10 Best Floor Jacks in 2021

best floor jack

There are countless great floor jacks out there on the market. If you’re looking for the best floor jacks, but you’re unsure, don’t be! You’ve come to the right page. Our article on the best floor jacks will help you decide and remove any confusion you may have! 

Floor jacks come with different features, sizes, uses, prices, and ease of use. Some people will require them only once in a while. But others use floor jacks regularly. So whatever your needs are, this article will cater exactly to that! To make your choice easier, we’ve come up with a list of 10 best floor jacks. Go through each one in detail and find your perfect floor jack today! 

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Best Overall: Blackhawk B6350 Floor Jack

Blackhawk B6350 Floor Jack
  • Built-in internal safety
  • Easy jack positioning
  • Rugged universal joint
  • 3.5 ton or 7000 lbs lift capacity
  • Precise load control

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Best Budget: Pro-Lift F-767 Floor Jack

Pro-Lift F-767 Floor Jack
  • Lift capacity 2 tons
  • Built-in safety valve
  • Heavy-duty steel body
  • Patented bypass device 
  • Lifting range from 3.5 inches to 14 inches.

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Premium Choice: Arcan ALJ3T Floor Jack

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  • Lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Dual pump pistons
  • Reinforced arm lift
  • Vehicle protection
  • Rubber saddle and foam handle bumper

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1. Blackhawk B6350 Floor Jack

Blackhawk B6350 Floor Jack

If you’re looking for a floor jack to perform heavy-duty tasks, then the Blackhawk B6350 is a top tier candidate! It can perform heavy-duty lifting. From lifting the heaviest vehicles either at home or in a professional garage, the Blackhawk works seamlessly. It is undoubtedly one of the best and powerful floor jacks that can offer high performance for heavy lifting.

The Blackhawk is a top contender in the floor jack market because of its capability to lift the heaviest of vehicles. The maximum lift capacity is a staggering 3.5 tons or 7000 lbs. This means that this floor jack can easily lift a truck. Also, the lifting range of this floor jack is an impressive 22 inches. Both the lift capacity and lift range is better than most floor jacks out there.

Floor jacks are widely and mainly used to lift heavy objects. As such, what makes Blackhawk B6350 a great model is the fast lift technology it comes with. It makes it easier to lift the heaviest object in just a matter of seconds! 

Not just that, but there are also several safety features to protect from damages.

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  • Impressive lift capacity of 3.5 tons or 7000 lbs
  • Fast lift technology
  • Built-in safety 
  • Easy to operate
  • Lift range of 22 inches
  • Can perform heavy and intense lifting
  • Durable steel body


  • Difficult to carry

2. Pro-Lift F-767 Floor Jack

Pro-Lift F-767 Floor Jack

Although the Pro-Lift F-767 is designed to perform moderate-intensity operations, it is extremely versatile. This particular floor jack offers a lift capacity of 2 tons. Although that is not a lot, it is enough to lift medium-sized vehicles or objects easily. The maximum lift range on this floor jack is 14 inches.

The selling point of this floor jack is that it has unique functionality. It can operate mostly on low ground clearance vehicles. This is one of the main features of this floor jack, making it a floor jack worth considering. 

Another plus point for the Pro-Lift floor jack is its durability. It is made out of strong welded steel. The steel also features a rust-resistant coating. The Pro-Lift also comes with a patented bypass device that protects from over pumping. It is a floor jack that is compact but powerful and versatile! 

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  • Durable and sturdy
  • Patented bypass device
  • Rust-resistant layer 
  • Great for low ground clearance
  • Built-in safety valve
  • Compatible with most vehicles
  • Price is reasonable 


  • Lift capacity and range aren’t the best.

3. Arcan ALJ3T Floor Jack

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For those who perform heavy-duty tasks and car lifting regularly, the Arcan ALJ3T is a great choice! This floor jack has many awesome features that make it a great contender and a tool to have in your working shed! Although the price is not the most modest, it does come with so many great features that make this particular floor jack a great piece of tool.

