10 Best Push Mowers in 2021

best push mower

Push Mowers are a welcome addition to your tools shed when it comes to the cleaning and maintenance of your lawns. A well-cut lawn immediately improves the look of your place and makes it more welcoming.

Further, mowing the lawn not only keeps the grass trimmed but also gets rid of pesky pests. Hence, lawn mowers are essential in the household, especially the ones mentioned below.

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Best Overall

American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14

American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14
  • Cutting Height levels can be easily adjusted between half an inch and 1.75 inches.
  • It is an environment-friendly device that can be used instead of the mowers functioning on gas.
  • Assembly isn’t necessary and can be started immediately with no installation of parts or accessories required.

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Premium Choice

Sun Joe MJ500M Lawn Mower

Sun Joe MJ500M Lawn Mower
  • Cutting height level can be easily adjusted between 0.81 to 1.81 inches.
  • The collection bag is beneficial with a 6.6-gallon volume, and it’s detachable so that the waste can be removed.
  • Moving it around is comparatively more uncomplicated.

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Best Value

Fiskars Stay Sharp 362050 Mower

Fiskars Stay Sharp 362050 Mower
  • The Inertia Drive technology propels the cutting for the blade reel.
  • The StaySharp system ensures long-lasting blades used for cutting.
  • The collection is facilitated by the grass chute, which can be reversibly used.

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1. American 1204-14 Lawn Mower 

American 1204-14 Lawn Mower 

Here is the best overall choice of a push mower, which is the lawn mower model 1204-14 -It is coupled with balance and precision. The sharp blades enable an accurate trim, and the light-footed approach makes it a durable investment. 

The push mower is versatile, ideal for cutting grass grown to a length of up to 4 inches. Hence, the balance between comfort and power is a perfect combination at all points in time.

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  • Ease of use and accessibility is high.
  • Convenient for usage in prolonged durations.
  • The blades are made of steel alloy, which is long-lasting and stays sharp for a prolonged duration.
  • Lightweight function and convenient to handle on the straight paths as well as curves.
  • The reel comprises four blades, which helps you get rid of all your cutting woes.


  • Repeated cuts are required to get the perfectly cut lawn.

2. Snow Joe Lawn Mower

Snow Joe Lawn Mower

The Snow Joe keeps your woes and troubles of maintaining a well-cut lawn at bay. You have the quality and precision of a high-performing push mower at your beck and call.

With sharp blades, you get a precise cutting of the edges of grass. Also, the steel blades help obtain a 16-inch cutting width of the grass; thus, keeping the lawn well-cut and trimmed.

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  • Ease of assembly and usage is assured over an extended duration.
  • The blades are sharp, and their cutting precision gives you a lawn mowed to perfection.
  • The collection bag present at the back of the mower is beneficial for collection purposes.
  • The lightweight size facilitates easy moving and handling of the mower.
  • The grass can be clipped and collected up to the capacity of 6.6 gallons, which is detachable.
  • Five steel blades can easily give a 16-inch cutting width.
  • Comfortable grip and power are guaranteed with this mower.
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  • The handle is not tightly placed and can quickly get loose.

3. Fiskars Push Mower

Fiskars Push Mower

The mower’s 362050 model is easy to handle push mower enabled by intuitive technology to keep your lawns trimmed and cut within the defined level. The Stay Sharp technology keeps the blades razor-sharp and ideal for obtained defining cuts.

Also, the tricky corners and curvature can be maintained with this model of the push mower. For easy handling, the mower is adjusted according to your height. Hence, user comfort and desired results are maximized.

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  • The unique Inertia Drive reel leads double the cutting power with the thick blades equipped to cut in a reel motion.
  • The chain design is ideal for lowering the friction.
  • The driving force helps in reducing the power required to push the mower by 60%
  • Mowers are not only eco-friendly but also don’t cause noise pollution.
  • The need for gasoline or electrical power is eliminated
  • The Stay Sharp cutting system is equipped to maintain the sharpness for a long time.
  • Edges and corners can be easily cut with the help of the mower
  • The height of the mower can be easily adjusted so that you can comfortably mow our lawn.


  • Comparatively heavy in size, which makes it difficult to maneuver along the curves.

4. Black& Decker Corded Mower

Black& Decker Corded Mower

The EdgeMax push mower is enabled with intuitive technology of cutting the grass in the middle of the lawn and in the curvature and nooks where the normal ones wouldn’t reach.

Even though it is a corded mower, the ease of use is maximum, and the accessibility is high. With a comfortable grip, you can push the mower at ease. Further, the settings can be adjusted to attain numerous functions while mowing the lawn.

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  • Compact and lightweight for storage, which can be easily folded after usage.
  • The height can be adjusted as per your preference, for which there are seven different settings.
  • Ease of use and access is comfortable because it can be conveniently handled with an excellent grip.
  • The portability is high and can be carried around well.
  • The EdgeMax technology helps in cutting the grass in the corners and the curves.
  • The power of the motor is 13Amp, along with a 13-gallons collection bag for easy disposal.


  • The grass usually accumulates in the collection bag, and it’s challenging to get rid of.

5. Snapper XD Lawn Mower Kit

Snapper XD Lawn Mower Kit

The lawn mower kit is one peak performing push mower which starts and stops at the mere push of a button. There is no added inconvenience while using it and the advantages are multiple.

