10 Best Sump Pumps in 2021

best sump pump

A flooded basement can result in severe damages when you have not removed water at the right time. Sump pumps are the best systems to remove water from your basements. Although your basement may not have the risk of regular flooding, you can use a sump pump to keep the surface dry and prevent mold issues. In most cases, we install sump pumps in the sump basin. You can find sump pumps of a range of models, and it may be difficult for you to choose the right one. That is why we have picked the best sump pumps and reviewed their features. 

We have chosen the best 3 sump pumps with innovative features. You can compare these features to purchase the right product.

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Best Overall

Zoeller M53 Sump Pump

Zoeller M53 Sump Pump
  • Engineered Thermoplastic Base
  • 1½” discharge
  • Automatic model
  • 43 GPM at 5′ TDH

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Premium Choice

Liberty Pumps 287 Sump Pump 

Liberty Pumps 287 Sump Pump 
  • Up to 67 GPM
  • Efficient motor 
  • VMF switch
  • Head 37-Foot

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Best Budget

Superior Pump 91250 Sump pump 

Superior Pump 91250 Sump pump 
  • 1/4 HP pump
  • Removable suction
  • 1-1/4 inch NPT discharge 
  • 25′ of vertical height

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1. Zoeller M53 Sump Pump

Zoeller M53 Sump Pump

Zoeller M53, made of cast iron, has the most durable design to endure heavy water flow. Cast iron covering the body of the pump protects the internal parts. As the system disperses heat quickly into the water, it ensures safety to the functional components.

Sump pumps need to work in damp sites, and thus, there is a risk of corrosion. However, as Zoeller has coated the pump with epoxy and cast iron, it prevents corrosion.

Other important parts of Zoeller M53 are the handle, power cord, and discharge. The stainless steel handle helps with an easy and smooth movement. The strong and long cord (3 meters) saves you from electrical risks. Moreover, the 1-½ inch NPT discharge remains attached to the PVC pipes, and it can remove debris of up to ½ inch of debris.

The 4-pole1/3 HP motor enables the system to work at a speed of 1550 RPM. The overheat protection switch is one of the safety features. Besides, due to the carbon and ceramic shaft seal, the motor will not leak oil. 

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  • Cast iron build
  • Good backup
  • Include an automated technology


  • Some plastic parts

2. Liberty Pumps 287 Sump Pump 

Liberty Pumps 287 Sump Pump

The Liberty Pumps 287 designed with advanced automated technology, is a submersible model operated by 1/2 HP electric motor. The thermally protected motor has the potential of pumping water up to 4,020 gallons every hour. Manufacturers have encased the unit with cast iron for better protection. 

This sump pump does not include battery backup, and it can lift water up to 140F. At full load, the motor works with 8Amps and 115V. Moreover, the package includes a power cord of about 10 feet.

With the NPT discharge of 1-1/2 inch, the pump performs flawlessly. However, the vertically magnetic float switch is not adjustable.

The pump includes a 37-Feet shut-off head and the unit is capable of managing 3/4-Inch of solids. You can buy this product for the high output sump and liquid waste transfer.

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  • Efficient motor design
  • Lubricated bearing
  • The bottom screen is removable


  • A few issues with the switch

3. Superior Pump 91250 Sump pump 

Superior Pump 91250 Sump pump

We have chosen it as the best ultra-portable sump pump available at a reasonable price. You may buy this lightweight pump for emergency water removal from the basement, rooftops, and utility rooms. 

The 25-feet discharge lift is one of the noticeable features of this sump pump. The special bottom-suction design is another feature for removing water to within 1/8-inch of the surface.

The quick-start motor and ¼-HP capacitor can draw 3.8Amp of current and for the ultimate overheat protection, manufacturers have added a thermal protection circuitry. The stainless steel shaft seal protects the motor from water. The thermoplastic screen is removable, and it ensures protection to the impeller.

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Overall, we can say that Superior Pump 91250 is one of the top-rated pumps with an easy hook-up. As the system is 6-inch wide, you can easily attach it into tight openings.

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  • Easy to clean the bottom screen
  • Lightweight design
  • High pumping capacity
  • Include a non-clogging screen


  • Contamination to the plate

4. WAYNE CDU1000 Sump Pump

WAYNE CDU1000 Sump Pump

With a bit higher investment, you will get a premium quality sump pump for your house. This innovatively designed submersible sump pump with 1HP motor can move up to 5400 gallons of water per hour. The discharge lift is 3960 gallons per hour flow (at a 10-feet height).

