10 Best Drill Press Vises in 2021

best drill press vise

Do you like to accomplish your drilling project safely and accurately? Then, you need a drill press vise with a drilling machine. The drill press vise is one of the invaluable tools that can make your drilling process smooth and risk-free. Tasks like reaming, hole boring, and countersinking may result in an accident. Thus, to avoid this issue, you can rely on a drill press vise. A drill press vise is a large clamp that secures that object you are drilling. You will enjoy a hands-free drill operation with this tool. However, which is the best drill press vise for your needs? We have picked the most reliable ones and reviewed them.

We have made a comparison of the best three drill press vises. You may check their features and make a purchase.

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Best Overall

Irwin Tools 226340 Drill Press Vise, 4

Irwin Tools 226340 Drill Press Vise, 4
  • Slotted base
  • Textured jaws
  • Lightweight 

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Budget Choice

WEN 423DPV Cast Iron Drill Press Vise

WEN 423DPV Cast Iron Drill Press Vise
  • Cast iron construction 
  • Grip any material
  • Universal design

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Premium Choice

Palmgren 14 Traditional Drill Press Vise

Palmgren 14 Traditional Drill Press Vise
  • Acme lead screw
  • Throat depth- 1-3/4 inches
  • Jaw opening- 4 inches

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1. Irwin Tools 226340 Drill Press Vise, 4″

Irwin Tools 226340 Drill Press Vise, 4

Irwin Tools 226340 is the best pick on our list, as it secures your workpiece firmly and steadily. The decent build quality and smart features have persuaded us to choose it for mechanics and other professionals.

The drill press vise includes textured jaw clamps to hold the workpiece while 1000lbs of clamping pressure. The 4″ wide hardened steel jaws can open to a distance of 4.5″. The vise is perfect for small parts, as its throat depth is about 1/2″.

The slots have a width of 5/8″ and a length of 2 7/8″. The four mounting slots enable you to attach the vise to the drill press table in any orientation.

The vise is highly durable to deal with milling, light-duty drilling, and reaming processes. Manufacturers have used forged iron to design this drill press vise. The Irwin blue powder coat has added aesthetics to the overall design. With bolts and C-clamp, you can attach the vise to your worktable.

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  • Easy to install
  • Secure gripping
  • High jaw capacity


  • Not for big, complicated drilling jobs

2. Palmgren 14 Traditional Drill Press Vise

Palmgren 14 Traditional Drill Press Vise

As one of the top-quality drill press vises, this tool has a multi-functional design. The spectacular, concrete and sturdy design has a reliable mechanism. The adequately aligned jaws do not cause tilting issue while clamping and tightening the system. The jaws have a width of 4 inches, and their grooved design helps in holding round pieces firmly. The system’s height is about 3-1/2 inches, while its throat depth is 1-3/4 inches.

You can use the drill press vise for a range of purposes, including counterboring, spot-facing, drilling, and reaming. You can set the drill press multi-dimensionally based on your operations. Moreover, the system can hold and clamp it firmly while you have placed the piece upright. The drill press vise also includes transverse 3/8 inch T-slots and vertical T-slots for your needs.

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  • Portable and compact design
  • High-quality lead screw
  • Include different slots


  • Not polished finish

3. WEN 423DPV Cast Iron Drill Press Vise 

WEN 423DPV Cast Iron Drill Press Vise

While choosing drill press vises, we have focused highly on the correct sizing. However, WEN 423DPV ensures that it can work with most of the milling machines and drill press systems. Due to its universal design, you can use it with any drill press machine. There is a 3-inch volume present between jaws, and it has the potential of opening up to 3-1/10 inches. Moreover, the throat depth is about 1 inch, and the jaws can easily clinch metal, plastic, and wooden pieces.

The sturdy and robust mechanical tool designed with cast iron can protect your workpiece and provide stability. You will not find the issue of vibration and vigorous movements while dealing with the drilling tasks. The vise has mounting slots ensuring you a stable grip. With a heavy-duty cast iron base, this drill press vise can be the most reliable choice for all professionals. Moreover, affordable pricing is another advantage for buyers. 

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  • Grip any material
  • Different mounting slots
  • Good throat depth


  • Best only for large objects

4. Yost 3 in. Heavy Duty Drill Press Vise

Yost 3 in. Heavy Duty Drill Press Vise

We have chosen a uniquely designed drill press vise with horizontal and vertical V-grooves on its jaw. However, make sure that you are using this groove only for the stationary jaw. Another jaw with a smooth surface limits the level of grip. With a jaw width and jaw opening of 3 inches, you can find this drill press vise highly useful.

