10 Best Digital Tire Gauges in 2021

best digital tire gauge

A tire pressure gauge is a tool that all vehicle owners need to have. Most people do not check their tire pressure often, not knowing about its importance.

However, to drive safely and smoothly, it is crucial to keep a check on it on a daily basis. Having said that, not always do people have time to go to a service station just to check the pressure.

Fortunately, now you can find different types of tire gauges available on the market.

If in case, you are confused about which to purchase, we have put together the ten best digital tire gauges just for you. Let’s have a look at what each product has to offer.

In a rush? Check out our top picks:

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Best Overall

Rhino USA Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Rhino USA Digital Tire Pressure Gauge
  • Certified accurate and precise pressure reading
  • Easy to grip
  • Highly durable
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Easy to read

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Best Budget

TEKTON 5941 Digital Tire Gauge

TEKTON 5941 Digital Tire Gauge
  • Displays exact reading
  • Optimum visibility
  • Fast and precise measurements
  • Ergonomic design
  • Sure-grip

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Best Inflator

Astro 3018 Digital Pressure Gauge

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  • Four times the battery life
  • Durable and comfort
  • LCD digital display
  • Maximum accuracy reading

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1. Rhino USA Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Rhino USA Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Looking for a high-quality gauge that is simple to use? Then, the Rhino USA Digital Tire Pressure Gauge is the right product for you. The gauge reading ranges between 0 and 150 PSI.

Apart from PSI measurement, there are three more reading ranges including bar, kPa and kg/cm2.

Furthermore, its dial illuminates in the dark for better reading and even comes with a lighted nozzle. This is to enable you to easily fit the gauge into the tire.

The Rhino USA digital gauge guarantees 5-star experience with an offer for a lifetime warranty.

In addition, the gauge is extremely durable, with an ergonomic design and features, ensuring accurate readings.

With all that said, the Rhino USA Digital Tire Pressure Gauge is one of the most approved and top-rated products on Amazon.

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  • Quite Affordable
  • Lighted nozzle and LCD display
  • Automatic shut off function
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Single button setting


  • No manual instructions on changing battery

2. TEKTON 5941 Digital Tire Gauge

TEKTON 5941 Digital Tire Gauge

The TEKTON 5941 Digital Tire Gauge gives fast and precise tire pressure readings so you can quickly inspect all four tires.

Due to its easy button press control, it is simple to use and is quite efficient.

This gauge is easy to turn on because of its simple control and it automatically switches off after 30 seconds. This function saves the battery and fortunately so since it is rather difficult to change the gauge battery.

It also offers a comfortable and convenient grip, making it easy for you to hold. With its backlit display, you can easily see the pressure readings no matter the conditions.

You can even use the gauge at night as it has a nozzle that illuminates when switched on.

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  • Four ranges of reading
  • Accurate and quick readings
  • Automatic shutoff feature
  • Non-slip grip
  • Digital display
  • Illuminated display
  • Easy-to-use control


  • Replacing the battery is difficult and expensive

3. Astro 3018 Digital Pressure Gauge

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Powered by AAA batteries, Astro 3018 comes with a full rubbered sleeve that not only protects the body but also provides better grip.

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It features a backlit LCD which makes it very convenient to even use at night. Displaying the pressure in PSI (pounds per square inch), BAR (atmospheric pressure), and KG (kilogram-force per square centimeter).

It is perfect to use not only at any time of the day but also in any temperature environment. Its battery is of superior quality and is long-lasting.

Additionally, the Astro 3018 has a two-position lever design that is perfect for both inflation and deflation without even changing the gauge. The first position deflates and the second position inflates.

It comes with a 21-inch braided hose with high durability. The quick-release lever allows the tire chuck to lock onto the valve system.

This product is a little on the pricey side but is considered reasonable.

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  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate 


  • Relatively on the pricey side

4. Cooolbuy Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Cooolbuy Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Let’s start with the tire gauge that is most well-received by users, the Cooolbuy Digital Tire Pressure Gauge. A handy tool to have, easy to use, and very easy to read. It reaches up to 150 PSI and 10 bar.

