10 Best Hacksaws in 2021

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A hacksaw is an essential tool for professionals as well as everybody else. It is an advanced version of the traditional hand saw. Hence, they are powerful enough to cut through metals. Currently, many brands make hacksaws, and so there are numerous choices available in the market. But naturally, not all the products available in the market are top-rated in quality, performance, and cost. Thus, before purchasing any model, you should go through some reviews. Reviews can help you learn about the best models in the market. Continue reading to get some useful info and tips on the 10 Best Hacksaws available in the market.

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Best Overall:

DeWalt DWHT20547L 5-in- Hacksaw

DeWalt DWHT20547L 5-in- Hacksaw
  • Sturdy
  • Suitable for tight spaces
  • Versatile
  • Five saws in one
  • Ease of use

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Premium Choice:

Klein Tools 7021-12 High Tension Hacksaw

Klein Tools 7021-12 High Tension Hacksaw
  • Very versatile
  • Rubber handles on both ends offer comfort and stability
  • Blade storage included in the handle
  • Sturdy
  • Durable

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Best Budget:

Stanley STHT20138 High Tension Hacksaw

Stanley STHT20138 High Tension Hacksaw
  • Sturdy metal frame for increased longevity
  • Compatible with most hacksaw blades
  • More than 4 inches of cutting depth possible
  • Flash cuts made simple with the adjustable blade angle

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1. DeWalt DWHT20547L 5-in-1 Hacksaw

DeWalt DWHT20547L 5-in-1 Hacksaw

When it is about hacksaws, the DeWalt DWHT20547L  model receives a high ranking with many reviewers. If you are a professional or hobbyist looking for a tool that will last a long time, it is the best choice. Experts and reviewers recommend this model because of several reasons. It contains five different features in a single frame that allow users to perform various functions. Hence, it saves them from spending money on four more tools. The five elements are a long-reach saw, standard hacksaw, low-profile hacksaw, jab saw, and a 45 degree saw.

Besides the above features, the saw is user-friendly. Thus, it is safe, and enthusiasts can use it without any problem. Another positive feature about this tool is you can handle it with ease in small spaces. It, therefore, does not matter even if you have a tiny space to work with it. 

This particular saw has several pros and a few cons. That is one of the reasons for its popularity. 

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  • Five saws in one
  • Strong
  • The blade can hold up to 330 pounds safely due to the high tension mechanism
  • Comfortable To Use
  • Suitable to use in tight spaces


  • It is a little heavy
  • It does not have instructions

2. Klein Tools 702-12 High Tension Hacksaw

Klein Tools 702-12 High Tension Hacksaw

Klein Tools 702-12 is also a top product in the market. It can increase tension up to 30,000 psi. Hence, it can cut much faster and better than many other non-tension designs. The model also has a storage space in the I-beam as many other models. You will therefore have extra blades as back-up whenever you do some projects.

This hacksaw has rubber handles on both ends. So, you will have a firm grip while doing various tasks. It comes with twelve and six inch blades too. You can therefore get different cuts for different purposes.

While the tool works quite well, the storage cover opens up while work is in progress. Hence, this can be quite a disadvantage and inconvenient. The model has some other issues too. So, you can buy after considering all the options. 

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  • Rubber handles on both sides allow two-handed operation
  • It ensures different types of cuts due to the 12-inch and 6-inch metal blade feature
  • Flash cutting is quite simple because of the alternative 45-degree mounting
  • It has a convenient storage space on the handle
  • Can speed the tension up to 30,000 psi


  • It is heavier than some other designs
  • It also has some control issues
  • It is more expensive than several other designs

3. Stanley STHT20138 High Tension Hacksaw

Stanley STHT20138 High Tension Hacksaw

This particular design is one of the cheapest models in the market. But it is good enough to cut well. The frame is fixed and has a metal construction. Hence, it will stay in excellent condition for several years. The blade is adjustable to 90 and 180 degrees, respectively. With a 12-inch blade, Stanley STHT20138 has a cutting depth of up to 4 inches.

The saw has a comfortable grip, but it is not very useful for heavier jobs. It is because of the core handle, which is plastic and not rubberized. But it is very convenient for lighter tasks. You can complete plenty of work without much problem. 

One downside about this model is it only comes in pack of two. But it is cheap and worth the price.

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  • The sturdy metal frame increases its longevity
  • Can cut all sorts of materials fairly well
  • Works with most standard hacksaw blades
  • Flush cuts become easier due to the adjustable blade angle
  • Quite comfortable to use overall 


  • Handle not rubberized and so is less comfortable than other models
  • Core is plastic
  • Comes only in a pack of two

4. LENOX 12132HT50 Hacksaw

LENOX 12132HT50 Hacksaw

The LENOX 12132HT50 is also a favorite with many enthusiasts. With up to 50,000 PSI on the blade, it is one of the highest- tension hacksaws available in the market. You can adjust the tension to obtain the most accurate cuts. The saw has rubberized grips, and so you will be able to hold it comfortably. There is very little chance for the saw to drop because of the rubberized handles. 

All the blades are twelve inches with 24 TPI. The tool accepts any reciprocating blade from LENOX. The presence of blade storage in the I-beam across the top is quite impressive. It enables users to place a new and sharp blade as a back-up while performing a task. 

It also has a feature that can transform any reciprocating blade into a jab saw. The model is a candidate for top place. But the inability to change blades quickly prevents it from reaching that spot. 

