10 Best Right Angle Drills in 2021

best right angle drill

A right angle drill is a special drill with the head angled at 90 degrees. The head’s backside does not rise above the grip line, and that’s why it is different from other standard drills. Although the right angle drills are mostly useful for plumbers and electricians, other DIY enthusiasts also buy them. A regular drill cannot easily fit into some tight spots, and thus, you can invest in this right angle drill. There are several right angle drills available in the market. We have chosen some of them and reviewed their features to help you in making a purchase. Read our review thoroughly.

We have presented you with the best features of the high-rated right angle drills. You can easily compare them to make decisions.

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Best Overall

Milwaukee Electric Tool M18 2615-21CT

Milwaukee Electric Tool M18 2615-21CT
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Drill mode and 11 settings
  • Electronic clutch 

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Premium Choice

Makita XAD03PT right angle drill

Makita XAD03PT right angle drill
  • Brushless motor
  • 0-350 RPM and 0-1, 400 RPM
  • Automatic speed adjustment technology

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Best Budget

Ryobi P241 right angle drill

Ryobi P241 right angle drill
  • Longneck design 
  • LED lighting
  • Rubberized overgrip

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1. Milwaukee Electric Tool M18 2615-21CT Right Angle Drill

Milwaukee Electric Tool M18 2615-21CT Right Angle Drill

We have found it to be one of the best cordless right angle drills for woodworkers, plumbers, and other repairers. As a novice, you can read the manual’s setup and operation process and start using the tool.

The most notable part of the drill is the 3/8 inch electronic clutch, including more than 11 torque settings. Moreover, you will get the advantage of the LED indicator while fastening. With the unique clutch system and the head length, this M18 2615-21CT is a compact model.

While drilling holes, M18 2615-21CT can maintain a speed of about 1500RPM. The speed selectors and clutches are user-friendly options.

THE M18 18V battery uses the REDLITHIUM Battery technology, and thus, it can work for a long period with a single charge. The electronic clutch delivers a torque of up to 125 in-lbs. Furthermore, the Single Sleeve ratcheting clutch provides an optimal grip.

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  • Highly durable
  • Built-in LED
  • A drill mode with multiple speed settings


  • Slightly heavier

2. Makita XAD03PT right angle drill 

Makita XAD03PT right angle drill 

Lots of electricians and plumbers have chosen this right angle drill from Makita. You can select Makita XAD03PT to drill both small and large holes. Use some self-feed bits for drilling holes of about 4-5/8 inches.

You need 18V LXT lithium-Ion batteries to operate this model, and most users have claimed that this cordless unit delivers power like that of the corded models.

The specially designed brushless motor works at 2-speed levels. When you are dealing with high-torque applications, 0-350RPM is the right speed level, and you can drill a hole of 6-1/4-inch. The second speed range is 0-1400RPM, and the highest level is the perfect choice while you do not need to work with bits, which do not require high torque mode. Thus, based on your purpose, you may adjust the motor speed.

This model’s performance standard has pleased most of the users, and you will get the best value from using it.

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  • Premium Makita-built motor
  • Automatic Speed Change
  • Electric brake
  • Metal gear housing
  • An adjustable handle


  • Gears must be of better quality.

3. Ryobi P241 right angle drill

Ryobi P241 right angle drill

Ryobi P241 is a highly functional right angle drill with a lightweight design. You can easily grip the tool comfortably and securely, as there is a special GripZone. Moreover, the perfectly positioned forward/reverse selector enables you to alter direction using one hand. That is why you can drill holes at any angle.

There is a brushed motor, which can achieve a speed of about 1100 RPM. However, you must not do heavy-duty jobs with this tool. The ⅜” chuck is another feature found in most other models. You can manage most of the bits for your household projects.

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The right angle drill reaches the torque level to 130 inches/pounds, useful for light and medium-duty assignments. Ryobi P241 includes an onboard magnetic tray holding fasteners and bits while using your holds to operate the tool.

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  • Compatible with different batteries
  • A budget-friendly price tag
  • An ergonomic design


  • A large profile

4. Bosch PS11BN Right angle drill

Bosch PS11BN Right angle drill

The 12V cordless right angle drill has become a popular choice of several professionals. The lightweight and ergonomic structure with soft grips will comfort you while using it for a long time.

The pivoting head is adjustable to 5 positions. You can rotate it to 90 degrees vertically and 180 degrees horizontally. That is why plumbers find it useful for drilling holes in tight spots.

