing solution. The application of the sealer will make the sealer looks weight. What’s more, as the sealer is resistant to wear and tear, you can choose it as the most reliable product.

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  • Protection to natural stone and other surfaces
  • Best performance
  • Surface not darkened


  • Flammable product

5. Foundation Armor SX5000 masonry sealer

Foundation Armor SX5000 masonry sealer

Professionals always like to buy higher quality sealers for different purposes. We have chosen this premium sealer for them. The water-based sealer works best for brick and concrete surfaces. You may protect the surface from thaw and freeze damages, stains, and salt.

This product is also useful as the penetrating concrete sealers for roadways to prevent deterioration and damages. After the application of the sealer, the substrate will retain its natural and unsealed look. Moreover, the surface will not become slippery, and you will have no safety issues.

Manufacturers have used 5 times more active ingredients for manufacturing this sealer. As it is a breathable sealer, it does not trap moisture below its surface. Moreover, it reduces water absorption on the surface by more than 90%. You can simply pour the sealer into the sprayer and apply it to the surface.

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  • Last for 7 to 10 years
  • Easy to apply
  • Best for different surfaces


  • Multiple coats are essential.

6. KILZ L390201 Brick and Masonry sealer

KILZ L390201 Brick and Masonry sealer

You can choose this sealer to preserve the beauty of brick, concrete, and masonry surfaces. The right application of this sealer helps in maintaining the original color. There is no risk of yellowing, fading, and changing the color of your masonry surface.

Manufacturers have used an acrylic formula that works best for uncoated and coated stones, stucco, tiles, and cement. The use of this sealer will result in a high-gloss finish. You may choose the sealer for both indoor and outdoor applications. However, you must not use it for pool decks and other high-moisture zones.

You can apply the sealer with any tools, like a pad applicator, brush, pump, and sprayer. Within one hour, it dries, and then, you may recoat the surface within 4 hours.

The 1-gallon can is available at a reasonable price, and it helps you to cover almost 250 to 400 square feet. Before applying the sealer, you have to ensure that the surface is clean and free of mold and grease stains. Avoid thinning the sealer to get the best result.

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  • Wet-look finish
  • High coverage
  • Easy to apply


  • Only for horizontal surfaces

7. Rain Guard-CR-0356 Brick and masonry sealer

Rain Guard-CR-0356 Brick and masonry sealer

This water-based concrete sealer is one of the high-quality products that make your masonry surface long-lasting. You can apply it for both vertical and horizontal surfaces. The high-end hydrophobic coating is one of the major reasons for choosing the sealer. 

Manufacturers have formulated the product by combining siloxanes and silanes. Lots of engineers and architects prefer using this sealer. The micro-seal has a unique ingredient, known as Micro-Lok, for a lasting mechanical bond.

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The best fact is that the surface’s original look will have no transformation due to this sealer’s use. You may use this waterproof spray only as a primer. 

You can prevent moisture penetration into the substrate. Moreover, the sealer helps in protecting the surface from oil stains. The special coating applied with the sealer makes the surface resistant to wind-driven rain, ice removal agents, salt, and water.

You may buy the smallest can containing 1 gallon of sealer. It helps you in covering up to 300 sq. ft.

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  • Rainguard water repellant
  • Leaves no surface film
  • Minimize lime and efflorescence 


  • No usage instructions

8. SEAL-ONCE SO7910 brick and masonry sealer

SEAL-ONCE SO7910 brick and masonry sealer

SEAL-ONCE SO7910 is one of the reliable sealers used for driveways, patios, and other brick surfaces. You can retain the natural color and beauty of the concrete surface. The sealer can prevent decay and weathering effects on the surface. Thus, you can try out this sealer to protect your investment. 

The application of the sealer on the surface can result in a non-yellowing coating. The natural concrete color will have no transformation. What’s more, you can prevent cracks, mold growth, and salt deposits by using this sealer. The sealer creates a breathable barrier to the surface. 

With water and soap cleanup, you can maintain the surface treated with a sealer. Moreover, quality sealer creates a water-resistant layer. You may prevent water damage to the surface.

The sealer works best for almost any surface, including acid stained and colored concrete, slate, sandstone, and simulated bricks. Thus, by purchasing a pack of this sealer, you can apply it to different sites of your property.

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  • Prevents color fading issues
  • Easy cleanup
  • Low VOC


  • Multiple coats needed

9. DOMINATOR B01FWDTRXU brick and masonry sealer

DOMINATOR B01FWDTRXU brick and masonry sealer

DOMINATOR has offered low-gloss, wet-look sealer for your masonry and brick surfaces. However, you must not apply it to stone and clay pavers. When you have decorative concrete and pavers on your property, you may buy this sealer to restore their durability. After applying the sealer on the surface, you will find a low sheen.