The Arcan ALJ3T is extremely lightweight. This is because the floor jack has been fashioned from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum. The whole tool only weighs around 50 pounds and can be easily moved around. Although it’s light, it has a maximum weight lift capacity of 3 tons, making it easy to perform heavy-duty lifting. 

This floor jack is also versatile as it can lift low profile vehicles easily. The minimum lift range is 3-4 inches. This makes lifting low ground clearance vehicles an easy job for this floor jack. Perhaps the best feature is the dual pistons, which makes lifting heavy objects seamless and extremely quick! It comes with an extended long arm that betters the jack’s strength and durability.

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  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for heavy vehicles 
  • Can lift low ground clearance vehicles
  • Strong and durable
  • Double pumping pistons
  • High lift capacity of 3 tons
  • Overload and bypass valves 


  • Expensive 

4. Craftsman 3 Ton Service Jack

Craftsman 3 Ton Service Jack

If you’re someone not used to using floor jacks and lifting vehicles, don’t sweat! The Craftsman 3 Ton Service Jack is designed just for you. There are so many great features to this floor jack, but the best is that it is very simple to use and operate. You can’t go wrong while using this floor jack, which is built very simply and basic!

The handle of the Craftsman floor jack is very easy to grip. This is a plus point of this simple floor jack. Another positive to this easy-to-use floor jack is that it uses high-quality steel, which makes the floor jack durable and strong. The lift capacity is also decent, although not the greatest out there in the market. However, it’s enough to lift regular vehicles.

The lifting range of the Craftsman floor jack starts from around 5 inches and extends till 19 inches. 

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  • Very easy to operate
  • Easy-grip handles
  • Simple design
  • Constructed of steel
  • Decent lift range and capacity


  • Poor customer service

5. Alltrade 640912 Bottle Jack

Alltrade 640912 Bottle Jack

If you’re looking for a great floor jack but also want to spend less and save money, look no more! The Alltrade 640912 Bottle Jack comes dirt cheap but outperforms some of the better floor jacks out in the market. This floor jack is bottle-shaped. And thus, it lifts vertically and not horizontally like most of the floor jacks out there. 

Although the price on this floor jack is very low, it does not underperform. The Alltrade bottle jack has a maximum lift capacity of 3 tons. This means that this floor jack can easily lift trucks and other off-road vehicles with great ease. The lift range also goes up till 17 inches but can be manually adjusted to extend till 22 inches. 

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What makes this particular floor jack a great option is the safety options! The floor jack comes with a safety bar that firmly locks onto the vehicle at any height. To make matters better, the base is constructed out of steel for proper lifting and stability while lifting heavy loads.

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  • Unique design
  • High lift capacity 
  • Steel base
  • Safety bar
  • Value for money
  • Wide base
  • Durable, stable, and lightweight


  • Average lift range

6. Torin Hydraulic Floor Jack

Torin Hydraulic Floor Jack

Are you looking for a floor jack to easily lift heavy vehicles like SUVs? Look no more! The Torin Hydraulic Floor Jack is a great option to perform heavy-duty tasks. What makes the Torin floor jack a great choice is its value for money as well. It is extremely cost-efficient and can easily perform your regular tasks of lifting heavy vehicles easily.

This floor jack features steel construction, which increases the weight it can lift. It can easily lift vehicles weighing 3 tons. The extra-long neck it comes with aids when you’re lifting heavier vehicles. It also features a 360 degrees swivel caster, which makes it very mobile and easy to transport.

Constructed using steel, this floor jack is made to endure constant use. This means that the Torin Floor Jack is very durable while providing impeccable performance. 

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  • Constructed of steel
  • Great maximum lift capacity
  • Cost-efficient
  • 360 degrees swivel
  • Single piston quick lift pump
  • Safety bypass system
  • Built-in carrying handle 


  • Minor issues with pivoting wheels

7. Powerbuilt 620479E Xtra Floor Jack

Powerbuilt 620479E Xtra Floor Jack

The Powerbuilt 620479E Xtra Floor Jack is one that meets almost all the criteria of a reliable, high quality, and great floor jack! This floor jack is a must-have in any garage or workspace.

