10 Best Cordless Screwdrivers in 2021

best cordless screwdriver

Cordless screwdrivers are one of the most important power tools in every workshop. As screws are essential for mechanical joints, you have to use a screwdriver to tighten and loose those screws. With traditional screwdrivers, you may need much effort to accomplish your work. That is why innovatively designed cordless screwdrivers are the perfect solution for you. By pressing a button, you can screw and unscrew within a few seconds. These cordless screwdrivers are of different types, and we have chosen the best one for our review.

We have made a comparison of the top 3 cordless screwdrivers manufactured by the most reliable brands. Check out the major features of these products to buy the best one.

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Best overall

Metabo HPT DB3DL2 

Metabo HPT DB3DL2 
  • Dual position handle
  • Lightweight design
  • 21 clutch settings
  • LED light

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Premium Choice

DEWALT Cordless Screwdriver

DEWALT Cordless Screwdriver
  • Reversing Control 
  • Adjustable 2-position handle
  • Speed 0 – 430 RPM

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Best Budget

SKIL Cordless Screwdriver 

SKIL Cordless Screwdriver 
  • Circuit sensor technology 
  • Easy bit lock
  • Dual LED lights

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1. Metabo HPT DB3DL2 Cordless Screwdriver

Metabo HPT DB3DL2 Cordless Screwdriver

Metabo HPT DB3DL2 is a reliable cordless screwdriver with a user-friendly and intuitive design. You can hold it without any issue for long hours. You can convert the dual position handle to a pistol grip from the straight one. 

One of the most notable features is that the screwdriver has 21 clutch settings. Moreover, there is a drill setting ensuring better control and precision in every application. 

Metabo has tried to provide the best value to users. There is an integrated LED light to prevent any visibility issue in your workspace. You can continue dealing with your screwdriver by pushing the On button. The system will automatically shut off the light and thus, you have no chance to waste the battery energy.

The screwdriver can work with a variable speed, and you can adjust it based on your needs. The two-speed options with this device are 260 RPM and 780 RPM. The 3.6V device has a special forward and reverse switch that enables you to alter the direction at any time.

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  • Ensure a high precision
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lasting battery life


The pistol mode prevents access to the reverse switch.

2. DEWALT 8V MAX Cordless Screwdriver Kit 

DEWALT 8V MAX Cordless Screwdriver Kit

DeWalt, one of the most-known power tool manufacturers, has designed a high-quality cordless screwdriver for your workshop. This 8V Max cordless screwdriver is available with highly advanced features. Although it is slightly costly, you will find the best functionality in this tool. The uniquely designed screwdriver can simplify your tasks.

The RPM value of this screwdriver can range from 0 to 430, and you may use the device for light-gauge metal, plastic, and wooden objects. Made of plastic, this battery-operated screwdriver has a durable design that endures your regular usage.

Like other screwdrivers, the handle position is adjustable in 2 ways- pistol-grip and in-line. Moreover, the reversing control and variable speed will help you to maintain precise fastening. Another notable feature is the ¼ inch hex that helps you to alter the screwdriver bit very easily.

Although your workshop may have a dark confined space, you can continue dealing with the screwdriver. The integrated LED light illuminates the space without creating shadows.

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  • Applicable to any surface
  • High quality battery 
  • Display battery status
  • Motion-activated system


  • No complaint

3. SKIL Rechargeable 4V Cordless Screwdriver 

SKIL Rechargeable 4V Cordless Screwdriver 

You can buy this rechargeable screwdriver to do lots of activities, like assembling furniture, managing electronic parts, setting up computers. Instead of using regular screwdrivers, you may use these battery-operated devices to save time and effort. The rate of rotation of this device is about 230RPM. The automatic screwdriver has a compact design with easy forward and backward functionalities.

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It relies on a collar that you can toggle between these two functionalities. The collar works like a trigger and is adjacent to your screwdriver head. You may twist it easily to power up your tool. 

The tool also includes a spindle lock to help you in using the screwdriver while the battery has no power. This feature can secure the bits to enable you to use the power tool as the standard screwdriver. 

Another notable feature of the device is the circuit sensor technology to prevent electrocution risks. Moreover, Skil has installed the LED light before the collar. The LED will start illuminating while the distance between the live circuit and the screwdriver is 1 inch.

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  • Best for light workload
  • Quality lithium-ion batteries
  • LED light at the front side
  • Magnetic bit holders 


  • No adjustable handle

4. Hitachi DB3DL2 Power Cordless Screwdriver 

Hitachi DB3DL2 Power Cordless Screwdriver

DB3DL2 cordless screwdriver has surpassed our anticipations with its innovative features. The premium quality lithium-ion battery will let your screwdriver continue its function for several hours. The best fact is that the package includes 2 batteries. While you are charging one battery, you may work with the other one. 

