10 Best PVC Pipe Cutters in 2021

best pvc pipe cutter

It is quite common to look for the right PVC pipe cutters as a bad quality one can really hamper the requirements you have for your work! To make it simpler for you, we have researched and come up with the best and most reliable choices when it comes to PVC pipe cutters.

Whether it is the sturdiness, costing, or some other factor, all the essentials have been individually analyzed.

Keep reading to find out more!

For your convenience, we have tried to list our top 3 choices before the extended reviews of the ten best PVC Pipe Cutters. They are as follows:

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Best Overall Choice

Zantle Ratchet Type Tube Cutter

Zantle Ratchet Type Tube Cutter
  • Single Hand Operation
  • Durable
  • Safe to Use
  • Service comes with One Year Warranty.

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Premium Choice

RIDGID 23498 Ratcheting PVC PIPE Cutter

RIDGID 23498 Ratcheting PVC PIPE Cutter
  • Easily Replaceable X-CEL Blade
  • Durable
  • Full Lifetime Warranty

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Best Budget

Orbit 26085 PVC Pipe Cutting Tool

Orbit 26085 PVC Pipe Cutting Tool
  • Heavy Duty Aluminium and Steel construction
  • Price Relatively Reasonable
  • Ratcheting Jaws to lessen the effort

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Below, you will find a list of our top 10 favorites with their details, including our first three picks as mentioned above! We have tried to list all technicalities and specifications for each one of them. Here’s hoping you find the PVC Pipe Cutter that you have been looking for! 

1. Zantle Ratchet Type Tube Cutter

Zantle Ratchet Type Tube Cutter

First up is our overall favorite and editor’s choice, Zantle Ratchet Type Tube Cutter. Known for its single-handed operation and feasibility, it is a perfect option for all those in need of a good PVC Pipe cutter. 

With a manganese body, the sturdiness of the cutter has absolutely no match! The best part is that it can cut a pipe with a diameter up to 42 mm or 1-⅝ inches through an adjustable cutter mouth. Along with cutting PVC, Plastic, and rubber piping, this cutter can also be used to cut aluminum pipes.

 It is also extremely safe in its application. There is a small buckle at the end of the cutter that can be used to safely lock it. The cutter is designed to not crush the pipe and leaves behind a precise cut. Plumbers, electricians, and handymen can use it efficiently, thereby making it user friendly.

Zantle Ratchet Type Tube Cutter is an overall pick because it pretty efficiently does the job it has been bought for and therefore becomes the best choice available in the market.

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  • Single Hand Operation
  • Cuts up to 1-⅝ inches of the pipe diameter 
  • Great locks 
  • Zantle provides a year’s warranty. 


  • Blade Durability is on the lower side.

2. RIDGID 23498 Ratcheting PVC PIPE Cutter

RIDGID 23498 Ratcheting PVC PIPE Cutter

Our personal premium choice for PVC Pipe Cutters is the RIDGID 23498 Ratcheting PVC PIPE Cutter. The biggest plus point of this option is the easily replaceable X-CEL quick change blade.

The material of this cutter is Aluminium, which enables heavy-duty cutting. There is a ‘burr less’ cutting operation that can give the user a square cut easily, irrespective of whether it is a PVC, CPVC, PP, PE, Rubber hose Pipe, or Multilayer tubing.  

The cutter has a tube cutting capacity of 3mm to 42mm (⅛ inch to 1-⅝ inches). The presence of ergonomic grips on the bottom handles at ½ inches increments provides a quick measure of the pipe. It is one of the excellent cutters available in the market since it gives a good user experience and great quality.

The price is relatively on the higher side, and that is the only reason we have regarded it as the premium choice. Although the Company offers a lifetime warranty, so investing your money in it for the long run could be profitable.

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  • Replaceable X-CEL change blade
  • Lifetime Service
  • Can cut up to 1-⅝ inches of the pipe diameter 
  • Sharp and smooth Cuts


  • Extremely overpriced

3. Orbit 26085 PVC Pipe Cutting Tool

Orbit 26085 PVC Pipe Cutting Tool

Orbit 26085 PVC Pipe Cutting Tool is another great pick when it comes to choosing the ideal PVC pipe cutter. The cutter comes at an affordable price and is a great fit for people dealing with low diameter pipes. It can cut pipes up to 1 inch in diameter, which covers PEX, Vinyl tubing, and small PVC pipes.

The ratcheting jaws of this tool help reduce user effort. Orbit 26085 PVC Pipe Cutting tool is made of heavy-duty aluminum and steel, which is heat-treated, thereby increasing its durability.  

