10 Best Cement Mixers in 2021

best cement mixer

With many brands making cement mixers, it can often be difficult for anyone to choose the right device. Here is a list of the ten best cement mixers available in the market at the moment. If you are also looking for an ideal machine, continue reading. You will have several choices by the time you complete reading this write-up.

Since different people need different types of devices, the list includes a variety of models. Some of the machines have similar features and even flaws. So, you can consider all the features and see which one to choose from. There is undoubtedly one model that will be the ideal one for you.

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Best Overall

YARDMAX Concrete Mixer 4.0 Cu. Ft.

YARDMAX Concrete Mixer 4.0 Cu. Ft.
  • Durable
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Has many great features
  • Weatherproof

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Premium Choice

Wheelbarrow Kushlan Cement Mixer

Wheelbarrow Kushlan Cement Mixer
  • Strong and robust construction
  • Easy to store and move around
  • Resist rusting
  • Convenient for all

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Best Budget

Electric Goplus Cement Mixer

Electric Goplus Cement Mixer
  • Steel frame construction for durability
  • Oversize wheels for easy movement
  • Affordable
  • Motor is exceptional

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1. YARDMAX Concrete Mixer 4.0 Cu. Ft

YARDMAX Concrete Mixer 4.0 Cu. Ft

The concrete YM0115 mixer from YARDMAX finds itself on the top because of its popularity with customers and users. It receives high ratings and fantastic feedback from users and experts alike. Hence, if you have been searching for an efficient and reasonably priced cement mixer, this will do. 

Professionals, as well as amateurs, can use the YM115 for various purposes. What makes this machine so popular is it is easy to assemble. You can complete the set-up fast and get to work as soon as possible. It is also effortless to clean it after use because of the solid steel built. The solid steel material also prevents dentin and scuffing. Hence, it will work fine for a long time. 

This model is weatherproof and can withstand extreme conditions. But no product will last longer if it is not protected. Hence, you should make it a point to keep it indoors when not in use. If you are going to use the device for the first time, it is the right choice. Many experts and users say it is an ideal machine for first-time users. 

The maximum capacity of this machine is 4.0 cubic feet of cement. However, if you want to use the mixer for a long time, try doing less quantity. It will prevent the motor and gearbox from damaging earlier too. 

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  • Easy to set up
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to use
  • Have several great features
  • Durable


  • Some parts are missing or wrong on arrival

2. Wheelbarrow Kushlan Cement Mixer

Wheelbarrow Kushlan Cement Mixer

The portable 600DD cement mixer is the premium choice design in this list. It is efficient and suitable for everybody. The design is that of a wheelbarrow as the name suggests. Hence, it looks quite attractive. The machine is powerful enough, efficient, and you will require very little maintenance. 

The sturdy steel handles make it comfortable to move the mixer from one area to another. The construction of the drums is heavy-duty. Hence it will be durable and resist corrosion and cracks. However, you should try to keep it indoors during extreme weather conditions like storms and snow for longevity. It is suitable for professionals as well as homeowners so everybody can use it. 

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The drum’s capacity is sufficient enough to perform reasonable amount of work. The downside of this model is it is a bit short to pour into waiting objects.

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  • Strongly Built
  • Resist rusting
  • Easy to use, move and store
  • Suitable for everybody
  • Cleaning the drum is simple


  • A little short for pouring onto waiting objects

3. Electric Goplus Cement Mixer

Electric Goplus Cement Mixer

The Goplus electric cement concrete mixer is the best budget choice machine on this list. It is an affordable device but still very efficient. As per reviews from experts and users, it has one of the best motors among all the same category. So, professionals, as well as homeowners, can use this device. 

The barrow machine from Goplus has an all-steel frame, which makes it very sturdy and durable. The device has big wheels, which make it easier to move it around comfortably. All in all, it is an excellent device that comes at a great price. The downside of this device is the assembly instructions that can be mindboggling at times.

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  • Steel frame ensures durability
  • Oversized wheels
  • First-class motor
  • Affordable


  • Assembly instructions are a bit confusing

4. Portable Suncoo Cement Mixer

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The 5 Cubic Feet Cement Mixer from Suncoo is also a popular machine in the market. It is a sturdy device and has a heavy-duty motor. It has a 4/5 horsepower, 600-watt motor, making it one of the strongest on the list. 

The cement mixer has a handle that is quite efficient as it allows users to tilt the drum to any angle. So, no matter whichever side you want to tilt the device, you can do so without trouble. The drum capacity is five cubic, but it is not advisable to do that exact amount. Else, it might put stress on the motor even though the motor is sturdy. 

The cement mixer 5 Cu Ft device also stays at a low height. Hence, you can mix the materials conveniently. In total, it is a good machine that can help you perform all your projects fast and smoothly. 

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  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Certified industrial-grade steel used for construction
  • Soft rubber wheels and sturdy frame for easy movement
  • Five cubic feet capacity


  • Parts might be missing on arrival

5. Wheelbarrow Kushlan Mixer

Wheelbarrow Kushlan Mixer

It is an efficient device from Kushlan, and it is also one of the best devices in the market. If you wonder why two devices from the same brand are in one list, the machine is good and has several interesting features.

It is also a durable device and efficient. The design is similar to a wheelbarrow mixer and with a robust gauge steel build. You can move the machine with ease as the removable telescoping handles allow that. Though it is lighter, it has a powerful motor. Hence, completing the tasks will not be a problem.

The concrete mixer 350DD is easy to clean, and the polyethylene drums can withstand rust, dents, and cracks. As with some of the other devices on the list, it is a useful machine and will allow you to perform your tasks smoothly.

