10 Best Lawn Tractor Batteries in 2021

best lawn tractor battery

We are aware of the brunt of a snow-covered lawn, which makes it so difficult to get our backyards summer-ready. All along the winter season, the lawn tractors go into hibernation, and once the seasons’ gone, you can’t get it humming. The first thing you need to do to get the lawn tractor back on the field is getting new batteries. 

When you hit the stores, you’ll be befuddled by the plethora of features and facts the sales guy throws at you. Since there is a range of factors, it’s best to look at a few reviews, consider more options, and do a bit of research. We have curated a list of the top 10 lawn tractor batteries that can help you make the best choice. 

We understand how everyone wants the best pieces of equipment for their garden. We’ve divided our top 3 products into convenient categories. 

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Best Overall Pick

Chrome Battery Deep Cycle 12V SLA

Chrome Battery Deep Cycle 12V SLA
  • Versatile and flexible usage 
  • Equipped with AGM technology
  • Great amp-hours
  • No vibration 

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Double Pack Batteries

Universal Power Group 12V 35 ah UB12350 Battery

Universal Power Group 12V 35 ah UB12350 Battery
  • Spill-proof design 
  • Multipurpose
  • Low maintenance
  • Mount in all positions 

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Best Budget Pick 

Mighty Max Battery ML35 Battery

Mighty Max Battery ML35 Battery
  • Uses AGM technology
  • Operates in a variety of temperatures
  • Shock-resistant design 
  • Durable 

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Apart from our top 3 products, you will be able to find many more options that are just as great. We’ve sorted out the pros and cons of each product so that you can know the battery in and out. Let’s get to know the top lawn tractor batteries. 

1. Chrome Battery Deep Cycle 12V Lawn Tractor Battery

Chrome Battery Deep Cycle 12V Lawn Tractor Battery

The Chrome Battery is one such brand that always makes it to the top of the list. This 12V Deep Cycle 35 Ah battery is one of the top choices for a replacement battery. Most of the batteries in the market have a power of 12 V, but it’s 35 Ah feature means that it’s more powerful. This battery has a standard size of 7.68 x 6.46 x 5.2-inches. This Chrome battery weighs around 21.71 lbs. 

This sealed lead acid battery has a T-3 terminal that delivers outstanding performance. If you’re looking for leak-proof and low-maintenance options, the AGM technology in the battery will ensure the same for you. AGM technology makes the battery more suitable for rough and tough use. You can use these replacement batteries for a multitude of places like mobility scooters and alarm systems. 

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  • heavy-duty performance
  • Worth the value
  • Easy to use
  • Solid exterior 


  • Not long-lasting 

2. Universal Power Group UB12350 Lawn Tractor Battery

Universal Power Group UB12350 Lawn Tractor Battery

This list of best batteries will be incomplete without mentioning several products from Universal Power Group. Universal Power Group is one brand that ensures top-notch quality and high-grade performance. This 12V, 35 Ah battery equips Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) system to do its job. The regulates valves in the battery keeps the spilling at bay. You can mount these rechargeable batteries in any way you like. 

The AGM technology enables the batteries to work in scorching hot weather to the most chilly days. The exterior part of the battery is resistant to vibration and shocks, therefore, ensuring safety. The best part? It comes with a free warranty period of 1-year. You will find this battery to be extremely user-friendly and smooth in operation. If you have electric vehicles, this battery could come in very handy also. 

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  • Spill-free system
  • Seamless installation
  • Sealed with SLA 
  • 1-year warranty 


  • Not durable 

3. Mighty Max Battery ML35 Lawn Tractor Battery

Mighty Max Battery ML35 Lawn Tractor Battery

Mighty Max has become a household name due to it’s cheap, budgeted yet great batteries. It’s sleek and compact design makes portability and installation bliss. This Might max battery can be mounted in any position that makes it easy to use for you. Apart from lawn tractors, these batteries are compatible with electric vehicles as well. You will be impressed with its shock-absorbing and no-vibration features. 

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The SLA/AGM technology keeps the spills at check and has a great discharging rate. The battery is useful in both high and low temperatures.  This piece requires very little maintenance and has easy-going features. The dimension of this product is 7.68 x 5.16 x 7.13-inches, and it weighs 23.15 lbs. Mighty max is also offering a 1-year warranty period along with the battery.

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  • 30-day free return and refund policy
  • Low maintenance
  • Portable 
  • No wire harness
  • Vibration and shock-resistant 


  • Requires 24-48 hours of charging 

4. POWERSTAR 12 Volt Lawn Tractor Battery 

POWERSTAR 12 Volt Lawn Tractor Battery 

These batteries have sealed technology that guarantees no leaks and spills from its terminals. Powerstar has power-packed this battery with a  3.3 AH SLA battery that is durable. The spill-proof batteries allow you to mount these batteries in all positions. AGM technology ensures that the battery has sturdy and strong exteriors. Powerstar has tagged a high-quality container along with the batteries to provide ease of storage and transportation. 

