10 Best Torque Sticks in 2021

best torque stick

Torque sticks are one of the essential tools for DIY and professional mechanics. These simple tools help you save time and prevent the potential damage caused by over-tightening. For instance, while dealing with your automobile wheels and over-tightening the lug nuts, it can cause some problems. To avoid warped rotors, sheared stud bolts, and other issues, you may invest in torque sticks. These tools ensure the best speed and high accuracy while measuring torque range. We have now reviewed the most reliable torque sticks from popular brands. You can read our review and purchase these torque sticks as one of the handy tools.

We have made a comparison of the best 3 torque sticks. You can easily find the right one for your needs.

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Best overall

Capri Tools 30083 Torque sticks

Capri Tools 30083 Torque sticks
  • Color-coded design
  • Torque range- 65 to 190nm
  • Head style- Square

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Premium Choice

Genius Tools B000LZ91WC torque sticks

Genius Tools B000LZ91WC torque sticks
  • Plastic models
  • Head style- Square
  • 65 to 150ft.lbs

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Best budget

Steelman B00KDD40X2 torque sticks

Steelman B00KDD40X2 torque sticks
  • Alloy steel model
  • ½-inch drive
  • Calibration-free

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1. Capri Tools 30083 Torque sticks

Capri Tools 30083 Torque sticks

Capri Tools has offered a versatile 5-piece set of torque sticks for mechanics. The ½ inch torque limiting extensions bar set is the perfect choice when you have undertaken several tasks. While the color-coded design is advantageous, you can find those sticks stamped for better size identification. Thus, first-time users will face no issue in using these sticks for their everyday needs. 

The color codes cover torques ranging from 90nm to 190 nm. The length of the sticks is 8 inches, and you can easily let them access any site. Moreover, torque extension bars working with impact wrenches ensure a high level of consistency. It will be easy to tighten your nuts with precise torque. 

Manufacturers have included a storage case to help you in carrying the toolset easily to any place. Thus, you may try out this product for your needs.

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  • Perfect setting to drag strip
  • The color codes ensure optimal speed
  • Includes a robust storage case


  • Comparatively smaller set

2. Genius Tools B000LZ91WC torque sticks

Genius Tools B000LZ91WC torque sticks

GENIUS TOOLS has introduced high-quality torque sticks with a range of torque limits. The 10-piece set is usable with a 1/2” drive impact wrench. With a square head design, the 1/2” Drive Torque Extension Bar Set has an accuracy rate of up to 4%. You can buy the set to cover the torque ranging from 65ft. Lbs to 150ft. Lbs.

Manufacturers have fully colored the sticks to help you in identifying the right one very easily. They have packed these sticks in a plastic blow-molded case. While carrying your sticks to any place, you may use the storage case.

Thus, GENIUS TOOLS torque sticks are one of the top-rated products with accurate technical details embedded on them. You can save time while finding the perfect fit. When dealing with a car wheel model and are not sure of the right stick, you may rely on the manufacturers’ guide. 

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  • High accuracy level
  • Visible stamped sizing 
  • Prevent over-torquing


  • The case is not much sturdy.

3. Steelman B00KDD40X2 torque sticks

Steelman B00KDD40X2 torque sticks

When you have a tight budget for buying torque sticks, you may rely on this product. The calibration-free stick has an 8-inch extension, and we have found it to be better than other standard models of this price. The ½ drive has both female and male ends that you can use with sockets and sturdy impact wrenches.

The highest torque level is predetermined, and thus, there is no need for calibration, recalibration, and maintenance. Moreover, manufacturers have made these steel sticks corrosion-resistant by applying powder coating. You can easily differentiate these tools from other extensions.

As over-tightening may cause premature damage to rotors and wheels, you can buy these torque sticks. The blue stick is intended for a torque of 80 ft/lbs. However, you may also purchase sticks of other torque levels separately. This product is best for those who like to buy a single torque stick for their purposes.

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  • No moving parts
  • Highly durable design
  • Zero prior calibration 
  • Easy to reach cramped sites


  • Need to buy every stick separately

4. Astro 78810 10-Piece Torque Stick set

Astro 78810 10-Piece Torque Stick set

Professionals always desire the best value from their investment, and that’s why we have chosen this 10-piece set for them.

Like other sets, this toolkit is for ½-inch drivers. With a length of 8 inches, these sticks have a matte finish and are made of chrome molybdenum. The color-coded bands enable you to identify the right stick for your needs.

The best fact is that you do not need calibration and maintenance with these perfectly designed torque sticks. You can torque your nuts accurately based on the manufacturers’ instructions.

