10 Best Jointers in 2021

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A jointer is essential for different woodworking projects. There are many different kinds of jointers in the market but choosing the correct model is very necessary. While choosing a jointer, you have to ensure that the measurements are equal and the material durable. To help you make the correct choice, we have picked the 10 best jointers that are highly recommended.

Each of the jointers listed here is equipped with exceptional features that would help you with versatile projects. The article also contains a buying guide that would help you keep in mind the essential factors while buying a jointer.

We have picked the top three jointers based on three different categories.

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Best Overall Pick

Delta 37-071 Benchtop Jointer

Delta 37-071 Benchtop Jointer
  • Good for small workspaces
  • Quick setup
  • Accurate blade measurements

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Best Premium Pick

Powermatic 1610086K 8-Inch Jointer

Powermatic 1610086K 8-Inch Jointer
  • Extended workspace length
  • Helical cutter head
  • Four blade edges

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Best Budget Pick

Craftsman CMEW020 Benchtop Jointer

Craftsman CMEW020 Benchtop Jointer
  • Adjustable range of speed
  • Adjustable speed of the cutter
  • Precise measurements

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Other than the three best jointers mentioned above, we have other products which are perfect for different applications.

1. Delta 37-071 Benchtop Jointer

Delta 37-071 Benchtop Jointer

The Delta 37-071 benchtop jointer is in our top picks due to its amazing features presented to the users at a very good price. This is the best overall option, which provides high-quality services for all woodworking projects. This 6 inches jointer is made from cast iron, which gives it high durability.

Due to the cast iron component, the jointer is slightly heavy, ensuring no high vibration and good stability. You will be able to work with precision using this jointer. The fence of the jointer may be set at 90 degrees as well as 45 degrees. Every minute you can make about 20,000 cuts using the jointer.

With a weight of 76 pounds, the Delta benchtop jointer is a good ad durable product that you could invest in.

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  • Setting up is hassle-free
  • Heavy-duty jointer with good durability
  • Can be used for small workshop areas
  • Measurement of the blade is precise
  • Made from solid cast iron


2. Powermatic 1610086K Jointer

Powermatic 1610086K Jointer

One of the most high-priced models on this list is the Powermatic 1610086K jointer. This model from Powermatic is in our premium category because of the price and the exceptionally high-end features it provides. This jointer stands out from most products and is perfect for all kinds of woodworking projects.

The heavy-duty model has a horsepower of 2.0 and weighs about 518 pounds. It is equipped with a helical cutter that has inserts on four sides. These four inserts ensure that the cut is smooth and leaves a nice finish on your wood. There are long fins on the jointer that will give you additional support and extra space for working.

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  • Fins extend working space
  • Equipped with a helical cutter
  • Four-sided blades
  • Accurate adjustments can be made easily
  • Warranty period of 5 years


  • Quality issue with parts
  • Protruding wood chips from the front make cleanup a tedious process

3. Craftsman CMEW020 Benchtop Jointer

Craftsman CMEW020 Benchtop Jointer

If you are searching for a low-priced option, then the Craftsman CMEW020 benchtop jointer is the right one for you. Despite being the most affordable product on this list, this benchtop jointer from Craftsman does not compromise its quality. The durability of the jointer is not something you would have to worry about.

The benchtop model is of 10 amp and gas, a speed ranging between 6000 and 11,000 RPM. You can change the speed according to the work that you would be using it for. The speed of the cutter also ranges between 12,000 and 20,000 cuts every minute.

The cutter head is equipped with an in-built cutter headlock and dual knives. Changing the blades of this model is not very problematic.

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4. Porter-Cable PC160JT Benchtop Jointer

Porter-Cable PC160JT Benchtop Jointer

Another very durable product in the best jointers category is the Porter-Cable PC160JT benchtop jointer. There are variable ranges for the jointer’s speed, which lets you use it for versatile projects. The speed of the jointer falls between 6000 and 11,000 RPM. You will find the jointer equipped with an in-built headlock.

You can replace the knives easily as and when you want. There are surfaces that cab supports extra work and enable you to handle the width of 6 inches. With a center-mounted fence, you will be able to get the much-needed support while cutting. It is a highly recommended product due to its easy operation and hassle-free setup.

