10 Best Casters for Workbench in 2021

best caster for workbench

Mobile workstations and machinery can make our life much more comfortable. We can move them to any place based on our needs and availability of space. We do not need to strain our back while dealing with a workbench. However, to make this workbench mobile, we have to add casters. It is essential to buy durable and moisture-free casters available in a range of materials and sizes. You may not find it easy to find the best casters for workbenches. Thus, we have picked the most reliable casters that you may use with your workbenches. Replace your old caster wheels with new ones.

We have chosen the best three casters for workbenches. By reviewing their features, you can make your decision.

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Best Overall

Bayite Caster Wheels

Bayite Caster Wheels
  • Four casters and two brakes
  • PU Wheel
  • Load capacity- 500 lbs.

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Premium Choice

Workbench Caster Kit 4 Pack

Workbench Caster Kit 4 Pack
  • A solid footing 
  • A foot-activated lift mechanism
  • Load capacity- 100 lbs per caster

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Best Budget

Decolighting Swivel Caster Wheels

Decolighting Swivel Caster Wheels
  • Dual locking 
  • Heavy-duty bearings
  • Load capacity- 600 lbs

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1. Bayite Caster Wheels

Bayite Caster Wheels

It is a 4-pack caster wheelset, and 2 of them have integrated brakes. Bayite has focused on durability while manufacturing these wheels. The sturdy and smooth wheels can work silently, and thus, there will be no issue in your workspace. Moreover, you can use these caster wheels for all types of floors. You can rotate them up to 360 degrees. What’s more, there is a locking system to lock the swivel and the wheel at a time. Double ball bearings ensure that your wheels will work smoothly without any issue.

The plate size is 3.54″ by 2.36″, while the wheel diameter is about 3”. Manufacturers have used polyurethane to design these wheels to ensure the elasticity of rubber. The combination of polyurethane and metal has created a unique design. You may buy these casters for both residential and industrial uses.

Although we have chosen these caster wheels for workbenches, they have applications in cabinets, shopping carts, bookshelves, and tool chests.

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  • Easy to rotate
  • Highly resilient wheels
  • High-capacity wheels


  • Low tensile strength

2. Workbench Caster Kit 4 Pack

Workbench Caster Kit 4 Pack

The solid steel casters have gained the attention of several users due to their durability. Manufacturers have combined urethane to design these casters with high reliability. You can move these caster wheels smoothly through any floor surface. Due to the urethane coating with a black satin finish, there is minimal risk of wear and tear. Each of the casters has a weight capacity of 100 lbs. As it is a pack of 4 pieces, you can install them to carry a load of 400 lbs. While you have installed these casters, you can lift your workbench to ¾”.

The steel casters can last long, and they are designed like pedals. Moreover, you can install these casters easily using the mounting screws included in the package. You may buy the caster kit for any workbench and tool. The caster’s concrete footing is another advantage of the user, and you will not face any issue in moving these casters. 

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  • Foot-activated lift mechanism
  • Durable steel construction
  • Satin black finish


  • Not for a small shop

3. Decolighting Swivel Caster Wheels

Decolighting Swivel Caster Wheels

The easily maneuverable and easy-to-assemble casters are available at a very reasonable rate. Designed with polyurethane rubber, these casters do not cause noise issues. Moreover, their unique design enables them to absorb vibrations and shock. The rubber material used for casters will not leave any mark on the floor surface.

The 2” diameter swivel wheels are heavy-duty models with high load capacity. They can carry a load of about 600 lbs. Moreover, the dual locking system ensures high stability and safety. You will not face issues in moving the casters through any surface.

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The package includes a screwdriver with 16 screws. While locked in the proper position, the system can lock its swivel. You may use these casters for your floor cabinets and other furnishings. It is better to move these casters through the hardwood floor for smooth performance. 

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  • Quiet rolling
  • Easy to clean wheels
  • Double ball bearings


  • The plate covers much space.

4. POWERTEC 17000 Workbench Caster Kit

POWERTEC 17000 Workbench Caster Kit

With a weight capacity of 400lbs, this caster kit is best to work with workbench and other furnishings. You may buy it for your professional workshops, automotive garages, and other workstations. The thick housing and stainless steel construction will ensure high durability to the overall model.

Manufacturers have created an innovative design for these casters, which have a non-slip foot. Moreover, they have integrated a unique pedal mechanism that enables you to move and elevate your workbench for easy mobility.