The best fact is that the system includes an oversized handle to give you an additional torque. Moreover, the vise provides you with a precision-machined base. The two integrated mounting slots simplify the installation process. 

The drill press vise ensures a high clamping force for its 50% larger screws. You can pair this large screw with heavier castings.

Overall, this drill press vise is a long-lasting choice, as it has a highly resilient cast iron design with a powder coat finish.

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  • Grooves can grip round objects.
  • Guide rails for smooth operations
  • Solid design


  • No cross sliding option 

5. Wilton Tools 11694 Drill Press Vise

Wilton Tools 11694 Drill Press Vise

When you need a drill press with a cross sliding feature, you can invest in this product. You can slide the tool across two axes. You can move your workpiece accurately for longitudinal and horizontal positioning. Thus, it will be easy to position your material correctly. The durable V-grooved jaws have a sturdy design, and they are best for clenching your objects in perfect position. There is no chance of slipping out the material at the time of drilling it.

The 4-inch capacity jaws are easily replaceable and made of hardened steel. Moreover, you can find an accurate increment of the Side Knobs by 0.1-mm.

The durability of the construction is another reason for buying this drill press vise. Manufacturers have used high quality cast iron materials to design it, and thus, you can repeatedly drill without any issue. The hardened jaws have a V shape, and they can hold the round objects easily. To deal with the installation process, you may use the five-bolt lugs present in the base.

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  • Both horizontal and vertical slides
  • Hold round objects
  • Sturdy iron construction


  • Lubrication needed regularly

6. Performance Tool W3939 Drill Press Vise

Performance Tool W3939 Drill Press Vise

We have chosen a quality drill press vice from the reliable brand, Performance Tool. This product is the best choice for those who are looking for a small drill press vise. With a clamping capacity of about 2.5-inch, this drill press vise can give you the ultimate value.

As it is a small model, you will find this drill press vise to be very lightweight. Users have claimed that it has a strong build quality due to the use of case iron. Moreover, the etched jaws can provide you with a firm grip.

There are four slot mounting slots to help you with simple and easy installation. The tool also includes a pivoting handle that enables you to turn the system without much effort. Beginners may try out this drill press vise to simplify their drilling tasks.

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  • Durable cast iron construction
  • Good jaw opening
  • High portability 


  • Small- Cannot deal with big pieces.

7. Wilton 11674 4-Inch Industrial Drill Press Vise

Wilton 11674 4-Inch Industrial Drill Press Vise

Professionals always look for industrial standard drill press vise for their regular operations. That is why we have chosen this industrial drill press for their use. The jaw capacity is about 4 inches, and you can use this tool for a range of applications. 

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From our detailed review, we have found that everything is perfect with this drill press vise. This simple tool has high durability and strength due to the use of cast iron castings. Moreover, you will find a black oxide coated screw with hardened steel jaws. Moreover, the jaws have V-grooves, and you can easily clamp round objects to increase efficiency. Wilton has made a perfect blend of reliability and precision in this industrial drill press vise. You can place your objects both vertically and horizontally.

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  • Durable construction
  • Perfect grip
  • Ensure accuracy


  • May need some adjustments to work correctly

8. DELTA 20-621 4-Inch Drill Press Vise

DELTA 20-621 4-Inch Drill Press Vise

Delta 20-621 is one of the excellent drill press vises made of cast iron. You can buy it for its high strength and long-lasting value. The integrated jaws can open up to 4 inches, and the clamping capacity is also 4 inches. The 11-inch drill press vise has four slot holes that make it easy to install the system without much issue.

You can use the drill press vise with metal and wooden objects. The cast-iron model has large-capacity jaws, and thus, you may use this drill press vise for a range of purposes. 

As the clamping power is not high, you must not use this tool to deal with heavy objects. Still, you will get the basic functionality at a low price. You can clamp curved pieces using this drill press vise.

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  • Manage curved pieces
  • High durability
  • Cast-iron construction 


  • Does not ensure precision

9. Hardware Factory Store 2 Way Drill Press Vise

Hardware Factory Store 2 Way Drill Press Vise

Hardware Factory Store has designed a highly durable drill press vise with a 2-way X-Y Compound design. Moreover, you can find serrated steel jaws with this drill press vise. The jaw has a width of about 4 inches, and you may choose it for different needs.

