10 Best Chainsaws in 2021

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Chainsaws are one of the sharp power tools designed for different outdoor gardening tasks. You can use chainsaws for bucking, shrub pruning, tree felling, and some other activities. While handled properly, a chainsaw saves you labor. With minimal effort, you can manage thick bushes and slice off broken tree limbs. We have found chainsaws in different sizes and models. While some are gas-powered systems, others are electrically operated (corded and cordless). The engine size, voltage, the cutting bar length, and other factors can affect the price level. By analyzing features and functionalities, we have the best chainsaws for professionals and hobbyists.

We have picked the best-rated chainsaws. You can compare their features and make the right deal.

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Best Overall

Remington RM4214 chainsaw

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  • High-output engine
  • Durable design
  • An automatic oiler

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Premium Choice

Jonsered CS2245, 18 in. 45cc

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  • Clean power engine technology
  • Unique air cleaning technology 
  • Tool-free chain tensioner

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Best Budget

ORCISH 52cc 2-Cycle 18-Inch

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  • 52CC 2-Cycle gas chainsaw 
  • A quick-release air filter
  • Easy starter system

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1. Remington RM4214 chainsaw 

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Remington RM4214 is a high-quality chainsaw operated by gas. Homeowners in both suburban and rural regions have found this chainsaw much valuable for woodcutting and trimming needs. The tool integrates a chain with a 14-inch bar to help you in pruning branches and cutting small trees. The professional standard gasp-powered tool can cut down almost 28-inch large trees.

One of the unique features of this chainsaw is Quickstart Technology that ensures a smooth start. Moreover, due to the anti-vibration system, you will face no issue in using the tool. As there is an automatic oiler, you do not need to make any effort for chain lubrication. 

The side-mounted chain tensioner is another notable part of the device. It helps you withan easy adjustment of the chain without any special tool. There is also a manual chain brake to ensure your safety.

Overall, the chainsaw has a lightweight and compact design with high-end components to deal with hard tree branches.

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  • Include a 5-point anti-vibration system
  • Durable construction with die-cast chassis
  • Sprocket-tipped bar


Primer bulb- Not properly positioned

2. Jonsered CS2245, 18 in. 45cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw 

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Jonsered CS2245 is one of the high-end chainsaws with a gas-fueled system. You may have heard that gas-powered systems cause harmful emissions. However, in this device, Jonsered has applied a special clean power engine technology to minimize the harmful emission by 75%. Moreover, this technology helps in increasing the fuel efficiency level by 20%.

The tool-free chain tensioning system is present on the side to ensure fast and easy chain adjustment. Another notable feature of the device is the snap-locked cylinder cover, which helps you access the air filter very easily. You do not need to loosen and remove screws to do it.

The air filter has an advanced system, as it prevents the access of dust particles and sawdust. Moreover, the insulated chainsaw handles enable you to continue using the tool for a long period. The cutting equipment also has steel springs to reduce the vibration level. 

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  • High quality 45cc 2-Cycle engine
  • Good performance
  • Less frequent filter cleaning


Found minor issues to start the system

3. ORCISH 52cc 2-Cycle 18-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw

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ORCISH has designed a high-quality gas-operated chainsaw with a 2-cycle 52cc engine. The highly engineered engine enables you to do most of the woodcutting tasks. You can prune trees, clear land, cut firewood, and clean up the fallen tree branches after a storm. In the fuel tank, the content has a ratio of 25:1.

Although you use the chainsaw for the first time, you will encounter no problem in using the tool. The chain and 18-inch guide bar are other useful features of the chainsaw. You can try out this device for your regular needs.

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The air filter has a quick-release system. You can easily clean and replace the air filter of the chainsaw. Thus, make your tool long-lasting by purchasing this tool. Moreover, you do not need much effort to start the system.

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  • Less pulling force 
  • Easy to replace the filter
  • Manage all types of trimming and pruning tasks


Very tight chain brake

4. Husqvarna 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

The high-end gas chainsaw is best for landowners and professionals who are looking for a heavy-duty model. The 55.5cc 20-inch gas chainsaw includes a chain and a guide bar. Users have found this tool highly useful for its intuitive design and impressive cutting speed. The two-stroke engine enables you to take the speed to 9000RPM.

This Rancher gas-operated chainsaw has an Intertie activated chain brake that keeps you safe when you are operating it.

Husqvarna has designed a low-vibration model that consumes minimal fuel. The X-torq engine ensures low emission and includes a centrifugal air-cleaning system. Due to this cleaner, the filter can last longer. Furthermore, with the integrated Smart Start system, you will find it easy to activate the engine.