The pivoting system of the swivel casters is easy to rotate to 360 degrees. From the functional perspective, you will find these casters useful. Powertec has tried to make these wheels highly durable by adding powder coating to the surface. There is no probability of wear and tear and the rust of your casters. Thus, you will get a quality product at the most reasonable rate.

Moreover, it is easy to install the casters, as there are predrilled mounting holes. You can attach your hardware without any issue.  

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  • Quality materials
  • A universal workbench mobile base
  • 360-degree pivoting action


  • Bolts are big.

5. 4 Pack Caster Wheels

4 Pack Caster Wheels

We have found it as another reliable package of caster wheels with high weight capacity and durability. The 4-inch caster wheels have all the necessary configurations to make a successful installation. Manufacturers have added polyurethane to make these wheels highly durable. Moreover, you will find a brake system that lets you stop moving furniture. You may lock it and secure it to one place.

The 360-degree swivel mechanism helps you with easy rotation. You can rotate the wheel in all directions. Install the caster underneath your workbench, and there is no risk of tripping. Due to the double ball bearings, you can find smooth mobility and alleviate noise issues.

The use of polyurethane wheels has added durability to the caster. The wear-proof, shock-absorbent, and abrasion-resistant wheels will last long. Thus, you may invest in these impact-resistant wheels for your workbench.

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  • Highly sturdy
  • Easy to move heavy furniture
  • No noise


  • Small plates

6. Coocheer PVC Heavy Duty Swivel Caster Wheels

Coocheer PVC Heavy Duty Swivel Caster Wheels

These PVS rubber wheels have a highly sturdy structure to endure the weight of your workbenches, office chairs, shopping carts, and dollies. Thus, these caster wheels have a range of applications. A package includes four wheels, and each of these wheels has a capacity of carrying 220lbs of weight.

The top plate can rotate 360 degrees. Also, it adds high versatility to the overall design. By fitting the wheel, you can move your workbench and other furniture quickly.

Due to the steel structure, you will find your wheels long-lasting. These caster wheels are dirt-resistant and wear-resistant. Each of the wheels includes a brake system to lock the swivel and the wheel. When you do not like to roll the wheel, you can use the brake system. There is a ball bearing to let you use the optimal loading capacity.

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  • Smooth and silent movement
  • Sturdy design
  • Rotate 360 degrees


  • Can leave some spots

7. Ronlap Workbench Casters Kit

Ronlap Workbench Casters Kit

Ronlap has designed a pack of 4 heavy-duty casters with a thick steel mounting plate. These 2.5″ casters have urethane coating, and you can move your workbench quickly by attaching these casters. Make sure that your furniture weight is not more than 660 lbs. After the installation of casters, you can step on the middle part of the foot pedal. It will enable you to lift the workbench slightly from the ground. However, these Ronlap casters do not work smoothly when you have rough ground.

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There are four mounting plates with the swivel casters. Moreover, the package includes 24 screws and two wrenches. You will also get a guide on how to fit casters into the workbench.

Due to the orange powder coating, you can make the surface non-slippery. The side-mounted casters are easy to mount to your furniture. 

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  • A simple pedal mechanism
  • Durable and reliable steel construction 
  • Adjustable casters


  • Can be more durable

8. Eapele Workbench Casters Set of 4

Eapele Workbench Casters Set of 4

We have chosen these easily installable, durable workbench casters. Most of the users have claimed that the installation process of the casters needs only 20 minutes. By drilling pilot holes for the plate, you can fit your casters. Moreover, with a simple touch of your foot, you may lift and lower these casters. Thus, you can raise the bench by pushing down foot pedals. The minimum level up to which you can lift the wheels is 0.9”,

Each of the wheels has a load capacity of around 150lbs. When you attach these four wheels, they can carry a workbench of 600lbs.

Like other casters, this kit has a 360-degree pivoting system. Thus, you can rotate your wheels in any direction. Manufacturers have used polyurethane to design these caster wheels. By combining strong metals and elastic rubber, they have designed quality products. You may buy these casters to move your heavy workstations.

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  • High stability
  • High load capacity
  • Retractable design


  • No locking system

9. SOLEJAZZ Workbench Caster kit

SOLEJAZZ Workbench Caster kit

We have picked another reliable set of workbench caster wheels with a retractable design. Manufacturers have thoughtfully constructed these steel wheels to make your workbench mobile. The four wheels have a combined load-carrying capacity of about 660lbs. Thus, a workbench within this weight range can fit best with this caster kit.

 The plate has holes on its top and bottom parts, and it helps in fitting the caster to the workbench. The package includes other essential hardware with detailed instructions. You can mount the workbench caster wheel to the flat base surface.