The set includes different torques ranging from 65ft/lbs to 150ft/lbs. Overall, we can say that the package is best for both professionals and hobbyists. A set of 10 pieces is available at a very reasonable rate.

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  • High-quality sticks with a matte finish
  • A square head style
  • Reduces the risk of damage from impact wrenches


  • Must be more precise

5. Neiko 02459A Torque Sticks

Neiko 02459A Torque Sticks

Neiko is another reliable brand offering 10 sticks in one pack. When you need the best quality torque sticks for your automotive repair shop, you may invest in this kit. The range of torques covered by these sticks is normal, including 90nm, 100nm, 110nm, 120nm, 135nm, 150nm, 160nm, 190nm, 175nm, and 200nm.

You can use these torque sticks with ½-inch drivers. Like other models, these sticks have a length of about 8 inches. Manufacturers have used chrome-molybdenum steel to design these sticks. You may buy these products to use them for your everyday needs. There is also a spring-loaded ball with a hole at the male end to retain the impact tool’s proper positioning. The ball also helps in securing sockets. This special setup prevents dropping issues during your operation. 

The ½-inch drive works with almost any impact driver. What’s more, you can restrict the torque accurately and consistently to prevent fasteners and lug nuts from over-torquing issues.

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  • Easy identification with color codes 
  • Highly compatible design
  • Steel-made sticks


  • Need to be more precise

6. Sunex 4330TE torque sticks

Sunex 4330TE torque sticks

Sunex Tools has provided a high-quality torque stick that is compatible with a 3/4-inch drive. The simple tool has given the best value to several users. You can torque both outer and inner cap nuts with these torque sticks. Moreover, you may also deal with flange nuts found on large-scale trucks. Making your thin-walled impact sockets will be long-lasting, as you use these torque sticks regularly.

While other sets include a 1/2-inch drive, this kit has a 3/4-inch drive torque truck extension bar. By using it, you can ensure perfection to torque your AG wheels and semi lugs. However, you must not use it with any battery-operated impact. The stick may need much rebounding time to avoid the risk of over-torquing. Thus, this torque stick is slightly different from other models manufactured by different brands.

When you have several other tools in your storage, you can still identify this torque stick due to its bright yellow color. 

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  • Hex head style
  • Manage flange nuts on your trucks
  • Work with simple twisting and rebounding 


  • Best only for semi lugs

7. Pittsburgh 10 Piece torque sticks

Pittsburgh 10 Piece torque sticks

Pittsburgh has designed chrome-molybdenum sticks with a robust design. The easy-to-use tools have lightweight designs that can last long. The small-sized bar set is useful for a range of purposes. Due to the convenient usage and portability, several professionals have invested in these torque sticks. Pittsburgh has offered a colorful, durable case to let you store these sticks.

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Do not over-tighten your nuts and fasteners by using these torque sticks. You can use these torque sticks with almost any impact wrench. As there are 10 pieces in the package, the torque range can be from 65 to 150 ft. lbs. When you are using thin-walled sockets, you may choose these torque sticks. The overall length of these sticks is about 7 to 7/8”.

While color-coding is a common feature for all torque sticks, Pittsburgh has added something more to make them easily identifiable. You can find ft. lb. settings for better reference. Thus, you may buy these torque sticks to prevent alloy wheel damages, wheel distortion, and other problems. 

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  • Sticks of standard lengths
  • A case to secure your sticks
  • Perfect settings


  • There must be a lower torque.

8. ABN B079P4LTPQ torque sticks

ABN B079P4LTPQ torque sticks

We have found it as a comprehensive set that includes torque sticks with some other tools. The kit comprises Lug Nut Deep Impact Sockets and Torque Limiting Extension Bars. Using these tools, you can loosen your nuts, lug nuts, and bolts at any angle. Moreover, you may access the tight spaces with these tools.

There is a ball present on the bars’ male end to enable you to secure a socket. You will also find the spring-loaded ball locking the pars to prevent slippage into your machinery.

Manufacturers have designed long-lasting torsion bars made of chromium-molybdenum steel that ensures no rust and corrosion. You will also find a white, non-scratch sleeve wheel nut socket with an insert. The insert protects wheel rims, lug nuts, and bolt tops from scratches. The color-coded rings and laser-etched shaft will help you in identifying the right tools very easily. The torque sticks cover torque ranging from 65ft/lbs to 120ft/lbs.

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  • A set of diverse tools
  • Heavy-duty plastic case with locking latches
  • Sturdy steel tools


  • Socket is not durable.

