10 Best Rolling Tool Boxes in 2021

best rolling tool box

Are you searching for the best rolling toolboxes? If so, then you have come to the right place. There is hardly anything more productive than working intelligently and saving hours of effort. And since you have to work with sets of equipment on a regular schedule, you should figure out a way to conveniently and accessibly store and organize them. The best way to organize tools is to purchase a quality rolling toolbox.

Rolling toolboxes arrives with a great variety of storage capacities that can encourage you to achieve your project instantly and that too, without delays. But, which rolling toolbox should you buy? It would help if you did not stress at all. This article contains the ten best rolling toolbox options for you. Keep reading to find out! 

If you are short of time and cannot read the entire article, we have shortened our list to the top 3 Rolling Tool Boxes. Check out the list below to purchase the right rolling toolbox for you so you can manage your tasks easily. 

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Best Overall

DEWALT Tool Box & Mobile Work Center (DWST20800)

DEWALT Tool Box & Mobile Work Center (DWST20800)
  • Telescopic handle
  • High-powered wheels
  • Features 1-year warranty

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Premium Choice

Milwaukee Rolling Modular Tool Box

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  • Lightweight and durable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Multifunctional

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Best Budget

Stalwart Heavy Duty Rolling Toolbox

Stalwart Heavy Duty Rolling Toolbox
  • Built-in cable hooks
  • Budget-friendly
  • Quite spacious

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Searching for the best rolling tool boxes on the internet and finding thousands of options can make you quite frustrated. We know that, and that is why we have listed the top 10 best rolling tool boxes below so you can have a clear picture of what you need to purchase. Let us begin:

1. DEWALT Tool Box & Mobile Work Center (DWST20800)

DEWALT Tool Box & Mobile Work Center (DWST20800)

Working at multiple worksites requires easy and reliable access to your main tools nearly every time. This demand appears unbelievably essential and useful with the DEWALT Tool Box and Mobile Work Center (DWST20800). This useful and functional toolbox includes four sets of innovative compartments strategically. You have ample storage space to hold all your tools and necessary accessions without any difficulty.

The benefit of the DEWALT Tool Box and Mobile Work Center is that you will not have to stress about shutting or opening the covers because the toolbox has a distinctive display pull-up lock layout that quickly opens the entire box. You can split open the package in a second with this pull-up key. This feature also gives you quick access to each of your required resources without needing to go into multiple delving portions for that specific project. It will save you time as well as energy.

This toolbox also contains a built-in handle that may be adjusted to place until you are operational in the area. This adjustable handle offers an excellent grip and guarantees that the box moves through quickly and comfortably. Moreover, it features high-powered wheels.

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  • Quite Durable
  • Exceptional design
  • High-powered wheels
  • Budget-friendly
  • Built-In Handle

2. Milwaukee Rolling Modular Tool Box

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Milwaukee 22 inches Rolling Modular Tool Box might be the one you are searching for. It is mainly for expert workers. This toolbox, Constructed-in in with industrial strength and sturdy structure, can allow you to accomplish storage strategies for your entire toolset. It is easy and consistent. It will support you quickly, efficiently, as well as hassle-free to meet your everyday tasks.

This toolbox is constructed of top quality metal. It is among the robust and reliable components required in the layout style of the toolbox. The metal component will guarantee the stability and security of your tools in various construction places.

Additionally, the toolbox consists of three functional and huge standard cabinets to arrange and place your equipment. These also offer you the opportunity to spend on additions that can be stored within the boxes. It will give additional storage.

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The layout of the three main chambers provides the facility to decide how you can organize your equipment wisely and conveniently to reach. The good thing is that this toolbox even arrives with reinforced locking functions if you have expensive equipment that you would like to treasure.

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  • Features locking functions
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Includes spacious chambers
  • Can be used for Storage


  • Expensive

3. Stalwart Heavy Duty Rolling Toolbox

Stalwart Heavy Duty Rolling Toolbox

The Stalwart heavy-duty rolling toolbox is a sturdy toolbox that will let you manage your equipment efficiently. It is an optimal choice for those that are extra tight on their budget. This portable toolbox consists of 24 overall chambers with two adjustable trays. The upper and lower storing boxes are also detachable.

The Stalwart rolling toolbox is composed of lasting polypropylene with metal. Such two standard materials guarantee that your equipment will stay reliably intact and guarded in numerous terrible work circumstances. Its architecture makes it quite flexible.

Stalwart Rolling Toolbox offers sufficient space for your equipment and accessories to be stored and sorted accordingly. It also features wire hooks to maintain the smooth and organized arrangement of all spaced cables and other small implements. Moreover, the handle that flips down conveniently provides an incredible grasp, making it seamless and comfortable for this exceptional toolbox to move it to your various worksites without trouble. It is an entire package at an affordable price.