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  • Easy to maneuver and move around
  • Mortar configuration consists of three steel blades
  • Easy to clean
  • Is resistant to dents, cracks, and rust


  • Capacity is less
  • Its height can be a bit problematic for pouring onto a typical wheelbarrow or a bucket

6. RYOBI Concrete Mixer Portable

RYOBI Concrete Mixer Portable

This device is one of the most recent models which arrived on the market. Hence, not many people know about it. But all those who bought it have given high ratings and positive feedback. That is why the concrete mixer RMX001is on the list. Maybe you will like it too since it has many positive features according to users and experts. 

The machine receives high points for sturdiness, portability, and assemblage. As per users’ feedback, you can assemble the machine in less than half an hour. So you will not have to waste time unnecessarily. 

The construction material is high-quality steel, and so it is durable. The integrated wheels allow easy and fast movement. 

The device also has a powerful motor, and maximum drum capacity is at five cubic feet. The drum tilts and pivots in different ways, so it is quite convenient. 

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  • Powerful 1/2 HP motor
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Tilting and pivoting drum for easy maneuver
  • High quality steel construction 
  • Maximum capacity at five cubic feet
  • The external mount allows easy removal


  • Some parts look rusted on arrival

7. Electric Pro-Series Cement Mixer

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The CME35 electric also finds itself on the list because it has several positive features. It is suitable for professional as well as home use. However, you can perform only small to medium projects with this device. But you can do it smoothly and efficiently.

One attractive feature about this device is it allows controlled pouring. Hence, you can pour the mixture quickly and without any trouble. The device also has simple controls so you can perform the functions rapidly and smoothly. It has one of the most powerful motors among the many machines available in the market.

One downside about this machine is its small opening. It is a bit inconvenient as you will not be able to pour the mixtures efficiently. The model is also a bit difficult o assemble. So, if you are not prepared to waste time, think before you buy.

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  • Powerful motor
  • Simple controls for smooth function
  • Enables controlled pouring


  • Assembling the machine is challenging
  • Small opening

8. Generic Import Cement Mixer

Generic Import Cement Mixer

It is one of the devices that fall in the category of portable and adaptable mixers. It is suitable for both professional and farm work. So, whether you work in construction or on a farm, a Generic cement mixer is a great choice. 

This motor of this cement mixer electric is also quite powerful, and you can move it around without any problem. The steel construction also makes the machine durable. A safety lock keeps the mixer in a static condition during use. The nine-inch wheel keeps the device steady too.

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  • Solid steel construction for durability
  • Safety lock keeps the drum in position while in use
  • The large wheel allows ease of movement


  • First-time buyers may find it hard to assemble
  • The instruction manual is not clear

9. Portable SUNCOO Cement Mixer

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This machine is one of the most versatile designs. The industrial-grade steel construction makes it suitable for mixing construction materials or animal feed. Hence, it is useful for building and at the farm.

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The mortar mixing barrow machine also has a powerful motor installed with a copper coil. You can mix the materials comfortably in an inertial state. The machine also has a safety lock system that you can adjust as per requirements. The height of the device also enables you to pour the mixtures onto various objects quickly.

You can move around the machine at a job site with ease as the wheels are shockproof and stable.

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  • Industrial grade steel construction for durability and efficiency
  • Multipurpose functions
  • Has a safety lock system
  • Shockproof wheels
  • 360 degrees mixing capacity


  • No handle for pushing and pulling
  • Maneuvering is not easy

10. Klutch Cement Mixer Electric

Klutch Cement Mixer Electric

This cement mixer is the last product on the list, and it is on the medium side. It is portable but with sufficient capacity. Hence, if you need a machine which you can move around with ease but still mix an adequate amount of materials, this is a good model. 

The cement mixer 4.1 Cubic feet from Klutch is efficient for small to medium-sized construction projects. You can mix up to 1.94 cubic feet amount of materials in it at a time though the drum capacity is 4.1 cubic feet. The drum in this design pours on to the side. So, you should not be confused regarding it.

A circular handle offers ease while pouring the mix into a suitable object. The powder-coated steel frame prevents scratches and dents extensively. The wheels are ten inches thick but soft and convenient. The cast-iron gears are also sturdy.  The motor is powerful enough to mix the materials thoroughly. So, you can finish the tasks on time.

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  • Portable and medium-sized mixer
  • Strong gears 
  • Soft but stable wheels
  • Steering wheel type handle


  • Not convenient to pour on taller wheelbarrows
  • Suitable only for small and medium projects

Cement Mixers Buyer’s Guide

As with all other devices, you have to consider some aspects while buying a cement mixer. 


You should consider the frame, size, wheel, and motor. Flimsy structures can get damaged easily, and you will need replacement earlier. Hence, choose something resistant to different things. Unstable wheels can be a problem to move the mixer from one place to another. Therefore, choose a machine with strong and smooth working wheels. 


If you intend to use the mixer only occasionally, opting for a cheaper device is fine. But if you plan to use it regularly, buy a more expensive machine with better features.   


Purchase a model that can withstand severe weather conditions for long-term use. 


If you want to use the mixer for different purposes, you can go for multipurpose mixers.

On this list, the concrete YM0115 mixer from YARDMAX is the overall choice. At the same time, barrow machine from Goplus is the budget choice. There are eight more models, so you can make a pick that will be ideal for your needs.


As stated above, you have many choices, but not all are suitable. So, choose a machine with all the essential features, and you can work with it comfortably for a long time. 

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