10 Best HVLP Paint Sprayers in 2021

best hvlp spray painter

The HVLP paint sprayers are a must-have in every painter’s kit or a DIY homeowner’s tool shed. Whether you’re painting the surface anew or touching up with a fresh coat of paint, these appliances are your one-stop solution.

If you’re wary about which one to choose from and are unable to make the decision, we can help you out with this guide.

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Best Overall

Yattich Paint Spray Gun

Yattich Paint Spray Gun
  • The material of the nozzle: Copper
  • Nozzle diameters range from 1.2mm to 3mm
  • Ideal for usage with water-based and oil-based paints

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Premium Choice

Scuddles Paint Sprayer

Scuddles Paint Sprayer
  • Five different nozzles of thick and thin diameters 
  • Heat dissipating holes are present
  • Suction straws help in the task

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Best Budget

Deckopro Paint Sprayer

Deckopro Paint Sprayer
  • The material of the Nozzle: Brass
  • Nozzle diameters range from 1.0mm to 2.0mm
  • Ideal for different viscosities of paints

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1. Yattich Paint Spray Gun

Yattich Paint Spray Gun

The model of the spray gun is equipped with copper-based nozzles that are capable of releasing paint coupled with high pressure. There are three different spray patterns that can be obtained during usage.

For the spray patterns, there are different sizes of nozzles that are available, namely, 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm, 1.8mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm, respectively. Precisely, there are five different sizes available for the spray gun function.

Also, the gun is built to be used with different types of paints, which can differ a lot in the viscosity and thickness of paints used. They can be water-based or oil-based.

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  • The sturdy and durable construction of the nozzle
  • Clogging doesn’t occur due to the ideal size of the nozzle
  • Comfortable handle and anti-slip grip
  • Highly efficient and powerful
  • Double insulation as an in-built safety feature
  • Clean-up is simple and quick with the detachable parts


  • Instructions are technical and difficult to understand

2. Deckopro Paint Sprayer

Deckopro Paint Sprayer

The paint sprayer is brilliantly equipped with a fully-functioning nozzle varying in diameter for the different surfaces to be used upon. You can safely use it indoors and outdoors. All you need is a power supply of 500W of electricity.

The easy adjustment of the spray patterns helps you in completing the tasks without any lag.  The distribution of paint with the applicator is even with no inconsistencies. Also, it supports different types of paints, such as water-based and oil-based variants.

Whether it’s the furniture or the wall spaces, you can rest assured about the quality of the job done. The finish obtained is smooth and sophisticated. Nozzle diameters are of three types: 1.0mm, 1.8mm, and 2.0mm, respectively.

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  • Relatively simple to use
  • Can reach corners and readily accessible
  • Quite affordable 
  • The adjustable levels can get the job done quicker
  • Made of superior materials
  • Assured durability and strength


  • A constant supply of power is required

3. Scuddles Paint Sprayer

Scuddles Paint Sprayer

This particular variant is powered with a 1200W high power source. Running it is quick and simple with the different patterns available such as vertical, circular & horizontal. Hence, painting the interiors of the house & the furniture is ultimately a cakewalk.

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Being a pre-assembled piece, it can be used directly without any issues. The container capacity is approximately 1000ml. Further, five different spray nozzles along with the funnel and straws are also available. The distance to be adjusted between the nozzle and the wall while spraying is 10-14inches, respectively.

The variable sizes of the nozzles available are 1.8mm,2.2mm, and 2.6mm, respectively. The sprayer can be conveniently used with different varieties of paint, such as latex paint, chalk paint, and so forth.

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  • Easy to use and convenient for application.
  • Compact and lightweight for storage.
  • High power spray pattern achieved.
  • The length of the power cord is adequate for movement.
  • Cleaning is simplified with the brush, straws, and pin.
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor application.


  • A continuous power supply is required.

4. Paint Zoom paint sprayer

Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer

An airbrush sprayer that helps in equal distribution of paint exists. Application on different surfaces like walls, ceilings, and furniture is possible. The spray paint applicator is a one-stop solution for all of your painting and repainting needs.

With an impactful motor, continuous painting can be achieved easily, and any job can be handled with the hand-held mode. However, equipped for heavy-duty application, it is comparatively lightweight. Hence, you do not feel the load at any point in time.

The air hose used for the application is quite long. It can be easily used for a high-speed task with extensive coverage. Not only control, but you can also achieve operational efficiency with its design and construction.

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  • Ease of use and accessibility.
  • Convenient and hassle-free application.
  • It can be used on any surface such as wood, brick, plaster, and so forth.
  • Spray mechanism makes the process simple and fast.
  • You can achieve an even finish with extensive coverage,
  • Smooth and sleek application with no imperfections.


  • Over a prolonged duration of time, the paint can clump during application.

5. Ori Glam Spray Gun

Ori Glam Spray Gun

Spraying paint with this model isn’t only simple & quick but efficient at any point in time. The application of paint is smooth with the spray nozzle provided.

A knob switch is present for adjustment of air being compressed, the amount of oil necessary & the control of flow pattern. The capacity of the container required 120ml can be easily understood due to the nature of the material, which makes it translucent.

The standard diameter of the nozzle is available with 0.8mm spraying of the paint is easily achieved at a distance of about 160mm-200mm. The maximum flow of the air is estimated at a value of 0.5L/min. The package distributed includes the following components, namely a spray gun, brush & filters.

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  • Small in size & compact for storage.
  • Lightweight & portable.
  • Comfortable grip & smooth finish is a possibility.
  • Clean up is simple & quick.
  • Reliable appliance for application of paint.