There is no need to use batteries to operate the system. You can sit this pump in a sump pit of about 11 inches in diameter. The uniquely designed suction system filters out dirt and debris by reducing clogs. With a cast iron build and stainless steel parts, the pump will last long. The submersible pump also includes a vertical float switch. Moreover, this self-priming system has an optimal performance when the temperature condition ranges from 33 to 120F. With minimal maintenance, you can make this pump long-lasting.

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  • Suction to prevent blockage
  • High discharge lift
  • Best for larger sump pits


  • Not for outdoor use

5. Superior Pump 92551 Sump Pump

Superior Pump 92551 Sump Pump

Superior Pump 92551 is one of the reliable sump pumps with quality components and rugged construction. The integrated 1/2HP motor is capable of moving water up to 3600-gallons per hour. However, make sure that the water temperature is not more than 180F.

The shiny metal parts have added durability to the overall design. Manufacturers have used stainless steel for most of the parts, like the drive shaft, float ball, and impeller. Superior Pump 92551 is slightly costlier than other thermoplastic models of this brand. Still, you will find better performance with this pump.

The heavy-duty cast-iron base helps you in the proper installation of the pump in the pit. Moreover, the intake filters effectively remove debris, while the 1-1/2″ NPT discharge works with 1-1/2″ discharge pipe.

The automatic float switch activates and deactivates the pump based on the water level. The metal switch arm is another feature to ensure better performance. Moreover, the controller is easily adjustable depending on your needs.

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  • Robust design
  • Stainless steel parts
  • UL-listed pump


  • Noise from motor

6. Wayne VIP50 Sump pump

Wayne VIP50 Sump pump

We have chosen another sump pump system from Wayne, as it has gained a high-capacity motor and a properly designed suction system. The pump is capable of pumping up to 2500 gallons per hour and pass solid wastes (1/2 inch thick), like pebbles, leaves, and debris. With the pumping mechanism, it takes the water level to 1/8 inch. Manufacturers have used sealed thermoplastic materials to design this pump. Moreover, the 3/4-inch discharge adapter is easy to connect to your garden hose. The smooth bottom suction is another notable part of the system.

To prevent rust problems, manufacturers have added glass-reinforced housing and the impeller shaft. Thus, your sump pump will have no damage due to weather conditions. 

Due to the integrated thermal protection system, the pump will stop working automatically when you are overusing it. The system will cool down and then start working again. Still, it is better to check the potential blockage of the pump to prevent overheating problems.

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  • Highly resilient model
  • High-end motor
  • Include a long cord


  • Debris removal capacity must be better.

7. AmazonCommercial AB-P101 Sump Pump

AmazonCommercial AB-P101 Sump Pump

AmazonCommercial has launched a high quality submersible sump pump for thermoplastic design. One of the unique features of this pump is its tethered float switch. Moreover, the heavy-duty split capacitor motor makes it easy for you to remove water from the basement and other sites. The 1/2 HP motor of this pump will save your property from damage.

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There is an integrated suction strainer filter to prevent clogging issues to the pump. Thus, dirt and debris will not cause problems in your pump.

The overall design is highly durable, and the sump pump will last for years. With the combination of aluminum and thermoplastics, manufacturers have created a non-corrosive design. AmazonCommercial AB-P101 has the potential of pumping 4320 gallons per hour at 0 feet. Moreover, the vertical water lifting capacity is about 30 feet. Thus, you may try out this sump pump to save your property from moisture damage.

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  • Durable design
  • Waterproof cord
  • No clogging problems


  • Does not include a hose

8. WAYNE CDU790 Sump pump

WAYNE CDU790 Sump pump

WAYNE CDU790 is a reliable sump pump for basements of your residential house. The 1/3 horsepower pump has added a high functional value to the system, as it can pass 3.800 gallons per hour. As it is a submersible sump pump, you may think there is a risk of water damage and leaks. However, as there is an epoxy coated steel, you can avoid this problem.

The vertical float switch helps in activating the pump. While the water level rises and floods the basement, the switch will turn on the pump. Moreover, the 4″-Off level and 9″-On level design is another innovative feature of the system. It is better to set the level above the natural water level. 

The cast iron impeller, steel-made suspension rod, and PVC float system are highly durable. Moreover, other parts of the system are the power cable, discharge system, and the handle. 

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  • Easy to install and assemble
  • No noise issue
  • No air locking for the top suction


  • Rust problems in some parts

9. FLUENTPOWER 3/4HP 3300GPH Sump Pump


FLUENTPOWER has designed a quality sump pump with energy-saving systems. The portable pump has a high-capacity 3/4 HP motor. This device can pump 2200 gallons of water per hour with a discharge lift of 10 feet. It can pass water up to 3300 GPH.

