10 Best Commercial Pressure Washers in 2021

best Commercial Pressure Washers

Over the years, there have been many advances and developments in technology which has further facilitated the process of cleaning. You no longer have to use multiple tools and accessories to get the job done.

All you need is one powerful appliance to fulfill the task and make the cleaning simple and quick. Here is one such example of cleaning essential for your patio and driveway.

We have curated a list of the top ten best commercial high-pressure washers for your cleaning needs.

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Best Overall

Wholesun Pressure Washer

Wholesun Pressure Washer
  • Release pressure value: 3000psi
  • Maximum temperature: 40 degrees Celsius
  • The capacity of water: 350- 520L/hour

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Premium Choice

Bosch 110 Pressure Washer

Bosch 110 Pressure Washer
  • Release pressure value: 110 bar
  • Maximum temperature: 40 degrees Celsius
  • The capacity of water: 450L/hour

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Best Budget

Westforce Pressure Washer

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  • Release pressure value: 2800psi
  • Maximum temperature: 60 degrees Celsius
  • The capacity of water: 420- 500L/hour

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1. Wholesun Pressure Washer

Wholesun Pressure Washer

The variant is ideal for both short and long-range cleaning needs. Even though it is not the most impactful, it is perfect for daily cleaning needs. Washing the car and house is easily handled by the washer.

With the high-pressure hose available, the water pressure is maintained at 3000 psi. The quantity of water dissipated by the water varies between 350-520L/hr. Nozzles of two varieties: the fan jet and the rotary, is available with a foam sprayer and cleaning tools.

The operation of the appliance is comparatively simpler, and you can easily carry out cleaning in an uncomplicated manner. The maximum water temperature maintained in the washer is 40 degrees Celsius.

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  • Practically noiseless function.
  • Compact and lightweight for easy storage.
  • Portability is high and easy movement is facilitated.
  • Flexibility is also high with the different tools and accessories provided.
  • Changing the nozzles and clean-up is quick.
  • Blockages are cleaned out in a matter of minutes. 


  • The materials used in the device are of low-grade quality.

2. Westforce Pressure Washer

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The efficacy of cleaning lies in the power and performance delivered by the machine. With its superior quality materials and high pressure decanted by the hose, it cleans effectively with no lag.

The reinforced steel used is ideal for releasing water, approximately 420-500L/hour. Further, it can even withstand high temperatures, and the maximum recorded is 60 degrees Celsius. 

High-pressure water at about 125 bar is released through the hose at a single point in time. It is, in turn, extremely effective for cleaning cars, driveways, and your patio too. Fan jet nozzle and rotary nozzle are additionally provided in the list of accessories. 

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  • Comfortable grip and easy handling.
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Easy movement and flexible air hose
  • Extremely high generation of pressure 
  • Powerhouse of performance
  • Reliable build and high-quality materials used
  • Durability is high.


  • The heavy-duty application makes it difficult to carry around.

3. Bosch 110 Pressure washer

Bosch 110 Pressure Washer

This model is made of reinforced steel and is ideal for generating a water pressure high enough, as much as 110 bar. It requires a power output of 2100 W. Also, the presence of a hose reel makes the cleaning task simpler and faster.

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A maximum capacity of water at 450L/hr is generated at a point. The temperature recorded is approximately 40 degrees. All of the parts are detachable, and accessories are included in the set.

Foam sprayer is also added along with the fan jet nozzle and the rotary nozzle. The electric cable provided in the package is long enough for extended run-times and heavy-duty cleaning.

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  • Stability and durability are high
  • The build is strong, with the hose reel easily being locked in place
  • Assembly and attachment are simple.
  • User-friendly device
  • An all-round device with great performance
  • High-quality materials used


  • Temperature fluctuations can occur, which can cause poor functioning.

4. Husqvarna Backpack Washer

Husqvarna Backpack Washer

This particular variant can give you a good run for the money. Providing value for the price and with a power output requirement of 1800W, the water pressure generated is 150 bar. The maximum temperature of the water recorded is approximately 40 degrees.

Being a powerhouse of performance, a certain level of sound is produced during operation. The water produced varies between 350-520L/hr. Moving it around is comparatively simpler because of the lightweight function.

Attachments included with the package are fan jet nozzle, rotary nozzle, and foam sprayer, respectively. The high-pressure hose makes the cleaning process and the accompanying tasks in a flash.

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  • Versatile machine for the price
  • Saves on time and effort.
  • The hose makes it relatively simple to use
  • Movement is facilitated with the lightweight
  • Compact for storage with foldable handle.
  • Balance and stability is impressive


  • The instruction manual is difficult to understand hence, making the installation process long.

5. Yard Force Pressure washer

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This particular variant runs on a lithium-ion battery. Constructed with reinforced steel, the high-pressure hose reel delivers immense pressure at 3100psi. Packing in so much power results in the production of sound recorded at 84.3 decibels.

The water capacity dispensed at a point is approximately 410-500L/hr. The maximum temperature gained by the washer is 40 degrees Celsius. The length of the power cord is ideal for movement along the surfaces to be cleaned.

Even though it is so powerful, it is preferably lightweight in function. The operational efficiency is maximized by the attachments provided. The package includes two different types of nozzles, namely fan jet nozzle, rotary nozzle, and foam sprayer, respectively.    

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  • The power cable can be stored easily.
  • Hugely powerful and stable
  • Versatile in cleaning
  • Assembly is simple
  • Operational efficiency is high
  • The cleaning process is faster


  • Achieving high temperature is impossible and tough.