The Absorbing Glass Mat mechanism restricts the flow of electrolytes. This battery runs on 12V that withstands shocks, over-discharge, vibrations, and over-charging. For further customer satisfaction, Powerstar is providing a warranty period of 1-year and a 30-day refund policy. It has other applications like home alarm systems and kids riding electric toys. All in all, this product is not only efficient, but it’s long-lasting and packed with the best features. 

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  • Durable
  • Leak-proof
  • AGM technology
  • Multipurpose


  • Undependable battery 

5. Expert Power Batteries EXP12200 Lawn Tractor Battery

Expert Power Batteries EXP12200 Lawn Tractor Battery

You’ll know the true benefits of a sealed lead battery with this Expert Power EXP12200 batteries. They are the most trusted and reliable choices for lawn tractor batteries in the market. If it’s your first time with batteries, this one will make sure it’s a great experience. The batteries require minimum maintenance and are relatively easy to handle. 

This Expert power battery has a ‘B1’ terminal that has a 12V 20 AH configuration. You can rely on ABS plastic to secure your batteries from any kind of shocks, chemicals, and heat. These batteries use AGM  technology to ensure that the acid does not spill. The battery is great when it comes to longevity. 

You should know that Expert batteries are DOT certified. The 1-year warranty period will keep you covered from any quality issues.  These high-tech features make it the best lawn tractor battery in the market. 

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  • Strong exterior
  • DOT certified
  • Easy installation
  • Enduring
  • Shock-resistant
  • Prolonged battery life


  • Unsuitable for jump pack
  • Difficult to identify defective cells

6. Universal Power Group Battery 18 AH Lawn Tractor Battery

Universal Power Group Battery 18 AH Lawn Tractor Battery

This is another great product from the Universal Power Group. Your hunt for the perfect lawn tractor battery can finally shut down with this battery. This battery makes good use of the Sealed Lead Acid Battery and Absorbent Glass Mat technology. It prevents spills and ensures that you spend more time gardening than fixing this battery. 

You cannot deny that the Universal Group Batteries deliver high performance and offer value for money. What makes it so great? You can use these batteries almost throughout all seasons without worrying about sudden interruptions. The strong build of this body makes it feasible for rough and heavy-duty use. 

These batteries can be mounted and used in all positions, and thus it can have multiple applications. Regulated valves can be trusted to provide consistent and superior battery performance. Don’t think much and get your hands on these Universal Power Group batteries today. 

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7. Mighty Max Battery YTX4L-BS Lawn Tractor Battery

Mighty Max Battery YTX4L-BS Lawn Tractor Battery

This cost-saving battery can be used in various other places than just lawn tractors. The sealed lead-acid batteries (SLA) have been there in the market for the longest time. The SLA mechanism reduces the risk of leakage and spills. You don’t have to worry about installation, as these batteries will be delivered, charged, and sealed.

These batteries render great performance and durability for the user. You should note that these batteries do not come with mounting accessories or any wire harness. The AGM mechanism increases the applicability of this battery. You could say that this Mighty Max Battery tops the list when it comes to value-adding. 

The 50 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) pushes the batteries to do a better job. You can run these batteries on a wide range of temperatures. Other than lawn tractors, these batteries can find their place in motorcycles, watercraft, and snowmobiles too. You will get a year-long warranty and a 30-day refund policy from Mighty Max. 

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  • Ready to use
  • Worthful investment 
  • Strong exterior 


  • No mounting accessories
  • Not long-lasting 

8. Weize 12V 35 AH Lawn Tractor Battery

Weize 12V 35 AH Lawn Tractor Battery

Among big names like Chrome and Might Max, these Weize batteries are a strong and potential choice. These Weize batteries are made with heavy-duty calcium. It can serve exceptional performance in both cyclic and float applications. Since it is a battery with screws, it lacks harness and mounting options. 

The battery requires little to no maintenance throughout its life. You can also use them on emergency lighting, wheelchair scooter, medical equipment, etc. Weize has used an absorbent glass mat system that makes it ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. These batteries will be great for making your lawn tractor run without any breaks or interruptions. 

The product measures 7.68 x 5.12 x 7.09-inches, and the weight is 23.1 lbs. You may require additional batteries to run heavy-duty devices. These are some of the most efficient batteries in the market. 

