10 Best RJ45 Crimpers in 2021

best rj45 crimper

Crimping tools are one of the common essentials to phone technicians and network specialists. These tools help in bending metal pieces to create a crimp, which holds pieces firmly. By adding wires into a crimper, we can crimp network cables. Innovative crimping tools are useful for a range of RJ connections, including RJ22, RJ45, and RJ11/RJ12. However, RJ45 connector has become the most popular option for network and data connections. The best quality RJ45 crimpers must be user-friendly and ensure a consistent and clean connection. 

Let us now review the most reliable RJ45 crimpers to help you in choosing the right one.

We have picked the best 3 RJ45 tools to provide you with a detailed comparison. Check out their features and make your decision.

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Best Overall

Klein Tools VDV226-011-SEN Crimper 

Klein Tools VDV226-011-SEN Crimper 
  • Ratcheting crimper
  • Best for crimping, stripping, and cutting
  • Crimps 8, 4, and 6-position connectors

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Premium Choice

Platinum Tools 100054C Crimp Tool 

Platinum Tools 100054C Crimp Tool 
  • High leverage platform
  • Steel die head assembly 
  • Built-in cutter and stripper

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Best Budget

TRENDnet Crimping Tool, 8P/RJ-45 

TRENDnet Crimping Tool, 8P/RJ-45 
  • Compact design
  • Best 8 and 5-position connectors
  • Works with telephone and Ethernet cable

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1. Klein Tools VDV226-011-SEN Crimper 

Klein Tools VDV226-011-SEN Crimper

We have picked this product as the best tool for crimping, cutting, and stripping solutions. By using this tool, you can easily work with UTP cables, STP cable, RJ45 voice cables, and Ethernet. In terms of quality and safety, this tool is the perfect choice. Due to the ratchet-safety release, you will have no risk of injury. The ratchet prevents the release of the connector before full compression.

Klein Tools has designed this crimper to work with 4-position, 8-position, 6-position modular connectors. However, make sure that you are not using this tool with AMP connectors. While crimping with this tool, you will not feel stress due to the special ergonomic design. What’s more, the black-oxide finish on the steel body ensures that this tool will have high durability. 

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  • Ensure safety with a blade guard
  • Sturdy design made of steel
  • Compact and light
  • Precision ground crimping dies


  • Ratchet may get stuck.

2. Platinum Tools 100054C Clamshell EZ-Rjpro Crimp Tool 

Platinum Tools 100054C Clamshell EZ-Rjpro Crimp Tool 

We have found it as the best-in-class Ethernet crimping tool that simplifies your crimping tasks. The innovative design provides consistent termination of wires and repeatable connections. 

Manufacturers have uniquely designed the tool to ensure that the trim will flush and clean easily. The steel assembly of the head is also noticeable, as there is a 360-degree connector system.

Moreover, this RJ45 crimper provides the best surface contact of more than 2 cables with optimal crimping force. With stripper and cutter, you can crimp both round and flat cables. When you need to crimp large-sized OD cables, you may invest in this crimper.

With this tool, you can solve the connectivity-related issue and ensure termination based on FCC specifications. What’s more, it works with all EZ-RJ12/11 and EZ-RJ45 connectors and other modular plugs.

Overall, we have found that Platinum Tools has offered a professional standard crimping tool that can minimize your crimping efforts.

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. Pros

  • The special frame design prevents torque.
  • A stable and consistent platform
  • Ultra-flush, clean trim 
  • Unique crimp and trim system


  • Need maintenance to prevent damage

3. TRENDnet Crimping Tool, 8P/RJ-45

TRENDnet Crimping Tool, 8P/RJ-45

TRENDnet has designed an affordably priced crimper for creating 8-position and 6-position modular plugs. Manufacturers have built a sturdy and compact model with quality steel. 

You will feel comfortable hand grips while working with this tool. Professionals who need to deal with a range of cables every day can choose this product.

You can invest in TRENDnet crimping tool to work with RJ11/RJ12 and RJ45 connections. Use the crimper to strip, cut, and crimp your flat cables very easily. As the cutting depth is adjustable, it is one of the advantageous things for users. Overall, we have found that TRENDnet has designed an awesome crimper at the best price. However, while storing the tool, you must squeeze its handle slowly until you hear the click sound.

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  • Highly resilient construction
  • Built-in cutter 
  • Ratchet mechanism for your safety
  • Crimps plugs of two sizes


  • Not always precise cuts

4. Hiija EZ RJ45 Crimp Tool 

Hiija EZ RJ45 Crimp Tool 

This RJ45 crimper is the right option for both personal and professional uses. Manufacturers have used high-grade steep to make the tool long-lasting. In spite of applying pressure, the heavy-duty build will not bend. The perfectly designed die head can work with connectors from any angle for precise stripping. The crimper enables you to terminate any stranded and solid cable. However, you may terminate any type of cable into connectors.

