10 Best Strut Spring Compressors in 2021

best strut spring compressor

Nowadays, strut spring compressors have turned out to be necessary equipment for everyone who owns a vehicle. It helps in decreasing the spring’s size and makes it easy to remove. Finding a tool, which is durable, sturdy, and provides safety, is essential. Strut spring compressors replace the strut cartridges and assemble other components. Hence, owning a strut spring compressor makes replacing parts and repairing vehicles a lot easier and convenient. To ease your confusion, we have come up with a list of the ten best strut spring compressors, which will help you choose a product suitable for your car. 

People often get confused when buying a strut spring compressor. But do not worry. We have simplified your choices by listing down the top three best-selling strut compressors available in the market. The below items are compared with their best features and make your purchase easier. 

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Best Overall

OEMTOOLS 25550 10.75 Inch Strut Spring Compressor

OEMTOOLS 25550 10.75 Inch Strut Spring Compressor
  • Wide range of compatibility
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Rugged safety latches
  • Added safety features
  • Built-in detent pins

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Premium Choice

OTC Tools 6637 Strut Tamer II Extreme

OTC Tools 6637 Strut Tamer II Extreme
  • Superior strength
  • Extra thick 5/8 inch compression arms
  • New forged barring jaws
  • Arm-barring rings
  • Heavy-duty design

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Best Budget

Shankly Coil Spring Compressor

Shankly Coil Spring Compressor
  • Versatile tool
  • Easy to use
  • Strong and durable
  • Features double-ended jaws
  • Has an operating capacity of 30mm

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The below list of strut spring compressors comes with pros, cons, and product reviews. You get an overview of the item that you’re looking for depending on your needs. 

1. OEMTOOLS 25550 10.75 Inch Strut Spring Compressor

OEMTOOLS 25550 10.75 Inch Strut Spring Compressor

OEMTOOLS is one of the top choices and safest tools available at the market’s best possible price. The 25550 9.5 inches strut spring compressor compresses various sizes of McPherson strut springs. You can easily and quickly compress the spring and replace the strut cartridge. Hence, it helps to cut down the time spent on installing and removing strut springs.

It is a great tool that finds its majority uses on domestic vehicles. The product comes with built-in detent pins. These pins allow having a safer spring compression with the broad spring contact. It also locks into place. You get a better grip while working. The clamps are shock-resistant, and the overall product makes an excellent tool for mechanics. 

The forged hooks and the hardened center screw are designed using heavy-duty steel construction. It promises to last longer and allow for safer use. The product also includes other features such as heat-treated, forcing screw, and safety latches. The latches lock the hook to the spring.

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  • Can hold up repeated McPherson strut replacements
  • Compatible with most McPherson Strut springs
  • Long-lasting forged hooks
  • Provides a wide range of compatibility
  • Made of heavy steel body

2. OTC Tools 6637 Strut Tamer II Extreme

OTC Tools 6637 Strut Tamer II Extreme

Being one of the expensive and premium ones on the entire list, the product lives up to its manufacturer’s name. The 6637 Strut Tamer II Extreme is an excellent compressor by OTC. It meets the new ASME safety standards and safely compresses the largest strut springs too. Besides offering excellent performance, the tool is capable of doing heavy-duty work.

The 6637 Strut Tamer II extreme comes with new forged locking jaws. The locking jaws have larger swabs and offsets. You can easily hold onto and squeeze springs very tightly. The body structure is made of high-quality metal. The compression strength is superior. It never fails to offer durability, stability, and versatility.

The product also has new 5/8 inches thick compression arms that are durable. You can get optimal solidity all through spring compression with its new locking trunions. The new arm-locking rings have made the adjustment process more comfortable compared to other tools. The USA-made product is a must-have tool for professionals.

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  • Safe to use
  • New forged padlocking jaws
  • Built-in rings (arm-locking)
  • Thick 5/8 inch compression arms
  • Heavy-duty shop tools


  • Expensive

3. Shankly Coil Spring Compressor

Shankly Coil Spring Compressor

The Shankly Coil Spring compressor tool comes with two pieces of universal spring compressors. They have an enamel body (drop-forged) that makes them strong and durable. The high-quality materials ensure that all of your spring compressor tasks are done right. The compressors are simple to operate.

Many compressor springs and struts available in the market can be hazardous. But with the Shankly coil spring compressor, you get added safety and control. It comes with jaws (dual-ended) along with clip-on security hooks. It is one of the versatile strut spring compressors available in the market as it works best with most commuter and light marketable vehicles. 

The tool comes up with an operating volume of 30mm with a whole extent of 300 mm. It has a height of 9 ½” and a 10” bolt. Also, it offers a 90-day guarantee. If you’re looking for a strut spring compressor that can quickly shift the coil out of the way, you should try out the Shankly spring compressors.

