10 Best Ceiling Paints in 2021

best ceiling paint

Painting a home is one of the ideal aspects of home décor, and the best way to do so is by investing in the right paint. Selecting the right shade and texture is the next step in the process of painting the house.

The thing with ceilings is that they’re usually ignored, and the walls get painted. Buying the right ceiling paint is as important as selecting a wall paint. They’re splatter-free and provide extensive coverage. Many of them go the extra mile and even offer unique features like sound-proofing and so forth.

Here is a list of the different types of ceiling paints available in the market:

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Best Overall

Benjamin Moore Ceiling Paint

Benjamin Moore Ceiling Paint
  • The paint is free from VOC and other harmful chemicals.
  • A high-quality product that can be used in the house and commercial properties.
  • It offers an elegant finish that can easily cover up any imperfections.

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Premium Choice

Glidden Latex Ceiling Paint

Glidden Latex Ceiling Paint
  • Extremely resistant body with a superior aesthetic appeal
  • Significant reduction in the surface flaws.
  • Don’t release any strong odor.

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Best Value

Rust-Oleum Metallic Paint

Rust-Oleum Metallic Paint
  • Simple one-step application with no hassles.
  • The metallic finish adds a sophisticated touch.
  • Quick-drying paint, which dries up within 30 minutes.

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The Best Ceiling Paints in 2021

1. Benjamin Moore Ceiling Paint

Benjamin Moore Ceiling Paint

The ultra-premium ceiling paint is a premium choice for good enough reason that you can get rid of all of your painting woes with this superior product. Not only is it splatter-free, but it also provides a smooth and elegant finish to the walls once the paint is applied.

The high-quality paint is ideal for both setups- your house and professional settings as commercial-grade paint. The product is perfect for environmentally-conscious buyers.

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  • Excellent water-based paint with a smooth finish.
  • A superior quality shade that provides extensive coverage.
  • Any imperfections on the wall are covered up well.
  • Enhanced appearance under bright light.
  • Operational efficiency is high, with no problems faced during painting.
  • The paint drives up quickly.
  • A high-quality product that lacks VOC.
  • Has anti-microbial properties.


  • Adding layers of paint is tough.

2. Glidden Latex Ceiling Paint

Glidden Latex Ceiling Paint

The Latex ceiling paint has stunning features to offer at a low price. The color adds definition to the room and increases its appeal in every aspect. The size of the container and the volume of paint available in it is enormous.

The lovely matte finish is achieved with a single application. Further, it covers up the surface imperfections with a single paintbrush or applicator movement. The latex nature of the paint imparts it a smooth finish

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  • A sophisticated product that gives an excellent finish at a pocket-friendly price.
  • Quick at drying up and provides excellent coverage.
  • The paint is splatter-free and emits a low level of odor.
  • Enhances the appeal of the painted area by covering up imperfections well.
  • No undesirable smell in the surrounding area.
  • Releases no odor
  • Covers up flaws and imperfections well


  • Weak and watery consistency of the paint.

3. Rust-Oleum Metallic Paint

Rust-Oleum Metallic Paint

One of the metallic accents paint which needs to be watched out for is the Rust-Oleum 253536 paint with mica beads present in the blend. They impart the metallic texture and add depth to the shade.

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The color is intensified with the pigment, and the splendid details enhance the aesthetic appearance. With this shade, not only will your ceilings be the talk of the tinsel town but also the envy of many.

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  • Great value for money.
  • The copper shade is deep and stands apart from its counterpart’s pigments.
  • No strong odor of the paint.
  • Easy to use & convenient for application.
  • Provides approximately 105sqft per 32ft oz container.
  • Metallic colors impart a decorative appeal.
  • Dries up quickly within a half-hour of application.
  • Safety is assured, and the paint lasts a long time.


  • Consistency is thin and not as good as the silver shade.

4. Hy-Tech Ceiling Paint

Hy-Tech Ceiling Paint

The acoustic ceiling paint is an incredible sound deadening paint that has a unique feature in sound-proofing. With a single coat of paint, you can easily avoid the noisy effects of faulty architecture, as ringing noises felt at times due to the presence of metal.

The paint’s professional-grade capacity is observed in the ease of application and the comfort with which it glides on the wall with a single applicator movement.

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  • The operational efficiency is high and can be comfortably applied.
  • Eco-friendly product with no toxicity.
  • Clean-up is easy with soap and water.
  • Excellent choice of paint for soundproofing the house.
  • The paint coats can be applied easily with different applications such as roller/brushes.
  • The cans’ volume varies from 1-5 gallons, suitable for both homeowners and commercial spaces.
  • Self-priming action is available.


  • The product is expensive in comparison to its counterparts.

5. Benjamin Moore Studio Paint

Benjamin Moore Studio Paint

The studio finish metallic paint is an incredible addition to the house’s color palette, with metallic shades and tones that add a touch of sophistication. The paint is an excellent choice being a steal deal and being a value addition in the home’s décor.

The color palette is aesthetically placed with shades that are well-structured and highly defined. They are unique and well-pigmented, like charcoal, grey, bronze tones, and so forth.

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  • Ideal for indoor application and outdoors as well.
  • It’s a perfect metallic print that has a deep pigment of bronze.
  • The finish is equivalent to professional-grade capacity.
  • The ceiling will look more sophisticated after a coat of this paint.
  • Extensive color options are available.
  • Long-lasting paint with high durability.
  • Great value for money.
  • To obtain the opium shade, two coats of the paint is ideal.


  • The intensity of the shade varies a great deal.

6. KILZ Ceiling Paint

KILZ Ceiling Paint

This color-changing paint adds the unique appeal of showing different colors on the application and later on after drying and helps cover up imperfections. Hence, the resulting application is a flawless finish with low or no odor.

