10 Best Framing Hammers in 2021

best framing hammer

A framing hammer consists of a small tool with sleek body construction and a heavy weighted head. This Hammer features a straight claw, and they are comparatively heavier than the general ones. Apart from the ton of uses, we mostly require framing hammers for inserting nails in the wood.

Framing hammers are going to vary both in material and construction type. There are many framing hammers in the market, which makes it confusing and hard to pick. So, you need to go through this list of the 10 best framing hammers for both household and professional uses.

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Best Overall

Estwing Sure Strike MRW25LM California Framing Hammer

Estwing Sure Strike MRW25LM California Framing Hammer
  • Solid shape and thickness.
  • Well-balanced at all times.
  • Magnetic nail starter feature.
  • It easily sinks nails in 1-3 blows.
  • Prying is an easy job with this Hammer.

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Best Budget

TEKTON 30325 Framing Hammer

TEKTON 30325 Framing Hammer
  • Big and powerful swings.
  • Anti-slippery feature.
  • Super tough fiberglass handle.
  • A magnetic slot for nail-starting.
  • No issue in demolishing drywalls.

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Premium Choice

Stanley FatMax Xtreme 51-167 Framing Hammer

Stanley FatMax Xtreme 51-167 Framing Hammer
  • Patented torsion controlling grip technology.
  • Reduced shock and vibration during impact.
  • Magnetic nail starting feature.
  • Decreased torque effects on elbows and wrists.
  • Easy nail sinking and pulling.

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1. Estwing Sure Strike MRW25LM California Framing Hammer

Estwing Sure Strike MRW25LM California Framing Hammer

The Estwing Sure Strike MRW25LM California Framing Hammer spans over 17.75 x 6.13 x 1.5 inches and weighs about 1.56 pounds. It possesses a hickory wood handle of 18 inches that absorbs vibration and offers a smooth grip. The handle has a slight curve that enables an experienced user to hold the Hammer towards the end for great power from every swing. The head weight of this framing hammer is 25 ounces.

Its waffle face head provides proper balance for easy, smooth swings. Also, it has an extended rip claw that is super handy for pulling nails, prying boards, and demolition-related tasks. This Hammer has a triple wedge-type of construction along with a magnet.

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  • Solid steel heads.
  • Hickory handle of top-grade quality.
  • From curb pins to nails, everything is sinkable with this Hammer.
  • It can withstand strenuous tasks.
  • Durable construction and long-lasting.


2. TEKTON 30325 Framing Hammer

TEKTON 30325 Framing Hammer

The TEKTON 30325 Framing Hammer possesses the same waffle-type of face present on expensive models. This affordable framing hammer’s face weighs about 22 ounces offering ample weight for producing effective nail driving swings. The milled cross face tends to grip nail heads for reducing glancing blows. It spans a dimension of about 15.7 x 6.2 x 1.3 inches and weighs about 2.06 pounds. Beginners will love using its magnetic nail holding feature, which enables them to easily use the Hammer.

Its high-quality fiberglass handle spans over 16-inches and has a slight curve too. The handle has protection from a poly jacket, which is impact-resistant. Plus, a hickory handle will also be there. There is also a rip claw that helps pry apart all the boards + demo duty. Also, its anti-slippery nature helps correct hammer-hand positioning.

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  • It is cost-effective.
  • Resistant to impact at all times.
  • The epoxy bond from head to handle doesn’t loosen and is permanent.
  • It isn’t too lightweight or heavy.
  • Non-slip for sweaty hands.


3. Stanley FatMax Xtreme AntiVibe 51-167 Framing Hammer

Stanley FatMax Xtreme AntiVibe 51-167 Framing Hammer

The Stanley FatMax Xtreme AntiVibe 51-167 Framing Hammer stands out mostly for how comfortable it is. This Hammer doesn’t tire your arm and hand at all, even when you work for an extended period. It measures up to 15.75 x 6.63 x 1.25 inches and weighs over 1.95 pounds. All thanks to its Xtreme AntiVibe checkered framing, there is a transfer of fewer vibrations within your hand, and it has control over the torque effect. Your elbows and wrists will feel relaxed at all times.

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Its head weight amounts to 22 ounces, which is perfectly fine. Also, its magnetic nail starting feature helps lengthen its reaching space with just 1-hand nailing functionality. Plus, the hammerhead is free from rust and corrosion at all times. The Hammer’s handle consists of steel construction with a coating of AntiViber checkered that protects your hands during work.

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  • Fitting for both beginners and professionals.
  • Improved hand protection.
  • There is a perfect balance between the handle and head weight.
  • The materials of the handle and head weight are of top-quality.
  • Less vibration and shock during impact.


