10 Best Multimeters in 2021

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A multimeter is an object that can assist you in electrical works and make the job much more comfortable. If you think that a multimeter is only used by professional electricians, then you are completely wrong. Multimeters can also be helpful for small electrical jobs that you can handle all by yourself.

The primary use of a multimeter is to measure the voltage, resistance, and current. With the emergence of digital multimeters, this has become a multipurpose tool. If you are searching for a good multimeter, then this guide will help you immensely.

The article contains reviews of some of the best multimeters along with their necessary features, pros, and cons. Wait no more and start your search for the best multimeter.

There are numerous multimeters in the market, which can make the decision quite confusing. Stated here are three of the best multimeters based on different requirements.

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Best Overall Pick

AstroAI TRMS 6000 Multimeter

AstroAI TRMS 6000 Multimeter
  • Equipped with capabilities of auto-ranging
  • Protection from accidental overload with tube fuses made from ceramic that is explosion-proof
  • The warranty period of 3 years

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Best Premium Pick

Fluke 117 Multimeter

Fluke 117 Multimeter
  • Perfect for professional electricians
  • The safety rating is Category III
  • Ergonomic design supports single-hand operation

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Best Budget Pick

Innova 3320 Multimeter

Innova 3320 Multimeter
  • Rubber corners are durable and safeguard the device.
  • Clearly visible LCD display
  • Functions are printed
  • Provides reliable measurements

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Other than the three multimeters mentioned above, there are seven other multimeters that are also quite effective in their functionality.

Find out about the pros, cons, and important features of each of these multimeters to help make your decision.

1. AstroAI TRMS 6000 Multimeter

AstroAI TRMS 6000 Multimeter

The AstroAI TRMS 6000 is termed as the best overall multimeter in this category. One of the highly recommended devices in the ten best multimeters, the AstroAI TRMS 6000 is equipped with some of the best features. The best thing about this device is that it has an auto-ranging feature.

The price of the device is very affordable, and you do not have to burn your pocket in trying to purchase this product. It is also equipped with data hold functions, which makes your work much easier. You will also be safe from explosions or accidents with the ceramic-made tube fuses present in the device.

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  • Tests for current, continuity, frequency, transistors, voltage, temperature, resistance, capacitance, and diodes
  • Auto-ranging feature
  • Affordable device
  • Backlit screen, hanging magnet, data hold function, and kickstand.
  • Accidental overload can be prevented due to the explosion-proof tube fuses made from ceramic.
  • The warranty period is of 3 years.


  • Drop protection is not present.

2. Innova 3320 Multimeter

Innova 3320 Multimeter

If you are looking for a multimeter that is budget-friendly, then the Innova 3320 might be your first choice. Completely budget-friendly, the Innova 3320 is a very pocket-friendly device. The device is equipped with a unique feature that you might not find in other devices is the drop protection feature.

Even if the device falls, it will be saved from damage due to the presence of the rubber guards on the corners. The large LCD on the device will help you in viewing the measurements very clearly. Along with that, the controls are front-facing, which makes them very easily accessible and easy to use.

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  • The device can be saved from getting damaged with the corner rubber guards.
  • Functions are clearly printed with a large LCD
  • Device is long-lasting
  • The price of the device is affordable.
  • Auto-ranging feature
  • Accurate measurements are presented.


  • No in-built protection available for preventing overloads
  • No availability of capabilities for temperature testing

3. Fluke 117 multimeter

Fluke 117 multimeter

Fluke is quite a well-known name in the market, so it is no surprise that Fluke 11 is a premium choice. Equipped with exceptional features, the Fluke 117 is highly recommended for commercial purposes. Due to it being a premium multimeter, the price of the device is quite high, which is not affordable for many people.

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There are specialized features in the device which ensures that there are no false readings. Along with that, the safety reading for the device is Category III, which means that it is perfectly safe to be used for commercial purposes.

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  • Professional electricians have contributed to the design of the device.
  • The device is perfect for being used in a professional setting by expert electricians.
  • Accurate measurements will be displayed.
  • Specialized features that help to prevent any false readings
  • The LED screen has a white backlight that helps in low light situations.
  • The safety rating is of category III that is perfect for handling commercial tasks.
  • Ergonomic design that makes single-hand use possible


  • Pricey

4. Fluke 87-V multimeter

Fluke 87-V multimeter

Another highly recommended product of the Fluke brand is the Fluke 87-V. Like the other Fluke products, this is also quite expensive and perfect for professional use. The best thing about this product and brand is that customer service is great. Along with that, the measurement taken is very precise and accurate.

