10 Best Tool Chests in 2021

best tool chest

A tool chest is more than a box to store hand tools, which you can find in both home and garage. It is readily available whenever you need it. It makes the task performance efficient and faster and of course, keeps the tools safe and protects them from any risk of damage. Moreover, it helps to organize all your tools properly so that you don’t lose them.

Whether for doing a DIY, to work indoors or outdoors, or for working in a professional garage, discovering the best and appropriate toolbox or tool chest is a must.

In this article, we have set an impressive variety of tool chests that will help you in different circumstances. But before that, here are the top three tool chests based on the overall comparisons.

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Best Overall

Tankstorm Tool Chest Heavy Duty Cart

Tankstorm Tool Chest Heavy Duty Cart
  • Set of 5 drawers
  • Rolling cart with 4″ swivel casters
  • Internal locking mechanism
  • Side tray

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Premium Choice

CRAFTSMAN Combo with Drawer Liner

CRAFTSMAN Combo with Drawer Liner
  • Power strip with USB port
  • Set of 9 drawers
  • Key-operated internal locking system
  • Wheels for easy mobility

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Best Budget

Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox

Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox
  • An automatic drawer locking mechanism
  • Sturdy storage units
  • Comfortable top handles
  • Spacious top tray

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1. Tankstorm Tool Chest Heavy Duty Cart Tool Box

Tankstorm Tool Chest Heavy Duty Cart Tool Box

The use of superior quality cold rolled steel material, and finish makes it all the more durable and sturdy. The finish of powder-coating will prevent the tool chest from getting any massive scratch or resist from occurring any chemical friction.

Its vast five drawers storage system have locking systems that will secure the devices inside. Moreover, the convenient rolling cart is good to move it around smoothly. The rolling cart comes with a total of four swivel casters. The first two 4″ swivel casters have brakes, and the remaining two 4″ swivel casters have no brakes.

The attached rubber mat on top of the cart and EVA mar in each of the drawers makes the storage all efficient.

The design of this tool case is such that it has a heavy-duty steel handle on the right side of the cart and on the left side, a fixed tray exists.

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  • Comfortable ball bearing slides
  • Internal locking system
  • Spacious drawers
  • 350 lbs loading capacity
  • Separate drawer locking mechanism
  • Tough side handles to push and pull the cart.


  • No cons

2. CRAFTSMAN Tool Cabinet

CRAFTSMAN Tool Cabinet

If you have a high budget, then going for this premium product is what we recommend. Craftsman offers dual-wall I-frame (18-20 gauge). The in-built construction maintains to handle 100 lb. 

This also comes with ball-bearing compartments. This helps in smoothly sliding the drawers, thanks to the malleable-close latching. Hence, it will not bang when you close the drawers.

Besides, the big area to charge beneath the lid is exceptionally vital. This charging area includes a USB socket strip and integrated power. It is a perfect tool case for solving your problem of tool storage.

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  • Power strip with USB port
  • Set of 9 drawers
  • Key-operated internal locking system
  • Wheels for easy mobility
  • Provides mata protection surface on top of the cabinet and underneath the lid


  • No cons

3. Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox

Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox

When it comes to the budget-friendly tool chest, then Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox is our top pick in this category. It has a sturdy and credible structure at a rate that will never bring in tears. Although it is not as huge as a tool cabinet, yet it does a commendable job of protecting the most used tools. The lid-activated locking mechanism makes the job of protection easier.

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Again, the convenient top handle makes carrying easy, and the cover hinge opens the lid for you to access the tools easily. When you close the lid, the drawers get locked automatically.

For making this a professional use, the heavy-duty storage units are strong and provide easy accessibility by sliding out the drawers. The spacious top tray is sufficient for placing most of your hand tools.

Along with this, Craftsman also provides hasp and staple for the padlocks to lend additional security. 

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  • The drawers are of heavy-duty steel.
  • Full-length sliding trays with compound action
  • Built-in hasp and staple mechanism for extra padlock security
  • Drawer lock with a lid-activated mechanism


  • Absence of ball-bearing mechanism in sliding drawers

4. Stalwart Oversized Portable Tool Chest, Three Tool boxes in One

Stalwart Oversized Portable Tool Chest, Three Tool boxes in One

Our next pick is from the manufacturer Stalwart Oversized Portable Tool Chest. These three toolboxes in one are easily detachable for quick transportation and have an adjustable handle to carry out in the back. 

