10 Best Lineman Pliers in 2021

best lineman plier

For every electrician, the Lineman pliers are like the Swiss army knife. Pliers can play different roles. It can be used to cut, twist, pull fish tape, crimping wire, bending metal, and cutting nails. You can also use it as a hammer to bash in a nail or staple. Lineman Pliers should be durable and robust enough to handle a wide variety of situations. Hence, it is essential to have a high-quality and reliable tool with all the features in it. To remove confusion, we have come up with some of the top-rated pliers with their reviews. It will help you select the right tool for your project.

Given below are the top three best-selling Lineman pliers available in the market. All the three products are compared with their best features to make your purchase easier.

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Best Overall

HQ 4-in-1 Lineman Combination Pliers

HQ 4-in-1 Lineman Combination Pliers
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • The handle is made of thermoplastic rubber.
  • Has built-in wire strippers, Crimper, cutter, and pliers
  • 9” combination pliers made of vanadium steel

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Premium Choice

Klein Tools J2000-9 NECRTP Lineman pliers

Klein Tools J2000-9 NECRTP Lineman pliers
  • High Leverage design
  • Hot-riveted joint
  • Long-lasting induction hardened cutting knives.
  • Built-in steel fish tape

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Best Budget

DOWELL Lineman’s Combination Pliers

DOWELL Lineman’s Combination Pliers
  • The 6″ cutter is made of heavy-duty nickel-chromium steel.
  • Available in different sizes
  • Has a comfortable grip
  • Surface coated with anti-rust oil.

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The below list of Lineman Pliers comes with pros, cons, and reviews. It helps to choose quickly from the top 10 Lineman pliers without any confusion. 

1. HQ 4-in-1 Lineman Combination Pliers

HQ 4-In-1 Lineman Combination Pliers

One of the best-seller products on the list is the HQ 4-in-1 Lineman Combination pliers. If you’re a professional looking for a tool that can perform various functions, the HQ 4-in-1 pliers is a one-stop solution for you. It eliminates the need to carry separate strippers in your tool belt. Being the best product, it is loaded with many extra features. 

As the name suggests, the HQ pliers are multifunctional wire pliers. They can act as a wire-stripper, cutter, Crimper, and Plier. 

It is made of high-quality Chrome vanadium steel. Also, it meets all the ANSI specifications. It is durable and is suitable for long-term usage.

It has non-slip, comfortable, and thermoplastic rubber handles. The handles are made of environmental PP+TPR materials and ensure to provide extra comfort. It also reduces the chances of hand fatigue. The HQ pliers save your money. The product comes with a lifetime warranty. Hence, you can get assured help if you contact their customer care for any defects.

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  • 4-in-1 Multifunctional wire pliers
  • Pro industrial-grade quality
  • Non-slip comfortable handles
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Value for money

2. Klein Tools J2000-9 NECRTP Lineman pliers

Klein Tools J2000-9 NECRTP Lineman Pliers

Klein Tools is an American manufacturing company that has been manufacturing hand tools for more than 160 years. They make premium-quality and professional-grade tools that deliver precision, performance, and durability. It specializes in making some of the world’s finest pliers. 

The J2000-9 NECRTP pliers are built for heavy-duty cutting. They have induction hardened knives that are long-lasting. 

Besides, it can cut screws, nails, hardened wire, including ACSR wires. The high-leverage design provides greater gripping power and cutting. 

It comes with a built-in channel that pulls steel fish tape. Hence, you can stop worrying about damaging the tape. The hot-riveted joint ensures no handle wobble and gives smooth action while cutting.  

Klein J2000-9 NECRTP is made of custom, US-made tool steel. It can easily absorb the “snap” when cutting wires. 

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  • Superior longevity
  • 46% more gripping power compared to other pliers
  • Hot-riveted joint for smooth action
  • Streamlined design
  • Built-in Crimper


  • Expensive

3. DOWELL Lineman’s Combination Pliers

DOWELL Lineman’s Combination Pliers

If you are looking for Lineman pliers for an electrician, the DOWELL pliers are the best ones that come within a lower budget. It comes with a product dimension of 9.09×3.58×0.79 inches. Besides being dirt-cheap, they weigh only 9 ounces and can easily fit inside a crowded tool belt. The pliers are made of 6″ heavy-duty nickel-chromium steel.

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Forget about hand fatigues. Many pliers do not have a comfortable grip that makes long working hours with the tool difficult. The DOWELL Lineman pliers are equipped with upgraded version professional grips. The soft PVC handle rings extra comfort. It is available in a variety of sizes to match your project preferences.

Pliers with smaller heads provide adequate torque when you need to get a grip. The machined jaws of the pliers ensure that you get the maximum gripping strength. At this affordable price, you might not get extra fancy features. But the tool meets all the ANSI specifications and gives you average quality and performance at a cheaper rate.

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  • Reduces hand fatigue
  • Lightweight
  •  Induction hardened cutting edge.
  • Nickel chromium steel construction


  • Fewer features compared to other brands.

