10 Best Car Lifts in 2021

best car lift

If you are a car enthusiast, you would know the importance of keeping your vehicle in tip-top condition and checking the maintenance.

Yes, there are risks of working underneath a vehicle but also not forgetting the discomfort involved. Be it for inspection or repair of a vehicle- more space provides a clearer view and easy access.

Car lifts provide you exactly that; it offers the best assistance needed and also enough space in your garage. It’s a big investment for many, but if you are someone who constantly works with vehicles, it’s a needed investment.

From choosing the perfect size to finding the best price, we have compiled a few products that will help you make your decision.

In a hurry? Check out our Top Picks:

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Best Overall

TRIUMPH NT9FP Auto-Lift Floor Plate Car Hoist

TRIUMPH NT9FP Auto-Lift Floor Plate Car Hoist
  • Lift Capacity: 9,000 lbs
  • Two post design
  • Range of Height: 4.5-inch to 72-inch
  • Sturdy Steel
  • 30 amps and 220 volts

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Best Budget

QuickJack BL-5000SLX Portable Car Lift

QuickJack BL-5000SLX Portable Car Lift
  • Has 110V AC Motor
  • Steel frame
  • Rubber block trays
  • Auto-lock for safety
  • Features remote control

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Premium Choice

Triumph NSS-8 4 Post Storage Service Auto Lift

Triumph NSS-8 4 Post Storage Service Auto Lift
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ten position auto-lock
  • Portable
  • Inclusion of Drip Trays
  • 2 HP motor
  • 4-post design

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1. TRIUMPH NT9FP Auto-Lift Floor Plate Car Hoist

TRIUMPH NT9FP Auto-Lift Floor Plate Car Hoist

Let’s start off the list with our best overall product offering extremely great features – The TRIUMPH NT9FP Auto Lift.

Just as the name suggests, this machine triumphs over all other car lifts there is.

While there are many reasons why this product stands out the most, the main among them is its price. It is undoubtedly an excellent value for money.

We absolutely cannot forget about the machine’s outstanding quality either. Weighing 9,000 lbs, it provides a two-post design with well-constructed swing arms that easily connects to a car’s underside in an instant.

The TRIUMPH NT9FP Auto Lift also features extensions suitable for trucks. With a motor of 3 HP, it can easily lift the vehicle in just a few seconds, making your work progress faster.

The unit has a height of 109-inch and 132-inch in width. Therefore, if you own a smaller workshop or garage, this is a great choice.

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  • 9,000 pounds lift capacity
  • Powerful 2 HP motor
  • Comprises of floor plate
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent performance
  • 1-year warranty on all parts


  • Mixed reviews about the lock system

2. QuickJack BL-5000SLX Portable Car Lift

QuickJack BL-5000SLX Portable Car Lift

The QuickJack BL-5000SLX Portable Car Lift is a standard-sized car lift that helps you lift and move your car. 

Featuring its 110V Ac motor and 14-gauge welded steel frames, it can carry up to a weight capacity of 5,000-lb. It is lightweight and even foldable, which makes it easier for users to carry it around.

You can safely lift your car to a height of 2ft and rest assured with its dual-position automatic safety lock bars.

Featuring handles and a built-in hydraulic flow divider, this jack provides equalized lifting that is precise and allows convenient positioning.

It also comes with a powder coat finish that promises durability.

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  • Portable
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • Relatively lower lift height
  • Not ideal for small wheelbase vehicles and heavy-duty vehicles

3. Triumph NSS-8 4 Post Storage Service Auto Lift

Triumph NSS-8 4 Post Storage Service Auto Lift

One of Triumph’s top residential car lifts includes the Triumph NSS-8; comes with four posts and a weight capacity of 8000lbs. 

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This car lift has a drive-through width of 93”, overall height of 84”, length of 175”, and a runway length of 165”. It can carry a total load of 8000lbs and still have enough space to be trusted with placing a car underneath.

With ten different locking positions, you can place your vehicle at any height you find comfortable and work on it with ease. In just 40 seconds, your vehicle will be lifted up, and you can continue with your work.

Unlike many other brands, the triumph NSS-8 comes with additional adapters and also other gadgets. 