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  • Jointed can be adjusted according to your requirements
  • Set up of the model is very easy
  • Precise measurements
  • Reliable control
  • Provides additional support with expandable working space


  • Low speed is also very high
  • Not suitable for heavy or hard wood

5. Powermatic 1791317K Jointer

Powermatic 1791317K Jointer

Another model of the Powermatic brand is the 1791317K jointer, which is also a heavy-duty product. Not as expensive as our premium Powermatic pick, this jointer has the same features with certain exceptions. With a sturdy base, this jointer is perfect for heavy tasks with adjustable speed settings.

The jointer has a single-phase motor of 1.0 HP, which is powerful for a variety of tasks. The material used for the construction of the table is cast-iron, which provides stability and durability. You will find that the fence system is built only with precision in mind. The fence can be tilled to make the jointer more versatile.

You can adjust the infeed up to 6 inches, which is perfect for an extra working space.

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  • Tilt of the fence is about 45°
  • Made from durable materials
  • Equipped with a helical cutter head
  • Versatile design
  • Warranty period of 5 years


  • Squarely setting the fence is a problem
  • Motor belt cannot be tensioned in small spaces

6. RIKON Power Tools 20-600H Benchtop Jointer

RIKON Power Tools 20-600H Benchtop Jointer

The RIKON Power Tools 20-600H benchtop jointer is made from high-quality, durable steel. Rigid materials are used for the construction of the model, keeping in mind the longevity. You do not have to worry about the tool breaking down mid-operation or getting damaged easily due to the premium quality material that has been used.

The fence of the model can be adjusted between 45° and 90°. The adjustment setting is very simple and accurate. Operating the machine is also not much of a hassle. There are safety guards equipped with the model, which makes your work very effortless. You will find the on and off switch of the machine at the front.

Equipped with a motor of 10 amps, the machine is quite powerful for heavy-duty tasks.

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  • Helical cutter head
  • Easy operation
  • Tilting fence is adjustable
  • Powerful 10 amps motor
  • Precise cutting


  • Fence adjustments may require time to set
  • Building up of shavings very quickly

7. JET 708457DXK JJ-6CSDX HP Jointer

JET 708457DXK JJ-6CSDX HP Jointer

The Jet 708457DXK-JJ-6CSDX HP jointer comes with a very big working space. This jointer is equipped with several knives that have high-speed and is perfect for rapid cutting. There is also a quick-change system that ensures that the finish of the cutting is very good. You do not have to use a gauge for setting up the knives.

The jointer’s motor is very powerful and can be very well used for all kinds of heavy-duty tasks. Another amazing feature of the jointer is that it has a sturdy base made from high-quality steel. The base is very durable, and this gives the jointer much-needed stability. For increased stability, there are integral tabs on every end of the cabinet base.

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8. JET – JJ-6HHDX Long Bed Helical Head Jointer

JET - JJ-6HHDX Long Bed Helical Head Jointer

Another very high-quality model of the Jet brand is JET – JJ-6HHDX Long Bed Helical Head Jointer. This jointer is a noiseless model that does not disturb the people around. Equipped with square and flat stock, the jointer produces very high-quality work. The most attractive thing about the jointer is its powerful motor but quiet operation.

That is one combination you will hardly find in most powerful jointers. There are also handwheels provides with the jointer for accurate and easy adjustments. Both the infeed and outfeed tables are constructed from cast iron. Precision is the most important factor in this model.

You will have no problem using the machine for any tough task. The controls of this jointer are also very convenient.

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  • Helical cutter head
  • Staggered inserts
  • Four-sided inserts made from carbide
  • Dual-positioned switch for on and off
  • High-quality infeed and outfeed tables


  • Tough to bring back the depth
  • High maintenance

9. Shop Fox W1829 Benchtop Jointer

Shop Fox W1829 Benchtop Jointer

The Shop Fox W1829 benchtop jointer is another very low-maintenance and budget-friendly jointer that can be used for different projects. The versatility of the jointer is something that most users appreciate. Equipped with a 12 amps powerful motor and 1.5 horsepower, the jointer can be used for heavy-duty tasks as well.

The cutting speed of the jointer is 20,000 cuts every minute. There is a dual-knife HSS cutter head that helps in making exceptionally clean cuts. The jointer’s fence can be adjusted to 45° and 90° inward, and outward adjustment will be 45°. You do not have to spend hours on the maintenance of the jointer.

A mini impeller is built inside the jointer that cleans the wood chips residue in the clutter head.

