10 Best Roofing Nailers in 2021

best roofing nailer

Every house should have a strong roof. Nobody wants snow, rain, tree branches, or hail to damage their home and hurt their family. For that, the first criteria should be able to install strong roofing. But roof handling turns out to be a challenging task, and even experienced people fail at it. To get a string roof as safety gear for your home, it is equally important to look closely at the tools you use for the roof handling job. The installation process should be done with a top-quality roofing nailer and must be an efficient one. Here are the top ten roofing nailers with their positive and negative aspects. 

The best roofing nailers promise to provide maximum efficiency and have a durable construction. They should be lightweight and have a five to seven years warranty period. Hence, we have a list of three best-selling products and placed them under the best overall, premium choice, and best budget choice category. 

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Best Overall

BOSTITCH BRN175A Roofing Nailer

BOSTITCH BRN175A Roofing Nailer
  • An upgraded engine and feed system
  • Oversized tool-free depth adjustment
  • Carbide nose inserts
  • Dual door magazine
  • Seven-year warranty period

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Premium Choice

Hitachi NV45AB2 Coil Roofing Nailer

Hitachi NV45AB2 Coil Roofing Nailer
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight
  • 120 nail capacity magazine
  • 3/8 inch air inlet size
  • Five year warranty period

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Best Budget

3PLUS HCN45SP Coil Roofing Nailing

3PLUS HCN45SP Coil Roofing Nailing
  • 70 to 120 PSI Operating Pressure capacity
  • Die-cast aluminum body
  • 360-degree adjustable exhaust
  • 120 nail capacity magazine
  • ¾ inch to 1 ¾ inch nail length support

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Below are given ten of the best-selling roofing nailers for professionals. The list has all the product reviews with their pros and cons that will give you a better idea about the product you’re going to purchase. 

1. BOSTITCH BRN175A Roofing Nailer

BOSTITCH BRN175A Roofing Nailer

As the name says, BOSTITCH, a brand for the professionals, manufactures some of the finest and top-quality roofing nailers in the market. The BRN175A nailer ranks as the top and best-selling product. It is highly reliable and durable. You can rely on the tool as it comes with a seven-year-long warranty period.

Its upgraded engine and feed system improves the drive quality and overall performance. There is a dual door magazine chamber that can be closed multiple ways. At one time, it can support 120 nails in the magazine. The redesigned grip handle gives a better grip and feel.

There are carbide nose inserts that help in protecting the tool’s nose from wear and tear. You can use it in all kinds of weather. Moreover, the compact design and construction ensure that it does not take large space inside your toolkit.

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  • Portable and compact
  • Grip handle for extra comfort
  • Durable and reliable
  • Dual door magazine
  • Seven-year long warranty

2. WEN 61783 Coil Roofing Nailer

WEN 61783 Coil Roofing Nailer

WEN offers a wide range of power tools and equipment that are designed for various kinds of applications. The 61783 coil roofing nailer is one of the best pneumatic nailers available in the market at a very affordable price tag. It can also fire 11-gauge nails with a nail length of ¾ inch to 1 ¾ inch nails.

There is an adjustable shingle guide that makes it easy for the user to space during jobs. The magazine capacity can hold up to 120 nails at a time. It releases the nails quickly, thereby easily fixing jams. The tool uses pneumatic operating pressure from 70 to 120 PSI.

There is a rubber grip on the handle that limits the chances of arm fatigue.  It increases comfort during long hour jobs. The ¼ inch NPT air inlet can adjust all sizes of air compressors.  The WEN 61783 tool package comes with three assorted hex wrenches, a bottle of oil, and a carrying case.

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  • High force rating
  • Adjustable shingle guide
  • 70 to 120 PSI operating pressure
  • 120 nails at a time
  • It comes with a blow mold carrying case
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  • Suitable for specific nails

3. AeroPro CN45N Professional Roofing Nailer

AeroPro CN45N Professional Roofing Nailer

AeroPro is a brand that manufactures tools that specializes in pneumatic areas. It is ideal for all kinds of professional projects. AeroPro promises to offer high-performance numbers at a very affordable price range. It gives you the advantage of using different nails that ranges from ¾ inch to 1 ¾ inch in length. The magazine capacity is 120 nails.

The tool requires an operational pressure of 70 to 120 PSI. The look and feel of the tool are professional, with a moving cylinder engine for low recoil. There is a standard 3/8 inch air inlet port that allows you to connect any air compressor of your choice to the roofing nailer. There are selective actuation switches.

You can switch between the sequential and bump option. The housing is made of heat-treated aluminum. Hence, it is durable enough to carry out heavy-duty applications. It has a tool-free precise adjustable design drive depth. AeroPro offers a one-year warranty period on the CN45N roofing nailer.

