10 Best Folding Saws in 2021

best folding saw

Folding saws are one of the essential assets when it comes to resources like wood. They are great for crafting sculptures, and you can also carry them easily from one place to the other. They also serve as an irreplaceable tool while working in a backyard for trimming trees or immediate action while dressing wounds. 

The feature of portability makes it adjustable to use everywhere and at any time. You won’t find any difficulty handling folding saw because of its lightweight and foldable features to accommodate any space. Here in the article, you will know about some of the best foldable saws, especially for building a shelter, trim small wood for burning, camping, etc. 

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1. Silky BIGBOY 2000 Folding Saw

Silky BIGBOY 2000 Folding Saw

Silky BIGBOY 2000 Folding Saw provides an excellent performance along with outstanding design and quality. Since it is a portable folding handsaw, you can adapt and store it easily anywhere in your pocket, any other smaller storage, etc. You can also find grip easily as it has double-fist grip features.

 It also provides several uses, including cleaning and maintaining your garden through cutting and trimming branches. To experience worth sawing in your works, Silky BIGBOY Folding Saw becomes essential to add up in your collection. It also comes rust-resistant, and to cut according to the line, it has double open locking positions. 

The blade is also the largest foldable saw manufactured and offers a low shaped angle curve. It also helps you to cut and trim smoothly and consumes less time for any job. 

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  • This product comes with extremely sharp edges.
  • Long blades for smooth cutting.
  • Double-fist rubber handles for a firmer grip.
  • The material used to make the blade is of excellent steel quality.
  • In every 1-inch, there are hard and dense 5.5 teeth with favorable density.


  • They are somewhat expensive comparing to the other product.

2. Mossy Oak Folding Hand Saw

Mossy Oak Folding Hand Saw

Mossy Oak 3-in-1Folding Hand Saw comes with three types of blades: wood blade, plastic blade, and a metal blade. These blades can be interchangeable according to your preferences. They designed it especially for smooth, fast, and precise sawing of wood, plastics, or even bones, with the length of the blades measuring 7.5 inches.

They are also safe to handle and simple to use. The Mossy Oak folding saw also came with a low angle for easy cutting and a slip-resistant rubber grip to control the tool while sawing comfortably. For dressing of wounds, this tool irreplaceable can help you through and capable of cutting through bones when needed. They can also be adaptable to any smaller space or storage.

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  • They come with three different blade layers, i.e., a wood blade, a plastic blade, and a metal blade.
  • They also provide slip-resistant rubber for gripping.
  • They have significantly sharper blades.
  • They are soft and comfortable to handle.


  • There are complaints from the buyers of inconsistencies in the performance of the blades locking system. 

3. Fiskars Power Tooth Folding Saw

Fiskars Power Tooth Folding Saw

Fiskars Power Tooth Folding Saw does most of the work where other regular saws cannot reach. They can make vigorous cuts with their extremely triple sharp razor teeth, which considerably enhance the speed. They also use hard and dense metal in the blade to prolong its sharpness.  

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The feature of flexibility and adaptability makes them one of the best folding saw in the market today. They can also be adjustable in any space with their foldable 7 inches blade. They again come with a non-slip handle for better gripping when tasking. For simple jobs, this saw can give a better performance than other saws on the list.

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  • Their performance is excellent and worth their price.
  • They are straightforward and trouble-free in handling.
  • They are also capable of smooth cutting and quick delivery of tasks.
  • Presence of non-sticky grip for handling.


  • The quality of the handle is not up to the mark as compared to other saws.

4. Corona Razor Tooth Folding Saw

Corona Razor Tooth Folding Saw

Corona Razor Tooth Saw is a budget-friendly saw you would find in the market today. They come with six teeth in a fully 10 inches long blade, and each tooth comprises three sides. With its curved blade, it can perform better both for small and medium-sized woods. The presence of outstanding grip is provided in the handle as it makes it comfortable to work for any of the challenging tasks.

Since it can fold, it can is used to prevent any injuries when you keep it unused. One of the most significant advantages of this tool is changing the blade anytime the edge breaks or becomes blunt. You can also control the saw while cutting the branches according to your preference.

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  • The product has an outstanding design.
  • With a foam grip, it is easy and comfortable to handle.
  • Interchangeable blades are another advantage where it is not possible in most of the saws. 
  • They enhance efficiency in cutting by providing chrome plated blades that decreases the friction.
  • They also offer indefinite length.


  • They are slightly costlier as compared to other brands. 

5. Primos 0.45 pounds Folding Saw

Primos 0.45 pounds Folding Saw

Primos Folding Saw comes with 6 inches of blade length and portability in design, making them one of the best foldable saw, especially for hiking purposes. They are also adaptable in any storage because of their small size with nylon with coated rubber grip handle, which lessens their weight. 

You will also find a button placed for locking and unlocking of blades for safety. Since the saw has made mainly for hiking purposes, you can use it to cut or trim smaller trees and branches on the way. They are very comfortable to use, and you can carry them everywhere when necessary.

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  • They are small in size that makes them adaptable in any storage.
  • They are too light in weight.
  • They come with a lock button.
  • Nylon rubber-coated makes them comfortable in handling.
  • They also provide a case to carry them.


  • It would be best if you put on gloves to use because they contain many chemicals.

