10 Best Nail Pullers in 2021

best nail puller

Nailing at the wrong position can happen with any handyman, and this can put your building project at risk. Using a traditional hammer in this circumstance can damage your wood. Thankfully, the nail pullers are there to save your day. 

Though the nail pullers are not standard household tools, they still serve plenty of benefits. There is a wide assortment of nail pullers, and choosing one of them can be tricky. Stop worrying, as we are not going to leave you hanging in the middle of so many options. 

In this article, you can explore nail pullers that are versatile, durable, and have exceptional quality. Without further delay, let’s see which nail pullers have made it to our list. 

In case you are wondering which the top performers in this list are, we’ve done that work as well. Check our top 3 favorite nail pullers. 

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Best Overall Pick

Crescent 56 Nail Puller

Crescent 56 Nail Puller 

  • Excellent leverage
  • Reduced wood damage
  • Removes headless nails
  • Durable

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Best Premium Pick

Stiletto TICLW12 Nail Puller 

Stiletto TICLW12 Nail Puller 
  • Titanium construction
  • Light-weight
  • Convenient to use
  • Minimal surface damage 

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Best Budget Pick

Bates Nail Puller

Bates Nail Puller
  • Forged
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Affordable
  • Compact and small 

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If you want to explore more nail pullers, we have got more awesome products on this list. The pros and cons mentioned with each product will help you to make a better decision. We have a lot of products on this list that has something to offer for each buyer.  

1. Crescent 56 Nail Puller

Crescent 56 Nail Puller

The Crescent 56 Nail Puller has hardened jaws and forged alloy box-joint. Its sturdy and robust structure allows it to pull out all types of nails. They are an excellent option for professionals and casual home makeover projects. The different jaw designs are a better fit for professional jobs. 

You are going to like the black enamel finish, which adds an aesthetical touch to this tool. Expect these nail pullers to be a part of your toolkit for years to come. We also love the fact that this tool is so versatile and useful for flush nails. 

Moreover, they are incredibly inexpensive despite having all the high-end features. Our only complaint lies with the weight of this nail puller. The nail puller is lightly bulky to hold, which can affect your comfort while working. 

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  • The nail puller is highly affordable. 
  • It has tempered nails.
  • It can work with flush nails.
  • It doesn’t bend the nails while removing them. 
  • This puller is offering significant leverage. 


  • It’s slightly bulky to hold. 

2. Stiletto TICLW12 Nail Puller

Stiletto TICLW12 Nail Puller

A premium pick like Stiletto TICLW12 can increase the worth of a handyman’s arsenal. If we were to rate the aesthetics of this titanium tool, we’d give it a full score. This tool will be handy on the job site, thanks to the durability and power. 

Apart from its aesthetically value, the light-weight titanium construction has a grip on all nails. Unlike the steel bars, this tool will also protect you against recoil shocks. The nail puller has a comfortable grip, which will aid your performance. 

You will find this tool to be light-weight, which will also reduce fatigue while working. We would also like to pinpoint the 11.5-inch size, which gives you excellent leverage. 

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  • It doesn’t damage the surface while working on nails. 
  • The titanium construction is durable. 
  • It is incredibly light-weight and comfortable. 
  • This puller also comes with a nail exposer. 
  • It is offering satisfactory leverage. 


  • It is expensive. 

3. Bates Nail Puller

Bates Nail Puller

The Bates Nail Puller is a bang for the buck. Your hunt for a cost-effective yet powerful product will come to an end with this Bates Nail Puller. This nail puller can deliver exceptional performance for DIY projects as well as rough and tough building jobs. 

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You can count on the 11-inch nail puller to offer a tight grip for effective pulling. However, the size might not be so comfortable for all users. We like the soft plastic coating on the handles, which provides ergonomic support to the user. 

The high-carbon steel material construction is rust-resistant.  The claw design allows you to remove both short and long nails with ease. This nail puller creates the proper torque without having to put much force. 

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  • The high carbon steel material is long-lasting.
  • The plastic handle is comfortable to hold. 
  • It can cut the nails. 
  • The pricing is reasonable. 


  • This puller may be short for some. 

4. Estwing DEP12 Nail Puller

Estwing DEP12 Nail Puller

The Estwing DEP12 Nail Puller is another fantastic pocket-friendly tool on this list. This nail puller is a classic combination of longevity and strength. 