The first feature that makes this product stand out is its four reading ranges, i.e., PSI, kPa, bar and kg/cm2. Therefore, you can easily set your settings that suit your preference.

In regards to its functionality, its grip comes with grooves which lets you have a good grip on the device.

Furthermore, as soon as you press the valve against the tire, it tightly secures around the tire. This allows you to get the readings faster. Also, you will be able to easily read the results since the display is well-lit, suitable in all surroundings and conditions.

The Cooolbuy digital Tire Pressure Gauge features an automatic shut off function as well as a lighted nozzle for easier readings.

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  • Easy to read
  • Accurate readings
  • Well-lit display
  • Ergonomic
  • Good grip


  • Auto shut off takes time

5. Accutire MS-4021B Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Accutire MS-4021B Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Next up on our list is the Accutire Digital Tire Pressure Gauge, a device that is easy to use and read. This pressure gauge is definitely worth the buy and a great addition to your kit.

This device reads in PSI and ranges from 5 to 150. Most vehicles are suitable for this range. Also, just within 0.5 PSI, the accuracy it provides is incredible and top-notch.

The Accutire Pressure Gauge is the definition of simple. Its position is in such a way that the valve can be set in any way. No matter, you can still have a good grip on it.

This device does feature a backlit display; however, it is not as bright as expected.

Perhaps, the one factor that makes this gauge really stand out from others is its extreme durability. You can certainly use it for an extended period of time.

Furthermore, with its automatic shut off function, the screen turns off automatically after removing the gauge from the valve. This way, the battery will be long-lasting.

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  • Precise and accurate reading
  • Backlit display
  • Auto shutoff feature
  • Extremely durable
  • Proper grip
  • Simple and easy to use


  • Only PSI reading
  • Absence of lighted nozzle
  • Gauge tip issues

6. Tacklife TG-01 Classic Tire Pressure Gauge

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Tacklife TG-01 Classic Tire Pressure Gauge is another great option for those who prefer a fuss-free device.

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This gauge offers the readings in different measurement systems, i.e., PSI, kPa, bar, or kg/cm2. The only setback is the reading ranges up to 100 PSI or 7 bar only.

Too many button features consume a lot of time and can be quite confusing as well. Fortunately, with its one-button function, you can reach your preferred setting in an instant, making the process a lot easier and faster.

In regard to design, this gauge comes with ergonomic built, making it user-friendly and also featuring a proper grip.

Also, you do not have to worry about accidentally pressing the button as its placement is nowhere near your fingers.

Another plus point about this device is you can fit in well with nearly all valves. The backlit display is also properly illuminated so you can see the readings clearly in all conditions, be it bright or dark.

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  • Ergonomic design
  • Four ranges of reading
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Lighted nozzle
  • LCD backlit display
  • Reasonably priced


  • Non-durable plastic construction

7. Ionox Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Ionox Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Guaranteeing a long-lasting performance, Ionox brings to you an extremely durable digital tire pressure gauge with high accuracy. Suitable for all users and ideal for cars, bikes, trailers and trucks. 

It boasts about its ease of use for single-handed operation, featuring a single button that allows you to choose any setting.

The readings are displayed on the screen with a bright LCD backlight, very suitable for nighttime use. The numbers can be viewed in 4 different units- PSI, kPa, bar, or kg/cm2.

The Ionox Digital Tire Pressure Gauge is an ideal choice to use in the case of emergencies. The reason is that it comes with a lighted nozzle which allows you to easily see even in the dark.

The gauge also features an auto-off timer which goes off after every 30 seconds.

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  • Accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to read
  • Four readings ranges
  • Backlit LCD display


  • Gauge shuts off very fast

8. AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Determining the accurate tire pressure is necessary for all car owners and AstroAI Tire Pressure Gauge will help you do just that. It is a handy tool that you can have around your garage or your car.