The overall design of the screwdriver is not bulky, and the battery life is 3 times longer than that of the standard batteries. The charger designed with proprietary technology prevents discharge issues and overload problems. Thus, there is no risk of overheat and loss of power.

Moreover, the screwdriver has a dual position handle. Thus, you may use it in both straight and pistol grips. With the drill setting, you will find 21 clutch settings for perfect control and precision. The forward and reverse control is easily accessible, and you can adjust the bit direction. In addition, you will find two-speed options (260 and 780 RPM) of this device.

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  • Fade-free battery power
  • Lights with an automatic shutoff system
  • Highly versatile


  • Not easy to alter the torque

5. TACKLIFE Cordless Screwdriver

No products found.

Tacklife has introduced one of the feature-rich screwdrivers for your needs. As you need screwdrivers for furniture assembly, window treatments, and other technical tasks, you may invest in this reliable product. This 3.6V rechargeable screwdriver has 6 torque settings and is capable of rotating its system up to 180 degrees.

While most other standard screwdrivers have 2-position handles, this screwdriver has a 3-position grip. Pistol grip (100°) and straight grip (180°) are common in most of the screwdrivers. However, Tacklife has made its product unique by adding a 140° handle that is best to work in the tighter workspace.

The screwdriver needs a 2000mAh battery that can last long. In a fully charged condition, the screwdriver helps you in screwing 400 screws. The package also includes a micro-USB cable that you may use with your rechargeable power bank.

Moreover, the screwdriver has a 1/4” magnetic chuck to adjust your bits easily. The bits will not fall while screwing anything. Thus, you can increase your productivity with this simple tool. The simple device has forward and reverse control for easy removal of screws. 

No products found.


  • Screwdriver with a range of applications
  • Ultra-bright LED
  • Best charging capability


  • Not for heavy jobs

6. Milwaukee 2401-20 M12 12-Volt Cordless Hex Screwdriver 

Milwaukee 2401-20 M12 12-Volt Cordless Hex Screwdriver 

Milwaukee has offered heavy-duty cordless screwdrivers for your everyday needs. With a reasonable price rate, the high-capacity screwdriver has 12V battery. The quality battery has the capability of taking the speed level to 500 RPM. While the screwdriver weight is about 2 lbs, the torque can be up to 175 inch-lbs. As the screwdriver has a lightweight design, you can move it to any place. Moreover, you can fit it into any tight space of your workshop.

The lutch is adjustable to 15 positions, and thus, you will have easy control of the way of operating the tool. At the front side, you will find a ¼ inch hex chuck. This simple keyless chuck helps with an easy opening and closing mechanism. Thus, you can try out this cordless and battery-operated screwdriver for your professional purpose.

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  • Compact screwdriver
  • High-end battery
  • Easy to adjust the lutch


  • The package includes no bits.

7. Wonder Master 3.6-Volt Cordless Electric Screwdriver 

Wonder Master 3.6-Volt Cordless Electric Screwdriver

As a multifunctional screwdriver, this product has gained the attention of several professionals and DIY enthusiasts. The perfectly designed handle is adjustable in 3 positions, and that is why you can use it in a range of purposes. The motor works effectively with proper heat dissipation. Moreover, the dust isolation and fence-type heat sink are other notable features of the device.

There are two types of grip modes, and you can rotate the handle easily and conveniently. By clicking one button, you can choose forward and backward motion. What’s more, manufacturers have used the rubberized handle to ensure your comfort.

The 4.8V battery is easily rechargeable, and the screwdriver works at a speed of 180RPM. Overall, the screwdriver has a compact design best for small furniture repair, drilling function, and other tasks.

The LED light is present at both the front and the back panel. You will have no issue while doing your work in the dark corner of a room.

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  • IP 20 rated system with moisture protection
  • Includes a ratchet wrench
  • Torque settings are adjustable
  • LED charging indicator


  • Too tight clutch

8. NoCry 10 N.m Cordless Electric Screwdriver

NoCry 10 N.m Cordless Electric Screwdriver

We have included NoCry cordless screwdriver in our list, as it is 3 times more powerful than other standard models. You can find super performance with this electric screwdriver. The most important part of the device is the motor with high capacity. While the torque power of other screwdrivers is 3 to 4 Nm, it is 10Nm for NoCry. That is why it is capable of doing the roughest and toughest activities. However, you may also use it for any delicate work. The torque is adjustable, as there are 6 settings. For carpentry, construction, and electrical tasks, you can rely on this tool.

