10 Best Metal Files in 2021

best metal file

Metal files are one of the most commonly used tools for DIY enthusiasts and craftsmen. You may have already bought some tools for cutting objects. However, due to your regular usage, these tools have become dull and are not working effectively. To solve this problem, you can invest in metal files. Metal files are also useful for smoothening plastics, wood, and metals. 

What’s more, you can create new shapes with this tool. Buying the best metal files is important to get the ultimate value. We have reviewed some quality metal files to make your purchase easy.

We have picked the top 3 metal files and compared their features. Check them before buying any of them.

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Best overall

Finder 8” Semi Round Hand Rasp File Set 

Finder 8'' Semi Round Hand Rasp File Set 
  • Round shape
  • Carbon steel design
  • Ergonomic handle 

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Best budget

JinFeng Needle File Set 

JinFeng Needle File Set 
  • Carbon Steel model
  • Comfortable grips
  • Best mini steel file set

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Premium choice

VonHaus 9pc File Set

VonHaus 9pc File Set
  • Soft-grip handles 
  • Tempered steel design
  • Includes needles and files

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1. Finder 8” Semi Round Hand Rasp File Set 

Finder 8'' Semi Round Hand Rasp File Set 

With a semi-round design, these metal files have become the best choice for several professionals. Manufacturers have designed this tool with high-carbon steel to add durability to the design. The overall length of this sturdy tool is 8 inches, and we have found it much longer to let you do your work effectively.

The sharp, single-cut teeth are capable of cutting through a range of materials. The tool works properly with hardwood, metal, glass, and plastics. You will find superb results while smoothening metals with this innovative tool. Moreover, the precision second-cut grade model is best for shaping, sharpening, and debarring objects. Truly, manufacturers have created a thoughtful design for this tool.

Another notable part of the metal file is its handle. The ergonomic rubber grip has a non-slip surface and provides you comfort. While you have sweaty palms, you will not feel inconvenience in holding the handle.

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  • Made of hardened carbon steel
  • A heavy-duty design
  • Very sharp teeth
  • Used for any type of metal


  • The file’s tip is of no use.

2. JinFeng Needle File Set 

JinFeng Needle File Set 

Jinfeng has offered a budget-friendly set that includes 6 pieces of metal files. Without compromising quality, manufacturers have designed the best product for users. The uniquely designed files have skinny shapes and ergonomic handles. You will find those files in a range of shapes, including square, flat warding, round, barrette, triangular, and half-round.

Made of sturdy carbon steel, these tools are much durable. However, the metal files’ strength depends on the way you use them. As manufacturers have used the best steel materials, you will find lasting value from these tools. Moreover, wrapped with rubber, handles can provide you the ultimate comfort.

When you like to stock different types of metal files, you can invest in this set. The round one is effective to enlarge round holes and file a bevel on edges. The half-round file works best for filing the outside and inside of rings and corners. The flat one is for filing grooves, while the square model is to make square holes. The triangular file is for filing edges, holes, and corners.

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  • Rust-resistant tools
  • Comprehensive set
  • Best for shaping plastic, wood, and metal


  • Must be more durable

3. VonHaus 9pc File Set 

VonHaus 9pc File Set

The premium quality metal file set comprises 9 useful pieces that make your task easy. The package includes 6 needle files with 3 engineer files. The length of engineer files is about 8 in. and they include a half-round, a round, and a hand file. Conversely, needle files with a length of 6 inches include a half-round needle, round needle, square needle, triangle needle, and equaling needle.

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Thus, as there are several files available in this package, you may find the right one for precision cuts. You will have a proper finish for both hard and soft metals. Moreover, the metal files are usable with glass, wood, ceramic, and other materials. The use of tempered and hardened carbon steel has made these tools durable. The tools make it easy for you to shape, sharpen, and de-burr objects.

You will feel comfortable in holding the metal files. The soft grip enables you to hold the files for a longer period. 

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  • Used for any material
  • Made of quality steel
  • Coated teeth


  • No safety edges of the metal files

4. TEKTON 6678 12-Inch Flat File

TEKTON 6678 12-Inch Flat File

Metal filing tasks can become easy with this small tool. With a length of around 12 inches, the file enables you to hold the handle comfortably. You may use the tool for plastic and wooden objects.