4. Southwire DCP8D 8-inch Pliers

Southwire DCP8D 8-Inch Pliers

The Southwire tools and equipment offers top-quality hand tools, meters, testers, pliers, extension cords, etc. They are built for durability, work, and reliability. 

The product is so lightweight that it weighs only 0.64 pounds. You can carry the tool easily in your toolbox without feeling heavy.

The tool features a dual material double-dipped molded grip. It has an 8-inch head with high-leverage diagonal cutting pliers. You also get induction hardened cutting blades. The blades are efficient enough to cut both hard and soft wires. 

Made of drop-forged 6150 alloy steel, the tool has long-lasting durability and performance compared to others. No matter what, Southwire promises to provide safety, improve productivity, reduce the workforce, and save money. 

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  • Made from American forged steel
  • Have angled head high-leverage diagonal design
  • Induction hardened cutting blades.
  • Crimps both insulated and non-insulated terminals
  • Built-in Crimper, fish tape puller, and reaming head


  • Heavier compared to other models.

5. Vanquish 3163 Lineman Pliers

Vanquish 3163 Lineman Pliers

Vanquish is a brand that believes in manufacturing tough tools for challenging work. They promise their customers to deliver reliable products that do not compromise quality, service, value, or design. Their 3163 pliers range are light-weighted and under the one-pound mark.

The high-leverage Linesman pliers offer an improved rivet position for an effortless cut. It provides the tool with remarkable joint strength and brings optimized transmission of power. Hence, you get an effortless cut every time you use it. It has a blade length of 18mm. 

The induction hardened cutting edge delivers superior results. The jaws are straight with hard teeth and provide a quality grip. It can be used for clamping flat materials or bending and pulling. 

It is manufactured with industrial-grade cvr steel and is ideal for your professional, household, and recreational projects.

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  • New and improved rivet position
  • Comfortable thermoplastic rubber handle
  • Induction hardened cutting edge.
  • Extra-wide tri-color TPR handle
  • Precision forging for longevity and durability


  • It does not come with a lifetime guarantee.

6. IRWIN 1902416 VISE-GRIP Locking Pliers

IRWIN 1902416 VISE-GRIP Locking Pliers

One of the most durable pliers is the IRWIN 1902416 locking pliers. It’s top-notch quality and durability has made the tool become the best-seller product in the market. The tool comes with a 3-component molded grip. The grip ensures that you get optimal cushion and control during work. It is hence allowing the users to make more cuts comfortably without any hassle. 

The unique hook and lanyard system prevents accidental drops. It makes the tool retrieval from pouches or pockets easier. 

1902416 models have induction-hardened cutting edges. These can cut through rigid materials such as piano wires, nails, or screws. The surface of the pliers is coated with anti-rust oil. 

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The tool ensures that you achieve excellent performance with its latest precision engineering. The tool acts as a multifunctional tool as it has an in-built fish tape puller and a crimper. 

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  • Backed by a lifetime guarantee
  • Induction-hardened cutting edges
  • Rust resistance
  • It comes with an exclusive hook and lanyard system.
  • Built-in fish tape puller and connector crimper


  • Heavy-weight

7. Knipex Tools LP-0901240SBA Lineman’s Pliers

Knipex Tools LP-0901240SBA Lineman’s Pliers

Made in Germany, the ultra-high leverage Lineman’s pliers are a must-have tool in your toolbox. Knipex LP-0901240SBA pliers come with a high transmission ratio that enables easy cutting. The cutting edges are induction hardened with a hardness of 64 HRC. Hence, you can easily cut soft, hard, as well as ACSR wires. 

It has an effective crosshatched knurled gripping zone in the jaws. The additional welded tether attachment ensures that you get adequate protection against accidents during falling tools. It has a cutting capacity of up to 3/16″ nail or wire pin and 1/8″ wire rope strand or steel wire.

The tool can effectively withstand heavy-duty tasks such as projects that demand challenging job environments. They are manufactured from vanadium electric steel that is durable and provides excellent performance. The tool offers precise angles, sharpness, hardness, and toughness.

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  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Separate crosshatched knurled gripping zone
  • Built-in Crimper and fish tape puller
  • High transmission ratio


  • Expensive

8. Channellock 369CRFT Lineman Pliers

Channellock 369CRFT Lineman Pliers

The well-known brand, Channellock, manufactures one of the best Lineman’s pliers in today’s market. They promise to offer quality and functionality at half the price compared to other high-end brands. Made from carbon C 1080 strong steel, the cutting edge of the 369CRFT pliers has a durable cutting lifespan.

It is designed with superior leverage technology that can easily cut hard and soft wires without extra effort. You can use the pliers to crimp insulated and non-insulated terminals. 

The crosshatch teeth provide a gripping jaw pattern. It forms a tight grip and makes the cutting process more comfortable and convenient.

It comes with an in-built fish tape puller. If you want precision while cutting wires or cables, you should purchase the Channellock pliers. The 369CRFT brings excellent precision and a hassle-free cutting experience.