The rotation speed ranges from 0 to 230 RPM. After attaining the set torque, the system automatically disengages its clutch. In a recharged state, the 7.2V Li-ion battery helps you to deal with more than 200 screws. Moreover, you will find a battery power indicator showing the available energy. It takes 3 to 5 hours to recharge the battery. The package also includes 31 screw bits of varying sizes. 

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  • LED lights at the bottom
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Bits included


  • Replacement batteries- Not available 

9. Enertwist Cordless Screwdriver

Enertwist Cordless Screwdriver

Enertwist has designed a potential electric screwdriver that works with a high-end lithium-ion battery. The high-performance motor helps you with fastening and drilling activities. The highest torque level with this screwdriver is about 10Nm. There are 21 clutch settings ensuring you high precision. The system works with 230 RPM best for drilling into wooden, thin metal, and plastic objects.

The integrated ¼ inch hex chuck gives you the convenience of altering the screwdriver bit. The built-in 1500mAh lithium-ion battery can last long. Charge the battery and screw more than 300 pieces. The durable screwdriver also includes a drill setting making your tasks easy. What’s more, the handle position is adjustable, as you can choose between pistol and in-line grip. Overall, the design is lightweight and compact, and the package includes a portable case for your convenience.

Like other models, Enertwist screwdriver also includes LED lights that illuminate your workspace. The forward and reverse switch is easily accessible, and you can adjust the rotation for flawless screw


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10. Eastvolt 4V Cordless Mini Electric Screwdriver

Eastvolt 4V Cordless Mini Electric Screwdriver

Some of us look for mini models of cordless screwdrivers, and that’s why we have chosen this product for review. You can replace your conventional screwdrivers with this electric model. For electrical maintenance, cycle repair, and other light-duty tasks, you can invest in this product. 

As this electric screwdriver has a cordless design, you can charge it conveniently. Use the USB plot and charge it at any place. The system also includes a battery indicator showing the current battery status.

One of the unique features of this screwdriver is the magnetic hexagonal head enabling you to use the tool in tight spaces.

Eastvolt has ensured your safety with its 3-gear modes, including reverse, forward, and stop. There is also a spindle lock to manage the screw and have better control. Other safety features include variable torque settings and overdrive protection. There will be no damage to the surface.

Other accessories in the package are 32 drill bits, a carrying case, and a bit holder.

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  • Convenient charging 
  • Front LED light
  • Best motor quality


  • Medium quality bits

Buying Guide

Is it the first time you are buying the cordless screwdriver? These cordless systems are convenient to use and save your efforts. However, to help you in choosing the right one, we have provided you with a guide.

Voltage level of your tool

3.6 V is the standard voltage for most of your tasks in the workshop. As you are buying a battery-operated tool, you must check out the voltage. Some screwdrivers have a voltage level ranging from 4V to 7V. 


Torque refers to the tightening force, and we measure it in NeutonMeter. The higher torque value enables you to screw into the hard surfaces very easily.  The standard electrical screwdrivers have torque value ranging from 3 to 6 Nm. However, the high-end ones have torque level of 10 to 20 Nm. However, while the torque level is more than 10Nm, you must have professional skills to manage that screwdriver.

Rotation Speed

One of the important factors to purchase an electronic screwdriver is the rotational speed. The average RPM of the battery-operated devices ranges from 180 to 450. However, the corded devices may have more than 3000RPMs.

Based on the type of your job, you can control RPMs. Most of the tools have adjustable RPMs for the users’ convenience. By choosing the right RPM, you can maintain accuracy by undertaking the job. The higher RPM may damage the surface and injure you. That is why you have to be careful while dealing with a screwdriver of a high RPM.

Battery quality

The best cordless screwdrivers have lithium-ion batteries that retain their energy for a longer period. However, in some low-quality models, you will find nickel-cadmium batteries.

Other features

LED lights- You can look for cordless screwdrivers with LEDs to do your work accurately in the dark corners.

  • Head design- The rotatable and adjustable head is highly advantageous for users. You may easily access the tight space with this tool.
  • Accessories- The best brands always include screwdriver bits in the package. You will find bits of all types, like ratchet and drilling bit. But you have to know the way of using them properly.
  • USB charger- You may charge your tool from your phone charger, laptop, and car charger.
  • Spare battery- An additional battery in the package ensures that nothing will interrupt your work.


Our comprehensive guide will make it easy for you to choose the best cordless screwdrivers. Charge the batteries of the screwdriver and continue using the tool for several hours. As we have analyzed every feature of the reliable cordless screwdrivers, you can easily find the best tool.

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