10 Best Laser Measures in 2021

best laser measure

Do you want accurate measurements for your job, and normal tape measures are not providing the same? Laser measures are one such tool that will help you get the exact measurements without any errors. They are very accurate in their results, but they are very fast and easy to use.

Laser measures are found in abundance in the market, but choosing the right one for you creates a huge impact on the functionality. This article will provide a list of some of the best laser measures. Comparing the different features, pros, and cons of the below products will help you make an informed decision.

Below are three of our top picks for the best laser measures, selected from the abundant options available in the market.

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Best Overall Pick

Bosch GLM 20 Compact Laser

Bosch GLM 20 Compact Laser
  • Operates with one button
  • Can measure to about 65′
  • Can remember the last measurement

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Best Premium Pick

Leica DISTO D2 Laser Distance

Leica DISTO D2 Laser Distance
  • Can remember 10 of the last measurements
  • Can measure to about 330′
  • Accuracy is up to 1/16″

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Best Budget Pick


  • Can measure to about 40′
  • Accuracy is up to ¼”
  • Limited warranty for a lifetime

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Other than the three top picks, many other products may be suitable for you.

1. Bosch GLM 20 Compact Blaze Laser Distance Measure

Bosch GLM 20 Compact Blaze Laser Distance Measure

The Bosch GLM 20 is a very compact and accurate laser measure that is preferred by most people. With a maximum measuring length of 65′ and an accuracy range of 1/8″, this laser measure is our best overall pick for a reason.

It is equipped with only one operational button, which makes usage very easy. There are no confusing features or options that you need to learn about.

Along with that, the compact size ensures that you can carry it with you very easily. The last measurement you take would be recorded in the laser measure.

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  • Operates with only one button
  • The distance measured a maximum of 65′
  • Compact
  • Can store only the last measurement
  • Accuracy range is 1/8″


  • Not apt for heavy-duty tasks

2. Leica DISTO D2 Laser Distance Measure

Leica DISTO D2 Laser Distance Measure

This category’s very premium product is the Leica DISTO D2, which contains some of the best features. A very expensive item, this laser measure is a very accurate measurement tool. The accuracy range of the laser measure is about 1/16,” and the maximum measuring distance is 330′.

The laser measure can be used between 14° and 122° Fahrenheit. If you are looking for measuring tools that can be used for professional purposes, then the Leica DISTO D2 is the one for you.

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  • The memory capacity of up to 10 measurements
  • Bluetooth
  • Can be used between 14° and 122° Fahrenheit
  • Accuracy range of up to 1/16″
  • Maximum measuring distance 330′


  • Expensive

3. CRAFTSMAN CMHT77637 Laser Measure Tool

CRAFTSMAN CMHT77637 Laser Measure Tool

The Craftsman CMHT77637 is our budget pick due to the very affordable rate it is available at. This is a great option if your budget is not too much, but you need to buy a good laser measure.

The accuracy range of this product is within ¼,” and the measurement length is a maximum of 40′. That being said, the highest accuracy for this product is achieved at 30 feet distance.

The product is quite durable and gives good longevity despite being an inexpensive product. In addition to that, the size of the laser measure is very small and fits comfortably in the pocket.

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  • Affordable
  • Limited warranty for a lifetime
  • Maximum measuring length of 40′
  • Accuracy range within ¼’


  • Accuracy is lesser than the other products in the category.

4. Tacklife HD60 Classic Laser Measure

No products found.

The Tacklife HD60 classic laser measure is another affordable option that contains good features. One of the best things here is that you can calculate different values in this laser measure.

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The accuracy rate of the laser measure is up to 1/16,” and the maximum measurement is 196′. Along with this, the laser measure is also very compact, which makes it easy for you to carry anywhere you want.

One drawback of the laser measure is that it contains multiple functions that can confuse some users.

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  • Calculations can be done in the laser measure
  • The measurement is to a maximum of 196′
  • The accuracy rate is up to 1/16″


  • Cannot be recharged
  • Usage is quite difficult

5. DBPOWER Digital Laser Measure

DBPOWER Digital Laser Measure

The DBPOWER 60M2 is a very inexpensive laser measure that is equipped with several features. There are multiple buttons on the laser measure, which can be somewhat confusing for the user. However, this also means that professionals will find this laser measure to be quite a useful tool.