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  • Budget-friendly
  • Adjustable handle
  • Built-in cable hooks
  • Flexible body


  • Handles are of poor-quality

4. Keter Masterloader Rolling Tool Box

Keter Masterloader Rolling Tool Box

The Keter Masterloader rolling toolbox is next on our list. It is a unique rolling toolbox when it comes to construction. This toolbox is constructed-in with a polypropylene resin substance that is resistant to chemical rust. The heavy-duty structure can hold large and robust tools. It provides a weight strength of 66.15 pounds overall.

This portable toolbox features a divided compartment. The flexible hinge system arrives with expansive compartments, including different removable separators. The segmented bins lead to faster access towards the equipment without needing to spend your time searching around to reach for the right tool. The various separators work to guarantee that each of your vital tools is grouped and stored neatly and conveniently.

A standard automatic locking mechanism is installed inside the box to strengthen the protection of the toolbox. This function guarantees that all the supplies and equipment are shielded during movement or out of the construction site. Keter toolbox contains seven synthetic wheels, creating it incredibly easy to move and is an excellent mobility choice for those working in rugged conditions.

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  • Lightweight
  • Features 7 ergonomic wheels
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Has Expansive compartments


  • Not water-resistant

5. Wen Garage Glider Rolling Tool Box Seat

Wen Garage Glider Rolling Tool Box Seat

If you have to work with cars in the workshop or garage, the WEN Garage Glider Rolling Tool Box is for you. It gives the benefit of both a mechanical chair as well as a box of equipment. This Garage Glider rolling toolbox operates as a chair with sturdy and breathable multi-layered covering lined by vinyl. This toolbox has three drawers of about 12.75 by 7.75 by 2.25, together with 16 additional on-board storing spaces that are ideal for keeping screwdrivers, hammers, and much more.

The seat moves on four 2.5’’ ball-bearing tilt casters and is efficient for 360-degree movement. The ball-bearings extend the lifetime of casters offering an extra seamless ride for people. Two magnetic bendable storage cans make it quite convenient to arrange nuts and locks while working on your automobile. The WEN toolbox can carry about 350 pounds uniformly spread incredible weight.

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  • 2-year warranty
  • Sturdy
  • Bendable magnetic storing trays
  • Multifunctional
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  • Slightly uncomfortable cushion

6. Sharper Image Rolling Toolbox And Stool

Sharper Image Rolling Toolbox And Stool

Sharper Image Rolling ToolBox and Stool is the ultimate toolbox for a repairman who works mostly on motorbikes. It may be utilized as a moving stool. If you have knee discomfort, this toolbox will take that away because it is quite comfortable. It is constructed of industrial-strength steel.

An individual who weighs about 300 pounds with the equipment may carry this dual chair with the toolbox. Moreover, there is a remarkable amount of storing capacity within this portable toolbox. Tons of tools can be stored in this toolbox. Furthermore, this toolbox features three seamless gliding drawers where you can store essential equipment.

Two detachable trays with a built-in shelf are also present in this box. It helps in hanging tools like a screwdriver, pliers, etc. Sharper Image Portable ToolBox moves on four sturdy rubber casters. They are quite gentle so that you can move them around quite conveniently and effortlessly.

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  • Outstanding quality
  • Comfortable stool
  • Carries a sufficient amount of weight
  • Easy to carry and move


  • Design flaw

7. Keter 5-Drawer Modular Rolling Tool Box

Keter 5-Drawer Modular Rolling Tool Box

Keter 5-Drawer Modular Rolling Tool Box is the next one on our list. The dimensions of this toolbox are 23.5′′ by 22.1′′ by 11.3′′. It acts as a moving cart. It is a sealable toolbox containing 16 interchangeable containers and separators such that your equipment and accessories can be arranged as required. It is constructed of polypropylene that is climate-resistant. Polypropylene helps prohibit corrosion, breakage, and smashing.

This toolbox features a central locking mechanism that ensures that each compartment stays safe throughout, whereas the securing swivel casters allow the whole assembly to be portable. Additionally, there are incorporated carrying grips to help you in making each unit mobile. The wheels are also of exceptional quality.

The best about the Keter-5 Drawer Rolling toolbox would be that the lower drawer has a narrower holding compartment, so you may easily reach a few of your heavier instruments. It is an ideal toolbox for any task: DIY ventures, home renovation, car mechanics, and much more.