The package also includes a bottle of pre-mix fuel (2.6 oz) and a chainsaw bar cover. However, you have to buy the chain oil separately.

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  • An ergonomic handle
  • High speed
  • Easy filter replacement


The clutch cover- Not properly mounted.

5. Echo CS-400 18″ Gas Chainsaw

Echo CS-400 18

We have chosen another professional-grade gas chainsaw with a 2-stroke engine (40.2-cc) and an 18-inch bar. You can slice through wood pieces confidently and quickly. Moreover, it is easy to manage the chainsaw for your needs. The overall design is comparatively lightweight, and thus, you may carry it to any place. The tool does not tip back and forward due to the specially designed bar.

The rear handle is enclosed, and you can find a step plate to place your foot. The pull starter is present on the left side to let you access the chain oil and fuel easily. The easy-to-use cut-off switch highly durable. The chain tensioner is located on the right side of the system.

Another notable feature is the i-30 starter system, which saves your effort by 30%. You need to prime the bulb, engage the choke, and pull the cord.

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  • An automotive-style air cleaner
  • The easily accessible fuel filter
  • A side-access chain tensioner


Slightly loose chain

6. HUYOSEN 54.6CC 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chainsaw

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It is a reliable and quality chainsaw, which has the power to manage different tasks in your yard. Although it cannot cut hard oak woods, this tool can prune tree limbs, brush, and saplings. The best fact is that this chainsaw has a user-friendly design, as you need to touch a button to operate the system. The sharp blade with a sprocket-tipped bar and chain can take the chainsaw quality to a different height. Moreover, this model includes an automatic oiler to keep up the chain and bar’s best condition.

The overall design is highly versatile, and it is easily manageable. You can invest in this chainsaw for pruning and trimming large trees. The system does not cause stress on the arms and hands. Furthermore, the low-kickback function ensures your safety. There is also a safety switch, and you can stop it quickly at any time. Manufacturers have created a fuel-saving design due to the integrated copper nozzle carburetor.

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  • Automatic filling oil
  • Wear-resistant design
  • Include a cushioned, non-slip handle


The manual must be more comprehensive.

7. Poulan Pro PR4218 gas-powered chainsaw

Poulan Pro PR4218 Gas-Powered Chainsaw

Poulan Pro PR4218 is a 42cc chainsaw designed for light medium-level cutting activities. When you think of cutting firewood, you can invest in this tool. Although it is a lightweight model, Poulan Pro PR4218 has a potential engine. Moreover, the case included in the package helps you to carry the chainsaw to any place.

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The 18-inch blade is capable of cutting through a wooden log of about 16 inches. However, when you deal with a larger saw, you may feel that it is a less powerful tool. But, as we have tested the chainsaw, we have found it highly functional. The OxyPower patented technology used for the chainsaw reduces the fuel consumption rate. Moreover, the minimal emission rate is another advantageous thing for this tool.

The 42cc 2-cycle engine manages all types of jobs, and it has a built-in air filter system. The fuel caps and bar oil are presented at the base of the system. There is a primer bulb above the cap. Moreover, the big handguard provides safety to every user.

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  • High-capacity fuel tank
  • Include a chain catcher
  • Anti-vibration system


Not a durable pull string

8. Craftsman 41AY4218791 S185 42cc Gas Chainsaw

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Craftsman is a trusted brand, which has design this lightweight chainsaw with durable poly chassis. You can easily manage this highly engineered chainsaw. You can use the ergonomic chainsaw for longer hours without feeling fatigued in your hands. For reliable performance and unique design, we have chosen this gas-operated chainsaw.

The innovative tool has an easy start technology that helps you with easier, smoother, and quicker pull starts. You can use this unit for your yard and lawn care. Wood slicing jobs become easier with this chainsaw. 

The auto chain oiler is adjustable, as you may increase and decrease the oil flow. You can keep up the right amount of lubricant and make the device long-lasting. Moreover, there is a 3-point anti-vibration system to ensure your comfort. You will find that the chainsaw is highly balanced maneuverable. You will enjoy the optimal performance of this saw during your regular operations.

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  • Adjustable chain oiler
  • Comfortable handle
  • Less vibration


The fuel draw is weak.

9. Remington RM1645 electric chainsaw

Remington RM1645 Electric Chainsaw

Remington RM1645 is an electrically operated corded chainsaw with a low kickback bar that measures about 16 inches. Moreover, the integrated 12-amp motor is much powerful to manage small tree felling and limb cutting activities. The easy-to-use design has encouraged novices to try out this device. 

