10 Best Soil Moisture Meters in 2021

best soil moisture meter

Have you found your plants dying slowly? You might have thought that the lack of water had caused this problem. Undoubtedly, regular watering is essential to growing plants. However, a high level of soil moisture may be harmful to your plant’s health. To ensure that the soil has a perfect amount of water, you can invest in a soil moisture meter. You have to probe this simple tool into the soil around the plants’ roots and check the moisture level. We have now chosen the best soil moisture meters for your needs. You can purchase the right one to measure soil moisture.

We have presented you with the best soil moisture meters, and you can easily compare these products before making a purchase.

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Best Overall

REOTEMP B07DM4LS1D soil Moisture Meter

REOTEMP B07DM4LS1D soil Moisture Meter
  • Easy to Operate
  • Stainless steel design
  • Calibratable device

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Premium Choice

SHINWA B0079RD8W4 digital soil moisture meter

SHINWA B0079RD8W4 digital soil moisture meter
  • Compact and portable
  • Best for temperature and moisture
  • Lightweight device

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Best Budget

Dr.meter B00PTLGKSQ Soil Moisture Sensor Meter

Dr.meter B00PTLGKSQ Soil Moisture Sensor Meter
  • Color-coded reading 
  • No battery needed
  • High quality sensor

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1. REOTEMP B07DM4LS1D Soil Moisture Meter 

REOTEMP B07DM4LS1D Soil Moisture Meter

We have chosen this device as the best pick of all soil moisture meters. The battery-operated system is easy to use, and the soil wetness scale, shown by its meter, ranges from 0 to 10. The integrated AAA battery of this tool can last long.

By using the tip of the stem, the moisture level is easily measurable. As the length of the stem is about 15 inches, you may reach deep into the soil. You can recalibrate the meter after every use and make it ready for use in soil and compost.

However, the presence of salt in soil may affect the readings. That is why you must not use this unit in areas having high salt content.

The overall design of the device is much sturdy. The combination of the aluminum enclosure and steel stem has created a durable design. Farmers, gardeners, composters, and other professionals can choose this product.

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  • Easy to calibrate
  • An embedded sensor
  • A heavy-duty design


  • The material quality must be better.

2. SHINWA B0079RD8W4 digital soil moisture meter 

SHINWA B0079RD8W4 digital soil moisture meter

Professional gardeners always look for premium products, and that’s why we have found this soil moisture meter as the perfect choice for them. This versatile device measures both soil moisture and pH value. The right pH level is important to grow flowers, shrubs, and vegetables.

The temperature range while using the device should be between 5 and 50°C. Moreover, you need to use a 9V battery to operate the soil moisture meter.  The oval-faced display makes it easy for you to check readings. Thus, you can invest in this innovative soil moisture meter. You can measure the soil acidity, soil temperature, light intensity, and soil moisture. The Japanese brand has created a high-quality device for all gardeners. However, the device is unique, as there is a digital display of information instead of an analog dial.

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  • Battery-operated system
  • Accurate readings
  • Measure soil moisture and pH level


  • Need time to show the result

3. Dr.meter B00PTLGKSQ Soil Moisture Sensor Meter

Dr.meter B00PTLGKSQ Soil Moisture Sensor Meter

Dr.meter has offered the most affordable option for gardeners. With a stem of 8 inches, the device can read the moisture content at your plant’s roots. There is no need to use electricity and battery to operate this small unit. You have to stick the probe into the ground to have the moisture readings. Moreover, you can use it for both outdoor and indoor purposes. But, make sure that you have not used it on some hard ground. It is also essential to avoid submerging the device into water. Manufacturers have designed the device only for testing soil and not liquid.

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The dial shows the scale from 1 to 10 to denote the moisture content. When it is 1 to 3, the soil is dry and is best for cactus plants. The range from 4 to 7 indicates that the soil is slightly moist, and it is perfect for most of the plant species. Very moist soil (8 to 10) is right for growing orchids.

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  • Compact and portable
  • Easily readable dial
  • Color-coded display


  • No calibration method

4. Gobetter Soil Tester 3 in 1

Gobetter Soil Tester 3 in 1

When looking for something more than a soil moisture meter, this device is the perfect choice for you. This simple device has 3 functionalities to help you in growing plants. It can measure the soil pH, moisture, and light needed for your plants. You can identify the right time to water your plants. 