The flat file with medium-level coarseness has a second-cut model. You can choose it to smoothen and the shape rough edges of your plastic and wooden items. Moreover, you may also file blunt metals with the use of this tool.

You may need to deal with metal and other objects for long hours. That is why manufacturers have used a rubber handle for the flat file. What’s more, this rubber grip ensures safety in your hands. Due to the specially designed grip, you will have controlled pressure with every stroke. Teeth of this file have a cross-cut design to remove materials for easy shaping.

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  • A flat file with a long poly handle
  • A consistent and parallel rectangular profile 
  • Gives better control


  • Teeth are not sharp.

5. Crescent Nicholson 8″ Metal File

Crescent Nicholson 8

It is one of the best picks in our metal file review. With a compact, comfortable, and thick design, this tool works perfectly on both soft and hard metals. The manufacturer has claimed that the teeth can retain their sharpness for several years despite your regular usage. What’s more, you will find the amazing durability of this tool due to the use of hardened carbon steel. You may also use the metal file on knives, shears, and garden tools. 

The surface working space is much large, and it enables you to do your work without any issue. The unique feature of this tool is that it has both single-cut and double-cut sides. The double-cut is best for rough filing, while the single-cut one is perfect for the finishing work. When you are dealing with some restricted sites, the two safety edges will be useful for filing needs.

The thick metal file has a comfortable and ergonomic handle, and you can grip it easily.

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  • Rectangular shaped tool
  • Easy for filing troublesome ridges
  • Two safety edges


  • Used only for metal objects

6. Crescent Nicholson 9 Pc Metal File

Crescent Nicholson 9 Pc Metal File

We have another reliable product from Nicholson. Nicholson has offered a comprehensive set for professionals. You will get a number of metal files in this set. Based on your purpose, you may use the right one. There are total 9 pieces in this package and each of these tools has ergonomic handles.

With a minimal investment, you will have 1 round file, 2 mill files, 1 slim tapered, 2 half-round files, and 1 double-slim taper file. You will find the right tool to file a concave surface, create a fine finish on metals, and sharpen them. There are also tools to remove material from your metal objects.  

The best quality high-carbon steel used for these metal files has increased durability. The grip handles of all files are identical in look. However, you will find a difference in sizes. Furthermore, you will get a roll-up pouch to hold each of the tools. Manufacturers have included this pouch for easy identification of the tools. 

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7. KALIM Hand File Set

KALIM Hand File Set

We have chosen as one of the reliable metal file sets to file a range of objects. However, as the set contains a number of tools, you have to pick the right one for the right purpose. Kalim has designed the perfect model for every tool.

The 16-piece set includes 5 sandpaper sheets for grating, 3 metal files, and 6 needles files. Moreover, the package includes a brush to remove waste from the metal surface. There is also a carrying case to hold your files safely. Although the manufacturer has claimed that the set contains 16 pieces, it has 9 files. Other pieces in the package are some related accessories. For instance, you may use sandpaper to ensure a smoother and finer result. By using the brush, you can clean the surface easily.

The high-carbon steel files will surely last long. The resistant-impact teeth are best for filing tasks. Nonslip grip handle integrated with every tool ensures comfort to your palm.

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  • Includes essential tools
  • Best quality files
  • Strong teeth


  • Steel getting dull within a short time

8. JOEBOE 17-Piece Premium Metal File Set

JOEBOE 17-Piece Premium Metal File Set

Although it is slightly costly, you will find several accessories in this metal file set. Quality and durability are two major reasons for which we have chosen this product. The kit includes files of diverse shapes (6 flat, 3 round, 1 oval, 3 triangular, 1 square, and 2 half-round files). We think that craftsmen will surely find the right tool from this set.

Made of steel, metal files have a solid design with rugged and clean teeth. As manufacturers have applied protective coating, these files can withstand your regular usage. You will find the utmost level of smoothness in your file objects. Moreover, these tools have a rubber grip handle to provide you with comfort.

There is a tool bag included in the package. While you are not using these tools, you may store them in the bag. The spacious bag holds 9 items, and you may secure them with the integrated strap. 

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  • Carbon steel files
  • Two-colored attractive grip handles
  • Easy to use


  • Cheap brush

9. MINI Needle File Set

MINI Needle File Set

Kalim has offered a 6-piece metal file set with tools of a range of shapes and sizes. While the file length is 4”, the overall length of the tool is about 6”. To manufacture these tools, Kalim has used high-quality carbon steel. With superb strength and durability, the file set gives the best value to your investment. Although you use these tools regularly, they will retain their strength for several days. You may use these tools to sharpen wooden objects, plastics, and metal items.