As Remington RM1645 is a compact, lightweight model, you may carry it to any place. This tool ensures your comfort, as it does not cause vibration. Besides, you can find an oil level viewer with this system. When you find a low oil level, you can add oil to it.

Like any other reliable electric chainsaw, this device has an automatic chain oiler. There is no need to be concerned about the chain lubrication. Another thoughtful feature of the chainsaw is the wraparound handguard to prevent you from touching debris.

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  • A low-kickback bar
  • Automatic chain oiler
  • Easy to tension the screw


Problem with the interior plastic gear

10. Greenworks Pro GCS80420 80V Cordless Chainsaw

Greenworks Pro GCS80420 80V Cordless Chainsaw

When you are looking for a top-rated electric chainsaw, you can invest in the Greeworks Pro model. The battery-operated system enables you to make 150 cuts in a single charge. Moreover, most of the users are pleased with the performance standard of the device. The 18-inch long bar is another notable feature of the tool. You can manage your woodcutting tasks easily with this innovative tool. The 80V Lithium-Ion battery has an amazing performance, as it lets you cut wood for 30 to 45 minutes. You need 30 minutes to charge the battery.

One of the device’s unique features is the bucking spikes, and we have not found it in most other models. Using these spikes, you may dig the chainsaw base into the log and prevent the risk of injuries.

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Furthermore, there is a manual chain brake to ensure your safety. Besides, you will find an automatic oiler to maintain the saw’s lubrication. 

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  • Multiple safety features
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Standard bar length


  • The battery can be better.

Guide to buying the best chainsaws

Have you already gone through our reviews to identify the best chainsaw? Still, you have some confusion on how to decide on the right one for your needs.

Chainsaws are of two types

  • Electrically operated chainsaws- You can find them in two versions. Some of them are cordless and need batteries. Besides, most of the manufacturers have used lithium-ion batteries for their products. Another version of the electrical system is the corded one that needs a power outlet.
  • Gas-operated chainsaws– The gas-operated systems are of two types- 4-cycle and 2-cycle. The4-cycle system needs gasoline and a separate oil tank.The2-cycle chainsaw has a fuel mix for its operation.

Choose the right blade length

Known as the guide bar, this blade length refers to the part connected to the chain. It starts spinning to chop woods. You need to check the size to know the wood thickness manageable by this bar. You will find guide bars in different lengths. In most of the gas chainsaws, it can range from 12 to 72 inches. However, for professional needs, your guide bar length must be above 20 inches.

Based on your tasks, you can choose the guide bar length-

  • Pruning- 12 inches
  • Trimming- 16 inches
  • Limbing- 12 to 14 inches
  • Bucking- Minimum 18 inches
  • Firewood cutting- 14 to 18 inches

Know about the blade speed

One of the most important parts of your chainsaw is the blade. You will find manufacturers mentioned the blade speed in units, like FPS and RPM. RPM represents Rounds Per Minute, while FPS refers to the Feet Per Minute. Besides, it indicates the rate of moving the chain. The gas chainsaws may have a speed ranging from 4000 to 5000 RPM. You will find cleaner cuts with higher RPM.

Find the type of chain oiler used for a chainsaw

The manual chain oiler is easy to use by pressing a button. You may control the lubrication level by using it. Another option for you is the automatic chain oiler, which delivers oil at a particular rate. You do not need to make an effort to ensure proper oiling. However, some automatic oilers have an adjustable flow, and thus, you may control the flow rate. We think that the last one is a versatile choice for you.

  • Chain tensioner- A side-mounted chain tensioning system enables you to manage the tightness level of the chain. Most of the models have a tool-less chain tensioner that is easily adjustable without any tool.
  • Chain catcher- It is a metal part present at the base of your chainsaw. The chain catcher is one of your tool’s safety features, and it reduces the risk of injury while the chain has issues.
  • Anti-vibration system- This system has a special design preventing the rear handle from touching the engine. Moreover, it minimizes vibration and reduces your fatigue.

Bucking spikes

They are metal spikes located on the front side of the chainsaw. These spikes have two functions-

  • They help you to control the saw in a better way.
  • They ensure your safety by gripping onto the log.

You can find this feature in some chainsaws.


You have now understood everything about chainsaws and their features. Read our review and find the right chainsaws for your deal. Our detailed analysis of every feature has helped us to identify the best quality chainsaw. 

We have read customers’ comments and tested different products. It has helped us to present you with a comprehensive review.

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