10 Best Spray Paints for Plastic in 2021

best spray paint for plastic

Spray paints provide a wide variety of purposes. Most households have 40% of their favorite items made of plastic, and people believe that it will remain forever. But what most people are unaware of is that spray paint can easily change the look, whether it is your garden chair or your washroom’s bucket. It instantly revamps the look and protects against external elements. Plastic, being porous, does not hold the paint for a longer time. Therefore, we have listed the best spray paints for plastic to solve your problems. These spray paints make your plastic items/surfaces look better and make them last longer.

Given below are the top three best-selling spray paints for plastic with their comparisons. Besides being the best-selling products in the market, the product’s features will make your purchase easier.

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Best Overall

Rust-Oleum 211338 spray paint for plastic

Rust-Oleum 211338 spray paint for plastic
  • Volume 12oz
  • Oil-based formula
  • Restores and renews in one-step
  • Long-lasting durability
  • It can be applied directly.

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Premium Choice

Krylon K02422007 Fusion for plastic

Krylon K02422007 Fusion for plastic
  • Volume 12 oz
  • Provides smooth finish
  • 360-degree dial spray tip
  • Chip-resistant after seven days
  • Requires no priming or sanding

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Best Budget

Rust-Oleum 249123 2X ultra-cover

Rust-Oleum 249123 2X ultra-cover
  • Item volume is 12 fluid ounces
  • Odor-free
  • Fast drying
  • Available in popular colors
  • Gloss finish

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The below list of spray paints comes with reviews, pros, and cons. It will make your choice easier. Do not forget to check out the top 10 best spray paints for plastic available in the market.

1. Rust-Oleum 211338 spray paint for plastic

Rust-Oleum 211338 spray paint for plastic

Rust-Oleum is a trusted quality brand that has been manufacturing spray paints for plastic since 1921. The 211338 Black gloss plastic spray paint is your one-stop solution to pain for plastic items and surfaces. The color is ideal for indoor/outdoor plastics, including PVC, resin, fiberglass, polystyrene, vinyl, and polypropylene.

It comes with an oil-based formula, and you can directly apply it to the plastic surface. It does not require adding primer before application. The spray paint can restore and renew in one-step after you use it. It starts drying in 20 minutes. The 12 fluid ounce spray paint can is capable of covering up to 10 sq. Ft. 

It promotes superior adhesion that lasted for a more extended period. The long-lasting durability makes the product better than other brands available in the market. You can directly apply to your plastic mailboxes, lawn chairs, storage lockers and get a super soft gloss finish. The spray paint is available in various colors and provides excellent color retention. 

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  • Provides a soft gloss finish
  • Dries to touch in 20 minutes
  • Promotes superior adhesion
  • No primer required
  • It is very durable


2. Krylon K02422007 Fusion for plastic

Krylon K02422007 Fusion for plastic

The 12 ounces K02422007 Krylon spray paint can is the perfect choice for your plastic items. It is available in satin Dover white color. After application, it provides an elegant design and smooth finish. The spray paint starts drying in less than 15 minutes. The fast-drying feature of the product is better than compared to other products.

Being manufactured in the United States, the product comes with a 360-degree dial spray tip. It eases your work as you get the flexibility to use the spray tip wherever you want to paint your plastic. The good thing about the K02420007 spray paint is that you do not have to sand or prime the base before applying. 

It can easily and instantly bond with most plastics, PVC, resins, and many more. Hence, the product is also called “Fusion for plastic.” The paint makes the plastic surface fully chip-resistant after seven days. 

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3. Rust-Oleum 249123 2X ultra cover

Rust-Oleum 249123 2X ultra cover

The gloss berry pink 249123 spray paint is one of the cheapest ranges of spray paint available in the market. But it comes with high-quality features like the high-end brands’ spray paints. The12 fluid ounces rust-oleum spray paint comes in a bottle and has an oil-based formula.  

As the name suggests, the painter’s touch 2 X ultra-cover uses Double cover technology. The technology helps in enhancing the quality of the paint on the surface. It leaves a smooth finish that dries out fast. Besides being durable, the paint adds a protective layer.

Before applying, shake the paint can for one minute. As soon as the mixing ball starts to rattle, hold the can 10-16 degrees from the surface and start spraying back and forth. For best results, apply two coats a few minutes apart. It is suitable for interior/exterior uses. The 2X ultra-cover is ideal for surfaces made of wood, plastic, metal, and wicker.