The integrated LEDs also ensure high visibility when you are working in some dark places. Another notable feature of the drill is the auto-lock chuck (3/8 inch) that simplifies the bit replacement process.

As it is a battery-operated model, manufacturers have added electronic cell protection. That is why you can continue using the battery for an extended period.

The torque level can reach up to 101 in-lbs, and the motor can work with a speed of 300RPM. However, you must not use the right angle drill at a very high speed, reducing durability.

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  • Include LEDs
  • Quality motor brake
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Comfortable grip


  • Keyless chuck not holding driver bits properly.

5. DEWALT DCD740B MAX Right Angle Drill, Cordless 

DEWALT DCD740B MAX Right Angle Drill, Cordless 

Dewalt is one of the reputable brands manufacturing corded and cordless tools for professionals. This 20V power tool has an engine working with a speed of about 2000 RPM. At a low speed, you can drive screws effortlessly.

There is also a chuck reducing the overall device length. The keyless 3/8″ chuck includes a deep hex pocket for the installation of large hex bits. The unit is small, and its back length is about 4 inches. That is why you may use it for any awkward angle. Moreover, the integrated LED and belt clip have made this device highly versatile. Like other DDeWalt’smodels, DCD740 uses 20V sled-on style batteries for its operation.

Overall, this right angle drill’s length, weight, and performance are highly acceptable to many professionals. You may also try it out for your professional and DIY projects. 

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  • User-friendly design
  • A big trigger
  • Large bits fitting easily
  • N
  • LED light


  • Plastic clutch

6. Makita AD03R1 right angle drill

Makita AD03R1 right angle drill

We have chosen another high-end right angle drill for your needs. The angle head dimension is about 3-5/16 inches, and you can quickly drill holes. Moreover, the rubberized grips, barrel grip design, and an easily operable paddle switch are some ergonomic features of the drill. You can continue drilling a hole for long hours in any tight space. The integrated LED lights are useful for illumination while drilling holes in a dark room.

The AD03 also includes a 3/8” keyed metal chuck that provides you with a bit of gripping advantage. The angle head height is about 2-1/2”. Besides, you need 12V CXT Lithium-Ion slide-style batteries to operate this cordless model. Due to the perfect balance of ergonomics and performance, several professionals have invested in this product.

You can use Makita AD03R1 for both driving and drilling applications, as the speed ranges from 0 to 1000 RPM.

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  • LED with afterglow
  • High power and speed
  • An ultra-compact size


  • Slightly bulky

7. Bosch PS11-102 right angle drill 

Bosch PS11-102 right angle drill

Bosch PS11-102 is one of the reliable battery-operated models best for both skilled professionals and beginners. Operated with 12V batteries, this drill has a speed of about 1300RPM, and the torque delivered by it is 115 in-pounds. The drill machine has a straight handle, and you can grip it easily. 

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You can turn the pivoting head from 90 to 180 degrees based on your needs and comfort. Simply hit the articulation button present in the head. The narrow grip and large paddle trigger have made this model a user-friendly one. You will not face issues while operating the model wearing gloves.

The Bosch driver included in the package can sink 3-inch screws. Its drilling capacity is up to ¾” in wood and 3/8-inch in mild metal. While tightening a screw, you will find the auto-lock feature much useful. That is why you may use this when the switch is off. This lets you use the drill like a screwdriver.

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  • LED lights are a terrific feature when working in dim areas.
  • Solid and smooth rotating head 
  • Sturdy motor


  • No torque adjustment.

8. Makita DA3010F right angle drill 

Makita DA3010F right angle drill 

Makita DA3010F is a compact model with a variable speed and LED lights. When you need a high-efficient and durable drill, you can invest in this product. You may manage your tool with one of your hands and apply it for narrow spaces. 

As Makita DA3010F is a corded tool, it does not need to carry batteries for its operation. That is why it is not bulky in design. The chuck size of this drill is about 3/8-inches. However, we think that 1/2-inch chucks are better options to hold most of your accessories and bits. You may use this drill for your household tasks. 

The drill works with a speed of about 2400 RPM, and thus, you can use it to manage most of your projects effortlessly. The model also includes a paddle switch and speed-limiting dial to prevent over-tightening problems. The 4.0AMP motor is one of the reliable features of this drill. Moreover, the integrated LED illuminates the dark space to help you in working correctly.