This budgeted tool is giving tough competition to the premium contenders on this list. 

We appreciate how the product has been forged into one piece. This type of design eliminates the weak spots in this nail puller. 

The unit has rounded heads, enhancing the torque and giving you additional strength to remove tough nails. 

The sleek structure of this tool allows it to get into confined spaces. Note that this product might have some concerns when it comes to quality.  Despite having a few minor cons, we still feel that the product is a great bargain. 

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  • It can quickly remove headless nails. 
  • The puller is sturdy and durable. 
  • The forging enhances the durability of this tool. 
  • It is excellent for hard to reach corners. 


  • There are a few quality-control issues. 
  • It is not ideal for large nails. 

5. DeWalt DWHT55524 Nail Puller

DeWalt DWHT55524 Nail Puller

Are you looking for a nail puller with great functions that won’t cost you a fortune? You should perhaps consider this DeWalt DWHT55524. You will agree that DeWalt is a one-stop-shop for all your building project tools. They have a wide range of high-quality tools, and this nail puller is the perfect example of that. 

The nail exposer in this puller will help you effectively take out nails without damaging the surface. The beveled claws ensure that the tool has the right grip on nails. The flat face also contributes to surface protection features. 

We have to highlight how the I-beam shaft makes it easier to pull out small and medium nails. You should not apply too much weight to the shaft, as the composition is not very durable. 

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  • It comes with a nail exposer. 
  • The beveled claws have a good grip. 
  • It is light-weight. 
  • This puller requires minimum force. 


  • The puller is not very durable. 
  • It may underperform while pulling big nails. 

6. Vaughan & Bushnell 4320 Nail Puller

Vaughan & Bushnell 4320 Nail Puller

This Vaughan & Bushnell 4320 puller is best in terms of durability and precision. The manufacturer has kept features like leverage and comfort in mind. You can carry this light-weight tool around and use it for a long time without worrying about fatigue. 

The best part is the 14″ extra-long size, which provides leverage and flexibility to the user. The slender claws can slide under the nails without damaging the surface. 

It has a chrome finish make, which is resistant to chipping or corrosion. The rounded edge design is favorable for a comfortable grip. 

You may face some issues with this tool while trying to pick headless nails. Apart from the problem with headless nails, this product has no other flaws. 

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  • The leverage is satisfactory. 
  • It is light and compact. 
  • The slender paws are effective in minimizing damage. 
  • The chrome finish makes the tool sturdy. 


  • It cannot work with headless nails. 

7. Stanley FMHT55008 Nail Puller

Stanley FMHT55008 Nail Puller

In a nutshell, this product is a must-buy for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Though the Stanley FMHT55008 Nail Puller has a compact size, it will never fail to deliver satisfactory results. You can rely on the high-carbon spring steel to improve the durability and overall strength of the claw bar. 

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The structure of this nail puller allows it to reach deeply entrenched and rigid nails. You will find that the handle of this puller is comfortable and easy to hold. The grip also acts as an insulator while working in harsh conditions. 

Stanley has tempered and heat-treated the puller to make it more viable for heavy-duty use. Some of the units may have uneven claws, which can be a drawback for the users. Also, we don’t think this puller can help for taking out big nails.  

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  • It is user-friendly. 
  • It can remove headless nails successfully. 
  • The sleek design is great for small places. 
  • It is made of high-carbon spring steel. 


  • It is only good with small nails. 
  • The claws are somewhat uneven. 

8. Crescent NP11 Nail Puller

Crescent NP11 Nail Puller

This tool is a second nail puller from Crescent and is equally useful as the previous one. However, this Crescent NP11 Nail Puller slightly falls short on the quality. Thanks to their ingenious design, you can remove the nail from the top or bottom of the surface.  

This nail puller can work with all nails, regardless of their size or head. The rubber grips are by far the most comfortable handles we have come across. You can tug, roll, or grip to pull out the nails with this puller. 

The forged head is made for longevity and strength. Before you get to decide anything, you must be aware of the quality issues with this puller. The jaws of the puller are uneven, and it does not come with a warranty. 

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  • It is an excellent product for budget buyers. 
  • The rubber grips provide ergonomic support. 
  • This tool can pull all types of nails. 
  • The forged head makes the tool more durable. 


  • It does not come with a warranty. 
  • The quality could’ve been better. 