It comes with glide wheels that make it easy to port from one place to another. Stalwart Oversized Tool chest is extremely utilitarian as it efficiently stores all your tools in a single place.

This superior quality tool chest is sturdy and heavy-duty that fits all your tools perfectly. Now working on DIY and other projects have become safer as they neatly organize the tools to access quickly.

Whether you store it in any place or carry it anywhere, this tool chest ensures the tools’ safety and protects them from damage. The design and steel construction makes the tool chest challenging and increases durability.

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  • Steel construction with reinforced injection molding polymer
  • Convenient gliding wheel
  • Adjustable handle to carry
  • Easily detachable boxes
  • Spot on the box to lock them
  • Compact and portable


  • No built-in latch in the two lower drawers

5. Kennedy Manufacturing 297Xb 29″ Tool Chest

Kennedy Manufacturing 297Xb 29

This tool chest offers an excellent heavy-gauge steel body that has a strong powder-coat finish for additional security. Its top surface feature has edges that elevate on three sides to secure the hand tools.

All the drawer comes with automatic internal locking mechanism and in-built with a capacity to hold 120 pounds. And the brown tone finish gives an elegant look to your organizer.

Moreover, the 5″ roller bearing casters with two rigid and two swivels with brakes help in moving the tool chest smoothly. Again, the heavy-duty tubular handles on the side provide manageable steering.

Its storage capacity will not only come in use today but also store your future tools. The high-security tubular locking system with two keys ensures security to all the drawers.

Not only this, but the cabinet also has snap-in ball bearing slides for a smooth operation of the drawer under heavy-weight.

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  • High-security tubular locking system 
  • Heavy-duty roller bearing caster
  • Tubular steel handle for easy steering
  • Smooth lid operation with gas struts
  • Double-wall construction 


  • The drawers are not very tough.

6. Viper Tool Storage V218MCWH 18-Inch Tool Chest

Viper Tool Storage V218MCWH 18-Inch Tool Chest

This tool chest comes with powder-coated finishing to give a reliable and stable product to its customers. This coating acts as a resistance to scratches, chips or other damages. Each drawer can withstand the load of 50-pounds. 

Moreover, the modern slides (full ball-bearing) and the extruded pulls (aluminum) allow easy access to nearer or further tools. Also, the locking mechanism ensures to protect drawers and the lid with only one key. It also has side handles to carry this mini tool chest and keep them closer to you. 

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The internal locking mechanism and a tubular-cam locking mechanism secure all lids with convenience. 

Likewise, the storage capacity of over 900 cubic inches manages to keep all the tools well-organized. The heavy-duty structure is ideal for working in-home or workplace. Also, it comes with a lifetime warranty but for a limited period.

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  • Tough 18-gauge steel
  • Powder coat finish
  • Tubular key locking system protects all the tools
  • 16-inch rolling cart
  • Two side handles
  • Suitable for both professional and home use
  • Ball-bearing slide


  • Limited space

7. DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer, Double Drawers

DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer, Double Drawers

If you are looking for an affordable tool chest with nice features, then Dewalt tool chest is the ideal product. It offers a flexible platform that allows various combinations. Each unit can load one above another that can connect with a durable latch on the side.

It comes with removable dividers to organize the small parts and accessories well. The top of every unit has a comfortable bi-material handle to quickly and conveniently lift the storage.

The heavy-duty latches and hinges made of metal make the storage safe and durable. Again the addition of ball-bearing slides offers a smooth push and pull of the drawers. 

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  • Removable dividers for organizing small parts
  • Smooth ball-bearing slides
  • Heavy-duty metal latches and hinges
  • Comfortable bi-material handle for easy lift
  • A satisfactory size for keeping most-used hand tools
  • Carry the organization horizontally or vertically
  • Affordable price


  • Cannot store many tools together

8. MYCHANIC Garage Rolling Toolbox Stool

MYCHANIC Garage Rolling Toolbox Stool

Mychanic garage rolling toolbox is a great garage companion thanks to its multiple functions and modified design. This helps to keep your tools handy under the lid.