Although the device performs 3 functions, you will have no complications in using it. You can use it without any battery. While testing the soil, you have to insert the probe into the ground at least 2 inches. After a few minutes, you will get the readings. 

The moisture scale ranges from 1 to 8, while the pH value is to be from 3.5 (acidic) to 8 (alkaline). Similarly, the light intensity scale reads from 0 to 2000. You know that some plants cannot endure highly intense light. That is why you need to test the light intensity level with the device.

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  • Energy-saving solutions
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor plants
  • Intuitive design


  • A heavy-duty device

5. Classy Casita Plant Soil Moisture Tester Kit & eBook

Classy Casita Plant Soil Moisture Tester Kit & eBook

When it is the first time you are using a soil moisture meter, you may choose this device from Classy Casita. With the soil moisture tester, manufacturers have added an e-book. This ideal tool is perfect for testing the soil to grow your garden, farm, lawn, and houseplants.

The accurate moisture readings help you to treat the soil rightly and keep your plants healthy. When the meter reads Level 1, the soil is dry. Similarly, Level 10 indicates that the soil is wet. 

While inserting the probe into the soil, you have to keep it in a vertical position. To put the probe into a big pot, you must make sure that it has reached the root. Adjust the probe’s position and ensure that the dial’s pointer is swinging slightly. After every use, the dial naturally stabilizes itself, and you can take another reading. Clean the probe after reading the moisture level.

The eBook gives you instructions on how much water is essential to your plants. 

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  • User-friendly design
  • Perfect readings
  • Solid model


  • Material quality must be better.

6. BFYGZIRL Soil Moisture Meter

No products found.

The sensor-embedded device has grabbed the attention of several gardeners and farmers. Like other reliable soil moisture meters, this device does not need any battery and source of electricity. You can simply plug it into the soil and read the moisture level.

Although the device has a simple and minimalistic design, the soil moisture meter has advanced technology to test your soil moisture. On the backside of the packaging, you can find a brief guide on watering different plants. The moisture range, tracked by the device, is from 1 to 10. While level 1 is dry, level 10 is wet. 

You have to know the right use of the soil moisture meter. You must not put it into the water and hard soil. Moreover, you should not leave the device in your soil for more than one hour.

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  • Reliable and accurate
  • Advanced moisture sensor
  • Include a watering guide


  • The probe is not water-sensitive.

7. OLLIVAN Soil Moisture Meter

No products found.

As a technologically advanced device, this soil moisture detector has more than one sensor to check temperature, sunlight, and nutrients. You may purchase this feature-rich device for professional purposes.

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This device looks different from other moisture meters. The long black long strips can detect the moisture content of your soil. However, instead of an analog dial, the device helps you to read the measurements from an app. You have to connect the system to your Flowers Care app. This app also provides you with a guide on how much water is essential to every plant species. You may use the Bluetooth technology to establish the connection.

As the temperature is another important factor for plant growth, this device can track the surrounding temperature conditions. The temperature detection capability is accurate to 0.5o Celsius. Moreover, this smart device can analyze the light intensity. The kit tests the overall soil quality by tracking the amount of fertilizer and nutrients of the soil.

You need a Button Battery to operate it. Ensure that you are using Android 4.1 or IOS 7.0 and above to use the app.

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  • Stainless=steel probes
  • Multiple sensors
  • Easy to use


  • Minimal transmission range

8. PentaBeauty B08LFZ5YW1 Soil Moisture Meter

PentaBeauty B08LFZ5YW1 Soil Moisture Meter

We have chosen another 3-in-1 device that measures soil moisture, pH level, humidity, and light. Within 10 seconds, you can understand the overall soil condition. You may use the soil tester for professional needs. Designed in a scientific way, this device is one of the reliable moisture meters.

The double-needle design gives an accurate measurement of the soil condition. Based on the data about the moisture and pH value, you can grow outdoor and indoor plants. You will also find it easy to use the device by touching a button. After inserting the probe, you need to wait 10 seconds for the interpretation of the data.

As the device relies on electrodes, there is no need to use batteries. This moisture meter is the perfect tool for growing flower plants and vegetable plants.