  • The capacity of the paint can is small, and repeated coats of paint need to be applied.

6. Fuji Q5 Paint Sprayer

Fuji Q5 Paint Sprayer

The spraying system is decently equipped to deliver high performance with the presence of a five-stage turbine. The dial is available for adjusting the levels of motor speed. This, in turn, facilitates the switch between the different modes accordingly.

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The presence of the heat dissipation chamber helps a great deal during the application of the paint. A professional quality job of the paintwork is achieved with the spray gun, which can be shuffled between small to large-sized fan patterns. 

The extremely long air hose, which is 25 feet in length along with the wall, helps to produce the unnecessary splatter of paint. The Q in the name of the sprayer stands for its quiet attribute. The turbine function is almost silent, and the PSI value differs in the range of 6.5-9.5.

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  • Noiseless function with increased power.
  • High efficiency due to the nozzle and spray gun.
  • The adjustable pattern of spraying.
  • Convenient to use and assemble.
  • Clean-up is simple with the quick and easy detachment of the parts.
  • Suitable for application of water and oil-based paints.


  • The air hose can get detached with extended usage.

7. Wagner Spray Gun

Wagner Spray Gun

The texturized and powerful application of paint is a possibility with this model. Not only do you gain a smooth finish on your walls and ceilings but also on other surfaces.

You can easily experiment between the textures of your choice with the three different sizes of nozzles available. The lock and go function help in the simple and smooth application of the paint. The presence of the one-gallon capacity hopper further facilitates the process as you can quickly switch between the modes and the nozzles used during application.

The spray gun dispels enough amount of air, due to which a separate air hose isn’t required. This is possible due to the powerful inbuilt turbine. The trigger helps to keep the spray of paint in check. 

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  • Comfortable and easy to handle.
  • The efficiency of operation is maximized.
  • The 3 points stand facilitates filling and refilling.
  • Different textures can be obtained with the hoper.
  • Powerful and dynamic in operation.


  • The texture and the desired finish is possible only with adequate practice.

8. Neu master Spray Gun

Neu Master Spray Gun

This variant of the spray gun comes with a cordless attribute wherein a battery, vacuum attachment, and charger are available with the device. The speed of the spray can be adjusted with the speed control, which can easily switch between different levels of speed, seven to be exact.

The size of the nozzle varies between different capacities, such as 2mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm, respectively. Hence, the spray pattern can also be controlled. A superior and smooth coat of paint is guaranteed. The capacity of the cup is maximum at 900ml, adequate for applying at a single point of time.

The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip and easy handling. The inbuilt lock feature can help in holding the spray nozzle in position during the application of the paint. With the trigger setting, you can easily switch between storage and operation modes.  

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  • Cordless function eliminates the continuous supply of electricity.
  • A lot of power packed into the unit.
  • Clean up is simple and easy to perform.
  • Use friendly, and adjustments can be made as per your need.
  • Dual function, including vacuuming, performed at ease.
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  • The battery needs to be recharged during intervals to ensure smooth operations.

9. Fenge Paint Sprayer

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This particular paint sprayer works on the power supply by a 500w source of 220-240volts doubly insulated copper coils. The discharge of paint is 800ml/min. An extremely strong flow of air is propelled through the applicator.

Coupled with the accessories and attachment provided, not only the spray pattern but also the speed and flow of the paint can be controlled. Three nozzles of different sizes are available: 1mm,1.8mm, and 2.5mm, respectively. Further, to regulate the flow of paint, a regulator is also present.

The canisters can be easily removed and refilled as per the usage and frequency of application. The maximum capacity recorded is 800ml, and when supplied with an air hose, the application of paint is further simplified. You can even use the shoulder strap to make the job easier.

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  • Ease of usage and assembly with the pre-assembled unit.
  • Convenient spraying function with different nozzle sizes.
  • Portability is improved with the shoulder strap.
  • Clean-up is simple and quick.
  • The distance at which the paint is sprayed can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Ergonomic design facilities the operation of the spray gun.


  • A constant supply of electricity is required.

10. Earlex Spray Station

Earlex Spray Station

The spray station is typically designed and modeled for all of your woodworking needs and automotive solutions. As close to a professional capacity machine as ever. The HV5500 model is ideal for obtaining a sophisticated finish for your work.

It is powered by a 650w turbine; the flow is easily controlled by a click and sprayed button. The spray pattern can also be chosen depending upon the surface being worked on. 

The length of the hose is approximately 13 feet, and the power cord is 5.5feet long. Extensive coverage and all-around application are guaranteed with the device. The flexible handle makes it caring around quite simple.

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  • Extremely powerful and versatile.
  • It can be utilized with both oil-based and water-based paints.
  • Convenient and portable.
  • Storage is easy.
  • Professional capacity tasks fulfilled.
  • Settings are adjustable with a dial.


  • Certain inconsistencies have been reported.

HVLP Paint Sprayers Buyer’s Guide:

Choosing the right HVLP paint sprayer can be a task and will require a lot of effort, especially when you’re a beginner and don’t know where to look. Hence, here a list of factors that can help you seal the deal:

Nozzle Diameters

The diameter of the holes in the nozzle determines whether a thick or thin coat of the paint will be applied. Hence, a wider variety is helpful.

Power requirement

It is necessary to know whether the sprayer will be the corded or the cordless variety. This will, in turn, determine the portable nature of the appliance.


The accessories and attachments should be easily detached hence, making the clean-up simple and quick. 


Towards the end of the review, we hope that you can now make an informed decision and choose wisely from a wide variety of the products available. Head over to Amazon.com and take your pick!

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