10 Best Electric Lawn Mowers in 2021

best electric lawn mower

Are you looking for the best electric lawn mowers for your backyard this summer? That’s correct; you are in the right place. Here, in this article, you will know about the best of the best electric lawn mowers available in the market today. All these lawnmowers have undergone the test and ranked according to their ability, affordability, quality, etc.

It is also great news for you to know that all these lawnmowers are great to use and come at an affordable price, making you choose any product based on your preferences. The products given below are the ten best electric lawnmowers that stand different from any other products in the market:

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1. Bosch Rotak Electric Rotary Lawnmower

Bosch Rotak Electric Rotary Lawnmower

Bosch Rotak Electric Rotary Lawnmower is one of the best electric lawnmowers with higher customer ratings. This product also comes with pro silence while doing any work and cuts at 41 centimeters. They are simple and easy to use, and you can also quickly increase and decrease the height of cutting. With the use of Bosch electric lawnmower, you don’t have to do any hard work; they are effortless and less trouble to use. 

This lawnmower also helps you to collect leaves and store grass up to 50 liters. A telescopic handle built at the handle can adjust according to your body preference while working on the lawn, and that makes your work simpler. The presence of an ergo slide system also makes your task easier, giving an outstanding finish. 

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  • The presence of pro silence decreases the loud noise by 75%.  
  • The manufacturer provides a warranty along with 30 days right to return in case of a defective product.
  • The blade is 41 centimeter that does an excellent job in any field.


  • A heavy product which makes it difficult to move around.

2. Greenworks Corded Electric Lawn Mower 25022

Greenworks Corded Electric Lawn Mower 25022

Greenworks Corded 25022 is an excellent lawnmower once you get used to corded lawnmowers. They have low maintenance and a budget-friendly product with 20 inches long blade that works at a 12-amp motor. Greenworks lawn mower also comes with a push-button to start and stop the product, making it easy and straightforward to use.

Through this product, you can change the mower’s height according to the grass’s size on your lawn. Since it has corded features, you don’t have to bother about charging it, and the ability to fold makes them adaptable in any storage. They are most suitable for medium size lawns and perform 3-in-1 ability in mowing. 

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  • This product runs at a 12 Amp motor that makes it easy to cut any grass thickness.
  • Feature of 7 height positions helps you to adjust the height according to the size of the grass.
  • They come with a warranty for three years.


  • Poor customer service.

3. Greenworks G-Max Electric Lawnmower 25322

Greenworks G-Max Electric Lawnmower 25322

In comparison to the price, the Greenworks G-Max has an excellent capability to perform any work. It runs through 40 V and obtains a deck measuring 16 inches length. It also possesses a six inches of front wheel and seven inches at the rear that allows you to move freely around the lawn.

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One more additional benefit is that it has 2-in-1features that provides rear bagging as well as tilling ability to do any work. The lightweight Greenworks G-Max has the ability to move all sides and move backward, making it easy and fast cleaning. They are durable in nature and trouble less in maintenance. These features prove that you don’t have to go looking for another lawnmower if you get one.

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  • Excellent for medium and small size lawns.
  • Presence of pro silencer that reduces noise.
  • Hard and durable metal blade to cut any harsh and stubborn grass.
  • Extremely light in weight to do any work throughout the lawn.


  • Bad battery life.

4. Flymo Electric Lawn Mower 800 W

Flymo Electric Lawn Mower 800 W

Flymo Electric Lawn Mower 1800 W becomes different from Flymo Turbo Lite Lawn Mower when it comes to its power and capability in doing jobs. This product has a large grass box measuring 30 liters that makes it easy and simple to collect and throw away the collected grass. The best thing about using this lawnmower is that it is made for large and medium-size lawns and can cut even a flower bed’s edges. 

It is the best lawn mower in this price range than the other products and gives an outstanding finish in any work. The duo tech system’s feature helps you adjust blades according to the size of the grass. The length of the blade measures about 36 cm and runs at 1800 W.

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  • Adjustment of blades with duo tech system.
  • They also come with a large grass box measuring 30 liters.
  • The powerful engine of 1800 W helps you to trim any short, thick grass.
  • Easy to carry any adapt at any storage.


  • Trimmed grass tends to blow away.

5. American Electric Corded Lawn Mower

American Electric Corded Lawn Mower

One of the best lawn mower for a small size lawn is the American Electric Corded Lawn Mower. It has a 14 inches deck that needs to plug in to continue cleaning. Compared to its price, it is worth to own one as they come with a powerful 11 amp for a small yard with five positions to adjust the height according to the grass’s size.

They are also too light in weight and adjustable at any storage because of their small size. It also ensures to bring comfort to the users while working on the lawn. The most significant advantage of this product is that you don’t need any gas, oil, or chemical for the product to work. In other words, it does not cause or release any harmful gases that could harm the environment.