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  • Central locking mechanism 
  • Inbuilt carrying handles
  • Fitted with five drawers
  • Wheels make navigation easier


  • Too small for more extensive tools

8. RIDGID Professional Tool Storage Rolling Box

RIDGID Professional Tool Storage Rolling Box

RIDGID Professional Tool Storage Rolling Box features three distinct compartments. All compartments are customizable and may be placed for mobility over one another. The three parts click onto one another when being dragged, restricting them from shifting around.

The first compartment is a deep toolbox with functional separators for tiny tools and equipment. The second compartment is an even wider one, which has separators built to maintain the tools arranged and apart. Lastly, the lower one is a large storage container. It is used for holding larger equipment, mostly power machines, such as electric drills, chop saws, chisel, and buffer.

The perfect part about this toolbox is that it features dirt and waterproof closures on the plastic covers. It protects the tools from becoming contaminated when used in a muddy atmosphere. Also, the tools will not get damp when in a rainy environment. The wheels are of exceptional quality that makes it easy to move them around.

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  • Sturdy yet compact
  • Features dust/water seals
  • Plenty of space
  • Very strong body
  • Multiple compartments


  • Poorly constructed handle

9. Klein Tools 55473RTB Rolling Tool Box

Klein Tools 55473RTB Rolling Tool Box

The Klein Tools 55473RTB Rolling Toolbox, containing both elegance and reliability, never disappoints its customers. With the various compartments built into it, you may see a space for every specific item you own. When it refers to storage space, this toolbox features 19 slots where you can place and organize your major and minor tools quite easily and engagingly. It relatively offers spacious foundations for each of your objects.

Additionally, the clasps are of excellent quality and rightly chosen to fulfill the norms. When it comes to the material, the Klein Tools 55473RTB Rolling Toolbox interior is water-resistant and reliable protective stuff. This stuff will guarantee that your equipment remains safeguarded. The exterior has several D rings where wire attachments and other resources can be linked. It would help if you did not stress about losing or breaking any of the items due to the dual lock hook.

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The Klein toolbox contains 8-inch tires for convenient movement. It allows it to be a lot easier to carry in various working environments. The ideal feature is that you may even use it over the stairs effortlessly.

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  • Sufficient storage
  • Excellent quality wheels
  • Reliable
  • Easy to move around


  • Slightly heavy

10. Tejal HUSKY Cantilever Tool Box

Tejal HUSKY Cantilever Tool Box

The Tejal Husky Cantilever Toolbox is undoubtedly one of the most durable and efficient toolboxes you would ever find. This industrial-strength toolbox offers a unique strategy to arrange your tools. With 18 distinct chambers, you can have space for each item you will require and utilize in your working place.

The upper containers provide an ideal way to separate your tools into simple fragments according to their dimensions. And the entire arrangement procedure is handled significantly faster with the usage of optimized dividers. You would no more have to search through piles to obtain that little tool you want. These small organizers are going to save your energy as well as time.

Besides that, the panel is large and wide enough to store all your motor tools within. The layout of Tejal Husky Cantilever Toolbox makes it among the top mobile rolling toolboxes. This toolbox can tackle any working environment with excellent architecture and help you with any cases. It will guarantee that your equipment will stay protected.

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  • Innovative design
  • Various storing compartments
  • Features organizers


  • Expensive

Buying Guide

Before choosing the right rolling toolbox for you, make sure to consider certain factors. For this purpose, we have added a buying guide below to choose the best rolling toolbox for you.


If there should be something you will give more emphasis to, it is indeed the toolbox material. With many portable toolboxes, you can find numerous kinds of materials used throughout the development of designs. Long-lasting and durable plastic products are commonly the most preferred ones. They optimize the degree of longevity and safety of the toolbox. So, you should make sure to consider the material of the toolbox.


The next factor you need to consider is the storage capacity of the toolbox. It depends on your tools. If you possess an ordinary amount of tools that you need regularly, you should buy a toolbox with average storage capacity. However, if dealing with equipment is your main task, you may want to search for a large toolbox.


The wheels play a significant role when you are making your ultimate decision. Whether you work in your garage or outdoors, your rolling toolbox must guarantee you a strong and consistent rolling finish. For smooth surfaces, strong and powerful caster ones are perfect. However, for outdoor tasks, you may want to search for strong rings so that you may move the toolbox effortlessly.


Lastly, you should always consider your budget. Everyone has their budgets according to their outcomes. If you have a high budget, go for an expensive rolling toolbox. However, if you have a low budget, go for a budget-friendly but quality rolling toolbox. 

Summing Up

In this article, we have provided the reviews for the top 10 rolling toolboxes with a short buying guide in the end for you. All the above-mentioned rolling toolboxes are outstanding. You only have to consider the factors and your needs to find the right toolbox for you. We wish you the best of luck!

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