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  • Capable of crimping both insulated and non-insulated terminals
  • It comes with a fish tape puller.
  • XLT Xtreme Leverage technology handles
  • Provides durable laser heat-treated cutting edges
  • Easy-opening hinge


  • Slightly on the expensive side

9. Milwaukee 48-22-6100 9 inches Lineman Pliers

Milwaukee 48-22-6100 9 Inches Lineman Pliers

The 48-22-6100 9” leverage Lineman pliers can fit into 1 to ½” diameter pipes and clean them. Being one of the best-integrated crimper pliers available in the market, the product also has an integrated reaming head. You can use the reaming head to smoothen the rough edges of metal pipes. 

The pliers deliver high power and accuracy when cutting thick wires. It comes with a sharp, cutting edge. Hence you will need less effort to cut wires and cables. The cutting edges are laser toughened. The onboard fish tape puller helps you achieve maximum grip strength. High-quality rubber with ribbed surfaces provides extra cushion to the handles.

The pliers are capable of tackling both insulated and non-insulated terminals. It is advisable to buy the Milwaukee 48-22-6100 Pliers only if you are working on professional projects or smaller DIY electrical projects.

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  • Has an integrated crimper
  • Provides maximum grip with the onboard fish tape puller
  • Iron carbide cutting blades for easy cutting
  • Rubberized over mold
  • It comes in an affordable range.


  • It is not lightweight.

10. NEWACALOX 8iches Lineman’s Pliers

NEWACALOX 8iches Lineman’s Pliers

If you are looking for pliers that can serve you several applications, the NEWACALOX pliers are a perfect choice. The multifunctional tool can be used as a wire stripper, wire cutter, etc. In case you want to adjust the wire stripper, you can do it using a screwdriver and get it aligned. Besides stripping wire, you can also use them to cut and bend the wire.

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The handle comes with a pro touch grip. It is made of environmental PP+TPR materials. You get additional comfort while working, and it also reduces hand fatigue. The nickel-chromium steel construction makes the pliers durable. 

You do not need to apply extra force while using the tool as it comes with a thickened metal portion. It is effortless to use, and the product doesn’t tire quickly. The pliers are ideal for cutting wire, electrical fees, trimming plastic products, and many more.

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  • It comes with a pro touch grip.
  • Easy to use
  • Hardened and durable cutting edges
  • Serves as a multifunctional tool
  • Value for money


  • Not capable of opening too wide

Lineman Pliers Buying guide

Lineman’s pliers offer a lot of functionalities. A good pair of Lineman’s pliers offer tight grip, comfortable handles, and sharp cutters. Many people end up buying the wrong pliers that do not meet their project requirements. Lineman pliers vary from the traditional pliers. There are some of the factors that you must consider while buying any Lineman’s Plier. It will help you get hold of the best lineman plier for yourself that will suit your needs perfectly. So, check out the buying guide below.


Well-known brands make sure to use high-quality materials while manufacturing hand tools. The type of material used contributes a significant part to the overall performance of the Lineman Pliers. More rigid materials end up making the Pliers more brittle. A good-quality Lineman Plier is made of Vanadium or chromium steel. They make the tool efficient and sturdy. Make sure to purchase Lineman pliers that are made from these materials.


The size of the pliers is another essential feature to consider. Different sizes of pliers offer different kinds of tasks. If you purchase pliers with long handles, you get the advantage of working with them in narrow spaces, whereas pliers with smaller jaws can bring accuracy to high-end professional projects. So, depending on your project requirement, go with the sizes.


Different models of pliers weigh differently. Try to go with the lightweight ones. They will not take up massive space in your tool belt. Heavily weighted pliers can add extra weight if you are using them all day. 


Comfort is the key. If your pliers are not comfortable, you can end up getting hand fatigue. For every electrician, the pliers are the most used tool in their tool kit. Hence, you should ensure that you purchase pliers with comfortable cushioned handles.


Some pliers are cheaper while some are expensive. Cheaper ones offer rougher jaw surfaces. 

It is not necessary to always go with the expensive ones. Some products don’t cost you more but have some outstanding features that can fit your needs easily. So, you should understand your requirement and purchase the one that is suitable for your needs. 


Finding the perfect pair of Lineman Pliers can be challenging when there are many options available in the online market. But the reviews mentioned above ensure that you don’t end up purchasing any wrong product. 

The best among all the Lineman pliers are the HQ 4-in-1 Lineman Combination Pliers. They come with deep teeth and comfortable handles. Also, you can get in-built wire strippers, cutters, Crimper, and pliers. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. If you are a professional and demand the best, you should try out Klein Tools J2000-9 NECRTP Lineman pliers. They come with exceptional quality and durability. The tool gives a high-quality performance with additional features. For electricians looking for an essential tool within an affordable range, do not forget to check out DOWELL Lineman’s Combination Pliers. It is available in various sizes and meets all your basic requirements.

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