The rubberized handles are soft to touch, and you can hold these tools comfortably. Your palms may be sweaty. Still, you will not feel inconvenience in gripping the metal files. Thus, try out this toolset for your regular needs. 

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  • Designed with alloy steel 
  • Used for multiple tasks
  • High-class material ensuring high durability
  • Easy to grip


  • Users having bigger hands may face problems.

10. FOUR UNCLES High Carbon Steel File Set

FOUR UNCLES High Carbon Steel File Set

Four Uncles has offered strong and potential metal files. The set consists of 20 pieces of tools that are useful for professionals. Manufacturers have used T-12 carbon steel to design these tools. They have maintained the ratio of elements used for the tool. The 1% carbon content has ensured the best composition in these tools. The coated and fine-grained tools perform best while you are dealing with metals and other objects. You may easily manage mechanical tasks with these tools. The metal file set includes 14 needle files, 4 bigger files, a 4-way wood rasp file, and a scratch brush.

The wood rasp file contains teeth and files of 4 styles. You can sharpen your blade with the flat file. The fine semicircular teeth help in smoothing the holes and openings on a surface.

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The rubberized handles are comfortable for your use. You can find a contoured and stable grip that simplifies your job. 

DIY lovers can store these tools in the portable carrying case. Keep your tools organized in the case and access them easily at any time.

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  • Ergonomically designed handles
  • Heavy-duty tools
  • Made of quality steel


  • Carrying case must be better.

Buying Guide

We have provided you with a brief guide on how to pick the best metal files for your needs. To purchase the right one, you need to focus on every feature of the tool.

Materials used for manufacturing metal files

Manufacturers have used hardened carbon steel to design these tools. In most cases, they use hardened carbon steel that lasts long. It is also essential to know what you can file with these small tools. The reliable and versatile tools enable you to file glass, metal, and plastic. 

Shape of files

You can find metal files of a range of shapes, like square, round, pointed, and half-round. Based on the shape that you need, you may choose the file.


You need to check out the tool size mentioned by manufacturers. However, while you have chosen a metal file set, you will find tools of different sizes. The overall size also affects the weight of the metal file and your comfort of using them.


When you are checking the construction of your metal file, you have to focus on the handle. The best tools always have a rubber grip to ensure comfort. Moreover, some of them have detachable handles, and while storing your tools, you may remove them.  

Safety edge

It refers to the smooth and flat side of your flat file. In some cases, when you need to protect the adjacent surface from metal filing, this feature is important.

Identify the style of teeth

The most important factor is to check the durability of the teeth. You must also analyze the coarseness level of your files. The teeth of these files help you in making sharp cuts. With the best quality teeth, you can save your efforts in dealing with metals and other objects.

With a longer file, you will find a fewer number of teeth per inch. You will have a coarser cut. Some other types of cuts are-:

  • Middle
  • Rough
  • Bastard
  • Smooth
  • Second Cut
  • Dead Smooth

Thus, the file length and teeth play a role in differentiating cuts.

Metal files: Categories

We can categorize metal files in a range of ways- 

  • Diamond files: With industrial diamonds added to the surface, these files are usable with tough surfaces, like steel and hardened carbide. 
  • Needle files: These files have cross-sectional shapes, and you can apply them on any uneven and inaccessible surface.
  • Hand file: You can notice a variation in the thickness level of these square-edged files. 
  • Flat file: It is a thick file with a narrow design at the edge.
  • Mill file: It has a very narrow and thin profile.
  • Square file: It has 4 cutting edges for large rectangular openings.
  • Round file: You may use it for making large and round openings and smoothening metal objects. 
  • Triangular file: As it has 3 cutting sides, we call them triangular files. You may also use it to sharpen your tools.


Now, you can pick the right one of the best metal files. Our buying guide and reviews will help you in buying the perfect tool. Use metal files for shaping metals and several other objects. 

You must also know about single and double-cut. The single-cut metal file has teeth in one direction. You can use it to sharpen scissors and other tools. The double-cut enables you to cut in two directions. You may apply it to remove rust and smoothen wood objects with slight pressure.

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