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  • Motor is fast and powerful
  • Perfect for heavy-duty tasks
  • Dust management system is reliable
  • Different cutting styles present
  • High performance


  • Setup is complicated
  • Operation can also get tough for some users  

10. Wahuda Tools 50180cc-WHD Benchtop Jointer

Wahuda Tools 50180cc-WHD Benchtop Jointer

The Wahuda Tools 50180cc-WHD benchtop jointer may be present at the last of the list but is in no way less than any of its competitors. It is coupled with a helical cutter head like most of its competitors. Coupled with a 10 amps powerful motor, the jointer can be used for the toughest of jobs.

The housing of the jointer is constructed from heavy-duty solid steel. This makes the jointer highly durable and long-term investment. There will be no development of warps or grooves over-time due to high-quality material being used for its construction. The fence is very reliable and is made from aluminum.

You may find the machine to be slightly pricey, but it is definitely a product worth investing in.

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  • Helical cutter head
  • Fence tilting to a maximum of 135°
  • Durable base
  • Low noise level while operating
  • Made from solid steel


  • Expensive
  • Adjusting and tuning can be problematic

Buying Guide

For buying a jointer, you would need to consider some important factors.


The power of the jointer would ensure how easily you can cut wood. The more the power of the jointer, the easier would be the cut. With a powerful jointer, you can make a very smooth finish. Depending on the kind of woodworking project you are working on, the jointer’s power would vary.

There are some projects for which it is better to choose a low-powered model. This can be for projects that include softwood or any other light projects. Most of the jointers you find will have more an average of 2 horsepower. For high-end jobs, you can look for motors that have more than 3 horsepower.


The quality of the jointer is something that is a very important consideration. Depending on the quality of the jointer, the durability of the machine would depend. Choosing a low-quality model would mean a complete waste of money. Look for models that are made from highly durable material.

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Most of the jointers are made from high-quality solid steel. This would ensure that the material does not warp or break with time. Since jointers are a serious investment, you will be unable to buy one after another. That is why you need to buy a jointer that can be sustained for a long time and be used for different projects.

Cutting Depth

The jointer’s cutting depth would be the number of times that you will have to drive the jointer over the wood piece for a smooth cut. You need a smooth blade that can cut through wood like butter. The width of the cutting blade can range between 6 inches and 16 inches. A wide blade can cut wider pieces of wood.

Most of the cutting heads are equipped with multiple blades. Bigger jointers will have more blades, while small jointers may have about two to three blades. More number of blades would help you in making cleaner cuts.

Knife Options

When buying a jointer, you will see two kinds of knife options that are helical and straight. Helical cutter heads are spiral and can give you a much smoother cutting experience. Straight cutter heads run straight on the wood piece but may wear out very quickly.

On our list, you will find that the jointers are mostly equipped with helical cutter heads. For a better finish, you can opt for jointers that have a spiral cutter head. The spiral cutter head is similar to that of a DNA strand. There are different angles at which the cutter head can rotate.


Portability is a very important consideration when you are opting for a jointer. For most woodworking projects, you may need to move the jointer from one place to another. If the jointer is very heavy, then it would be hard for you to move the machine. However, jointers that are equipped with proper features will not be too light.

Benchtop jointers not generally very portable and can be propped up on different workspaces. The lightest weight that you can find for a benchtop jointer will be about 60 pounds. Though this is heavy, it can be transported very easily without much hassle.

Dust Collection

Since a jointer’s job is to remove wood, wood shavings and dust can be collected in the jointer. The jointer should be equipped with a proper dust collection process to ensure that the jointer does not get jammed with the sawdust. This would keep the jointer and workspace clean.

You need to find a jointer that has a proper system of dust collection. This also reduces the maintenance of the jointer. You do not have to spend innumerable hours cleaning the jointer after every project. The size of the collection port would also matter a lot.

Safety Features

Power jointer is a very safe machine; however, there should be proper safety measures that would be good. The blades of the jointer are covered with a removable guard or sometimes a wood stock. This ensures that you are not hurt by the cutting blade when you are no longer using the machine.

Some additional safety features such as push handles and large switches for operating the jointers make it easy for them to run the machine. Large switches in easily accessible places help you switch the machine on and off very easily.

Summing Up

Jointers are very efficient machines, and you need to make the choice wisely. There are so many jointers in the market that the decision might become very tough for you. However, knowing what you are looking for could make the whole process easy for you.

The guide will help you review the 10 best jointers and compare them to each other. You can also know which elements should be present in your jointer so that they can work efficiently for you. The choice should always be made keeping in mind the kind of project that you would be doing with the jointer.

Choose a superb jointer and complete your project in the best way!

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