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  • Fast-drying feature
  • 2X the coverage compared to ordinary spray paints
  • Smooth finish
  • Rich color with only two coats
  • Provides a semi-gloss look


  • Always wear mask and gloves before application

4. ColorBond(650) Hard plastic Refinisher spray paint

ColorBond(650) Hard plastic Refinisher spray paint

The revolutionary molecular bonding aerosol paint, ColorBond(650), penetrates deep into plastic, vinyl, and even leather surfaces. The product is OEM certified and restores dashboards, seats, car interior components, convertible tops, etc. It dries in 45 seconds to the touch compared to other spray paints available in the market.

You can also use ColorBond 650 Hard plastic paint to paint your car interiors. It is effortless and straightforward to use as you need to follow three necessary steps. Firstly, clean the surface thoroughly to which you’re going to spray paint. Secondly, apply a light coat 12 inches from the body. Let it sit for 2 minutes before you apply the second coat. Voila! The newly painted surface is ready.

The paint ultimately bonds in 10 minutes. It creates an OEM finish and does not crack or peel after drying. The 650 Spray paint preserves the color and keeps them locked for a more extended period.

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  • It is flake-proof
  • Serves multiple uses
  • Preserves the supple feel
  • Creates a molecular bond to seal in the color
  • It takes only 45min to dry.


  • Slightly on the expensive side

5. Rust-Oleum 327874 American Accents Spray paint

Rust-Oleum 327874 American Accents Spray paint

The 327874 American accents 2X ultra cover spray paint provides superior coverage. It comes in Gloss white color and has a watercolor based formula. The paint is durable and provides long-lasting protection. It becomes easy to complete your project quickly with the Rust-Oleum Spray paint. 

The product is available in an array of trending sheens and colors. It is advisable to spray in a steady back-and-forth motion for better results. You need to wait for a few minutes before applying a second coat or more. After application, it leaves a beautiful and shiny clean finish on the surface. 

The 327874 spray paint is ideal for painting plastic, wood, metal, etc. The spray bottle comes with a comfortable tip that has a wider finger pad to reduce finger fatigue. Hence, you can work for a more extended period. You can spray at any angle for hard to reach areas with the spray bottle. You must use protection gears while working with the paint.

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  • Provides glossy finish
  • Dries to touch in 20 minutes
  • Comes with any-angle spray comfort tip
  • Covers up to 12 sq. Ft.
  • Superior durability


  • Works best for indoor use only.

6. Performix 11203 Multi-purpose Spray paint

Performix 11203 Multi-purpose Spray paint

The 11203 multi-purpose coating is suitable for all of your DIY projects. The wide range of assorted colors helps you take up projects around the home, garage, garden, cars, etc. It gives an air-dry coating that is peel-able, flexible, non-slip, insulating, and durable.

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The spray forms a rubber coating that protects the item against moisture, acids, corrosion, abrasion, and skidding/slipping. The multi-purpose paint allows you to apply by spraying, dipping and brushing. While working with the product, you get a comfortable and controlled grip. The color does not crack or become brittle in extreme weather conditions. 

The rubber coating paint protects against electrical shocks, heat, deadens sound and vibration. After application, you can easily remove from most of the surfaces if you want to return to the original surface.

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  • Easy to apply
  • Provides a durable rubber coating
  • Protection against moisture, corrosion, and acid
  • Does not crack or become brittle
  • Can be removed from most of the surfaces


  • It takes 4 hours to build the layers.

7. Dupli-Color TB101 Spray paint

Dupli-Color TB101 Spray paint

The Dupli-Color is a 60-year-old brand that has been manufacturing top-notch automotive paints. It ensures a long-lasting finish for each application. TB101 is ideal for painting trims and bumpers of the car. It instantly renews the discoloration and restores the factory-look. The paint offers Fade-X technology that works well for interior/exterior applications. 

It comes with an EZ touch fan spray nozzle that is convenient to use. Apart from providing superior adhesion, the TB101 dries to touch in less than 30 minutes. It takes around one hour to dry out completely. 

You can use the paint to spray on bumpers made of polyurethane and thermoplastic. It provides a uniform solid color after application. The flashpoint of the product is about 18.0 degrees Celsius. 

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  • EZ touch fan spray nozzle
  • Features Fade-X technology
  • Offers uniform solid color
  • Renews and restores discoloration instantly
  • Dries to touch in 30 minutes


  • The smell of the paint can be irritating.

8. Thompsons TH.010100-18 Clear multi-surface spray paint

Thompsons TH.010100-18 Clear multi-surface spray paint

The TH.010100-18 comes under the list of the best spray paints for plastic. The Thompsons Company has earned an excellent reputation for its emerging technologies and provides superior-quality spray paints. It comes with a watercolor-based formula. The spray paint can show the best results in all kinds of weather. 