The mower is enabled by a Briggs and Stratton battery with a voltage output of 82V. Approximately 45-minutes run-time can be achieved with a single recharge of the battery.

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  • The mower is heavy-duty and is heavily-sized too.

6. Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower

The Greenworks Cordless variety is a breeze to work with and carry around because of the portability. Precision and accuracy are the two-pronged efforts that are attained with the push mower. 

A considerable amount of accessories and tools are available for usage. Battery mode can easily switch to the backup function with an easy start-up button. The ease and accessibility of the push mower are high.

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  • The cutting deck provides an incredible balance to help in cutting even medium-sized grass.
  • It is powered by a Lithium battery of 40V and runs for a long time with its smart technology.
  • The blades have a dual function, with both mulching and mowing carried out with ease.
  • Operational efficiency is high, and noise levels are almost negligible.
  • It can be run continuously for approximately 70 minutes.


  • It is low on power, which is required for cutting through blades.

7. Black& Decker Lawn Mower

Black& Decker Lawn Mower

A three-in-one push mower that runs on the Power Drive technology that maximizes power output with minimal effort. The device can be safely handled as it sounds and has more benefits than one.

The functions are so versatile and innovative, which is essential for obtaining desired results. Hence, the lawn mower delivers more than the expected results.

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  • The three-in-one functionality is impressive, wherein mowing, trimming, and cutting edges can be executed well.
  • It is enabled by a Power Drive transmission technology, which prevents it from getting worn out.
  • Compact and lightweight, which helps in easy handling of the mower.
  • The mower can be continuously run for approximately an hour before it needs to be recharged.
  • It is powered by two different batteries and is ideal for small spaces like gardens and yards.
  • The push mower is versatile and can be adjusted as per your preference so that you can conveniently handle it.


  • Power is low, which is necessary for mowing and cutting grass with precision and accuracy.

8. American 1304-14 Lawn Mower Company

American 1304-14 Lawn Mower Company

The 1304-14 model is a one-of-a-kind model that can help you heave a sigh of relief when it comes to mowing your lawns. An eco-friendly alternative makes it an ideal choice at any point in time.

The mower is gas-less and has no carbon-emissions making it an eco-friendly device. The handle is cushioned, which imparts a comfortable grip so that you can easily maneuver it on different types of lawns.

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  • The reel is made of five blades which can cut up to a width of 14 inches.
  • Lightweight, which is easy to handle and maintain.
  • The cut is in the form of a scissor action and can cut the grass to 4 inches in length.
  • The blades are made of steel, which remains sharp for a long and gives precise cuts for an extended duration.
  • It’s a practical choice for the environmentally-conscious individuals.
  • The ease of use and assembly is high and convenient over the long-term.


  • The cutting precision can get weakened after an extended duration.

9. The States 304-14 Push Mower

The States 304-14 Push Mower

The 304-14 model is an ideal push mower whose ability to cut grass up to 14 inches in width. The quick function and comfort while using the mower make it a preferred choice for mowing lawns. 

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The handle’s design is T-shaped and is comfortable to maneuver around and use for a long time. The grip is comfortable with a sleek hold and cushioned padding for support.

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  • The blades are made up of a steel alloy, which helps keep them sharp for a long time.
  • The mower is quick and makes clean cuts with its blades that cut up to 14 inches in width.
  • Compact and lightweight, which makes it easy to use and convenient to move around.
  • The 5-blade enabled reel rolls over the lawn quickly and is resistant to sudden jerks or movement.
  • It is low on maintenance and saves time and effort.


  • Unable to cut effectively through thick and long grass.

10. Greenworks  Lawn Mower

Greenworks  Lawn Mower

The 25022 model of the lawn mower keeps your lawn well cut and trimmed and lush green. With the 3-in-1 capacity, you’re sorted with all your needs in one machine.

A large variety of tools and accessories are available. The motor is powerful for supporting the cutting of the grass with accuracy and precision. The steel deck provides additional durability to the mower.

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  • The mower has a 3-in-1 activity wherein mulching and mowing are possible with the discharge and collection co-occurring.
  • Storage is simple, and usage is convenient.
  • The lock-in function helps lock in the integrated power cord so that there is no accidental connection fault.
  • There are no batteries and power involved, and it works on a simple plug-in function.


  • Coarse and thicker spurts of grass take more time to get cut.

Push Mowers Buyer’s Guide

There is a wide range of factors that can help you make a judicious decision when buying a push mower. Below are a few factors:

1)Power output

In the market, there are many varieties of lawn mowers available. Depending upon your preference and the ease of handling a unit, there are corded and cordless mowers. Due to the portability factor, the cordless ones are preferred though the power generated by them may not be sufficient compared to the ones connected to a power source all the time.

2)Operational efficiency

A lawn mower is selected depending upon the ease and convenience with which it can be used. Nobody would want to be moving around a heavy unit when its lighter version or counterpart is available. The controlled usage of a mower is determined by its weight and other functions as well.

3)Blade reel

The precision and accuracy at which the cuts are made is a critical factor to be considered. The reel can have four or five blades, but their accuracy and cutting function are necessary to obtain cuts of a desired length and width.


Before narrowing in on your option, it is always preferred to be sure about your needs. You have to ask yourself questions like whether the push mower is being used just for mowing or cleaning up debris too. Whether the mower is used for maintenance or decorative purpose also.


As we reach towards the end of the product reviews, you have a better idea about push mowers, their functions, features, and why you need to invest in one.

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