This device offers you four readings, namely PSI, bar, kPa, and kg/cm2, making it a comprehensive tool that anyone can use.

No matter the readings, the conversion is one thing you do not have to worry about any longer.

This gauge can read ranges from 0-150 PSI, 0-10 bar, 0-1000 kPa and 0-10 kg/cm2. This makes it suitable for different types of vehicles.

The accuracy level it provides is another impressive thing to boast about. This gauge beats a lot of its competitors when it comes to this feature.

Tech-savvy or not, anyone can use this device without any problems. More so, because the display is well-lit, making it easy to read.

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  • Exceptionally precise readings
  • Four reading ranges
  • Easy to use
  • LCD display with lighted nozzle
  • One year warranty
  • Affordable


  • Cheap construction feel
  • Average durability
  • Four batteries required

9. Slime 20017 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Slime 20017 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

One great feature about the Slime 20017 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge is that it lets you take readings consecutively to ensure accuracy.

Although it does not have many readings as compared to others, you can check the readings in PSI, bar and kPa. In any way, it is sufficient for most car owners.

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You can easily change the settings depending on the ranges with just a simple press of a button. The gauge gives both low as well as high readings, making it adaptable for different vehicles.

Another selling point is that the Slime 20017 features a reset button. Once you have taken a reading, you can reset the gauge and take another reading immediately.

Its display is quite well-lit which allows you to see the readings in any conditions.

As it comes with a rubber covered handle, you can get a good grip on the device. Additionally, the lighted nozzle on the Slime 20017 is another plus point as it works perfectly well even at night.

If you are low on budget but do not want to compromise on quality, this is what you should opt for.

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  • Durable
  • Three ranges of readings
  • Lighted nozzle
  • Auto shutoff function
  • Easy settings
  • Affordable


  • Poor ergonomic
  • Inconvenient placement of the button

10. JACO ElitePro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

JACO ElitePro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

The JACO ElitePro Digital Pressure Gauge maybe, a little on the expensive side, however, it is certainly of high-quality. It is ANSI certified (International Accuracy Standard) and provides accurate readings, ranging up to 200 PSI.

Designed with heavy-duty steel and brass elements, a sturdy, shock-resistant protective guard encompasses the gauge. This protects the device from drops as well as vibration.

The JACO ElitePro Digital Pressure Gauge also features a flexible leak-proof air hose that you can twist at any angle you want.

It also comes with a fitted bleeder valve, useful for reducing the pressure in case of overinflation. It is ideal for two-wheelers, cars, trailers, trucks and many more.

Its 2.5-inch illuminating LCD screen has a backlight making it possible to use even in dim lit surroundings. The gauge also features a battery life indicator.

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  • Rugged guard
  • Illuminated LCD display
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Durable steel and brass construction
  • Built-in bleeder valve


  • Pricey

Digital Tire Gauge Buyer’s Guide:

Let’s look at some factors you need to consider before choosing your preferred tire pressure gauge.


The display depends on the type of gauge you want to purchase. If you have difficulty in reading, it is best to opt for one that provides a well-lit display.

For people working late at night, it is advisable to get a gauge that shows digital pressure readings.


Tire pressure gauge comes in two forms: dial and digital. Taking into consideration the accuracy level, a digital gauge may be the right choice as reading from an LCD is easier.


Getting accurate readings is the most vital function of a tire pressure gauge. It will let you know if your tires are underinflated or overinflated.

It is highly recommended that you get a gauge that provides accurate readings, ranging from 0.1 to 0.5 PSI.

In Conclusion

Regular maintenance is crucial when it comes to automobiles. Therefore, it is necessary to have a capable tire pressure gauge at all times.

That being said, finding the best pressure gauge may not be as simple as one might think. Compromising the quality for the price should not be an option either.

To avoid all these troubles, we have compiled this list for you. So sit back, relax, and let this guide help you find the right tire pressure gauge that best suits your needs.

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