The measurement using the laser measure is performed in complete real-time. This means that you will not have to keep pressing the button for measurement to change the display numbers. The maximum measurement length is 197 feet, a good enough measurement for homeowners.

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  • Maximum measurement rate of 197′
  • Accuracy range within 1/13″
  • Doing calculations is possible


  • Using the laser measure is quite difficult
  • The display screen is very confusing

6. DTAPE DT100 Digital Laser Tape Measure

DTAPE DT100 Digital Laser Tape Measure

The DTAPE DT100 is equipped with a reliable backlit LCD that lets you see the measurements on display very clearly. With an accuracy range of a maximum 1/16″ and a measurement range of about 328′, the DT100 is a relatively good option.

The memory capacity of the laser measure is up to 20, which is quite good. However, it may be hard for the user to read the font used in the display at certain times. Along with that, the laser measure is coupled with the function of the auto-off system.

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  • Accuracy range within 1/16″
  • The measurement rate is a maximum of 328′
  • The memory capacity of the laser measure is up to 20 measurements


  • The measurement may not be accurate for extended distances

7. SKIL 2-In-1 Laser Measurement Tool

SKIL 2-In-1 Laser Measurement Tool

The SKIL 2-in-1 laser measurement tool is on the lower end of the list for many reasons. Though the tool can be a great option for a few people, some would not benefit from using it.

One important thing about the tool is that it can be recharged when the battery dies down. This means that you will not have to face the trouble of changing batteries quite often.

The tool also comes equipped with the function laser level, which differentiates it from most of the category’s products.

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  • The accuracy rate is up to 1/8″
  • The tool can be recharged


  • The display is not clear
  • All the sides of the tool are not flat

8. InLife Backlit LCD Laser Measure

InLife Backlit LCD Laser Measure

The InLife Backlit LCD laser measure is equipped with some useful features suitable for small and big tasks. You can also carry out different calculations on the tool without any issue. The accuracy range of the tool is to a maximum of 2 mm.

There may be some inaccuracy with the results; however, they are better than most tools. In addition to that, a laser measure is a portable tool that can be carried anywhere without any hassle.

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  • Accuracy range is to a maximum of 2 mm
  • Basic calculations can be done on the tool


  • The display can be hard to read
  • Fractions cannot be measured

9. General Tools TS01 Laser Measure

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The General Tools TS01 laser measure is another tool where you can carry out calculations. This tool is very equipped with taking measurements in real-time. Additionally, the tool is extremely portable and easy to move around with.

One drawback of the laser measure tool is that it can give inaccurate measurements at times. The measurement range is only 100 feet, which is not much. The backlit display lets you read anything on display very easily.

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The quality of the pouch is also not very good as compared to the other products.

No products found.


  • Calculations can be done


  • Accuracy is questionable
  • Pouch of the laser measure may not be of the best quality
  • Measurement range is only up till 100′

10. TECCPO TDLM21P Laser Measure

TECCPO TDLM21P Laser Measure

Despite being last on the list, the TECCPO TDLM21P is not the worst in this category. The features of the tool are similar to many others on this list. With a measurement range of a maximum of 196′, the tool can give you moderate accuracy.

There are also provisions for calculations that can be done in the tool. The display, on the other hand, is very hard to read. You can go to this tool if you do not have a good budget. The functions of the tool are good enough for different kinds of tasks.

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  • Measurement range is good to a maximum of 196′


  • The tool may not be accurate at all times
  • Can be difficult to operate
  • Numbers are very small

Laser Measures Buying Guide

Every laser measure serves the same purpose, which is to calculate the distance from one point to another. There emits a tiny laser measure from the laser measure that calculates the distance till the end of the light. Despite the work being the same, the functioning of different items would be different.

Many different features are going to be present in a laser measure. From the accuracy to the laser measure’s display, many different factors will determine how good the product is. That is why you need to keep certain factors in mind when you choose your laser measure.