The blade is well in place and sharp, making the process of cutting faster and cleaner. This product is a sure shot buy when it comes to affordability and durability.

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  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Easy to Use
  • Replaceable Cutting Blade


  • Cutting Capacity of only 1 inch

4. Superior 37115 Pipe Cutter Tool

Superior 37115 Pipe Cutter Tool

Probably one of the few cutting tools that are capable of cutting beyond 1-⅝ inches of the tube diameter. This is a great pick for you if you deal in extra-large PVC pipes and heavy-duty cutting.

The cutting capacity for this PVC Pipe Cutter goes up to 2-½ inches in diameter. Its blade is also easily replaceable, making it a tool you can use for a long time. The wide hooked jaw is meant to hold the pipe properly to enable sharp and clean cuts.

Through the use of the ratchet mechanism, Superior 37115 Pipe Cutter Tool gives maximized cutting. Keeping it straight to the point, It is a cutter that is meant to last for a buyer. The main drawback, though, is its size and weight since it becomes difficult to carry this hefty cutter.

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  • Extremely essential when cutting pipes of diameter more than 2 inches
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • The secure holding of the Pipe


  • Hefty to hold and use
  • Expensive as compared to other options
  • Cannot be dealt with easily

5. Knoweasy PVC Pipe Cutter

Knoweasy PVC Pipe Cutter

Knoweasy PVC Pipe Cutter is also one of the great cutters available in the market, keeping in mind the features it has and the price it comes at. It can cut almost all types of plastic pipes such as PVC, CPVC, PP, PEX, PE, as well as multilayer tubing. The material of the cutter is manganese and can go up to 1-⅝ inches of cutting diameter. 

On the other hand, the product’s blade is made of stainless steel, which makes it strong and durable. The pawl of the cutter prevents blade bounce back and reduces your efforts by 30%. 

Along with ratchet technology, the cutter becomes very efficient and easy to use. The auto-locking function adds to safety while using this tool.

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  • Can cut multiple types of pipes as well as multi-layered ones
  • Durable
  • Gives smooth cuts


  • Cuts can be irregular.

6. Knipex 90 25 40 PVC Pipe Cutter

Knipex 90 25 40 PVC Pipe Cutter

This Pipe Cutter is for all those people who are interested in cutting thick pipes with accuracy. It can cut composite pipes of 26 to 40 mm in diameter. The cutter’s body is made of high-grade chrome vanadium electric steel, which is oil-hardened, making it very durable.

The ratchet technology works here, giving it a clean rectangular cut. Another great feature is the self-adapting pipe support, which helps the placement of the pipe properly according to its diameter. The easily exchangeable blades make it long-lasting and viable in the longer run.

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7. Graintex PC1799 Ratcheting PVC Pipe Cutter

Graintex PC1799 Ratcheting PVC Pipe Cutter

This Pipe Cutter is for the people who use it occasionally and for pipes that they can cut by themselves without the help of a plumber or electrician. The tool can also cut pipes with diameters up to 1-⅝ inches. 

The cuts can be both for square and round pipes. It also comes with a retractable blade and spring release. One of the plus points is that it is made of lightweight molded aluminum and includes a square pipe anvil. The steel blade is replaceable, which gives the cutter a long life.

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  • Easy to Use
  • Replacement blades available
  • Great tool Safety-wise
  • Cheap


  • Since it is a cheap buy, the product may be prone to defects as compared to its subordinates.

8. RIDGID 23488 PVC Pipe Cutter

RIDGID 23488 PVC Pipe Cutter

This Pipe Cutter is very close to the Ridgid 23498 PVC Pipe Cutter but with some differences. Like 23498, It can also cut PVC, CPVC, PE, PEX, PP pipe diameters of up to 1-⅝ inches. The weight of this cutter is 4.2 ounces, making it a very lightweight option for users.  

The working is based on a single stroke movement, so it becomes a great model to buy for a consumer. Spring-loaded handles make the process even easier.

The blade for this cutter is also reversible and thus, provides two times the blade life. Ridgid gives its customers a lifetime warranty, so that is a win-win situation in case of any material defects. 

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  • Can cut in a single stroke
  • The cutting capacity is 1-⅝ inches in diameter.
  • Lightweight
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The replacement blade is expensive.
  • The cuts can be irregular.
  • The absence of ratchet technology makes it a little difficult to use

9. Klein Tools 88912 Tool- PVC and Multilayer Tubing Cutter

Klein Tools 88912 Tool- PVC and Multilayer Tubing Cutter

One of the best options for professional plumbers or electricians will be this cutter. This Pipe Cutter can cut diameters from ⅛ to 1 inch for pipes. 