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  • Durable and safe
  • Versatile coil compressor
  • Strong and guaranteed
  • Attached security hooks
  • Drop forged enamel body


  • You cannot use it with an air hatchet.

4. BestEquip 6600LB Strut Compressor

BestEquip 6600LB Strut Compressor

The 6600 LBS Strut spring compressors come with a jack lifting height of 495 to 820 mm. BestEquip is a well-known brand that offers safety. They promise to offer high performance with its max support bar shaft open. Some of the key features of the products are, they are sturdy and durable. It has a rust-proof appearance with a stoving varnish on the surface.

The powerful spring compressor can easily disassemble and install your car shock absorber without any hassle. You can adjust it in the upside or downside direction. The flexible compressor column consists of seven small holes. These holes bring the flexibility of adjusting the compressor depending on a wide range of applications.

The hydraulic cylinder ensures that there is no oil leakage, and it is as tight as possible. You do not need any extra effort to operate the product. The convenient operation saves time and effort. The tool is ideal for off-road vehicles, vans, pickup trucks, cars, and other vehicles.

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  • Provides wide application
  • Gives high performance
  • It has a flexible compressor
  • Easy to use
  • comes with a hydraulic cylinder


  • Slightly on the expensive side

5. Powerbuilt 648627 Strut Spring Compressor Kit

Powerbuilt 648627 Strut Spring Compressor Kit

The product comes with a lifetime warranty. Hence, you can be assured that you do not need to buy another spring compressor in recent times. They are designed in a manner to ensure safety and easy operation. You can quickly remove and install coil springs. The safety pins (built-in) help to prevent the tool from dismantling the spring coil.

It is effortless to use. You need to do is retract the safety pins and slip the hook assembly onto the coils. The next step includes tightening the spring by hand until it is removable from the strut. The kit comprises of a step by step instruction laminated inside the case with photos. It eliminates confusion for beginners too.

The PoweBuilt 648627 Strut spring compressor kit is ideal for most domestic and import vehicles. It includes two strut spring compressors and a sturdy storage case.  

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  • Lifetime warranty
  • Built-in locking safety pins
  • Safe to use
  • Easy installation and removal of coil springs
  • The kit has laminated directions sheets with photos.


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty uses

6. 8MILELAKE McPherson Strut Spring Compressor Kit

8MILELAKE McPherson Strut Spring Compressor Kit

8MILELAKE McPherson Strut Spring compressor kit makes a perfect choice for the mobile mechanics that require their tool to be easy to carry and quick to operate. The multipurpose McPherson kit consists of six yokes, one compression rod, six fixing screws, and one adjustment hook. 

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It consists of high, forged carbon steel. The high surface brightness material makes the surface rigid, scratch-resistant, and tight. The tool is capable of compressing all types of McPherson style coil springs front and rear. The kit has three jaws of various sizes. They are 65-125 mm, 88-160 mm, and 123-212 mm in size. 

Being slightly on the pricey side, 8MILELAKE ensures that its products are manufactured under stringent quality control. Hence, they do not compromise with quality. The tool is approved to endure too high loads with a max force of 4487 kg. The only disadvantage of the tool is that it does not come with an impact wrench.

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  • Provides maximum working stroke
  • Versatile
  • Strict quality control
  • Compresses all types of McPherson style coil springs
  • It comes with three sets of jaws.


  • Does not come with an impact wrench.

7. Orion Motor tech Coil Spring Compressor Tool

Orion Motor tech Coil Spring Compressor Tool

The heavy-duty Orion Motor tech compressor tool is made of cast iron. It comes in a pair that includes a  ½” drive and 13/16” socket to squeeze the coil spring. You can use the tool to swap the jolt absorber unit. It also has an effortless and fast setup. To increase the durability, you can lubricate the threads with an anti-snatch compound.

The tool has a rod (Acme threaded) with expansive spring contact. It comes with built-in detent pins that can easily lock the coil spring in place and give safer spring compression. The rods make the tool durable and provide smooth compression.

The product offers only a two-year warranty service, but it is manufactured under strict quality control. It is widely compatible and is ideal for a professional mechanic and automatic repair novice. The tools come in a convenient custom-fit case. Hence, the chances of wear and abrasion are reduced. 

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  • Easy storage
  • Broad spring contact
  • Heat-treated forcing screw
  • Built-in pins
  • Strong and durable


  • No lifetime warranty

8. Branick 7600 Strut Spring Compressor

Branick 7600 Strut Spring Compressor

Branick strut spring compressors are designed for daily usage. It is known as one of “the standard in the industry” products available in the market. The 7600 compressor successfully manages the weightiest coil-over shudders on SUV and light trucks. It does not require additional adaptors to achieve its purpose. 