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  • Hacksaw blade storage (can store up to five replacement blades)
  • High-tension hacksaw
  • Can transform into a jab saw whenever a user inserts any Lenox reciprocating blade
  • Entirely safe and comfortable to use because of the rubberized handles
  • Can produce accurate and straight cuts


  • Difficulty in changing blades

5. CRAFTSMAN HAND SAW, 12-Inch Hacksaw


The Craftsman’s 12-inch hacksaw is very similar to the Stanley STHT20138 at number three and the GreatNeck 100. It is equally efficient and affordable too. It is 12-inch-long in size and has 4.375-inch-deep cutting ability and 225-pound tension. Hence, CRAFTSMAN Hand Saw can give tough competition to the two designs mentioned above.

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It is light, grips well, and can serve multiple purposes. However, it would help if you did not use it for heavy-duty projects. The flaw with this tool is it mostly arrives with missing pieces. Hence, while it is efficient, it can dampen the mood regarding this tool. But overall, it is handy and worth the money.

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  • Efficient
  • Adjustable blade angle
  • Cutting depth is remarkable
  • Light


  • Frame is cheap
  • Materials are not top-grade
  • Parts missing on arrival

6. Park Tool Hacksaw

Park Tool Hacksaw

Park Tool Hacksaw is also one of the popular designs in the market. It has several features and is versatile. Amateurs, as well as professionals, can use this design for various purposes. It is made for durability and comes with a 12-inch bi-metal blade with 32 TPI. 

It has a rubber handle and so it is very convenient and comfortable to use. The Park Tool Hacksaw has a tension adjuster too. You can therefore adjust it according to the requirements of the cuts. This tool does not have any storage space. It therefore can be a little inconvenient.  

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  • It is very light and so easy to handle
  • The aluminum cast frame makes it durable
  • Blade change is easy because of the design
  • The rubber grip makes the hacksaw quite comfortable
  • Gives clean cuts with the 12-inch bi-metal blade


  • No storage space

7. Airaj 12 Hacksaw

Airaj 12 Hacksaw

Airaj 12 is another versatile hacksaw made of sturdy steel with an ergonomic handle. The hacksaw comes with several features. It also has seven interchangeable blades, two toothed blades, two cutting wires, and three toothless abrasion blades. It is also quite simple to adjust the tension.

Users can adjust the blades to 45 or 90 degrees as per requirements. Swapping the blades is also easy as users can do that quickly. The hacksaw is useful for both amateurs and professionals so you can buy it if you need an efficient tool. But you have to be ready to change the blades regularly because they wear out fast.

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  • It is very versatile
  • Adjustable tension
  • Has seven interchangeable blades


  • It is quite pricey
  • Blades are very ordinary so have to be replaced regularly
  • Is not durable as expected

8. GreatNeck 100 12 Inch Butcher-Style Hacksaw

GreatNeck 100 12 Inch Butcher-Style Hacksaw

This model is truly like a butcher’s bonesaw in its appearance. But it can cut various materials. You can fit the saw with ten or 12-inch blades with the help of the adjustable frame. It also allows users to apply more strength while cutting more rigid materials. The silicone molded grip is the reason for users being able to apply more power.

It is specially designed for comfort and power, and it achieves its target. Experts also recommend this tool for cutting hard materials. However GreatNeck 100 also has some issues with replacing the blades. Besides, the blades are not very sharp on arrival.

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  • Has an adjustable frame
  • Ideal for cutting different materials
  • Provides excellent power while cutting


  • Pre-installed blades lack shine and sharpness
  • Replacing blades is a challenging process
  • It does not last long as expected

9. Starrett K145 Hacksaw

Starrett K145 Hacksaw

This particular model can reach up to 28,000 psi in theory. Hence, even if it has several issues, it does more than a standard hacksaw. Besides, the included blade is excellent. So, owners will not have to replace it very soon. The frame feels a little weak, and so it will likely not last very long. It also means that you will not be able to put more power when cutting materials.

The adjustment lever is simple and convenient to use. You can also have straight and angled cuts as per requirements.

However, though this model makes the list, it does not come highly recommended. You should buy the Starrett K145 only if other models which you like are unavailable.

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  • High-tension
  • Contains a great quality blade


  • The frame is cheap in appearance and quality
  • Low-quality materials
  • Will not last long

10. Greenlee 333A Die Cast Aluminum Hacksaw

Greenlee 333A Die Cast Aluminum Hacksaw

Finally, there is the Greenlee 333A, a handy tool to have. It is a bit expensive, but it comes highly recommended by users. It allows easy handling and deep cuts quickly. The features offer fast cuts without much trouble. 

The hacksaw is 12-inches in size and weighs 2.15 pounds. You can use it to cut various metals of different shapes and sizes. But they are excellent for pipes and aluminum items. It is suitable for professionals as well as amateurs to use it around the house.

It is convenient and easy to maintain the blade tensioning with the adjustable lever. Since it has several positive features, it is somewhat worth the price.

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  • Durable
  • Can cut various materials
  • Comfortable to use
  • Efficient
  • Heavy-duty aluminum used in the handle
  • Has storage space in the handle


  • Expensive
  • Some parts break if used roughly

Hacksaws Buyer’s Guide

Everyone has different needs and preferences. So, professionals, as well as amateurs, can select according to their requirements. If they are looking for an overall best, the DeWalt DWHT20547L comes highly recommended. It is also a fantastic choice for professionals. If you want an affordable but useful design, you might like Stanley STHT20138. If you want something different, there are more choices. 

You will need the hacksaw daily. Hence, you should consider the material and build while buying one. Else, you will have to replace the tool regularly, which can be frustrating. Stable and easy to use designs can perform multiple functions. So, you can buy a design that has all the qualities. You can also think about getting a model that can work with blades from other brands.


Whichever design and the product you choose, the tool should make your tasks easier and faster. So, compare the vital aspects and then buy. If you like to experiment, you can different types and see which one works the best for you. You can continue using that model as long as it offers you the satisfaction and the best results.

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