9. Performance Tool W32903 torque sticks

Performance Tool W32903 torque sticks

We have chosen a reliable set that includes 5 pieces of torque sticks. Manufacturers have used chrome-molybdenum steel to design these torque sticks. Thus, you can find no compromise over the quality and durability of these sticks. With a ½ in. drive, these torque sticks have become the best choice for different projects.

To prevent adverse effects from over-tightening nuts, you can rely on these torque sticks. Moreover, you will not miss out on color codes found in standard torque sticks. The 5 pieces cover torques of varying ranges from 75 ft.-lb to 110 ft.-lb.

The metric-sized markings are easily identifiable for any user. Thus, novices will find it easy to use these torque sticks. The strong case included in the package holds the torque sticks securely. Keep your sticks organized in this case.

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  • Highly durable design
  • Quality chrome construction
  • Easy color-coding


  • Compatibility with an impact gun- Not mentioned.

10. Lisle 12200 Stubby Torque Stick

Lisle 12200 Stubby Torque Stick

When you are looking for a simple 3-piece torque stick set, you can invest in this package. The sticks let you deal with the torque range of 80 ft-lbs. Thus, based on your needs, you may purchase these sticks to prevent the problem of over-tightening lug nuts. Prevent any potential damage by using these torque sticks.

You can find the kit available in 3 sizes, ranging from 17 to 21mm. However, compared to other torque sticks, these models are smaller. Manufacturers have designed 4-3/4” sticks to help you in using them easily. Moreover, the sticks are easy to identify due to their distinct colors.

Lisle ensures a university fit, and you can use these sticks with any impact wrench. To protect your wheel finish, you can find a plastic coating. There is also a storage case included in the package.

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Buying Guide

You may have found a range of options while buying torque sticks. But, which is the best one for your purpose? To purchase something like an informed buyer, you can go through our guide. 

High torque and low torque sticks- What is the difference?

The overall thickness makes a difference. When you have a thicker torque stick, you will apply a higher torque level to the fastener. Similarly, a low torque rating is for thinner torque sticks.

To buy the torque stick, you may focus on some factors-

Check the torque range

The reason for buying the torque stick may be for everyday needs or special purposes. It is always essential to ensure that the stick covers the torque range you have covered. We think it is better to invest in a torque stick set instead of buying one piece separately. You can find the sets available at a reasonable rate. In most cases, the torque range of sticks starts from 65-foot pounds, and it can be up to 150-foot pounds. Moreover, these sticks come with ½-inch drive sets, and their standard length is about 8 inches. There is no need for calibration and maintenance.

Are the sticks of high quality?

Torque sticks mostly have sturdy designs that can absorb shock and endure beatings. The major goal of these tools is to deform while your torque has reached the optimal level. That is why you have to choose torque sticks of a special quality. 

You may twist those steel sticks, although they are strong. The best manufacturers use chromium-molybdenum steel to design these sticks. Moreover, for better protection against rust, they apply powder coatings and manganese phosphate. For this reason, you will find a smooth finish on these sticks. 

Learn about the accuracy level

Pre-calibration is one of the major factors related to torque sticks. Manufacturers always mention the accuracy rate. However, we have read reviews of genuine users to know the accuracy of our chosen torque sticks. Thus, customer reviews will give you a better idea of the accuracy of any product.

Color codes

One of the most important factors to the torque stick buyers is the color code. The clear color-coding makes your task easier. You can easily pick the right one for your task. The aluminum rings used for the sticks have a color-coding system. Some torque sticks are also available with laser engraved setting values. Due to these color codes, you can avoid guesswork. However, we think it is better to avoid buying sticks, which have only sticks of torque values.

Types and sizes of fasteners

You do not know the size of the impact gun that you will use in the future. Moreover, your projects can be of different types. 

Your torque sticks work with a fastener of particular sizes. Some torque toolsets are universal fittings and work with an impact gun of any size.

Storage case

Some manufacturers include a storage case for these torque sticks. When you need to take your torque sticks anywhere, you can keep them organized in the case. While you have not stored your sticks properly, there will be an adverse effect on calibration and performance. 

The proper way of using the torque sticks

You have to use your hand to tighten your fasteners. Then, you may choose the right stick on the impact wrench to tighten the lugs. While pulling up your car wheels, you need to manage the fasteners until they cannot move.

The most notable thing is to ensure that you have not let your stick reach the final torque. The best trick is to choose a torque stick, which is 75% of the overall torque needed for your purpose.


Now, you can search for the best torque sticks for your needs. Go through our review and make your decision on the right torque stick. We have included torque sticks of different price ranges.

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