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  • Large magazine capacity
  • Heat-treated aluminum housing
  • Selective actuation switch
  • Great performance
  • Tool-free precise adjustable drive depth


  • Larger in size
  • The only one-year limited warranty

4. 3PLUS HCN45SP Coil Roofing Nailing

3PLUS HCN45SP Coil Roofing Nailing

The 3PLUS roofing nailer falls under an affordable range option compared to other nailers available in the market. It is one of the cheapest tools present on the entire list. But it never fails to amaze with its high-rated features. 3PLUS created the HCN45SP model with tough and rugged construction that can handle any roofing job in any environment.

The device is ideal for all kinds of DIY projects. The 11 gauge 15-degree coil roofing nailer comes with a thumb-wheel depth drive adjustment. It also has a 360-degree adjustable exhaust. One can easily adjust the shingle to get quick shingle spacing without any hassle. It is easy to load and has an interchangeable trigger for bump fire mode.

The side skip pad ensures that the tool does not slide down the roof when left on the roof. The die-cast aluminum body makes the tool lightweight and durable. Besides, a split nose design allows easy opening and closing of the nail magazine to discharge jammed nails. It has 120 pieces nail capacity with an operating pressure of 70 to 120 PSI.

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  • Adjustable shingle guide
  • High-capacity magazine
  • Interchangeable trigger
  • Integrated skid pads
  • Tool-free air exhaust


  • High-pressure requirement

5. BOSTITCH RN46 Coil Roofing Nailer

BOSTITCH RN46 Coil Roofing Nailer

One of the top and best-selling products of BOSTITCH is the RN46 coil roofing nailer. It comes with tool-free depth-of-drive adjustments. Besides, the lightweight design makes it durable and ideal for roofing, exterior drywall, insulation board, and other cement applications. The patented cross load canister (single-action) allows fast loading of nails.

The powerful RN46 tool is capable of delivering 410 ln/lbs of force at 100 PSI pressure. The contact trip allows you to work in large areas. You get the right depth for the job with its fats, tool-free depth-of-drive adjustments. The depth dial comes with five different settings: flush mount driving, shallow driving, countersinking, etc.

The BOSTITCH RN46 roofing nailer can hold up to 120 coil nails. The zero nail lock-out mechanism eradicates dry firing even when the nail magazine is empty. You get an over-molded grip that brings in maximum comfort and better gripping ability. The skid pads and wear guards offer protection from abrasive surfaces damage.

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  • Aluminum housing
  • Adjustable depth control
  • Durable
  • Single-action side load canister
  • Seven-year limited warranty


  • Inaccurate

6. Makita AN454 Coil Roofing Nailer

Makita AN454 Coil Roofing Nailer

If you’re looking for a fast and reliable roofing nailer that provides maximum performance and efficiency, AN454 is the perfect choice for you. It combines rugged construction and robust performance in a single tool that weighs 5.2 lbs. The tool can accept 120 shank diameter coil roofing nails whose length varies from ¾ inch to 1 ¾ inch.

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The key features of the tool include convenience, efficiency, performance, and productivity. You can easily remove the nosepiece assembly and clean the tool without any hassle. The easy, one-step open adjustable canister system allows having faster and precise nail loading. For better and improved performance, the tool has large carbide inserts on the nose piece.

The AN454 also has oversized steel wear plates that are specifically engineered to reduce abrasion on the tool.  The aluminum housing makes it lightweight. You also get a 2-mode selector switch option. The 3-inch reversible belt hook ensures that the tool remains close. It has 120 nails magazine capacity.

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  • Durable construction
  • It prevents wear and tear.
  • Faster nail driving speed
  • Lightweight aluminum housing
  • Adjustable canister system


  • Bump-fire only

7. BOSTITCH N66C Coil Siding Nailer

BOSTITCH N66C Coil Siding Nailer

BOSTITCH manufactures top-quality tools for home-improvement applications. Also, it manufactures pneumatic staplers, compressors, coil-feed screw systems, glue guns, and roofing nailers. The N66C siding nailer comes with a seven-year limited product warranty. The tool is powerful and precise. 

It features an aluminum housing that makes the tool extremely lightweight and durable. It can easily withstand rigorous uses all-day long. The tool has an adjustable nail depth and a soft rubber foot. It allows you to work with a range of siding materials such as softwoods. N66C nailer is capable of accepting both wire-weld and plastic-inserted coil nails.

You can handle tough stuff such as cement, fencing, clapboard, including light-gauge steel without any hassle. It operates on the pressure of 70 to 120 PSI. Also, you can set 1-1/4 inch to 1-1/2 inch nails using the BOSTITCH roofing nailer. It comes with a 350-nail magazine. The seven-year warranty period makes it one of the best nailers in the market.

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  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • The adjustable guide sets nails
  • Tool-free adjustable exhaust
  • 70-120 PSI operating pressure
  • Has soft rubber foot


  • It does not include a carry case

8. BHTOP CN45N Roofing Nailer

BHTOP CN45N Roofing Nailer

Being one of the leading Professional power tools suppliers in the market, BHTOP manufactures one of the best 15-degree roofing nail guns. The tool is heat-treated with a special alloy iron drive pin. The wear-resisting bumper and the O-rings allow undergoing continuous and heavy-duty work. It has an ergonomically designed comfort grip.