The product is very sturdy, which means it can be used for a long time. Once you have invested in this product, you do not have to worry about any other multimeter investment. The operational capability of the device is also very good.

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  • Measurement is very precise and accurate
  • The device is sturdy and highly durable.
  • The LED screen is large and has a white backlight.
  • Easy operation
  • The customer service of the brand is great.
  • A continuity tester is excellent.
  • Perfect for professionals use that involves HVAC
  • Lifetime warranty period


  • The device is slightly costly.
  • No detection facility for non-voltage

5. Mastech MS8268 Digital Multimeter

Mastech MS8268 Digital Multimeter

The Mastech MS8268 may not be high up on the list, but one cannot ignore the functionality of the device. With an auto-ranging feature, you will not have to know the range of your house as the device will automatically scan it. It is also equipped with an auto-hold function that ensures that the measurement stays on the screen.

The safety rating of the Mastech MS8268 is Category III, which states that it can be used for commercial reasons as well as personal. There are built-in humidity and temperature sensors and uses AAA batteries to operate the device. 

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  • The display of the device can be set up easily.
  • Presence of sound warning when the device is set up wrongly
  • The display is bright and LED illuminated, which makes reading easy.
  • The rubber sleeve is highly durable.
  • The device provides long-term performance.
  • Easy operation
  • Presence of lead holders on the device back
  • The auto-hold function saves the readings.


  • The battery can get quickly drained.
  • Readings will not be zeroed out automatically.
  • The Manual is not clearly written.
  • Input protection is absent.
  • The frequency range has a narrow capacitance.

6. Klein Tools MM600 Multimeter

Klein Tools MM600 Multimeter

The Klein Tools MM600 is a device that is recommended for its accuracy and precision. Additionally, the device is also very affordable, which means that most people can invest in this product.

If you are on a strict budget but need to buy a multimeter urgently, then this is the model for you. The LCD screen of the device is inverted, which makes it easy for the user to read the measurements.

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  • Durable and strong
  • Affordable price range
  • Tests resistance, AC/DC circuits, and voltage
  • Readings can be easily read on display.


  • Absence of bar graphs
  • No presence of True RMS
  • Lack of proper contrast in some areas of the screen

7. Extech EX330 Auto-ranging Mini Multimeter

Extech EX330 Auto-ranging Mini Multimeter

The Extech EX330 is another auto-ranging feature multimeter that is quite compact. It can be easily carried around from one place to another without any hassle. This multimeter comes with many different features, but the price may be slightly higher than most multimeters.

Another very important thing to note about this device is that the readings are accurate. In addition to that, the readings are shown quite promptly, and the resolution is up to three decimal points, which provide a good accuracy rate.

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  • A rubber holster is used to enclose the device so that it does not get damaged.
  • Commercial use capable due to the certified safety rating of Category III
  • The auto-ranging feature enables reliable and precise measurements.
  • The design is compact and easy to port in any kind of carrier.


  • Battery life is low with the usage of dual AA batteries.
  • The device is quite pricey.

8. Fieldpiece SC260 multimeter

Fieldpiece SC260 multimeter

The Fieldpiece SC260 is quite a strong contender in the category of the best multimeter. Equipped with the unique feature of being able to measure both alternating as well as direct current, the device can be used effectively for all kinds of electrical use. It is also coupled with a data hold feature and actual RMS.

You will see that there is the presence of an indicator that lets you know when the battery is low. There is also the capability of auto switch off in the device. This feature ensures that the device gets switched off when it is no longer in use. 

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  • The reading for the multimeter is to a maximum of 400A.
  • The design of the device is slim.
  • Input protection of the device is good.
  • The display hold of the device is large.
  • Can measure DC as well as AC voltages
  • The multimeter is one of the best for electric purposes.


  • Temperature readings may not always be correct.
  • The reading for capacitance frequency as well as voltage can be flawed sometimes.

9. Tacklife Digital Multimeter TRMS 6000

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The Tacklife TRML 6000 is a relatively new entrant in the multimeter field. Relatively low priced and with a good safety rating, the device is good for commercial use as well. The exceptional LCD screen is highly visible, which is another advantage of the device.

You may, however, face some quality issues at certain times. Along with that is hard to get in touch with customer service if you face any issues.