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6. Ego Electric Lawn Mower

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Ego Lawn Mower has two models they are Ego LM2102SP and Ego LM2142SP. Both these two models have a foldable feature that can be easily compact in any storage. Ego LM2102SP can give outstanding performance with 7.5Ah battery strength, enabling you to trim for 60 minutes and charge it for 60 minutes. 

Most of the present users recommend purchasing and have also earned excellent best customer reviews from the manufacture date. It comes without any use of pollution, causing gases along with less noise, unlike lawnmowers.

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  • It comes with high powerful torque for gas at a reasonable rate.
  • It also possesses a huge bag for collecting trimmed grass.
  • Unlike other lawn mowers, they have 6 bars for handling positions and adjustable according to your preferences.


  • By the end of your job, it becomes relatively heavier. 

7. Sun Joe MJ4101C Pro

Sun Joe MJ4101C Pro

Sun Joe MJ4101 Pro comes with 10.6 liters of the box for storing grass, making it perfect for the small-sized lawn. They are budget-friendly and have a small metal blade measuring 14 inches and triple-height positions for trimming grass.

They also possess battery support of 28 V 4 Ah, which serves perfect for cleaning small lawns. 

The manufacturers of this product also provide warranty cover for two years, and they have good customer service for any queries regarding their products. Sun Joe MJ4101C Pro also comes with an immediate start and works without any pollution-causing oil or gas.

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  • Must have for a person who owns a small lawn or yard.
  • Triple height positions to use according to your preference.
  • Budget-friendly for every user.
  • This product covers two years of warranty.


  • Accessible only to small size lawns.

8. Black and Decker Corded Electric lawn Mower MM2000

Black and Decker Corded Electric lawn Mower MM2000

Black and Decker’s lawnmower is one of the best lawn mowers you will find in the market today at this budget. This product is suitable for every type of lawn with the help of a steel blade measuring 20 inches that work with 13 amperes. At the rear wheels, a blade measuring 10 inches helps perform various trimming, mulching, etc. 

Black and Decker weights to about 53 pounds and a handle to carry easily and makes it more convenient. They also come with cord measures to 150 feet, which can further extend to additional 100 feet. It is the most eco-friendly product that works without any oil or gas.

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  • Ten inches rear wheels help in performing the various tasks.
  • The presence of large grass collection storage.
  • Their cord extends to additional 100 feet.


  • Use of plastic to build the deck, making it non-durable.

9. Mountfied Princess M13

Mountfied Princess M13

Mountfied Princess M13 is suitable for cutting the grass between heights measuring 25mm to 75mm. In a single lever, there are six options to adjust according to your preference. They are must-have lawn mowers for small and medium-sized lawns due to their lightweight and simplicity in handling.

They also come with pro silence that reduces the loud noise, less maintenance, and 35 liters of storage for collecting the grasses. If you don’t find satisfaction or found out defective after buying, you can return before 30 days from the date of buying. 

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  • They have a propel rear roller at the rear. 
  • The ability to compact and adapt at any place.
  • They also come with a power cable measuring 15 meters.
  • The manufacturers of the company also provide two years of warranty from the day you bought.


  • It isn’t easy to assemble the grass box.

10. Toro Cordless Electric Lawn Mower 20360

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Toro 20360 comes with 20 inches deck and runs with a powerful 36 voltThey are ideal for any season, from trimming lawn grass to blowing snows from around the house. The feature of compatibility and portability makes it easy to store at any corner of the house. They are very smooth and simple when it comes to maintenance and trouble-free from any grass.   

Toro 20360 steel decks also come with durability, which enhances to work for more years. Here in this product, you can also select the pace you prefer when you are at work. The manufacturer also offers three years of filled battery life and two years of product warranty.

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  • They come with 20 inches deck for trimming of grasses.
  • They have very long-lasting battery life.
  • Powerful 36 V that helps you to trim or cut any difficult job. 
  • Various height positions according to the size of the grass.
  • Three years of battery life and two years of product warranty. 


  • They are more expensive than other products on the list.

Electric Lawn Mowers Buyers Guide

Before you purchase any product, you need to examine properly what a particular product should provide. Given below are some of the buyer’s guides, which will help you in getting the best lawn mowers for you:

Outstanding features

Lawnmowers are best when they have all the features like suitable for large, medium, and small size lawn or yards. Features like quick start, the fast working ability also becomes essential. It is also important to note their weight and compact features. 

Types of lawn mowers

There are usually two types of electric lawnmowers. They are cordless or cord lawnmowers and sit on or propel lawnmowers. You should also check the lawnmowers’ usage in your lawn, whether regularly or partially, and purchase according to that.

Time taken to charge fully

It is also essential to know how much time the product takes to charge fully. Secondly, how long does the product works after fully charged? So, from there you will get to know which product will be suitable for you. 


Since selecting lawn mowers can be challenging, in this article, the ten best lawn mowers you will find in the market are given above. The entire product shown in this article have undergone testing and earned a good number of 5-star customer reviews online or offline. 

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