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  • 30-day return policy
  • 1-year warranty
  • Versatile
  • SLA/AGM mechanism


  • Rapid battery reduction
  • Lacks mounting 

9. Neptune NT1234 Toro 106-8397 Lawn Tractor Battery 

No products found.

This Toro replacement battery works with all kinds of lawn tractors regardless of the brand. The OEM technology makes the battery more efficient than its competitors, but that’s another reason for the heavy price tag. You need to buy additional straps or industrial tapes to hold this battery in its position. The battery’s efficient performance, power, and fast charging abilities compensate for the extra purchase. 

You can set up this battery in a jiffy due to its easy to understand features.  Considering the size, the battery holds it’s charge better than we expected. This battery is one of the lightest batteries on the list. A light-weight battery makes it easier to carry around. Also, AGM technology used in this battery will prevent leakages and spills. 

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  • Shock resistant 
  • Light-weight
  • Anti-corrosion 
  • Fast charging 
  • 12-month warranty 


  • Unreliable performance
  • Not durable 

10. Mighty Max 12-Volt 35Ah Gel Lawn Tractor Battery

Mighty Max 12-Volt 35Ah Gel Lawn Tractor Battery

Do you want a battery replacement for your John Deer Lawn Tractory? This Mighty max battery is a perfect fit for that. The Might Max lives up to its promises for being robust, long-lasting, reliable, and sturdy. Other than its great features, you’ll be happy to learn that it’s a pocket-friendly option. These days it’s so difficult to get your hands on a cost-effective and reliable battery.

This ML-35 gel battery gets all its power from the heavy-duty calcium-alloy grid. Other than being incredibly powerful, this battery is corrosion-resistant. This battery is backed by a full one year warranty. The brand also makes it super simple to return the product if you are unsatisfied with its performance. 

You can easily recharge this gel battery without much hassle. Adding a few electrolytes will help you to extend the battery life. You can mount this battery in any position you want. 

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  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Easy return
  • Low-maintenance
  • Multiple uses


  • Average quality 
  • Lacks mounting accessories

Factors To Consider Before You Buy A Lawn Tractor Battery 

Now that we’ve gone through the best products in the market, it’s time to know what features are essential. It’s very confusing to spot the right features for a lawn tractor battery. Don’t worry, we have listed a few quick factors that you need to consider before clicking the buy button. 


The best brands in the market will offer you at least one year warranty period. A handful of manufacturers may also give a free 30-day refund option for their buyers. Batteries that come with an extended warranty is a bonus point for you. 

Moreover, when you are dealing with mechanics and equipment, it’s always thoughtful to buy one that has a warranty. When you come across major or minus issues, you can easily get your item replaced under the warranty period. Nowadays, most batteries are backed by 3-4 year warranty periods. Also, don’t forget to read the terms and conditions of the warranty period.

Mounting Options

Don’t make the mistake of buying a battery that doesn’t support flexible mounting options. Your lawn tractor battery should be able to mount itself in various positions. You should choose a battery that is properly sealed for avoiding any leakage or spills.

The mounting positions will vary from one lawn tractor to another. Additionally, look for brands that provide mounting accessories along with the battery. Make sure you check the mounting options before you go ahead with the purchase. 

Battery Material

Most of you will forget about the battery material while making a choice. If you want your battery to last, choose a battery that is made up of high-quality and durable materials. Good material can withstand the harshest working conditions. Check whether the battery is ideal for cold temperatures or not. 

A battery that is encased in a heavy-duty material will provide better protection. It will also prevent leakage and spillage. The material is very important, especially for safety reasons. You should note that batteries made with high-quality material will generally be more expensive. 

Battery Capacity

If you are wondering what does the ‘AH’ means in the battery, you should know that it’s the battery capacity. The first rule in buying a battery is, buying a high AH battery. This also depends upon the lawn tractor you own. In case you don’t know the battery requirement of your lawn tractor, call the customer care of your tractor brand. Customer care will provide you information about the battery voltage requirement. 


The voltage determines the performance of your lawn tractor battery. It is the representation of the amount of current flowing through the battery at the time. Most lawn tractor batteries require a voltage of at least 12V.

 Do not settle for a battery that is offering you any less than that. If you own an old model, a 6V battery will be sufficient. If you want your lawn tractor to be more powerful, go for batteries that have 36V to 40V. 

Wrap Up  

Hopefully, you will find a perfect lawn tractor battery for yourself with the help of the reviews and buying guide. The best way to ensure that these batteries have a long life is by avoiding overcharging.  You must get a suitable battery for your lawn tractor.  

A good battery will not only boost the performance of your lawn tractor but also increase its life. Don’t get lured by cheap pricing or hot deals, do a deep analysis of each product you come across. This list will cut down the pain in the process and also ensure that you have the perfect fit. 

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