Manufacturers have focused on the ergonomics of the model, as they have included two swivel crank handles. The hinged crank handles also play a role while drilling any piece. You can use these handles to adjust the vise from left to right and front to back. It would help if you bolted down slots to properly securing your material. The 3.5 Inch-throat opening of the drill press is another notable feature. However, in most other standard models, this throat opening is about 4 inches.

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  • Serrated steel jaws
  • Swivel handles
  • Cold rolled steel screws


  • The threaded parts are loose.

10. Lehom 4.25 Inch Angle Drill Press Vise

Lehom 4.25 Inch Angle Drill Press Vise

We have chosen this product for those who are looking for tilting angle vise. Manufacturers have used heavy-duty cast iron to ensure high durability and hardness. Also, you can use the tool regularly without having concerns about wear and tear. The highly resilient construction ensures continued performance. Moreover, due to the special coated spray treatment, you will find a corrosion-resistant design. The painted surface is effortless to clean and saves your effort.

The tilting can be up to 90 degrees, and there is a drilling increment of 15 degrees. The 4.25-Inch reliable tilting vise has a stable clamping action. While clamping anything, the workpiece needs to be under the 1/2position of the jaw. As the jaw will have a consistent distribution of stress, you can use it usually. You can use the vise with your milling and drilling machine.

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  • Precision work with increments
  • A versatile drill press vise
  • Coated treatment


  • Costly

Buying Guide

As you need to purchase a drill press vise, you have to focus on some factors to make a deal. However, before investing in the vice, it is better to know about this tool’s parts.

A drill press vise and its parts

Although a drill press vise looks simple, it has different parts. You know that a drill press used for drilling, reaming, and other activities, can stand upright. You may also use this tool for sanding.

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A drill press vise includes a flat base, which looks like a dick with some mounting holes. You can align those holes with your machine’s mounting holes. Bolts passing through those holes are intended for a better connection.

The significant parts of a drill press vise are-

  • A flat base
  • A bolt system
  • Mounting holes

We can consider a drill press vise as jaws that manage the drilling force. The jaws have varying strength levels, and it determines the type of materials it manages. Some models have jaw pads preventing scratches and damages to the surface.

Drill press vises are of different categories

  • Quick-release drill press vises

They are user-friendly tools and help you to do readjustment in a single step. You will find a central button for opening and closing jaws. You can manage your drilling projects consistently by using this vise.

  • Tilting drill press vises

They have an inner jaw tilting at angles. You may use them for dealing with irregular shapes. Most of these vises have vertical and horizontal grooves. You may use them for working on some circular pieces.

When you need something more practical, you can choose the quick release drill press vises. However, the tilting model is perfect for those to drill with odd and circular angles.

Flat vise versus cross slide vise

You have to choose between these two drill press vises. A cross slide vise has higher longevity with a low risk of wear and tear. It has the capability of working long a diagonal axis. On the contrary, a flat drill press vice is a perfect choice for quick release.

Some factors before purchasing the drill press vise

  • Materials to be drilled

You have to identify the materials that you like to drill with your drilling system. There are drill press vises designed for different types of materials. For instance, manufacturers may mention that their drill press vise is only for metalworking. However, you may also use their vises for woodworking.

  • Simple installation

The install process is not complicated for most of the drill press vises. You can simply place them through the holes and secure them using bolts.

  • Jaws

While choosing the best drill press vise, you need to check the jaws. Etched jaws are useful for a better grip on slippery metal and wood surfaces. You can choose padded jaws to deal with soft metal objects. Most drill press vises do not have padded jaws with them, and that’s why you can purchase them separately.

  • Clamping capacity

The term clamping capacity indicates the number of materials that can be clamped at a time. You need to measure it in inches. 

  • A slotted base

It helps you in bolting the drill press vise directly to the drill press table. Thus, you can look for the vise that has a slotted base.  

  • Secure lock

It may not be an essential feature for every user; however, you can check out this safety feature. While altering the angle, you will find this feature much helpful. The best manufacturers integrate the locking feature into the system.

  • Throat depth

It refers to the distance from the base to the top part of the vise. The measurement is crucial, as it represents the depth capacity. Although it may not interfere with your everyday work, it can cause a problem with dealing with odd drill bits.

  • Pivot handle

It has a unique design giving you high maneuverability. You have to pay heed to every detail. You may find this pivot handle only in some models. 


So, these are certain vital things that you ought to remember while purchasing a drill press vise online. Also, go through the list of the best drill press vises that we have provided above very carefully if you want to buy the best drill press vise with no issues.

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