This car lift may be one of the simple ones, but it is highly efficient and even comes with a 1yr parts warranty.

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  • High weight capacity
  • Durable
  • Has more accessories


  • Poor instructions
  • Expensive 

4. Auto Lift 4 Post Parking Storage Car Lift

Auto Lift 4 Post Parking Storage Car Lift

Are you looking for a car lift for your home garage? If your answer is yes, then the Auto Lift 4 Post Parking Storage Car Lift is a great choice to consider.

This product has a lot to offer, what with its high-powered motor and excellent design. It can lift a vehicle of 8000 lbs with a height of 74.75 inches.

This car lift also features a runway of 18-inch width, adaptable even for a larger wheelbase. With all these excellent features, it is incredibly reliable and operates effortlessly.

The Auto Lift 4 Post Parking Storage Car Lift comes with a ladder lock system. This will do its work in case the cables malfunction. It also allows you to choose the locking position from ten different options.

Furthermore, the unit’s runways are constructed from the diamond plate so as to prevent slips. It also consists of slider blocks of larger size to ensure additional safety.

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  • Gives enough space
  • Extremely durable
  • 8,000 pounds lift capacity
  • Easy to use and install
  • Outstanding security system


  • A little on the expensive side
  • Use of roller casters not ideal
  • Relatively heavy

5. XK L2900 2 Post Lift Car Auto Truck Hoist

XK L2900 2 Post Lift Car Auto Truck Hoist

The XK L2900 Car Lift is a top-selling product on Amazon with high demand. Considering its features, it certainly does help in repairing your car with ease.

Backed with a 220-voltage power and a powerful 3 HP motor, the machine can easily lift a car of 9,000 pounds.

In addition, it is relatively easy to operate. All you need to do is press the ‘up’ button attached to the motor. You can even press the lever to run it manually.

What’s more, you will not be disappointed with the security it provides. The XK L2900 Car Lift even has a safety lock with a double point and a rubber to protect the door guards. There is also a switch for up-limit in order to provide cylinder protection.

Furthermore, the unit features a sturdy cable and pulley so as to increase the cable life. Few seconds is all it takes to lift the vehicle to the maximum. This product comes with a 1-year warranty.

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  • Easy to operate
  • 1-year warranty
  • Consists of a set of truck adapters
  • Self-lubricating nylon slider
  • Heavy-duty cable


  • User manual not quite clear

6. Mayflower Blacksmith BP9000 2 Post Car Lift

Mayflower Blacksmith BP9000 2 Post Car Lift

A car lift that can carry almost all vehicles, the Mayflower Blacksmith BP9000 can carry from trucks to SUVs to sedans. Coming with overall dimensions of 111” in height and 132” in width, this car lift is perfect for small spaces. It can carry a weight load of up to 9000lbs.

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The drive mode consists of a chain drive and two hydraulic cylinders; thus, ensuring smooth and efficient functioning. In just 40-50secs time, your car will be lifted, and with the adjustable height, you have enough drive through clearance. 

You can lift it to a height of 75-inch, and after using the accompanying truck adapters, it can go up to 81”. You can now use the space to park another car and not have to worry about insufficient space.

This product features a double two-point safety lock and 18 built-in positions for locking, making it not only safe but adjustable to many heights. It also comes with a silent motor.

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  • User-friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable 
  • Versatile 


  • Bulky
  • Not for professional garage

7. Ranger BL-7000SLX QuickJack Portable Car Lifting System

Ranger BL-7000SLX QuickJack Portable Car Lifting System

Versatile and well-built, the QuickJack Portable Car Lifting System is ideal for cars up to 7,500 lbs weight capacity. The features it provides allow for great advantages that you cannot turn your back on.

Before all else, its safety locks are upgraded to enhance your car’s security to prevent any casualties. Next is the rugged construction, so you can certainly expect a trustworthy service for an extended period of time.

Another excellent quality is that the model can be operated with remote control, making the procedure safer and easier.

Furthermore, the compact design the model offers wins against most other competitors. You can easily put it in the trunk of your car.