A significant attribute of the ceiling paint is the color-changing property due to which is pink on applying and white on drying up. With coverage of enormous capacity, KILZ ceiling paint is an ideal choice for massive ceilings.

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7. Homax Ceiling Paint

Homax Ceiling Paint

The roll-on paint gets applied easily and quickly on the wall. The texture is smooth, and it glides over the surface with a unique sandpaper texture after the painting is done.

The Homax ceiling paint is practically white, with a wide variety of textures available. The paint adds the much-needed sophistication to the ceilings and the space that you own. 

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  • Quickly hides any imperfections such as cracks and fissures.
  • Emits a very weak odor.
  • Fairly rolls over on application.
  • Entirely versatile and dynamic
  • Superior and smooth finish
  • Roll-on application type appeal is a unique feature
  • Different textures are available to choose from.
  • It can be either be a matte finish or a decorative sand look.
  • Dries up real quickly.
  • Economical product value for money.
  • Provides coverage of up to 150sqft.


  • Vulnerable to drying up within the container in storage.

8. Prestige Interior Paint

Prestige Interior Paint

This particular paint is one-of-a-kind ceiling paint with a self-priming ability as well. The paint is budget-friendly and easy to apply, and provides maximum convenience before and after usage.

Prestige ceiling paint has an acrylic nature, with diverse shades available for your frequent usage. The dual action of the paint makes the application a convenient process altogether.

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  • Affordable product with worth for every penny spent.
  • Saves a lot of time, and the final result is excellent.
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction 
  • Acrylic form of latex build which can be easily cleaned up with ordinary soap and water
  • Takes care of minor details and adds a smooth touch to the ceilings.
  • Smooth application, which is ideal for the whole house.
  • Ease of use is high, and the application is convenient.
  • Wide variety of color options available.
  • The final texture obtained is a glossy finish.
  • VOC content is low, making it ultra-safe.


  • Variability in the shade of the paint is observed.

9. Montage Ceiling Paint

Montage Ceiling Paint

The Signature eco-friendly paint is a must-buy for the environmentally-conscious buyer who cares for the planet. The matte appeal is a much-needed addition to the house with its superior color and finish.

The ceiling paint is enriched with deep pigments that impart an aesthetic appeal and a touch of elegance to the house’s ceilings. Applying the paint is a cakewalk, and ten years of the product guarantee is assured.

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  • A superior quality product is guaranteed.
  • Extensive coverage of the walls being painted.
  • It covers up imperfections well and protects the wall from damage due to climate fungus and moisture.
  • Distinctly helps in saving time and money.
  • Multiple touch-ups aren’t required.
  • Eco-friendly product and safe to use for a prolonged duration.
  • Wide variety of colors and shades available.
  • The texture of paint varies from natural shine to glossy finish.


  • Tough to know the intensity of the shade because the swatch length is too small.

10. True Value Ceiling paint

True Value Ceiling paint

The True Value ceiling paint doesn’t cease to amaze the buyer. All of the fantastic attributes are packed into one; the paint enhances comfort and makes the painting experience a delightful one.

The latex enamel texture of the paint is a delight to look at and use also. The satin finish is so rich and smooth that you can look at it for hours without a dull moment. With 15 years of the product guarantee, you can rest assured that it is not only long-lasting but an ideal choice for your ceilings. 

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  • Comfortable user experience and delivers more than it promises.
  • The quick-drying time makes it a worthwhile product.
  • The clean-up is simple and is ideal for painting on walls and ceilings.
  • Excellent matte finish with high operational efficiency.
  • With this paint, you will no longer have an uneven surface or gaping cracks in the walls.
  • The walls can easily be maintained with soap and water so that there are no stains.
  • Splatter free and the result is a smooth finish.
  • Saves up on time and money.
  • The volume of 1 gallon is convenient for application in the interiors of the house.


  • Not suitable for outdoors.

Ceiling Paints Buyer’s Guide

It is always better to know all about the purchase you make so that you’re aware of the highlights, specifications, and benefits, and limitations as well. Here is a list of factors that needs to be considered while purchasing ceiling paints.

1)Types of Paint

In comparison to wall paints, the ceiling paints are made up of rich and more resonant pigments. Further, the consistency is thick, and it makes for a long-lasting product. It is splatter-free and has a long shelf-life. The paints are easy to wash if stained. The imperfections are covered with no hassles, and extensive coverage is comfortably provided.

2)Application mode

Different types of applicators are used, which can be different depending upon the ease of usage and accessibility. People prefer rollers, spray cans, and also brushes. So, whether you’re a person who pays attention to the minute details or not, the applicators can help you decide whether you want one or multiple coats of paint.

3)Finish obtained

The resulting finish on the ceiling is an essential factor to be considered since it depends upon individual preferences. Not everyone likes a glossy sheen or metallic accents. Sometimes, people like minimalism and are fine with a smooth, elegant finish. In such cases, it is always better to look through the entire palette of colors and shades available so that you’re sure of the product and its subsequent application.

4)Colour palette

Many people are particular about the colors being used for painting the house. Not only should it fit their budget but also be according to your taste. Nobody wants to look up and find a dull or mundane tone staring back at them. There are different colors and textures available in the market now. Depending upon your taste and choice, you can easily choose from various shades to rest assured about the interiors of your house.

5)Mode of preparation 

The paint needs to be prepared appropriately before being applied to the ceiling. Many of them nowadays have the primer present in the preparation, or they’re referred to as self-priming paints. Some paints don’t have the primer, and it needs to be applied first, after which the paint is applied. Two or three coats may be required at times to get the defined aesthetics.


To conclude, it is always recommended to know all about the paints before you invest in them. Hence, it is better to look through the pros and cons and make the purchase.

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