6. Ever Saw Folding Hand Saw

Ever Saw Folding Hand Saw

The ability of Ever Saw Folding Hand Saw to fold easily makes it possible to carry it everywhere and prevent injuries when not in use. It has also come up with slip-resistant for you to handle the saw comfortably while working for trimming or cutting the branches. The length of the blade of this saw measures about 8 inches, and it can extend to 9.8 inches long. 

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They also provide a warranty for a lifetime, so you don’t have to bother buying another one for another alternative. Ever saw folding saw are of excellent quality and budget-friendly with lock-in blade functions. 

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  • They are light in weight with just 10.1 ounces.
  • They are also compatible with any storage or backpack.
  • The material used is usually of premium.
  • They have long adjustable blades of 8 inches.


  • They require regular sharpening of their blades, and they are vulnerable to rust easily.

7. Coher Folding Hand Saw with Handle Design

Coher Folding Hand Saw with Handle Design

Especially when it comes to outdoor works, Coher Folding Hand Saw serves as an excellent tool. They possess a blade measuring about 6.7 inches long and the ability to extend to 14.2 inches long. For smooth and comfortable use of this saw, they have incredibly sharp razor teeth on all three edges. 

Because of their hard metal, you can cut or trim any material as its blades are hard to bend or break. The presence of slip-resistant built at the handle also makes your job easier and look stunning. An inbuilt locking system is also one of the advantages of this saw, and they also make it easier to work at any angle. 

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  • They have a thick blade measuring 0.05 inches.
  • There are two angles for smooth and comfortable sawing of any material.
  • To avoid slip hands, they have provided slip-resistant made up of thermoplastic rubber.
  • Small in size and light in weight makes them adjustable in any storage.  


  • Thinner blades comparing to other.

8. Coghlan’s Multi Folding Saw

Coghlan's Multi Folding Saw

Coghlan’s Folding Saw is one of the most outstanding outdoor saw’s productions produce. One of this saw’s best features is that it comes with a jagged saw tooth blade measuring about 21 inches long. For the saw’s longevity, they have built the frame with premium materials like anodized and aluminum.

 They also come up in the shape of a bow to make it easy and comfortable to use. The foldable features and lightweight at 16 ounces makes them portable and compactable to adapt and carry them anywhere.

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  • Longer blade length as compared to other saw blades.
  • Long-lasting frame made of aluminum and anodized.
  • Features of portability and compatibility.
  • Jagged tooth saw.
  • Foldable and light in weight make it easy and comfortable to use.


  • Non-durability of plastic.

 9. Sportsman 10 inch Folding Hand Saw

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Sportsman Folding Hand Saw can perform with 10 inches heated blades where each inched posse’s seven teeth. This saw also comes with a locking system to adjust for tightening or loosening of blades. The nylon case and belt loop built to carry the case is another excellent feature of this saw. It makes it easy and comfortable to take them anywhere.

To avoid slip hands, it has provided extra grip with plastic dots built through the handle. They come with five years of guarantee, and the manufacturers also offer 100% in refund payments in case of canceling or return of the products.

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  • Features of compatibility and portability make it easy to take it anywhere.
  • They perform well in cutting and trimming through their extremely sharp blades.
  • The presence of a blade locking system to prevent injuries.
  • Extra cuts through long edges.


  • Because of their thin blades, it consumes more time.

10. Bahco Laplander Folding Hand Saw

Bahco Laplander Folding Hand Saw

Bahco Laplander Folding Hand Saw comes with a blade measuring 190 mm long, and each mm focus on smooth cutting. They have an excellent quality of steel blades. They also have compatibility and portability features, which makes it easy to carry and store them anywhere.  They can use to focus on both the directions. They also come with blade locking system for both positions.

They also come with a lifetime guarantee and a full refund policy from the manufacturers. Adding this hand saw to the toolbox will be an excellent idea for any people who regularly work in their backyard or often go camping, fishing, gardening, etc.

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  • They have a thick blade made of alloy steel and resist corrosion.
  • The features of foldable and compact built design to carry.
  • They also offer a 100% refund policy and lifetime guarantee.


  • Frequent breaking and bending of blades. 

Folding saws Buyer’s Guide

Are you interested in buying the best folding saw for outdoor and camping? Through this article, you will be able to choose the best folding saw to make your work easy and straightforward. Given below are some of the guidelines that will help you purchase a folding saw more suitable to you.

Check the length of the saw after folding

 To find a saw with more compact and portable, you will need to check the size of the saw after folding it.

Length of the blade

The blade’s length in a saw determines the capability of a saw in cutting and trimming branches of a blade.

Extension of the length of a blade

 The extended length of a blade is the total length of the saw, including both a blade and handle. It shows the ability of the saw to cut any limbs and branches.

Different types of blades

There are different types of blades in a saw example like straight or curved blades. Straight edges serve best for chopping and curved blades for thick branches to perform on all wood sides.

Locking system for blade

 The locking system for blades is a must-have feature for all folding saws. This feature helps to prevent injuries when not in use or while camping. They also occupy less space and make more space for other gadgets. 

Warranty features

Usually, most of the folding saws manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty and a 100% refund policy. It also gives more protection and security in case if you receive a defective product. 


You will need to realize the features and highlights to get the best, and suitable folding saw for you. Note that you should never opt for a product that is manufactured by a very well known brand. Before you buy any products, you should always check the consumer reviews to find which works best.  

You don’t have to waste money on products that do not fulfill your needs as there are various right products available cheaper than that.

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