You can choose this product as one of the best breathable sealers protecting the surface from water damage. Moreover, the sealer also prevents mold and mildew growth, and oil stains. It does not make the surface slippery and ensures the ultimate UV protection to the surface. 

You can buy the 1-gallon package to cover 400 square feet. The solvent-free sealer will add shine to the surface. The manufacturer has used an eco-friendly formula to formulate this unique product.

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  • No harmful chemicals and foul odor
  • Last for 2 to 5 years
  • Fast dry time 


  • Costly

10. DryWay B006YV050 Water-Repellent Concrete Sealer

DryWay B006YVY050 Water-Repellent Concrete Sealer

DryWay concrete sealer gives the ultimate protection to the surface. You may also buy it for porous masonry surfaces, including pavers, blocks, and bricks. Moreover, this sealer is best for both outdoor and indoor uses. You will find a clear matte finish after the application of the sealer on the surface. By applying the sealer once, you will not need to think of sealing for up to 7 years. Manufacturers have used Silane and Siloxane to formulate the sealer.

The water-repellent properties have made this sealer a perfect choice for different surfaces. Use the sealer to prevent damages caused by de-icing chemicals and salts. You can buy the sealer to protect your driveways, patios, garages, walkways, and sidewalks. The use of this sealer does not make the surface slippery.

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Buying Guide

Before providing you with a buying guide, we need to talk about the benefit of using the sealer. The sealer helps in avoiding damages caused by rain that penetrates crevices. 

Thawing and freezing can also damage the walls and floors of your property. That is why you may use a sealer to prevent moisture from accessing the surface’s internal layers. Moreover, sealers help in preventing smelly and unsightly mold growth on the surface.

Now, we have presented you with how to choose the best sealer for masonry and brick surfaces. Buying the right sealer may not be easy, as you have to consider several factors to make your deal.

Penetration ability

The penetration power is one of the essential factors to buy a sealer. The best sealer works effectively to penetrate through any surface to prevent dusting and efflorescence. It should also alleviate the effects of weather elements. While buying the sealer, you have to identify its potential to penetrate the surface.

Eco-friendliness of the sealer

Masonry and brick sealers may have harmful elements in their composition. These sealers are not safe for your health and the surrounding environment. Thus, you have to check out the odor level and chemicals used for the sealer. The VOC level must be minimal to avoid any health issues. However, although your sealer may have low VOC content, it is better to put on protective gear when spraying it. 

Outdoor and indoor uses

You may apply some sealers both outside and inside the house. But, there are sealers intended for a particular setting. Most of the manufacturers mention where you should use the sealer.

Other tips for buying sealers

How much sealer do you need?

You need to know about needs before buying the sealer. When you think of sealing a vast surface, it is essential to purchasing a big package. Manufacturers mention coverage rates for their sealers. For instance, 1 gallon of sealer may help you to cover 250 square feet. 

Does the sealer work with some decorative surface treatment?

You have to check out the product compatibility before making a purchase. Some sealers can interact with coloring agents and overlays of the surface. This interaction can result in color bleeding, bubbling, blistering, and other issues.

To ensure minimal maintenance, it is vital to choose a sealer, which protects decorative overlay and concrete surface from weather elements and traffic. For instance, when you have a stamped concrete surface, you have to choose an oil stain-repellent sealer. The sealer must prevent water penetration and resist abrasion. 

You can buy a solvent-based and water-based acrylic sealer for concrete flatwork. When you prefer the natural look of the surface, it is better to choose the penetrating sealer.

On the contrary, high-build sealers are perfect for decorative interior floors. The stain-resistant and scuff-resistant polyurethane sealer is also a good option. Softer acrylic sealers, used for indoor sites, need regular maintenance.

Check the drying time of the sealer

You can touch the acrylic sealer within 30 to 60 minutes of its application. However, you must wait for 12 hours after the final coat. Environmental factors, like humidity and temperature, may cause variations in the overall drying time. However, polyurethanes and epoxies need at least a 24-hour curing time.

Is the masonry sealer breathable?

Breathable sealers are best for outdoor applications, as they have a high water-repelling capacity. However, you will also find this quality in penetrating sealers. Some sealers are impermeable and may trap moisture.


Now, it is easy for you to find the best sealer for your brick and masonry surfaces. Most of the sealers are safe for applying to different surfaces. You can read our reviews and decide on the right sealer as per your needs.

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