This car lift does not take much of your garage space and even provides reasonable clearance. This means that you can repair your vehicle and give proper maintenance it deserves with ease.

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  • Excellent weight capacity
  • Features a remote control
  • Compact design
  • Portable
  • Easy access due to an open center style


  • Limited weight capacity

8. TRIUMPH NTO-9A Clear Floor Overhead Auto Car Lift

TRIUMPH NTO-9A Clear Floor Overhead Auto Car Lift

With this being our third Triumph entry, pretty sure you can tell that we highly trust this brand. 

Be it sturdiness, durability, or even reliability, TRIUMPH assures 100% satisfaction. With a weight capacity of 9000lbs, it can easily carry the load of heavy vehicles. Using 220v of power, this car lift can carry your vehicle in just 40 seconds. 

It has a maximum lift height of 72”, now you can easily work on your vehicle without any hassle. You can even park a different vehicle in the space available underneath. 

It features two steel columns that you can easily bolt to the ground making it highly reliable.

The only downside to this product is that it does not come with proper instructions; thus, making installation confusing.

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  • Durable
  • Strong


  • Poor instructions 
  • Difficulty in installation

9. BendPak Portable Low-Rise Car Lift

BendPak Portable Low-Rise Car Lift

This portable BendPak Portable Low-Rise Car Lift has been in high demand and understandably so. Thanks to this product, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to check your car oil anymore.

Forget your worries about breaking the bank and simply get this portable low-rise car lift for yourself today.

Even without much space in your garage, you can set this model up in your backyard. Its compact feature ensures portability, so you can easily carry it around and use it anywhere.

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This portable BendPak Portable Low-Rise Car Lift even has an electric as well as hydraulic lifting system. It is constructed from a rugged channel frame. It is very durable and makes sure the lift is secured for many years so as to prevent any casualties.

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  • Lightweight
  • Auto safety system
  • Offers additional clearance
  • Constructed from solid steel


  • Weight capacity limited

10. XK Rise Scissor Automotive Hydraulic Movable Lift

XK Rise Scissor Automotive Hydraulic Movable Lift

Last but not least, we have one more portable car lift on our list. It is the XK Rise Scissor Automotive Hydraulic Movable Lift that comes with a 1-year warranty.

It can raise a car of 6,200 pounds with its powerful hydraulic system. You can make use of this model in your garage, industrial unit, body shop, etc. It can also be locked easily to make sure it is in place, no matter the height it is set at.

Featuring a pneumatic single locking point, you can use the lock and unlock system effortlessly.

Moreover, the XK Rise Scissor Automotive Hydraulic Movable Lift comes with a voltage power of 220. This high power helps lift the car in a matter of a few seconds.

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  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to use and install
  • Portable
  • Durable design


  • Cannot raise larger cars properly

Car Lifts Buyer’s Guide:

With so many products and so many different characteristics, buying the right car lift may get confusing. Yes, we have listed the names and functions of some car lifts but choosing the right one now depends on you. 

Below, we have written down a few pointers that you may want to check before buying a car lift of your own. 


The width of the lift should be enough for your vehicle to drive up, and also check the width of the runway. Big wheeled cars may find it difficult to drive up ramps of smaller sizes. 

Not only that, but also check if you want a lift that goes high enough for you to place another car underneath. You might just even want enough space to work on the car lifted. 

Weight Capacity:

Buying a car lift that is not capable of carrying the weight of your car will be the worst investment you could make. 

Check the weight of your car and buy the weight lift that is able to carry more than what your vehicle weighs. 


Car lifts run on a pneumatic system or electricity or sometimes both. The electricity system is automated and is more advanced, whereas the pneumatic system is rather traditional.

The lifts with an electric motor would not be portable as you would need a power line, but these come in heavy-duty models.

Each has pros and cons of their own, and choosing the right one depends solely on your preference.

In Conclusion

There are many models of car lifts that are coming up in the market, and along with that comes various advanced functionalities. 

You might want the best of the best, but sometimes even the simplest one can get most jobs done.

Buying a car lift is a heavy investment but an investment that will not be regretted. 

Depending on your budget and also your requirements, get the car lift that best suits your needs.

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