4. Fiskars IsoCore 750241-1001 Framing Hammer

Fiskars IsoCore 750241-1001 Framing Hammer

The Fiskars IsoCore 750241-1001 Framing Hammer measures over 1.5 x 5.5 x 16 inches and weighs up to 2.2 pounds. Its construction material consists of premium steel with a perfectly designed milled face, which helps prevent mishits. There is also perfect absorption of vibration and shock with this Hammer. Its dual-layered handle can capture the lingering vibration during work. The magnetic nail-starting feature helps execute the job with only one hand.

Also, its rip claw tends to easily pull away nails in an instant. There is also a sound-dampening type of insert that decreases the ringing of high-frequency. Its performance handle has a design that easily fits on your hand with proper comfort and security. Regardless of maximum force swings or precision strikes, this framing hammer has got your back.

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  • Suitable for large framing jobs.
  • Milled face grips that don’t allow the Hammer to slide.
  • Your body won’t feel fatigued anymore.
  • Insulation sleeve helps catch initial striking shock during blows.
  • Enjoy a full-time warranty.


  • The claw can be a little small for some users.

5. Spec Ops SPEC-M22CF-S Tools Framing Hammer

Spec Ops SPEC-M22CF-S Tools Framing Hammer

The Spec Ops SPEC-M22CF-S Tools Framing Hammer comes equipped with a 25% lighter head for swings, which is sniper-controlled. Its ballistic balancing nature helps secure increased striking power at all times. This framing hammer measures up to 17 x 3.4 x 1 inches and weighs about 2.4 pounds. It features an MOA grip that allows less sting and better precision accuracy. You will also receive a rubber mallet cap of Santoprene for a non-marring type of protection.

It also has a magnetic nail starting feature ideal for fast nail driving while expanding the overhead range and reach. Plus, this framing hammer perfectly fits the SRS retention lanyards, all for extra safety. This product is fitting for elite builders, tradesmen, and contractors. Also, it has undergone the 100 feet drop test for surpassing the standard of MIL-SPEC.

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  • It has a milled face that enhances nail grip.
  • It possesses a versatile rip claw that executes splitting, nail removal, and precision demo.
  • High treated and quality carbon steel.
  • Ergonomically right and comfortable.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • It can be too lightweight for some customers.

6. Vaughan Super Framing 106-02 606S Hammer

Vaughan Super Framing 106-02 606S Hammer

The Vaughan Super Framing 106-02 606S Hammer features a head weight of 28 ounces. It spans over 15 x 6.5 x 1.5 inches and weighs up to 2 pounds. This framing hammer is extra-heavy and offers outstanding overall balance. Users will be able to secure proper strong swings without losing balance during work. Also, its white hickory handle is of high-quality and has triple wedges. The thick handle is long-lasting and doesn’t wear out over time with heavy-duty usage.

Its smooth face also helps deliver excellent performance at all times. Since it has a heavy head, you can expect powerful and effective blows that get the job done in seconds. People that work in warehouses will benefit from it a lot too. It is more sinkable compared to the lighter ones in the market.

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  • Excellent momentum with its heavy head.
  • Convenient overall length.
  • Easily sinks nails at all times.
  • Very powerful blows.
  • Super smooth face.


  • Magnetic nail holding isn’t present.
  • Difficult for extended use because of its heaviness.

7. Estwing E6-22T Hamertooth Framing Hammer

Estwing E6-22T Hamertooth Framing Hammer

The Estwing E6-22T Hamertooth Hammer is undoubtedly one of the most durable striking tools present in the market today. Its patented hammer tooth design helps add torque for prying and straightening 2x boards with comfort and ease. Many users use this framing hammer for demolition work, pulling nails, splitting woods, prying boards, etc. Its versatility is one of its greatest assets, apart from all the other amazing features. This product is usable for both professional and household-related works as well.

It isn’t limited to just one spectrum of work. Its patented technology of shock removal grip helps decrease 70% of the vibration impact. Also, its construction material consists of the finest top-quality American steel.

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  • Durability is one of its best assets.
  • Rip claw versatility.
  • A major decrease in impact shock and vibration.
  • Perfect balance and weight.
  • Sturdy and lightweight.


  • The claws aren’t that symmetrical.
  • The finishing quality isn’t the best.

8. Fuller Pro 600-9120 Ripping Hammer

Fuller Pro 600-9120 Ripping Hammer

The Fuller Pro 600-9120 Ripping Hammer consists of a 1-piece construction design fitting for heavy-duty usage. This Hammer weighs up to 2.12 pounds and expands over 1.3 x 5.98 x 14.02 inches in dimension. It has double composite gripping, offering enhanced control during work, helping you complete all your work in the nick of time. Plus, in this model, its ergonomic design is seeing improvements, providing greater comfort and ease.