Another notable part is the replaceable blade, and as the blade becomes blunt, you may add a new one. However, manufacturers have claimed that the device maintains sharpness for a longer period.

Besides, rubber grips with considerable softness are one of the ergonomic features of the crimper. While dealing with the network wiring process, your hands will not feel fatigued. You may use the cable for both pass-through and legacy network cable connectors. The tool can crimp your RJ45 plugs for CCTV and other communication cables.

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  • Multi-functional design
  • Include 50 RJ45 pass-through covers and cables
  • Provide superb torque with no bending


  • Too much costly

5. UbiGear RJ11/RJ12/RJ22/RJ45 Crimp Crimper 

UbiGear RJ11/RJ12/RJ22/RJ45 Crimp Crimper

We have chosen a comprehensive kit that includes not only a crimper but also a cable tester. The package does not include the battery and charger, and thus, you need to buy them separately. 

After the successful connection of wires, you will find the LED indicator where the light flashes in rotation. Moreover, the manufacturer has included 100 modular plugs and a wire stripper in the package. With your RJ45, RJ12, and RJ11 connectors, you can choose this tool. The 9-inch long tool is really a valuable product for professionals.

With the tester, you can work on the double-twisted cables. It is easy for you to make out the reliability of the connection. You can identify both short and open circuits with this tool. By using the remote test, you may test long cables of up to 1000 feet. Moreover, UbiGear has packed the kit in a leather case.

While maintaining a reasonable price, UbiGear has provided a reliable product for professionals.

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  • Free wire stripper
  • Versatile kit
  • The remote tester is detachable.


  • Material quality must be higher.

6. WORKPRO RJ45 Crimping Tool Kit

WORKPRO RJ45 Crimping Tool Kit

Workpro RJ45 is best for using it with telephone and Ethernet plugs. Manufacturers have designed the product to make it compatible with RJ45 and RJ11 connectors. For stripping, crimping, cutting needs, you may choose this tool kit. Workpro has focused on ergonomics of the tool by creating a comfortable handle. While holding the tool, your hands will not slip out due to the ABS and Thermoplastic Rubber wrapping.

The kit comprises a small wire stripper, which helps you in proper stripping. Furthermore, you may also use it as your wire winder. The RJ45 crimper designed with cold-rolled steel ensures a lasting value. However, despite using sturdy materials, the manufacturer has designed a lightweight model.

The package includes 10 RJ11 connectors and 20 RJ45 connectors with the crimper. Thus, you will get your essentials by investing a minimum amount.

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  • Durable model with thick steel
  • SK4 blade to cut cable
  • Ratchet mechanism for protecting plugs


  • No compatible with all connectors

7. Crimpswell Ethernet Crimping Tool RJ45 Crimper

Crimpswell Ethernet Crimping Tool RJ45 Crimper

Due to the high performance and affordability, this crimper has gained the attention of several professionals. You can find high-grade output with this tool. With this simple tool, you may connect, crimp, and install any type of plug, like 4-wire RJ11 and 8-wire RJ45. 

This RJ45 crimper is a reliable tool ensuring clean cuts and strong modular connections. Moreover, the device includes a stripper used for both round and flat CAT6 and CAT5 cables. As the tool design is much compact, you may control it very easily. The ergonomic handles ensure that it will not slip away from hands. 

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Made of high quality, pure carbon steel, this crimping tool will retain its functionality for several years. However, corrosion and rust may affect the longevity of your tool.

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  • Easily maneuverable
  • Includes some protective features
  • Sturdy construction
  • Comfortable holding position
  • Help with easy network installations


  • Ratchet causing some inconvenience

8. C2G 19579 RJ11/RJ45 Crimping Tool

C2G 19579 RJ11/RJ45 Crimping Tool

C2G19579 is the best crimper for those who are looking for a simple tool. The small device performs flawlessly with RJ11 pairings and RJ45 modular plugs. There is no risk of losing power and consistency. As a beginner, you can purchase this crimping tool. Due to its uncomplicated design, you will find it easy to learn the use of this device and make precise crimping using the tool.

The tool also has an ergonomic design, and you will feel the ultimate comfort. You can grip it properly and enjoy the slip-free performance of the tool.

The crimping tool is not much heavy, and you can hold it for a long period. Moreover, it will be easy to cut cables and wires with the user-friendly tool. You may try out this RJ45 crimper for your needs.

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  • Handles covered with plastics
  • Steel frame- No risk of corrosion
  • Compact design
  • Easy to maneuver


Need strong squeezing to crimp

9. RJ45 EZ Crimp Tool

RJ45 EZ Crimp Tool

Lots of professionals have chosen it as the high-quality multi-purpose tool. You may buy this valuable tool for cutting and stripping of wires. This tool is useful for installing, servicing, and repairing LAN of your office and home.

Although you may be a beginner, you can cut your wire precisely and get the clean result. It is now easy to crimp your wires. What’s more, you will not need to deal with uneven and inconsistent connectors, which may not be plugged into phones and routers. 