6. K5 Pressure Washer

K5 Pressure Washer

The full control variant extends the pressure control levels in your hands. Not only can you keep it as low as 20 bar but also increase it to a value of 145 bar at the same time. Sporting a hose length of 7.7 m keeps you on your toes for less time, and the task at hand gets done faster than expected.

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The stream of water released at a point in time is 500L/hr with a maximum temperature recorded at 40 degrees Celsius, respectively. In addition to the two types of nozzles: rotary and fan jet, there is an adapter present for the hose as well.

A unique feature is a telescopic handle, which makes it easy to handle during and after the operation. An LED display panel on the nozzle allows you to keep a record of the pressure and the temperature of the water at any point in time of the operation. 

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  • Assembly is quick and simple.
  • Changing the accessories and attachments is easy 
  • An ample storage facility is provided
  • Cleaning is effective
  • User-friendly with an extra-long hose


  • Operating the hose is cumbersome because of the stiffness and awkwardness.

7. Generac Pressure Washer

Generac Pressure Washer

The variant works at a maximum pressure of 2900 psi, and water being released at a pressure varying between 400-500 liters on an hourly basis. One of the most important features is the super flexible design of the hose reel, which facilitates the operation and efficacy.

Made up of reinforced steel, the construction is super strong and durable for daily usage. A high temperature of 60 degrees Celsius is maintained while released the pressurized stream of water.

Apart from the usual accessories, the cleaning tools and attachments are also perfect for your cleaning spree. With prime design and construction, you will be the proud owner of an appliance of substance.

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  • Easy to move around and control
  • The smooth operation of the hose
  • The presence of the dosing container helps in keeping track of the volume cleaning agent
  • Extremely flexible and versatile 
  • Ease of use and accessibility is high


Noise pollution is high, and it is difficult to control the sound levels

8. Karcher 2000 Pressure Washer

Karcher 2000 Pressure Washer

One of the heavy-duty washers releases a steady and powerful discharge of water at approximately 500 liters per hour. The pressure of water is recorded at 145 bar, and the power requirement is 2100 W of electricity.

The temperature of the water recorded is 40 degrees Celsius. One of the unique accessories included in the package is the multi-jet lance. Here a smart solution is the complete rotation of the spray gun nozzle wherein the solution is sprayed in different modes such as lance and a light mist.

Other accessories don’t come along with the washer because the nozzle is integrated with the different in-built varieties. The foam sprayer, however, is unavailable as a separate can of detergent needs to be attached in order to achieve a similar degree of operation.

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  • Ease of handling and accessibility is high
  • Moving it around is simple and efficient
  • Compact for storage
  • It can be conveniently used in the warm climate
  • Decent performance at the given price


  • Extremely heavy and difficult to control in low temperatures

9. Ryobi Pressure Washer

Ryobi Pressure Washer

This particular variant of the washer holds a maximum water pressure of 120 bar. Releasing the high-pressure stream of water results in attaining a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

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Powered by 1700W of electricity, the hose reel can deliver high-pressure doses of water in the range of 380-440L of water per hour. The sound produced while operating the machine falls in the median range of 86 decibels.

The length of the hose is adequate to reach corners and surfaces which are harder to clean. The rotary nozzle attachment elevates the functioning of the machine, and a considerable level of cleaning is achieved. 

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  • Extremely strong and reliable
  • The build is durable and ideal for cleaning tasks of all kinds.
  • The power cable comes with a hook for storage
  • Price is affordable
  • Lightweight function and compact for storage
  • Assembly is simple and quick


  • Handling the appliance is cumbersome due to the stiff hose

10. SunPow Pressure washer

SunPow Pressure Washer

Running on 1500W of electricity, the high-pressure washer can achieve cleaning tasks of all types. The maximum capacity of water dispensed at a single point is 520L/hr. Accessories include five different nozzles and a foam sprayer.

The water pressure maintained at the release is varying between 115 bar to 120 bar. Weighing approximately 4 kg, the washer can be maneuvered with little or no strain. Further, the operation is carried out with the reinforced steel hose reel.

Also, the temperature of the released stream of water is measured to be 50 degrees Celsius. Made of reinforced steel, you can not only enhance the operational efficiency but also increase the run time.

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  • Can easily clean hard-to-reach surfaces with angular access
  • Pressure released is ideal for household application
  • The hose is long enough for improved flexibility and versatility
  • The self-vacuuming attribute is a big essential
  • The handle can be elevated or lowered depending upon your usage


  • Changing and attaching a new nozzle can be tedious.

Commercial Pressure Washers Buyer’s Guide:

Whenever you’re ready to make a purchase, you need to go through a list of factors that are crucial for making the final decision. Here are a few factors:

Pressure of water

Depending upon the type of surface being worked on and the cleaning task, you need the water pressure to be conducive. For instance, if the cleaning surface is fragile and prone to damage, high pressure can further affect its nature and do more harm than good.

Volume of water

The amount of capacity of water released through the washer determines the duration of the cleaning task. With higher volumes, you can get the task done faster and more efficiently.

Temperature of water

Cleaning is achieved better and faster at high temperatures. Hence, it’s ideal to use high-pressure washers with a higher recorded temperature.

Sound levels

Nobody wants to get stuck with an appliance that makes a lot of noise during operation or vibrates a lot. Hence, it is preferable to choose the silent ones or mid-range machines.


Reaching the end of the review, you have a better understanding of key insights into the benefits and limitations of various appliances. Hence, you can easily take your pick and make your purchase from Amazon.com.

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