9. Shark CORP 21-2029 Nail Puller

Shark CORP 21-2029 Nail Puller

The Shark CORP 21-2029 nail puller is a powerful and robust tool that is built to last. The secret of its extraordinary durability is the hardened steel alloy, which can withstand rough working conditions. You can expect an impeccable amount of torque from the rounded heads. 

What’s more? The size of the tool is sufficient to give you the leverage that you need for professionals jobs. You will notice that the product has a good grip with small nails. The sharp claws add to the versatility of the tool, making it viable for various construction environments. 

Most professionals will expect their nail pullers to provide maximum leverage. This feature, however, is missing in this nail puller. We were also expecting better handles and grips in this nail puller. 

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  • It can effectively remove small nails. 
  • The design is compact and sleek. 
  • It is long-lasting. 
  • The product is economical. 


  • The grips are not comfortable. 
  • The leverage is unsatisfactory. 

10. Dead On Tools EX9CL Exhumer Nail Puller 

Dead On Tools EX9CL Exhumer Nail Puller 

Last but not least, we have the Dead On Tools EX9CL on our list. This nail puller has all the bells and whistles that a professional would like in his tools. In terms of durability and performance, it is decent. Its narrow body is ideal for working in tight spaces. 

We also found that the circular saw wrench on the other end of this tool is of tremendous advantage. It did leave us in a bit of disappointment in many aspects. For instance, it cannot pull headless nails or big nails. 

The quality has also dropped due to shift changes in production units. Nevertheless, if you are a woodwork hobbyist, this tool can still cater to most of your requirements. Although, if you are a professional, you should consider another option. 

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  • You can remove sunken nails with this.   
  • It has high-quality construction. 
  • It is suitable for compact spaces. 
  • It also includes a circular saw wrench. 


  • The leverage for big nails is comparatively less. 
  • This tool cannot pull out nails without heads. 

Nail Pullers – Buying Guide

Our product reviews can help you to narrow down your options, but this buying guide will help you to make the ultimate choice. Before making a purchase, you must ensure that your selection has a green tick against all these features. 

By selecting a model that has all these features, you can avoid a bad buying experience. 


Can you imagine working with nail pullers that have uncomfortable or rough handles? Of course not, because they’ll affect your overall performance and add more pain to the task. You will require a handle that has an ergonomic structure and is durable. 

Metal or rubber coverage is the preferable material for nail puller handles. This feature will enable you to use the tool for a long time without facing any fatigue.

It will also help you to maintain a firm grip when you are working with tough nails. Before you buy a nail puller, make sure to check all the information about its handles. 

Working Surface

The best nail puller is the one that can pull out the toughest of nails without damaging the surface underneath. You must know that this is not possible with all the nail pullers.  

For protecting the wood or the surface from damage, the puller must have a specific structure. The pullers with smooth and round under diggers are perfect for this. Many pullers use pressurized air to pull out the nails. 

In our list of the best nail pullers, we have several products that can do the job without affecting the wood. 


The size of the nail puller is more important than you think. The size will offer you mainly two benefits – the ability to reach compact spaces & leverage. If your tool has a sleek and slim design, it can easily reach corners and tight spaces.  

It will ensure that the tool can access low clearance areas easily. Also, if the tool is smaller than the standard sizes, you will not have enough leverage. You will find it more difficult to apply force and hold a small nail puller. 

Therefore, you must consider the space and your requirements and then buy a nail puller. It’s best if you opt for a nail puller that is more than 11-inches long. 


Power is one of the essential factors that you should consider while buying a nail puller. Most of the nail pullers can dig out embedded nails and headless nails. However, many units cannot pull out large nails and nails without heads. 

The nail puller you pick should have enough grip and power to pull out deeply embedded nails. Also, the handle affects the ability of a nail puller. A puller with a long handle will help require less force and offer more torque. 

The Final Verdict 

There is a wide range of nail pullers available in the market. They vary based on size, functions, and many other factors. Having a nail puller in the toolkit is a must for professionals and DIYers. As you saw, each nail puller that we’ve picked is quite different from the other. 

It’s best if you follow our buying guide once you’ve narrowed down the options. It’s always better to choose a tool that is versatile, durable, and cost-effective. 

We hope that you were able to find the perfect buy through our product review and buying guide. Get a nail puller for your toolkit today, and make sure that you are ready for all job site challenges!

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