You can hold the tool for a long time without getting arm fatigue. The tool is so lightweight that it weighs only 6 lb. The aluminum construction makes the tool sturdy and durable. There is a safety switch that gives quick, convenient, and efficient usage without jam. It also has a clip switch. When you press the clip switch, it opens and allows you to insert the gun needle.

You get a precise design with zero leakage problems. The steel contact with carbide inserts ensures there are less wear and more safety. The entire tool kit includes a roofing nailer, operating instruction, goggles, hexagon key, and lubricant. Make sure always to wear your safety glass and ear protection gears while working with the tool.

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  • Versatile tool
  • Professional grade design
  • Precise interface
  • Magnetic nail holder
  • High-quality piston driver


  • It only takes collated nails.

9. HBT HBCN45P Coil roofing Nailer

HBT HBCN45P Coil Roofing Nailer

The HBCN45P model works best with 15 degrees, 7/8 inches to 1-3/4 inches wire collated roofing nails. It is capable of driving 11-gauge coil nails. The tool weighs 4.93 pounds, which is quite lightweight and easy to handle. It can accept a variety of nail size ranges. The tool-free adjustable depth control helps you to set nails.

The tool kit comes with an adjustable shingle guide that allows achieving quick and consistent shingle spacing. A selective actuation switch offers you to switch between two modes- sequential or contact mode. The lightweight design reduces user fatigue. Apart from that, the tool’s front consists of skid-resistant materials.

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Hence, it does not fall off the roof when not in use. The HBT model is perfect for construction workers and roofers who are looking for long-lasting performance. It operates at 70 to 120 PSI pressure and has a 120 piece nail capacity. The housing is made of magnesium and comes with a wear guard that provides better protection.

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  • Tool-less adjustment feature
  • Shingle guide design
  • Skid-resistant padding
  • Lightweight
  • Air-powered


  • Not suited for heavy-duty construction projects

10. Hitachi NV45AB2 Coil Roofing Nailer

Hitachi NV45AB2 Coil Roofing Nailer

The Hitachi NV45AB2 falls under the premium choice category of roofing nailer. It makes a good choice for many professional users. If you’re looking for a power option, the NV45AB2 is the perfect choice for you. It comes with a nail length support range of 7/8 inch to 1 ¾ inch. The tool is ideal for the insulation boards and asphalt tiling shingles installation.

The side-loading magazine of the tool offers an easy and fastener installation process. The Hitachi model is now renamed as Metabo-HPT. It weighs 5.5 Lb that makes it lightweight and convenient to use without getting any arm fatigue. The push lever (carbide tipped) lessens wear and tear, thus, increasing its durability.

The tool has rubber pads that help to prevent the nailer from slipping off the roof if it is not used. Hitachi comes with the nail-feed (pneumatic-powered) mechanism. The mechanism takes away moisture and dirt from the roofing nailer. Hence, the tool works best in all weathers. It has a five-year limited warranty and serves as an ideal tool for a variety of construction projects.

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  • Lightweight 
  • High capacity magazine
  • Pneumatic-powered nail-feed mechanism
  • 1 ¾ inch coil
  • Includes installation boards


  • Expensive

Roofing Nailer Buying Guide

Buying a good roofing nail turns out to be a long-term investment. But finding the best roofing nailer is a challenging task. Every person has their requirements and preferences when it comes to buying a roofing nailer. You need to take time and do careful thinking before making any purchase. We have listed down a few factors to look for when buying a roofing nailer. The complete and detailed buying guide covers all of your construction needs. They are as follows.

Nail Capacity

A good roofing nailer is one that works efficiently and helps to save your work time. If you want to achieve these factors, buy a tool that can fit a lot of mails inside the roofing nailer. Nailers that have large magazines serve as one of the useful features for different construction circumstances. It is advisable to use a tool with 120 nail capacity. 

Air pressure range

Roofing nailers are a kind of pneumatic tools that work under pressurized air. It works by connecting themselves to an air compressor. The desirable pressure range should be between 80 PSI to 110PSI and 70 PSI to 120 PSI. Tools that have a larger air pressure range are capable of working under low pressure. Roofing nailers that maintain desirable air pressure tend to offer proper performance results. 


Lightweight roofing nailer models allow having extra movements. Material such as aluminum makes the tool durable, strong, and lightweight. They do not give your arm fatigue even after working for a long time. But if you are comfortable with the heavy-sized tool, you can go with extra mass models and stay stable for heavy-duty roofing tasks. 


In this article, we’ve tried to cover all the important details and factors necessary for a good roofing nail. The BOSTITCH BRN175A Roofing Nailer is one of the best seller products available on the list. It has a seven-year warranty and is a reliable option for both professional and DIY projects. For budget-based projects, you can try the 3PLUS HCN45SP Coil Roofing Nailing tool. It gives all the basic features within an affordable range. For higher-end professional uses, you should buy the Hitachi NV45AB2 Coil Roofing Nailer tool. It has a durable and lightweight construction and has a 5-year long product warranty.

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