The built-in design of Mychanic is such that it works efficiently even if the garage floors are rough. It gives easy access to tools when they are not within your reach.

It can withstand 500 pounds heavy-load with ease. The powder-coated steel of Mychanic tool chest enables sturdiness. One of the most important things is the presence of a deep drawer that allows you to store all the tools of your trade and even more in the drawer. These drawers have the modern ball bearing slides.

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  • Spacious, deep drawers
  • Sturdy and portable
  • 2-in-1 handle in tool caddy
  • Comes with polypropylene bins
  • Ball-bearing slides


  • Drawers may open on its own when you move the tool chest if not locked

9. WEN 73015 Garage Glider Rolling Tool Chest Seat

WEN 73015 Garage Glider Rolling Tool Chest Seat

Whether you work in your workshop or garage, you need easy access of all your hand tools to work quickly. WEN tool chest offers large and reliable caster wheels to function effortlessly. With WEN 73015 Garage Glider Rolling Tool Chest seat, you will have a storage full of your most-often used hand tools in the garage.

Courtesy must go to its sturdy construction of the 19-gauge steel inside the box and built-in drawers. The division is present in sets of drawers where each one of them is 3 inch and 6 inches deep to keep your hand tools neatly organized.

Whereas, the modern ball bearing slide of the drawer enables effortless access to all the tools far or near in the drawer. The full self-locking system protects the drawers and the stuff inside conveniently.

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10. Keter 5-Drawer Tool Organizer Tool Chest

Keter 5-Drawer Tool Organizer Tool Chest

Keter 5-drawer modular garage and tool organizer and storage system tool chest is convenient to load onto the truck bed or roll in the workshop. Furthermore, you can even keep it as a permanent storage organizer in the corner of your office.

The removable wheels caster allows significant access to the reliable and stable base of the tool chest. Moreover, it makes sure to resist slipping anywhere else. 

Again with this, the excellent stackable design lets you save space and also make a tower of the Keters up to the ceiling if you want. For storing bulky items, Keter offers a large bin at the bottom of the tool chest. It also comes with dividers and small-storage containers. You can rearrange and arrange these dividers and small storage bins to fit your tools better.

Unlike other sturdy tool chests, the material which Keter use is polypropylene resin and not steel.

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  • Portable polypropylene resin structure
  • Central locking system for giving security
  • 16 removable small bins and dividers
  • Removable swivel locking casters
  • Sturdy handles to carry


  • Gives a flimsy look

Buying Guide for Tool Chest

If you still find it challenging to choose the best tool chest, then here is a complete guide for you. This guide will not only help you to understand the essential features but also save your precious time.

Storage Capacity

Checking the storage capacity may come across like an obvious consideration. While purchasing the tool chest, you must think about the number of tools you are likely to buy in the future. Thinking about only what you presently have, you will leave no space for additional ones. This is because they will also ultimately require a place within the tool chest.


Before buying the tool chest, see the number of drawers and length of them to fit all the essential tools.


The durability of the tool chest is a feature you cannot give a miss. A tool chest is like an investment. You must be very careful about choosing the right material. Go for high-quality materials and that which offers a warranty period of at least two years.


Generally, two types of tool chest drawer slides are obtainable in the market. Firstly, the non-bearing slides are not that convenient; instead, it makes the pulling of the drawers difficult. The smartest and convenient style is the ball-bearings drawer slide system. It will work smoothly even if the drawers are heavy.


Security is probably the main reason for choosing a tool chest. It helps to ensure the safety of your essential tools. For this purpose, a well-designed locking system is significant. The tool chest may have either an internal locking system or a key lock. An internal locking system covers up the drawers holding the tools after closing the top lid, while a key lock provides extra security.


Though tool chests are mostly stationary, there are still a few that have wheels. Having wheels promotes easy transportation from one place to another.


To summarize, tool chests are a convenient way to organize your essential tools. These chests of drawers should be larger to store all the tools properly inside it. Several types of tool chests vary in size, weight, design, slides, locking system, and many more. All these distinctive features provide you with options for choosing the right one according to your job.

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