10 Best Metal Cutting Saws in 2021

best metal cutting saw

Do you need to cut pipes, rebar, and other metal objects? Then, you have to use some powerful tools to cut them precisely. There are specially designed metal cutting saws helping you to deal with metal items. These saws can cut a thick metal piece perfectly and safely. They are also effective to cut through 1/2″ metal sheets, steel pipes, cast iron pipe, and other similar objects. You will save time and energy by using these innovatively designed saws. Metal cutting saws are of varying models, and we have reviewed the best ones to make your purchase easy.

We have chosen the top-rated metal cutting saws of reliable brands. You can compare their major features and make your decision.

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Best overall

Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW230 

Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW230 
  • No burrs
  • 1750 Watt motor
  • No load 2700 RPM
  • Bevel tilt from 0-45

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Premium choice

DEWALT Metal Cutting Saw, 14-Inch 

DEWALT Metal Cutting Saw, 14-Inch 
  • Carbide tipped blade
  • Adjustable Quick-Fence
  • Ergonomically handle 

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Best budget


  • 3800 RPM motor 
  • Heavy-duty steel base
  • Spark deflector

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1. Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW230 Metal cutting Saw

Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW230 Metal cutting Saw

Evolution has offered a high-quality steel-cutting circular saw with a motor capacity of 1750 Watt. By analyzing features, versatility, and design, we have found this tool as the best pick in our metal cutting tool review. The highly durable saw is capable of withstanding your regular usage. You can rely on this tool for any metal project.

The power tool has a capacity to cut through ½” steel plate. You do not need to replace the blade for several years. If you want to have clean, smooth, and burr-free cuts, you can invest in this power tool. The metal cutting saw enables you to cut steel pipe, steel plate, and other metal items. It is truly a versatile tool with a robust structure.

The 2.7 HP motor generates a no-load speed of about 2,700 RPM. What’s more, 9” carbide tipped blade includes 48 teeth that can cut through metal sheets without. The blade can last 20 times longer than that of other ordinary blades.

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  • Sturdy constructions
  • Adjustable fence guide and bevel tilt
  • Cut both metal and wood
  • High-grade brazing techniques


  • No complaint

2. DEWALT Metal Cutting Saw, 14-Inch

DEWALT Metal Cutting Saw, 14-Inch

Professionals always like to invest in premium models to get a lasting value from it. We have found this Dewalt metal cutting saw as the perfect choice for them. This power tool can serve you best when you are dealing with some construction projects. This high-quality corded metal cutting saw works with a motor capacity of 4HP. You can find superb cutting performance for its carbide-tipped blade with a length of 14 inches. The blade can spin at the rate of 1300RPM. There are 66 teeth in this strong carbide blade. While other brands have low-priced abrasive blades, Dewalt has offered the best ones.

You will have burr-free, consistent cuts with these saw tools. The manufacturer has claimed that the cutting speed is 4 times faster, compared to that of the chop saws. Moreover, Quick-Fence is another notable feature for accurate angle cuts. You may also claim on materials of different sizes by using the Quick-lock system. Thus, manufacturers have thoughtfully added the feature to increase your productivity.

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  • Portable design
  • Best for cutting non-ferrous and ferrous metals
  • Heavy-duty compression spring for better movement
  • Stable steel base
  • Adjustable chip deflector


  • The fence system must be better.



Although chop saws are known for cutting woods, Porter-Cable has designed this product to cut through metal sheets. With a range of functionalities, this tool has become popular in the market. The cutting blade with a length of 14 inches works with an impressive speed of 3800 RPM. Thus, it has the ability to deal with any type of metal pieces.

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The quick-release clamp is one of the special features helping you to remove materials very easily. Moreover, the cutting fence system enables you to adjust miter without much effort. The heavy-duty steel base is another durable part of the system to ensure high stability. You will also find an integrated spark deflector to keep you safe. The blade is also easily replaceable with the spindle lock system. The power cord length is about 8 feet, and we think that it is much long to ensure your convenience.

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  • Motor with easily replaceable brushes 
  • Highly durable design
  • Maintains stability while cutting metal


  • Motor is smoking.

4. Makita LC1230 12″ Metal Cutting Saw

Makita LC1230 12

Makita is one of the most-known brands manufacturing power tools. With 15-amp motor, this metal cutting saw has gained the attention of users. The highly powerful motor can deliver 1,700 RPM, and thus, the blade can slice through ¼-inch thick blades of the device. The reliable brand has included a carbide-tip toothed blade in the device to minimize the cutting time. The system stays cool, and it does not produce sparks. Manufacturers have made a perfect combination of quality blades and high RPM. These blades reveal precise and accurate cuts with no burrs.