The range of laser measures can differ immensely in different products. While some of them could measure more than 300 feet, some laser measures have even less than a 100 feet range. The beam of the measure tool will keep reducing as the distance increases. That is why you need a tool that has a very strong light beam.

The laser beam in low budget tools is generally weaker, while the ones on an expensive or moderately priced laser measure are good for long distances. You need to invest more money in a laser measure if you want to measure long distances. However, if you are not working on a large space, then you can choose cheap laser measures with less range.


The next thing that needs to be considered is the accuracy of the laser measure. Accuracy means the precise measurement that will be displayed. The accuracy of these measurements is not dependent on the price of the tool. Many tools can show a very accurate measurement, whereas some expensive ones can show wrong measurements.

The measurement will not be exact, but the difference should not be much. Determine the kind of work that you will be doing to choose the model that would be perfect for you. See if you need extreme accuracy, or you can let loose in this area.

Calculation Options

Many laser measures are adapted in doing tiny calculations. You can record the measurements and calculate the volume in some laser measures. Other calculations such as height or even something as easy as addition or subtraction of the measurements can also be done on the laser measures.

Certain laser measures are unable to do calculations at all. You can check whether your job requires you to own a laser measure that can do calculations. However, you should remember that the more advanced a laser measure is, the more will its price be. But you can also find some budget-friendly options that can conduct calculations.

Ease of Operation

The way you can operate a laser measure will determine how easily it can be handled. Some of the laser measures have only one button, while some laser measures have multiple buttons. The buttons contain different functions and will help you with different tasks. However, whether the buttons will be easy for you to operate or confusing will determine your buying decision.

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You should choose an extremely easy product to operate, although it has a single or several buttons. Make sure that along with being easily operable, the product should also fulfill all your needs.


Quality is a huge factor when it comes to choosing a laser measure. You should never invest in a product that is of cheap quality. The quality of the product will decide how durable the product will be. There is no use in buying a laser measure that will break easily or provide you with the desired results.

Check the built material and functionality of the laser measure you are buying. The price of the product will emphasize the quality of the product. However, even some budget-friendly products can provide you with immense longevity and accurate results.

Battery Backup

The battery backup of a laser measure is the biggest issue as it loses charge quite frequently. You may have to charge the laser measure often due to a low charge every few hours. The laser measure needs to be charged every day so that it can function properly.

Charging time for the laser measure can differ in different devices. The average charging time for the device is mostly around two to four hours each day. Check the battery backup and charging time for the device and see if it suits your needs. Purchase a laser measure that can keep up with your daily workload.

Memory Function

The laser beam’s memory storage is an important factor that you should consider while buying a laser beam. The memory function of different products will be highly variable. Some of the laser beams can only memorize the last measurement that you have taken. On the other hand, some laser measures can memorize 10 or more measurements.

The more expandable the memory function of a laser measure is, the higher its price will be. No matter what your job or budget constraint is, you can choose a product with at least a saving capacity of 10 measurements.


Price is a very important factor while choosing any product. Everyone has a budget-constraint while choosing a product, and you will find a variety of price options for the same. At the same time, you need to see whether the price suits the functions and features that it contains.

Even if you cannot buy an expensive product, you will have to see that the affordable set has good features. You should try not to lower your budget too much, as too low a price can affect the product’s quality. The main aim of buying a laser measure is to ultimately use it for a good time.

Other Features

There are many other features that you will find in several laser measures. Features such as a backlit LCD and a huge display are two features that would be good for you. This would ensure that you can see the measurements on the screen. Most of the laser measures are equipped with one or both of these features.

Some cheap laser measures may make you frustrated due to the poor quality of their visibility. You can find many different features in various models. It is better not to waste money on unnecessary features; you should just choose those essential for your work.

Summing Up

Laser measures are an essential part of your toolbox as it guides you in the getting accurate measurements of any distance. No matter what the work is, you need to ensure that the measurements are precise and without any errors. The guide contains 10 of the best products available currently, which will help you make the right decision.

You can look into the several features that the products are equipped with as well as their positive and negative points. Comparing these factors will help you understand the products which will suit you the best. Additionally, you have to see if the product that you liked falls within your set budget.

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