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  • A built-in clutch to prevent damage
  • A long cord
  • High RPM value


  • Short Warranty

9. DEWALT DCD740C1 Right Angle Cordless Drill 

DEWALT DCD740C1 Right Angle Cordless Drill

DCD740C1 is a high-end drill with a right-angled design and dual-speed adjustment system. The speed ranges are 0-600 and 0-2000 RPMs, and thus, DCD740C1 is a highly versatile model for drilling professionals. Overall, the design is sturdy and lightweight. You can do overhead tasks and repetitive tasks by choosing the right speed level.

DCD740C1 is easily operable and comfortable for your use. You can hold the soft grip to do your work. There is no need to apply much effort to do your job. The compact power tool enables you to access tight spaces very quickly. Moreover, the uniqueness of the drill lies in its multi-grip system providing convenience and comfort.

You need quality batteries of 20 Volts to operate the tool. This drill’s performance has pleased most users, and you may try it out for your purpose.

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  • Dual speed ranges 
  • Compact length
  • Lightweight


  • Battery quality must be better.

10. Makita AD04R1 right angle drill 

Makita AD04R1 right angle drill

Makita AD04R1 is another battery-operated right angle drill with a durable and high-end motor. The torque delivered by this motor can be up to 245 in. lbs. That is why you can choose this right angle drill for a range of applications. 

Novice users will not face issues in gripping the model and operating it. Manufacturers have created an ergonomic design for the drill. You can use the barrel grip to ensure your comfort during your continuous use of the system. Moreover, we have noted a variable speed level like that of other best quality drills in the market.

The system also has an integrated LED and a keyless chuck. You have to buy a 12V Lithium-Ion 4.0Ah battery, as it is not included in the package.

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  • No fatigue in your hands
  • Speed is adjustable.
  • Quality motor with superb performance 


  • Must be more powerful

Buying Guide

The right angle drills are the best options for professionals who need to drill holes in some tight spaces. That is why we have picked the most reliable and high-quality drills for their needs. We have analyzed the features and other details of every chosen product. Still, you need a guide to buying the perfect one for your purpose.

Different models

The most important thing is the right angle drills are available in a range of models.

Corded- A corded right angle drill is highly popular, and it needs electrical power for operation. You can use it for a heavy-duty task, as it can deliver a high torque level.

  • Cordless- It does not include cords and relies on batteries to get power. Portability is the most significant advantage of this cordless model, and thus, you can take it to any place by charging the battery.
  • Air-powered- Although it delivers high power, you need an air compressor to operate it. Moreover, the price is comparatively higher than that of other models.

From these basic details, you can decide on the type of drill essential for you. You have to focus on some factors to buy your right angle drill.

Size of your drill

You have to check the right angle drill size to pick the best model. The perfect size ensures that you will not encounter problems while using drill bits. As one of the regular drill users, you may easily identify the right one for your needs. The chuck size can range from ¼ inch to ⅜ inch. The drill size has to correspond to the chuck size.

Battery life

Nowadays, as most users prefer cordless models, we must not overlook this factor. A high-quality battery works consistently and enables you to operate your tool smoothly. Some standard models need 18V batteries for their operation. However, you may find the right angle drills working with two batteries.

The motor speed of your drill

The motor part plays an important role in determining the overall performance of your drill. The electrically operated tools may have a high RPM level. In most cases, RPM ranges from 1300 to 1600. Thus, the higher RPM results in a higher speed level. There are models with 2 variable speed ranges, and you can adjust them based on your needs. Check out the speed trigger mechanism while buying the right angle drill.

Reverse Switches

It is not a vital feature of the right angle drill. However, we have found the value of reverse switches integrated with a few models. These switches enable you to adjust the rotation’s direction by clicking a button. That is why when you switch back and forth between screwing and drilling; you do not need to use additional tools.

Materials used in the drill

You may feel discomfort while using a bulky right angle drill for everyday purposes. Thus, it is better to look for a lightweight right angle drill. Make sure that your drill is easy to carry to any place without much effort.

Built-in LEDs

 Like carpenters, electricians, and plumbers, professionals may need to work in tight and dark spaces. Visibility may be an issue while drilling holes in these places. To prevent this problem, drill manufacturers add an LED to the unit. You can turn on the light and illuminate the space to continue your work comfortably.

Ergonomic handles

In some cases, when you operate the device, the system starts vibrating. It is better to prefer the right angle drill that has a specially designed vibration-reducing handle.


Now, you can decide on the best right angle drills for your use. Our reviews and comprehensive buying guide will help you to pick the perfect one.

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