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  • Affordable
  • The backlit display is highly visible
  • The safety rating is Category III


  • Problems with accuracy in the device
  • Customer service is not strong
  • Unit failure may occur in some cases.

10. Klein Tools Auto-Ranging Multimeter

Klein Tools Auto-Ranging Multimeter

The Klein Tools auto-ranging multimeter is the only device in this list that comes with a Category IV rating. The readout of this device is very simple, along with easily accessible functions. In addition to that, the construction of the device is made for heavy-duty tasks.

You may face some issues with switching on and off of the multimeter. This device is only worth investing in if you do not have a good budget but need to buy one for an emergency task.

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  • Safety rating certified with Category IV


  • May have problems with switching off and on.
  • Hard to get in touch with customer care
  • Battery capacity may not be up to the mark.

Things to Consider While Buying a Multimeter

The purpose of every multimeter is the same, and that is to measure the current, resistances, capacitances, voltages, and several other parameters. However, the choice for the perfect multimeter can become quite overwhelming due to the infinite number of products present in the market.

You need to choose a multimeter that can not only fulfill its purpose but also do it accurately. There is no point in choosing a multimeter that does not provide accurate measurements. Along with that, several other features need to be present in the multimeter. 

When you are choosing a multimeter, make sure that these factors are not missed out.


How the multimeter will function will depend on the specifications of the product. The specification can be understood by the ability of the multimeter based on its AC, AC Voltage, DC, DC Voltage, resistance, etc.

You will need a multimeter that is equipped with a CAT safety rating, which is essential for operating electrical devices. Make sure that the current accommodation capability of the multimeter is more than the power source. This is essential to prevent any kind of hazards that can harm you or your household.

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If you are opting for premium quality multimeters, then ensure that it has a proper RMX value and low impedance input, which is essential for the DC components.


A multimeter that does not provide accurate measurements is of no use and can also be very hazardous. If the measurement display is wrong, then it could lead you to follow the wrong steps needed to solve your electrical problem. That is why you need a machine that displays the exact measurements.

One thing to remember is that the accuracy level for multimeters comes with an error limit. Your multimeter should not cross this permissible limit, or it would not be considered to be the correct measurement. This means that you also need to know this maximum permissible room for error.

Energy Capacity

There is a maximum energy capacity of the circuits in your house. Knowing about the energy circuit will be very helpful for you when choosing the multimeter. This is because you need to choose a multimeter that has more energy bearing capacity then what your circuit possesses.

If you buy a multimeter that has a lower energy capacity than your circuit, then it can cause severe accidents. This should be avoided at any cost. If you are unsure of your circuit’s energy capacity, then you can take assistance from a professional.


The resolution specifies the numbers up to which the strength of the signal will be measurable. A good resolution will show you even the minuscule fluctuations suffered in the input signal, which dictates a change in the output signal. You will need to make sure that the multimeter you are choosing has a good resolution.

Whether you can afford to choose high resolution will depend on your budget. This is because multimeters with high resolutions will be very costly. However, these multimeters have more accurate and fast functionality. The digit displayed will be very precise, and the value will stabilize quickly.

Data Hold Function

This is one function that may not be termed as essential but can make your work easier. With this function, you can test different areas and record measurements without having to memorize the numbers. This means that the data recorded will be held in the multimeter for you to check once the entire test is done.

The data hold function is found in the majority of the good multimeters. This is easier to have when you have a wide area of the electrical task, and you need to test different circuits. Noting down the measurements after each test can become time-consuming, which will be reduced by the data hold function.

Ranging Feature

There are two kinds of ranging options that you will find in different multimeters. The first is auto-ranging, whereas the other is manual-ranging. As you can already understand from the terms, auto-ranging is when the multimeters recognize the testing range. You will get the output based on the auto range that will be determined by the multimeter.

On the other hand, manual-ranging involves user outing in the range. There will be preset ranges in the multimeter that you can select based on what your range falls under. Manual-ranging can be troublesome if you do not know what your range is.


A good multimeter will be your companion in every electrical task for a long time. You need to choose the device carefully so that you can use it for an extended period. That is why there are many features that you should look into. 

Following the different considerations mentioned in this guide will help you determine the things that should be present in the multimeter. If you are looking for an overall multimeter, then the AstroAI TRMS 6000 can be a great option; however, if you have budget constraints, then you can choose the Innova 3320 as well. 

Choose the multimeter that is suitable for you and get on with your task without any hassle!

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