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  • Small and convenient to use
  • Color indicator to show moisture
  • One-button switch


  • Not easy to read soil alkalinity 

9. Fiddle Leaf B07XXFC7R3 Soil Moisture Meter

Fiddle Leaf B07XXFC7R3 Soil Moisture Meter

Fiddle Leaf has offered an innovative device for gardeners who need to measure soil moisture. The small device takes a short time to display the humidity, light, and pH level. However, this device works perfectly for growing fiddle leaf fig trees.

The compact device is a highly functional soil tester that helps you properly feed and watering plants. You can prevent burned leaves and rotten root problems of your plants. The small device works as the moisture meter, light meter, and pH tester.

It is easy to read the moisture meter, and you can decide on the need for adding water to your plants. Moreover, as the unit checks the pH level, you may measure the alkalinity and acidity. To operate the device, you need to control the 3-position toggle switch.

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  • User-friendly device
  • Reveal moisture instantly
  • Dual-prong soil tester


  • Minor issues of the dial

10. HyperGrow B07WZRWHL1 Soil Moisture Meter

HyperGrow B07WZRWHL1 Soil Moisture Meter

The automated technologies make a device easy to use, and thus, HyperGrow has added an Auto Mode to measure the moisture level of the soil. As you have inserted the device into the soil, the device will give you moisture readings every 2 hours. The unit will send you an alert to let you know the right time for watering your plants. However, you may also use the manual mode by pressing a button. 

When you find a red flashlight on the display, you have to water the plants. The device is capable of sensing water at the root level. You do not need to make your fingers dirty by touching the soil. The overall design of the soil moisture meter is unique, as it looks like a mushroom. Moreover, the package includes 2 long-lasting batteries to operate the device.

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  • Elegant looking device
  • Best plant care solution 
  • Both automatic and manual modes


  • Cannot read in daylight 

Buying Guide

You have already read reviews of the best soil moisture meters. Now, how will you find the right device for your needs? Before providing you with a comprehensive guide, we need to say that soil moisture meters are of different types.

Analog meter

It has a simple and minimalistic design that does not need a battery. It needs electricity, which occurs naturally in the soil. The soil’s moisture content reaches the tip of the meter’s probe and emits a charge to give you readings.

Digital meter

Digital soil moisture meters need batteries to display information on the screen. However, the best fact is that their probes have no corrosion risks. Thus, although you have left the device in the soil for several hours, the probe will not get damaged.

You need USB cables to charge the device, and you may transmit the data to your PC.

Hybrid soil moisture meters

These devices are multifunctional solutions, as you can use them to measure sunlight intensity and hydration level. While measuring the moisture, the device checks the pH level. However, you may find these devices in both analog and digital versions. You can invest in these products for composting, as the soil must have the proper hydration level for microbial growth.

To buy your soil moisture meter, you have to focus on some factors.

  • Easy-to-use device with clear display

Moisture meters with user-friendly designs make it easy for you to measure the water percentage in the soil. Thus, as a beginner, you have to look for an intuitive soil moisture meter. In most cases, you may operate the device by touching a button.

The most important part of the device is the display. The screen has to show the moisture level of the soil. The moisture level can range from 1 to 10, and based on the position of the dial, you can check out the water content of the soil.

For flower plants, like lavender, aster, and poppy, the moisture level has to range from 21 to 40% (Level 3 to 5). However, some other flowers need a higher amount of moisture (3 to 9). Lots of plants, like cactus, survive drought (1 to 3).

You may not know the right moisture level for your plants, and thus, manufacturers add an instruction book to the package to help you in gardening.

  • Availability of innovative features

Do you need to measure only the water level of soil moisture meters? Some gardeners like to check other qualities of the soil. That is why manufacturers integrated special sensors to detect the soil’s temperature, light, and pH level. By investing in one device, you will have multiple functionalities. The single-feature device may be simple for your use. Still, 3-in-1 devices are better options for your needs.

  • The accuracy level of the measurements

The inaccurate measurements of soil moisture and other conditions can affect plant growth. That is why you have to check out the level of accuracy of the final readings.

  • Probes of soil moisture meters

You can find soil moisture meters with one-probe and two-probe designs. The stainless steel probes have no rust issues. However, some metal problems may have corrosion problems when you have left them in the soil. It is better to clean the probe after every use to avoid any damage to this part. The sensor on the metal problem may lose its sensitivity while you have not taken it out of the soil for long hours. 


Now, are you ready to buy the best soil moisture meter for your purpose? You can check out these devices’ features to measure the soil moisture, temperature, and other factors.

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