The product is quite handy. It can stop water damage or seepage. TH.010100-18 tends to provide long-lasting protection. It works effectively when sealing any porous material against water damage such as concrete, stone, brick, wood, plaster, and asbestos.

The paint serves multiple-purposes. You can use it as an under-seal or an additive for the solvent thinned paints. It also comes in various colors such as Acorn brown, woodland cedar, harvest gold, maple brown, and sequoia red.

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  • Offers waterproof coating
  • Seals porous material effectively.
  • Prevents damage by water
  • Shields paint against all kinds of weather
  • It comes with a watercolor-based formula.


  • Expensive

9. Krylon K01303007 Acrylic Spray paint

Krylon K01303007 Acrylic Spray paint

The K01303007 spray paint is rated as one of the top-notch products available in the market. It provides a protective coating on plastic as well as on other surfaces. You can get great results with each application. The protective gloss coating does not turn yellow with age, and the layer remains permanent on the surface.

It dries to touch in less than 10-15 minutes. Within two hours, you can handle the surface as it dries out completely. The durable coating can withstand any kind of situation. It does not show any signs of peeling for a more extended period. 

Besides, the Krylon Acrylic spray paint is moisture-resistant and smudge-proof. You can keep the spray-painted items even in humid conditions. It is ideal for surfaces made of plastic, wood, paper, plaster, metal, dried silk flowers, and ceramic. 

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  • Moisture-resistant
  • Fast drying
  • Provides a protective gloss coating
  • Smudge-proof
  • It shows zero signs of peeling.


  • It is not rust-resistant.

10. Krylon K01709077 High Heat Spray paint

Krylon K01709077 High Heat Spray paint

The K01709077 high heat spray paint works best for high heat projects. It can provide high-quality protection. The spray paint can withstand high temperatures up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit intermittently and 600 degrees Fahrenheit continuously. The color instantly dries off in 15 minutes or less. 

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After drying, it leaves the surface tack-free and shows zero signs of peeling and scraping. The paint does not drip or run. It works well for both interior/exterior surfaces. For external uses, you can apply on surfaces made of metal, plastics, etc. You can apply it on grills, fire pits, pipelines, and many more.

You must be careful and wear protective eye gears and gloves while working with K01709077 Spray paint. Do not use it on cooking surfaces. It can lead to accidents. The color is capable of protecting against rust and moisture.

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  • Fast drying time
  • Rust resistant
  • Provides high-quality protection
  • Works best for exterior surfaces
  • Durable


  • It is on the expensive side.
  • Contain toxic ingredients. Hence, wear protective gears.

Plastic Spray Paints Buying Guide

Spray painting your plastic turns out to be the best decision you will ever make. It provides a protective layer and prevents them from getting damaged. Also, you had the opportunity to paint the plastic surface with your favorite color. But when it comes to buying spray paint for plastic, people often make the wrong decision. There are several crucial factors that one ought to keep in mind to get hold of the best spray paint for plastic without extra cost. Hence, we have a buying guide with all the factors you must consider while purchasing spray paint for plastic. Check them out in the following.


Quality matters a lot. Always try to purchase a product that matches all of your expectations. It should provide the right amount of gloss level and is durable enough to last for a more extended period. So, make sure that the product you are about to buy is of good quality. 

Drying time

Another essential feature to look at is the drying time. There are a lot of spray paints available in the market with different drying times. The best ones promise to dry the paint in less than ten minutes. It is recommendable to select brands that offer quick drying time. Otherwise, you will end up waiting for days or weeks for the paint to completely dry off.


For example, if you’re painting your garden chair, you do not want the freshly painted chair to become vulnerable to moisture or humidity. Hence, the paint should always be moisture resistant as it will prevent streaks and makes the paint last longer. So, confirm that the product, which you are buying, has a moisture-resistant feature.

The nozzle

The nozzle spray tip of the spray paint bottle should be versatile enough. It should have a 360-degree rotation feature. Many times, the nozzle tip ends up clogging. Before purchasing, make sure to look at the type of nozzle the manufacturing company uses and that it doesn’t block.


Painting plastic items increases their durability and brings a curb appeal to the product. According to our research, the Rust-Oleum 211338 spray paint for plastic is a must buy. It provides faster drying and is quite durable. The oil-based formula of the color renews and restores in one application. You can also consider purchasing the Krylon K02422007 Fusion for plastic. It does not chip and brings a smooth finish to the surface. In case you are looking for a cheaper option, the Rust-Oleum 249123 2X ultra-cover comes in handy. Besides providing all the basic features of good spray paint, it is odor-free and comes with a comfortable spray tip. So, go through all the products and their features very carefully and purchase the one that will suit your needs and requirements the most.

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