It is easy to grip the machine, as it has a D-shaped handle with a lock-off button to avoid accidental activation. The tool-less guide plate is adjustable from 0 to 45 degrees for better miter cutting. Overall, we can say that this 12-inch saw has a compact model with incomparable cutting power.

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  • Repeated cut-offs become easy.
  • Highly engineered blade
  • Shaft lock to replace your blade
  • Wide cast aluminum base


  • Need better chip collection

5. MK Morse CSM9NXTB Metal Cutting Saw

MK Morse CSM9NXTB Metal Cutting Saw

MK Morse has designed a circular saw for all types of metals. You may be familiar with the Metal Devil series of saws from MK Morse. CSM9NXTB is also a part of it, and you can slice through your metal components very easily. The portable saw is highly effective to maintain torque at the best RPM level.

While the blade size is large, its radius is small and has a high cutting capacity. The 9-inch blade has made this saw a reliable device for professionals. You may also buy it for your home workshop. The motor delivers high torque and is capable of cutting hard metals flawlessly with a speed of 2,700 RPM.

Although you operate the system throughout a day, the tool will not leave chips. There is a chip collection chamber to minimize noise and reduce your cleaning efforts. Moreover, as the motor is potential, you do not need to force the system. Hold the blade in its position and let the device do its work.

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  • Retracting blade guard for your safety
  • Includes safety goggles
  • Spindle lock system
  • Laser guide


  • Blade quality must be better.

6. Evolution RAGE4 Metal Cutting Saw

Evolution RAGE4 Metal Cutting Saw

Evolution Power Tools RAGE4 is a sturdy and compact device with a range of applications. Although it does not have all the features of a high-end model, it is reliable for your everyday metal cutting needs. The 7¼-inch blade performs flawlessly due to the integrated 10-amp motor that delivers 3,500 RPM. However, despite having a small blade, the system can cut through metal, plastic, aluminum, and wood. You do not need to change the blade frequently. The multipurpose blade includes 20 teeth resulting in clean cuts. You will find almost no sparks during your metal cutting session. Thus, beginners will feel safe in using this device. 

Evolution Power has included essential items in the package- a spare carbon brush set, ear plugs, v-block, Multipurpose TCT Blade, and chip collector bin. With solid steel jaws, the swivel clamp helps with 0 – 45° cuts.

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7. Ironton Dry Cut Metal Saw 

Ironton Dry Cut Metal Saw 

Ironton has added a large blade to this dry cut metal saw. While dealing with angle bars and pipes, you will find the highest cutting depths. The miter is adjustable up to 45 degree. You may choose this device for small household projects. In fact, convenience and safety are two notable factors for which we have chosen this product in our list. 

The ergonomic handle will not cause fatigue to your hands in spite of your continuous operation of the system. The 110V motor delivers a no-load speed of 1450 RPM. The base is much sturdy, and you can use the saw easily without mounting it on the flat surface.

The Quick Release vise helps you in securing the stock retention system. It also simplifies the repeated cut-offs. The carbide-tipped blade lasts long and ensures clean cutting.

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  • D-handle providing utmost comfort
  • Affordable price rate
  • High quality aluminum base


  • Not powerful motor

8. FEIN MCCS14 Metal Cutting Saw

FEIN MCCS14 Metal Cutting Saw

With a high torque motor and low-speed mechanism, the metal cutting saw from FEIN makes your task easy. The length of the cutting blade is about 14 inches. Operated by a 2200W motor, the system can work flawlessly. The high-end motor delivering a speed of 1,300 RPM enables you to cut metal sheets of different levels of thickness. Moreover, you can cut through multiple metal pieces without much effort. Due to the special blade design, the saw generates low heat. Moreover, the motor prevents a mess from the debris, as there is a tray for collecting chips. 

At a 90-degree angle, the motor is capable of cutting up to 5-1/8-inch materials and 4-1/8-inch round materials (at an angle of 45 degrees).

We have chosen a UL/CSA approved metal cutting saw with a retracting lower safety guard. Thus, this automatic system helps with safer operation. You can buy this tool to cut through steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

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  • A heavy-duty base with a durable design
  • Includes a blade replacement tool
  • An inbuilt eye protection
  • Safer than abrasive saws


  • A weird chain to hold down the head

9. WEN 3975T 4-7/8-inch Metal Cutting Saw

WEN 3975T 4-7/8-inch Metal Cutting Saw

You can choose this compact benchtop model for your home workshop. This compact saw can cut through thick aluminum, steel, copper, and brass pipes. It has the capacity of cutting metal pipes with a diameter of up to 5 inches. The system is operable at a variable speed. The blade rotation speed of this tool can range between 125 and 260 feet per minute. You will find clean and precise cuts of different materials. 