Designed with polyurethane, these heavy-duty wheels are easy to move up to 360 degrees. You can move your workbench from one place to another with minimal effort.

Moreover, as it is a foot-operated system, the pedal has a ribbed design to ensure a better grip. Thus, apply your foot pressure and make this caster easily manageable.

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  • Simple operation
  • Double ball bearings
  • Durable and solid


  • Small wheels

10. SPACEKEEPER Workbench Casters kit

SPACEKEEPER Workbench Casters kit

With an easy-to-assemble design and sturdy structure, SPACEKEEPER casters work best for all workbenches, tables, and machinery. This caster kit has thicker steel that ensures high durability. The plate has holes on its bottom and top part. Moreover, other bearings are also of high quality. Manufacturers have added a rubber sleeve to prevent contact of the caster and human body. Although there are several other retractable casters, this product is slightly different.

The package includes four casters, and you can let them work by pushing down on their pedals. This simple step will help you to raise the bench off the ground. The set of casters can carry a weight of 660lbs. You may fit them to any machinery and furniture with flat bases.

 Manufacturers have made these casters wear-resistant by adding urethane coating. You can move these casters in any direction.

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  • Easy to operate with foot pressure
  • Include essential hard
  • A unique design


  • Screws are not of high quality.

Buying Guide

Have you thought of buying the best casters for your workbench? You may pick any of the popular products that we have reviewed. However, you will feel confused while making the right choice of workbench casters. You may identify the caster’s performance by analyzing its features.

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Floor protection

Caster wheels can roll and glide on any floor surface. However, the best ones are available with floor protection. When you need to move casters through the hardwood surface and other floorings, you must check out casters’ floor protection. The cast-iron surface is best to work with the damp flooring surface. The best casters do not leave marks on the surface.

Design of casters

Aesthetics are one of the critical factors to some buyers. Vintage-style casters look perfect with antique furniture. However, while you need a minimalistic design, you may choose plastic casters.

Noise issue

You know that forged steel and cast iron casters can roll smoothly on the damp flooring. But, they can cause noise while rolling over the ground. To avoid noise problems, you can invest in polyurethane casters. You can reduce the noise to a considerable level.


Easy installation and smooth-rolling movements are the two most notable factors for casters. Some casters are perfect for both residential and industrial needs. Check the functionality of your casters.

Way of mounting casters

You can find different caster mounting types-

  • Plate mount
  • Weld mounting style
  • Stem mount

When you desire high load capacity, you may buy casters with a horizontal plate mounting system. The vertical stem mounting system has a risk of damage, and it is integrated with a foot pedal.

Caster wheel diameter and load capacity

Based on the diameter, casters can roll over regular, irregular, and other surfaces. The larger diameter indicates that the caster has a higher load capacity. You can move those casters quickly.

The load capacity is the most crucial factor, as workbenches and other furniture have varying weights. Thus, you have to check out the amount of load that a caster can carry. A caster of about 12″ has a load capacity of 3500 lbs. Similarly, 6″ diameter casters have a load capacity of about 2000 lbs. Manufacturers always mention the load capacity of every caster in the package.

Materials used in casters

You can find workbench casters made of different materials, like polyurethane and glass-filled nylon. Some casters have stainless steel and zinc plate finishes to give you a lasting value.

Polyurethane casters are highly durable, and you can choose them for any purpose. Moreover, as they have a floor protection system, they do not damage your flooring surface. Lots of users prefer these scratch-resistant materials that work silently. Moreover, they have rubber with high elasticity. The combination of metal and rubber prevents shock and vibrations.

There are casters designed with glass-filled nylon. Also, they are resistant to grease and high temperature. They are super functional casters with smooth movement and a durable design.

Locking systems and brakes

Most casters have a locking mechanism as one of the unique functionalities. When you have moved your workbench to the desired place, you like to keep casters stable. That is why you may use the locking mechanism of the caster wheel.

You can find a difference in the type of casters.

  • Side brakes

In most cases, casters have these side brakes, and you can lock these wheels by hand and foot. By pushing the brakes harder, you can clamp them down.

  • Central locking systems and pedal brakes 

By pressing the lever, you can deal with the pedal brakes of the caster. There is also a central locking system of the caster to present you with a unique design.  

  • Total lock system

You can find heavy-duty swivels integrated with full brakes. By using this lock, you can stop not only the but also the swivel rig. 


Now, you can make your decision on purchasing the best casters for a workbench. Our review and comprehensive buying guide will enable you to find the right casters for your needs.

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