This Hammer finishing touch of black powder coating can easily resist grime at all times. It will execute heavy-duty work without getting dirty. Also, its slight beveled edge helps prevent chipping during use. The milled face also helps decrease glancing blow risks. This Hammer caters to a variety of audiences and their reasons for use.

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  • It can withstand heavy extended use.
  • You have greater control.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Durable coating and finishing.
  • Easy to use at all times.


  • Certain customers may prefer a little heavier Hammer.

9. Proferred T49001 California Framing Hammer

Proferred T49001 California Framing Hammer

The Proferred T49001 California Framing Hammer features a large striking milled face that lowers the chances of mishits. Once you start using this Hammer, there won’t be any chances of missed hits but only powerful, effective shots. Its magnetic nail-starting feature makes it possible to reach difficult areas and allows a 1-hand nail set. This framing hammer comes with 17.61 x 5.9 x 1.46 inches and weighs over 1.32 pounds.

The Hammer possesses a hickory handle with a natural curve. It helps absorb vibration and also provide improved control during strikes. Plus, its rip claw is usable as a mini-axe for splitting woods, tearing drywalls, pulling out nails, etc. And its head material consists of 1055 medium top-quality carbon steel with full polishing with metallic finishing.

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  • Minimized missed heats and great gripping.
  • You can sink nails in hard to reach spots.
  • Ergonomic design and great vibration absorption.
  • It is excellent for taking off nails and constructing buildings.
  • Well-balanced and a conveniently long handle.


  • Durability may not be its best asset.

10. Southwire Bmeh 65116740 Romex Electrician’s Hammer

Southwire Bmeh 65116740 Romex Electrician’s Hammer

The Southwire Bmeh 65116740 Romex Electrician’s Hammer comes equipped with an 18-ounce head that consists of drop forged steel material. The material helps deliver durability along with maximum power. Its extended neck is perfectly suitable for reaching inside outlet boxes as well as other tight spots. Many people find it useful, but electricians benefit from it the most. Plus, it also comes with a staple remover that enables easy Nm wire staples removal without destroying the wire.

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This Hammer has a measurement of 14 x 6.5 x 1.5 inches and weighs about 1.67 pounds. Its fiberglass handle helps avoid shock and vibration at all times. It comes with a super comforting grip that doesn’t allow slips to happen at all. There is a handler hole for tether attachment offering extra safety.

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  • It reaches difficult spots.
  • A great Romex staple remover.
  • Lightweight and high strength fiberglass handle.
  • The top grip prevents sudden slips.
  • Vibration resistant and great shock absorber.


  • The placement of the head is a little distant from the handle.
  • A visible glue line is noticeable where the hammerhead is meeting the shaft.

Framing Hammers Buyer’s Guide

Here are some of the key pointers that you need to look out for a while buying a framing hammer:

Head Weight

The head weight is the most important aspect of a framing hammer. Why? Because without it, you won’t be able to sink the nails or build anything. You have to realize that the head weight will vary, but it should always be in the right amalgam with its handle. Both the weight of the handle and head should complement each other for perfect balance.

A heavier head will require lesser power from the buyer, but it will be a little hard to handle. We think it’s best if you stick with a head weight that lies between 16 0z-22oz. However, based on the work situation, you can even go beyond that.


 A handle is equally important as the head weight. Why? Because using a weak handle will break the Hammer in a short time, making it unusable. The handle’s material is going to determine its strength. In framing hammers, the three common materials include:

Steel – Steel fair the best in terms of durability, but they garner more shock transfer that affects your hands. It is the best fitting for the hobbyist but isn’t advisable for professional purposes.

Wood – Wood is excellent for preventing shock transfer during blows and protects your hands at all times. However, it isn’t the best in terms of durability as its counterparts. Framing hammers are for outdoor use, and wood is going to fare well in that area.

Fiberglass – Fiberglass acts as the middle ground when it concerns both less shock and strength. It tends to balance the strike and doesn’t bring focused trauma to your hand.

Face Type

Different hammers are going to possess distinct faces. A smooth face is present in your regular hammers. Edged faces are quite popular and offer more control compared to smooth faces. But the most popular face type would be the waffle or milled face.

The texture of this face helps provide a better grip onto the nails’ head, helping prevent slips during hammering. Plus, including a magnetic nail starter will help you reap the most out of hammerheads.


Length is another important aspect that you need to take into consideration. Hammer lengths can range from 15-18 inches, and you can buy one based on your need and preference. However, you can even go for longer ones based on your convenience. The longer the handle’s length, the more effective will be the blows.

Summing It Up!

Are you in need of driving a nail on a surface? Are you also looking to pull off nails from a surface? Looking for a heavy-duty use hammer? Well, you are on the right section of the internet today because this list of the 10 best framing hammers will get the job done for you. By owning one of these hammers, you will have an easier work environment and build things faster. Plus, their materials are all top-notch, so you can use them for an extended period.

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