The tool comes with long handles that can give extra torque and better grip. It is made of high-quality steel and weighs around 98 pounds. The heavy-duty acme thread makes the strut compressor an effective and safe use compressor in the market. It comes with an integrated structural ring guard.

It provides ultimate flexibility with the ease of multi-positioning the upper spring knobs to fit the coil spring alignments. The 7600 Branick spring compressor provides a lengthier compression hit that can manage the Jeep XK Cherokee Trailhawk. The USA-made 7600 product can get your work done no matter the angle or height of the object. 

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  • Sturdy acme thread
  • Very durable
  • Versatile equipment
  • Adapters are not required.
  • Built-in multi-position hooks


  • Expensive

9. Performance Tool W89322 Strut Spring Compressor

Performance Tool W89322 Strut Spring Compressor

The drop-forged steel constructed W89322 Strut Spring compressor is one of the versatile tools available in the market at such a cheap option. The locking pins provide additional security. It has replacement parts that are easy to find and available in the market. It roughly weighs around 6.45 pounds. The spring compressor is ideal for most automotive and light truck applications.

The hooks are smaller in size compared to many of the compressors. It is not recommendable to use this tool when working on multiple vehicle types. The tool is durable, well-made, and helps in making every job very manageable. It serves as an excellent option for individuals who do strut work once a year.

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The hook is thick and causes grabbing problems. The product comes in a sturdy case with bilingual instructions.

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  • Drop forged steel construction
  • Includes locking pins
  • Includes replacement parts
  • Easy to use
  • Cheap


  • Suitable only for automotive and light truck applications

10. ABN 11.5 Inches Strut Spring Compressor

ABN 11.5 Inches Strut Spring Compressor

The ABN 11.5 inches Strut spring compressor toolset of two McPherson Spring compressors. It is straightforward to operate. It has an ACME thread and additional safety pins to ensure that you get a secure grip. The detent pins (built-in) keep the coil spring locked in place. 

You can achieve durable and smooth compression of springs both on and off the vehicle with power or hand tools. It gives a wide range of compatibility. The forged hooks and hardened center screw offers maximum strength and longevity.

The product comes in an easy-storage heavy-duty plastic carrying case. It is easily transportable. You get a safer storage and quick organization option with the ABN 11.5 Strut spring compressor kit. The construction of the product is so durable that it can withstand extreme pressure in any environment. 

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  • Long-lasting
  • Provides a wide range of compatibility
  • Includes acme threaded rod
  • Easy storage
  • Forged hooks and center screw


  • No instructions available in the case

Strut Spring Compressor Buying Guide

Buying strut spring compressors can be a challenging and daunting task. People often get confused. Hence, we have reviewed and listed sown some of the best compressors available after doing significant research. The below factors are the ones that you must consider when going to buy a strut spring compressor.


Bulky equipment always makes it hard to work. It is essential to find a strut compressor that fits the desired length and width. Hence, you should always be sure to choose the right size of the tool. Compressors with incorrect sizes can lead to an accident.


Budget plays an important role when buying a strut spring compressor. There will be a lot of compressors available in the market at a lower price. But do not forget that cheaper products have cheaper materials. If you have heavy-duty professional tasks, never buy a cheap compressor. 


With all compressors, make sure that safety is paramount. Low material strut compressors can break, bend, and damage your vehicle.  A heavy-duty thread ensures that the vehicle stays in one place. Try to purchase products that are manufactured under strict quality control. 


You should always check out the material of the product. Materials should be capable of handling pressure and heavy-duty jobs. Also, it should be durable and robust. Besides, tools made from steel frames offer the best durability. It can prevent slip and severe damages.


One should always look out for the features when getting any kind of equipment. Some of them are the convenience of using the product, safety, type of thread, spare parts availability, etc. No matter what type of strut spring compressor you are purchasing, make sure to look out for these features to get the best out of your chosen strut spring compressor.


All the compressors are crafted with high-quality materials that are durable and convenient to use. The first recommendation, OEMTOOLS 25550 10.75 Inch Strut Spring Compressor, is one of the best overall products. It has strong threads and falls under the excellent compressor category. 

Another famous brand on the expensive side is the OTC Tools 6637 Strut Tamer II Extreme. It has superior strength with a heavy-duty design. 

If you’re looking for affordable options, you should try the Shankly Coil Spring Compressor. It is easy to use and provides longevity compared to other products available within that range. Therefore, go through all the reviews very carefully and choose the one that fits your requirements the best.

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