It has a maximum lift capacity of 2 tons. This makes it easy for this floor jack to lift any passenger vehicle without much difficulty. The area where this floor jack shines is in its ability to lift extra-low ground clearance vehicles. The minimum lift range starts from 2 inches and builds up to 15 inches.

The Powerbuilt floor jack also has safety features in place. It has a steel safety bar that secures the jack in place. This makes it extremely reliable. 

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  • Very durable
  • Strong lifter
  • Safety bars
  • Impeccable minimum lift range
  • Moderate weight
  • Great for unibody vehicles
  • Moderately priced 


  • Lift Capacity 2 tons 

8. Liftmaster Floor Jack

Liftmaster Floor Jack

Everything needed and required in a floor jack is included in the Liftmaster Floor Jack. This is a floor jack that works well with any type of vehicle. Whether you’re working with a low design car or a heavy car, the Liftmaster can easily handle it.

The floor jack has a low profile design, and so it is very versatile. It can lift from a starting range of 3 inches and so you can use it on almost any vehicle.

The pump design also allows for a quick lift so that lesser time is spent. The dual pump system reduces the time taken to lift vehicles. It is also extremely comfortable to use and has features like a foam bumper to prevent damages and dual steel handles for easy grip. 

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  • Low profile design
  • Dual pump system
  • Dual steel handles
  • Foam bumper
  • Comfortable use


  • Reported issues with pumps

9. Hein-Werner HW93642 Service Floor Jack

Hein-Werner HW93642 Service Floor Jack

Made in the USA, the Hein-Werner HW93642 Service Jack offers exceptional build quality. Although the pierce is not very modest, the performance is what sets it apart. 

The floor jack is made out of cast iron, making it durable but heavy. This floor jack’s entire frame is wide, making it stable and durable when lifting heavy weights. The U-Shaped joint also provides precise load control. 

What we liked is that it also comes with hydraulic pumps. Another positive feature is the flagged side plates that provide more stability.

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  • Very durable
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Flagged side plates
  • U-shaped joint
  • Wide frame 


  • Not budget-friendly

10. Performance Tool Floor Jack

Performance Tool Floor Jack

Nothing gets better than a great floor jack for an even greater price. This exceptionally well-priced floor jack suits any everyday need in the garage. With a lift capacity of 2.5 tons, it’s enough to lift passenger cars and medium vehicles on a regular basis. The floor jack has a lift range of about 19 inches, which is also decent.

If you’re looking for more reasons to convince yourself, here are some more. It features a 360 degrees swivel that makes movement very easy. Also, it comes with a safety bypass for overload protection. 

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  • Overload protection safety bypass
  • Well priced
  • 360 degrees swivel
  • Heavy-duty construction


  • Sensitive while lowering
  • Moderate lift range and capacity 

Floor Jack Buyer’s Guide: 

It is only natural to want the best floor jack for your everyday needs and use. So there are a few pointers to remember while looking for one. Here are some tips that can help you secure the best floor jacks.

Lift capacity: 

If you’re getting a floor jack to lift heavy vehicles or off-road vehicles that are heavy, get one that’s tailored for those. Many great floor jacks can easily lift 3 tons and above. However, if you require only for medium-sized vehicles, go for the floor jacks that can easily handle anything over 2 tons.

Lift range: 

Here’s a useful tip, if you’re working with old cars or cars with low ground clearance, get a floor jack with a low lift range of 2-3 inches. This will make it easier to lift the cars that are low lying. 


You’re not going to keep buying floor jacks every day, so get a durable one! The durability of the floor jacks comes from its construction. Look for ones that are made from heavy-duty steel. They tend to last longer and also support heavier weights easily.


Floor jacks are not easy to move. Some are extremely heavy, but some floor jacks out there are light and easy to transport. Look for the ones that are mobile so that you save time and energy while moving it around.


It does not come as a surprise that the market is filled with hundreds of great floor jacks. However, in this article, we’ve filtered them and chose the best ten that stands out from the rest. Whether you want a floor jack for occasional use or everyday use, we’ve listed them.

Don’t spend hours thinking and searching which floor jack to get. Give a few minutes to go through this detailed article and find the best floor jack that suits your needs! 

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