There is a beveling blade helping you to make cuts from 0 to 60 degrees. You will have a better grasp due to the onboard vise. Moreover, the long-lasting ball bearing blade guides can last long and perform smoothly. The tilt knobs and onboard blade tension make your adjustment easier. A steel object of more than 24 Sq In. is easy to cut in a single pass using this tool.

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  • Easy to move and store
  • Cut through thick metal
  • Pre-installed high-quality blades


  • Problem with screws 

10. Milwaukee Electric Tool 6370-21 Metal cutting saw

Milwaukee Electric Tool 6370-21 Metal cutting saw

Milwaukee is one of the popular brands manufacturing metal cutting saws and other power tools. Although this electric tool has a compact model, it can cut through metal pieces effectively. The overall length of the model is 6-1/2”. The system includes an 8” saw, circular saw blade, and hex blade wrench. Moreover, you will get a carrying case that adds convenience. 

This simple tool helps you in making cleaner cuts due to the special dry-cut technology. You can easily cut through ¾-inch steel plates. Manufacturers have included premium quality cermet-tipped blades that are longer than standard friction blades. The special tooth geometry combined with cermet tip metallurgy enables the blade to cut metal effortlessly.

Another notable part of the system is the integrated chip tank, which deflects sparks and collects chips. There is a plunge level ensuring proper plunge cuts. Furthermore, the quick-release shield latch helps you in easy blade replacement and waste disposal.

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  • Soft grip handle with ergonomic design
  • Lower guard retraction lever
  • Perfect location of the lever for easy access
  • Scorch-free and burr-free cuts 


  • Blade not parallel to the saw guide sled

Buying Guide

We have shared with you some important information to help you in buying the best metal cutting saws. With the high-quality saw, you can attain perfection in your metal cuts. 

Based on your needs, you have to choose the right type of metal cutting saw.

Circular saw

It has abrasive blades to cut through metal, wood, plastic, and masonry. The circular saw is an electrically operated system. However, you may also find some saws with gasoline engines and hydraulic motors.

Chop Saw

This power tool helps in cutting straight lines in wooden objects. You will find accurate cuts with this tool. However, some chop saws have special blades to cut metal.

Reciprocating Saw

The blade of the machine-powered saw works with a pulling and pushing motion. The reciprocating saw has a large blade with a handle for your convenience. 


It is an innovative metal cutting saw with a slightly higher price. The head of the device can oscillate with other tools fitted to it. You may use it for cutting, grinding, and scraping.

Check out the source of power

How will you operate your metal cutting saw? The electrically operated saws are corded models that help with an effective functioning of the motor. They are lightweight, user-friendly saws for medium-duty and heavy-duty jobs. There are also battery-operated metal cutting saws specially to cut aluminum.


There is no need to have a higher speed to cut metal. Low and consistent speed is perfect for your needs. You will have an accurate cut with minimal sparks and burrs. It may not be easy to remove burrs that can block your system. Keep your workspace free of debris.


You can find metal cutting saws with two types of blades. Abrasive blades produce high friction and can work at a speed of 3800 RPM. Although they are lightweight, they can throw sparks. Another option for you is the carbide blade that causes minimal sparks. This metallic toothed blade is rigid and durable to slice your metal pipes.

Blade size and tooth count

Based on your metal size, you can find out the perfect blade size. The standard size ranges from 7 to 14 inches. A 12-inch blade is effective for household uses. However, a 7-inch blade works for several tasks. While buying the metal saw, you have to check out the blade size.

Moreover, the blade teeth help in the dissipation of heat to cut through your metal piece. Most of the carbide tipped blades have 24 to 75 teeth. Before replacing the blade, you can make 1000 cuts. The durable, stainless steel blades have sharp teeth with a special coating.

Other features of metal cutting saws

  • Laser guides – These LED guide lights help you in projecting a straight line onto the material. 
  • Trigger locks – They can prevent your saw from becoming active accidentally. 
  • Guide arrows – They are a basic method to ensure straight cuts. 
  • Chip trays – Chip trays enable you to collect chips and burrs while cutting metals. 
  • Vise adjustment– The vice locks the tools in a place, and it is integrated with quick-release features.
  • Spark deflectors– They prevent the spread of sparks to the user.


To conclude, we can say that metal cutting saws are powerful tools with sharp blades and motors. Still, you have to check out the effectiveness and potential of these blades and other parts to get a lasting value. The best branded saws help you in clear cuts of metals and other materials.

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