The pure copper design makes the motor long-lasting. The pump also includes a thermal protector for preventing burning issues. The thermal protector will start its function until the system automatically cools down.

The sealing structure ensures that this submersible pump will last long and work effectively. You may use the pump for your flooded basements, fountains, swimming pools, drainage, and farms.

The float switch has a unique design, and you can deactivate this switch on your needs to control the pump manually. There is also a 1.5” discharge port to give you a better output flow rate. Although the water contains dirt and solid debris, the pump can continue its function. The package also includes a 26.2ft cable cord for your convenience.

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  • Include a thermal protector
  • Durable sealing
  • The float switch function is adjustable.


  • Slight noise issues

10. DEKOPRO 1HP Sump Pump 3302GPH 

DEKOPRO 1HP Sump Pump 3302GPH

DEKOPRO has designed a highly innovative sump pump with 1HP, 750W motor. This pump is capable of passing 3302 gallons per hour. Thus, due to the high draining capacity, we have included this product in our list. The pump also integrates a grounded waterproof cord (16.4 feet) with a portable handle.

Moreover, the stainless steel casing and thermoplastic materials protect your sump pump. Your pump will have a lasting value due to this special design.

The sensitive float switch has an automated technology with Start/Stop functionality. You may adjust the float switch cable length by sensing the water level. The integrated overheat protection makes sure that there is no burnout risk to your pump. There is also a pipe connector to fit the water outlet. Thus, you may use this submersible stainless steel pump for flooded basement, tanks, pond, and other sites.

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Buying Guide

You may have already started searching for the best sump pump to drain the unwanted water from your basement and other sites. Now, how do you decide on the right pump for your needs? We have a comprehensive guide to buying your sump pump.

Based on the design, we can categorize the sump pump in two ways.

  • Submersible– You can install a submersible sump pump in the water and the pumping system at the unit’s bottom. Submersible sump pumps have waterproof designs to protect every part. Moreover, the filter screen prevents the debris from accessing internal parts.
  • Pedestal– Pedestal pumps are bigger models, and you do not have to submerge them in water. However, they produce a slightly louder noise and are available at a lower price.

Sump pump- Automatic versus manual

It is better to invest in automatic sump pumps. After the installation of the pump, it will continue its pumping mechanism automatically.

You will find manual versions of the sump pump that needs manual activation and deactivation of the system. When you are not at your home and a flood has occurred, you cannot turn on the pump. Thus, to avoid the risk of damage, you can buy the automatic models.

Backup and primary pump

 Your sump must have an electrically operated primary pump. However, on a stormy day, a power outage can cause a problem. That is why there must be a backup sump pump available in battery-powered or water-powered versions. It is better to choose the water-powered sump pump when you have a massive power outage.

Factors that you must consider for purchasing the sump pump.

Sump pumps are made of different materials-

  • Stainless steel – Durable, strong, and rust resistant 
  • Cast iron – It is a heavier and heavier material used in the best quality sump pumps.
  • Thermoplastic – Lightweight and cheaper models.

Measure your sump pit size

The sump pit refers to the hole where you need to install the pump. The pit has to be large to ensure no interference with the switch.

Housing of your sump pump

A highly resilient housing prevents cracks and rusting problems. Although the thermoplastic housing will not rust, it has a risk of cracks. Stainless steel is durable and does not corrode, but it will add weight to the model.

Capacity and size of the sump pump

You need to measure the sump pump in gallons per hour. In most cases, the water should rise to the predetermined level before the activation of the pump. We refer to it as head pressure. You must choose ones, which lift water to 10 inches or more.

To choose the sump pump of the right size, you have to identify your need. Two major components of the pump are the pump capacity and motor size. The motor power ranges from ⅙ HP to ½ HP that denotes the effectiveness.

Switching system

Sump pumps are available with a range of switching systems, like diaphragm, vertical, and capacitive.  Vertical switches move vertically in your basin and they help with automatic activation of the pump. 

There are microprocessors integrated with capacitive switches to measure the level of water. Another option is the diaphragm switch, which relies on the water pressure to detect the time to turn on the pump.

Is the pump easy to set up?

There is no need for special tools and skills to install the sump pump. Most of the manufacturers include an installation guide in the package. However, proper wiring is essential to make your DIY installation easier. Within a few minutes, you can install the sump pump.


Now, you can decide on the best sump pump for your needs. Check out the features of every product that we have chosen. You will find sump pumps at different price rates.

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