Most of the field engineers and IT technicians have found this tool helpful for their everyday needs. Buy this tool to have a lasting value from it. The heavy-duty tool with a steel model will have no damage despite your regular use. The package also includes some additional blades with 50 pieces of Cat6 pass-through connectors and Strain Relief Boots.

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  • A versatile tool
  • Compatible with shielded and un-shielded connectors
  • Convenient and comfortable use
  • Precise crimps


  • Must have better connectors

10. Solsop Cable Tester RJ45 Crimp Tool kit

Solsop Cable Tester RJ45 Crimp Tool kit

Solsop has released another reliable RJ45 crimper that has durable construction and ergonomic design. Thus, you can comfortably deal with the crimping process while using this tool. 

Manufacturers have used high-carbon steel for the precision crimping dies. You can use the crimping tool with telephone and Ethernet cable. With a steel body, the crimper has a black-oxide finish that makes the tool look elegant.

Blade and cable tester are replaceable parts of the kit. The network cable tester works with RJ45/RJ11/RJ12 connector. However, you need to buy a 9V battery, as it is not included in the package. The manufacturer has included a highly sharp blade that will last long. You can buy the tool to use it with 8-position and 6-position modular connectors.

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  • Handle grips are ergonomic.
  • LED lights flashing in rotation
  • High quality blades.
  • Built-in stripper and cutter


  • Need a better tester

RJ45 crimper buying guide

We have provided you with a brief review of the best available RJ45 crimpers in the market. However, as you have varying needs, you need to know the way of finding the right one. Our brief guide to buying the RJ45 crimper will help you in making the best deal.

RJ45 is one of the commonly chosen connectors containing 8-pins. You can apply the connector to establish network connections to your computers. Conversely, RJ12 connector includes 6 pins best for setting the telephone base connection.

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RJ45 crimpers: types

Not all RJ45 crimpers are usable with round and flat Ethernet cables. However, the best crimpers are capable of cutting Ethernet cables of both types.

We can categorize crimpers in 3 ways-

  • Handheld– Although the premium quality handheld crimpers can deal with thick wires, we mostly use them with small wires. Moreover, some feature-rich models are also effective for cutting and stripping process.
  • Hydraulic– Hydraulic crimpers enable you to apply much pressure. You may use them to work on thick wires. However, these hydraulic models are costly and need regular maintenance. You have to replace the oil to prevent clogs.
  • Hammer– The affordable and compact hamper crimpers can crimp a range of wires. It is easy to crimp wires of different sizes after the adjustment of the movable wedge’s height. One of the cons is that you must make a number of strikes while dealing with thick wires.

Check out the connections

The best RJ45 crimper must be compatible with three connections- 8, 4, and 6 positions. In the past, we used to choose RJ45 cable only for telephone connections. However, technology developments have led to the 5 and 6 connections. 

Is your crimper versatile? 

You have to focus on the versatility of your RJ45 crimper. Some brands have designed crimpers for multi-functional uses. We think that it is better to use top-quality crimpers to get the ultimate value from your investment. 

The innovatively designed crimpers are capable of managing the crimping tasks of different sizes. Moreover, it will be easy for you to accomplish the crimping process without using another crimping kit. To deal with your telephone cables and other types of wires, you can pick the best quality crimping tool.

Know about the durability of the product

As you think of investing in a crimper for professional and personal needs, it has to be durable. You need to use the crimper regularly, and thus, the tool must have a durable construction. A highly resilient crimper has the power to make your crimping process successful. Without an actively designed crimper, you may find inconsistency in performance. 

Thus, the product quality is one of the most important factors to purchase the right crimper. Nowadays, manufacturers have used cold-rolled steel to design this crimper. You can crimp thick cables with this tool. Moreover, the connector die must be highly sturdy, and you have to check out the balance of weight and thickness of your crimper.

Ease of gripping the tool

You may need to hold the RJ45 crimper with your hands for long hours. That is why your crimping tool must have an ergonomic grip. Plastic grips may not be comfortable for you, and they can be slippery. Conversely, rubbery ones are the better choice for you. You will not feel discomfort while gripping the crimper.

Additional features with the kit

A quality crimping tool must have network cables and connectors. When you deal with only RJ45 connectors, it is better to prefer a specially designed RJ45 crimper. However, with some additional functionalities, you will have a higher value.

For instance, some tools work as crimpers, cutters, and strippers. The system must include a ratchet design for automatic closing of cutter and crimping section.

Compression versus Indent

The indent style crimp is the right choice to crimp compacted and fine stranded conductors. A small handheld crimper is useful for indent crimping. Conversely, compression crimping needs consistent force to prevent conductor damage. To work on copper and aluminum cables, you can choose compression cables.


We have tried to provide you with the most useful information on RJ45 crimpers. Read our reviews thoroughly and find the best RJ45 crimper for your needs. Although crimpers are small tools, each of their features is important to do proper crimping.

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