For O.D. multilayer plastic tubing, the cutting diameter is 1 inch, while for Schedule 40 PVC Pipe, it goes up to ¾ inch. There is a handle latch present on this tool that keeps the cutter closed. The cutter has a rubberized grip, which makes it good for daily use, and is also designed in an anti-impact form.

It is formed of Magnesium cast as the material while the steel blade is PTFE coated, which enables smooth and easy cuts. Klein Tools 88912 Tool- PVC and Multilayer Tubing Cutter is one of the best options for Vent Lines and Drains.

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  • High-quality Cutter for professional Work
  • Highly Viable
  • Durable
  • Replaceable blades


  • Low Strength

10. Milwaukee 48-22-4200 Pex/Tubing Cutter

Milwaukee 48-22-4200 Pex/Tubing Cutter

This is probably the only cutter that can actually be compared to a simple amateur instrument and be readily used as a DIY project tool. Made of a metal core, it is sturdy and effective in its application.

The Cutter has an increased tool life due to the innovative patent-pending replaceable steel blade that it comes with. The blade is basically double ground V-shaped and can cut up to 1-inch diameter pipes. 

The one-handed locking mechanism is also very helpful for giving the buyer the clean-cut he/she desires. One of the best features of this cutter is the reworked frame that helps in the correction of mistakes for new users and rust protection.

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  • Locking Mechanism
  • Easy to Use for amateurs
  • Durable


  • Tends to give non-straight cuts and blunts

PVC Pipe Cutter Buyer’s Guide

The final nail in the coffin is the question, which pipe cutter should you choose and buy? 

You can keep the following parameters in mind while choosing the PVC Pipe cutter you require:

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The first and foremost point to be kept in mind is the quality of the product. Since you will be spending money on it, the pipe cutter should be worth it. One must be wary of the seller he/she is purchasing the model from as well as the brand. It is also suggested to try the pipe cutter before you actually buy to check the quality and flexibility of the product.


It is extremely important to have the knowledge of your pipe circumference and then buy the pipe cutter. The Piper cutter should have a cutting capacity that can take in your pipe’s diameter; otherwise, it is of no use.

The presence of a good adjustable cutting mouth is always preferable. For a plumber/ electrician, it is crucial to have a pipe cutter that can suit a wide variety of diameters and can work well with any of the measurements in its range.


The Product should be durable and should at least be viable according to the price you paid. Pay attention to the material with which the cutter body and blade are made of. Its additional features such as a rubber topping or an extra lock help in increasing the durability.

The design of the product also defines durability and should be counted while looking for the product you need.


Another important parameter is the budget of the product that you are buying. Keep in mind your spending capacity, and then go for the pipe cutter that suits you the most. The price of the product should be on the same lines as the money that can be spent.

Comfort of Use

An essential factor that you need to pay attention to is the product’s weight and the comfort a user can experience while actually utilizing it. There is absolutely no point in buying a product according to your needs and thereafter figuring out that the product isn’t easy to use or carry for that matter.

Find a Pipe cutter whose dimensions suit you and your line of work, then decide on whether you should spend your money on it or not.

To make things short and crisp, if you look forward to something that is cheap and can help you with small PVC Pipes, then you know Orbit 26085 PVC Pipe Cutting Tool is your answer. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for a tool that you will be using regularly and for the long term irrespective of the price, then RIDGID 23498 Ratcheting PVC PIPE Cutter is the choice to make. It becomes the best option in such a scenario. 

While keeping all this in your mind, there might arise a need to have a cumulatively useful product that has an overall good approach to all the parameters, then Zantle Ratchet Type Tube Cutter comes to the rescue. Thinking of pipes with a diameter of more than 1-⅝ inches, you will have to switch to Superior 37115 Pipe Cutter Tool. 

Summing it up

All the PVC Pipe Cutters mentioned above have their own positives and negatives. What matters the most is the user’s need and approach. Look at your requirements and then figure out the cutter that checks your boxes. The most important point, irrespective of your particular need, is the quality of the tool and the safety it can assure its users.

It is equally crucial to realize the significance of having tools that provide the least amount of harm to anybody who uses it. In the list provided above, we have tried to encompass all the major demands that arise in a person’s pipe cutting experience and the variations that one can see whilst keeping safety in mind. We wish you found the pipe cutter you have been looking for.

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