10 Best Wire Tracers in 2021

best wire tracers

Do you know that there is a complicated configuration of wires to run your electric systems? However, those cables and wires may start malfunctioning at any time. It may not be effortless to find the damaged one of all the wires. That is why you can rely on the small device known as wire tracers. With minimal effort, you can identify the target wires. Lots of electricians have invested in wire tracers to simplify their tasks. We have chosen the best wire tracers for your needs. You may find differences in features of these wire tracers. Thus, our review will help you in buying the right device.

We have listed the best 3 wire tracers and identified the most critical features.  You may go through these features and find the right choice.

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Best Overall

PTE B00ADHQCIO Wire Tracer & Circuit Tester

PTE B00ADHQCIO Wire Tracer & Circuit Tester
  • Tone signal
  • No false detection
  • A variable sensitivity dial

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Premium Choice

Fluke Networks 26000900 Pro3000

Fluke Networks 26000900 Pro3000
  • A SmartTone technology
  • Unfiltered probe
  • Ergonomic design

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Best Budget

Wire Tracker Meterk RJ11 RJ45 wire tracer

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  • Reliable tracer function
  • Check the telephone line status.
  • Easy to locate the breakpoint

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1. PTE B00ADHQCIO Wire Tracer & Circuit Tester

PTE B00ADHQCIO Wire Tracer & Circuit Tester

It is easy to trace your landline cables, automotive lines, and other wires with this PTE Wire Tracer. You can detect connections accurately and deal with the electrical system.

With other low-quality tools, you may find a risk of false positives. However, the PTE’s product’s sensitivity level is adjustable, and you can detect the line by twisting the sensitivity control. There is a sensitivity dial helping you find out a single wire in the presence of multiple wires. Thus, although several wires are adjacent to the receiver, the device will respond to the right one.

Obstacles will not cause a problem, as there is a Tone Signal. You may track the wire under floors, through cables, and inside walls. Thus, while you do not know the location of wires, it will not be an issue.

This affordable tool is versatile, as you can find the short and open circuits using the Continued Mode. There is also an RJ11 connector to analyze telephone systems.

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  • No false detection
  • Non-contact probe
  • Two modes- Tone and Continued


  • The sniffer is big.

2. Fluke Networks 26000900 Pro3000

Fluke Networks 26000900 Pro3000

Tone and probe systems help in the identification and easy tracing of wires. Fluke Pro3000 is one of the premium tone generators to trace communication cables and main wiring. There is no possibility of hindering the signal, as manufacturers have innovatively designed filtered probe. The speaker is compelling and can trace wires through wood, enclosures, and drywalls. Although it may be a noisy environment, you will have a high-volume output. The signal can reach up to 10 miles.

Flute Networks has thoughtfully designed this device with switches, buttons, and a sturdy casing. You can find a volume dial, a sliding switch, and an On/Off button. The push-button and the adjacent sliding switch can provide solid tones. LEDs have continuity modes and tone modes.

As there is a SmartTone technology, the device ensures five distinct tones to identify pairs. Moreover, you may also easily use the RJ-11 connector on your telephone jacks.

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  • Easy to manage the filter
  • Filters out interference
  • 3.5mm jack to use headphones


  • Probe tone- Not easily noticeable

3. Wire Tracker Meterk RJ11 RJ45 wire tracer

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We have selected this product as the best budget-friendly wire tracing device. With a high functional value, the device helps you track the underground lines and the lines behind the walls. You may also use the tool to check the telephone line and network status. Moreover, the user-friendly design has made this product an ideal choice for everyone.

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The easily maneuverable cable tester has a manual with the relevant information. Moreover, the signal range of this device is about 3000 meters. The highly powerful and innovative tracer helps in locating wires regardless of the surrounding environment. The system also turns out an audible signal for easy identification of wires. The multi-color light indicator is an added advantage offered by this device. The package also comes up with a storage bag and earplugs. However, you must not use this device for commercial needs.

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  • Give a highly accurate result.
  • Work correctly with RJ11 RJ45 cable.
  • Easy to locate the breakpoint 


  • Slightly flimsy button 

4. Sperry Instruments ET64220 Wire tracer

Sperry Instruments ET64220 Wire tracer

We have chosen a versatile wire tracer, as it is capable of tracing different types of wires, like phone wires, speaker wires, and coax wires. Many technicians, including the audio-video installers, have found this tool highly useful for their everyday needs. However, other professionals may also try out this product. The sensitivity is easily adjustable, and you can detect a single damaged wire while there are multiple wires routed in the nearby site. Beginners will find it easy to use the tool, as there are both visual and audible indications. The package includes LR44 batteries and AAA batteries for the receiver and transmitter.

 The system will shut off automatically after 45 minutes, and it is one of the unique features of this wire tracer. Within a reasonable price range, this wire tracer offers the most useful features.

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  • Audio-visual signal
  • Automotive fuse blade
  • Adjustable sensitivity


  • Not much user-friendly

5. RIIAI Wire tracer

RIIAI Wire tracer

This innovative product from RIIAI is not only a reliable wire tracer but also a toner inductive amplifier. Professionals in the telecommunication network and computer network line engineering have chosen this product for their uses. You may also choose this product for metal wiring. You need only a 9V battery to operate this device, and it is not included in the package.

There is a speaker tube integrated into the probe. Moreover, the loudspeaker works effectively to prevent the short circuit problem of the conductor. Thus, you can use this device safely due to these special features.

Measurement zones include short circuit testing, line tracking, and clearance recognition. When you have non-terminal cables, you may use the clamp mode for direct measurement. You can buy this product to maintain your wires and cables. However, you must not use this wire tracer during a lightning storm.

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  • Resistant to wear and corrosion
  • Adjustable generator
  • Accurate result


  • Slight costly

6. Klein Tools VDV500-820 Cable Tracer

Klein Tools VDV500-820 Cable Tracer

Klein Tools VDV500-820 is a professional standard tracing probe and tone generator. You can use it for non-active wiring. The specially designed cable tracer is capable of transmitting signals to almost 1000 feet. Moreover, it can turn out five different tone rhythms. The Toner-Pro technology of the transmitter is one of the unique features, as it helps in testing the continuity and polarity. You can check the result from the LED of this device.

RJ11 plug is present on one of the ends of a transmitter, and you can use it for your telephone wires. You can securely fit your wires using the angled bed-of-nails clips. That is why you will have different signal transmission and tight connections.

You do not need to be concerned about the noisy environment, as the tracing probe includes a headphone of about 3.5mm. Thus, you may pay attention to the audio from the transmission.

The device’s receiving end helps you check battery status, adjust volume, and tracing wires with the responsive and conductive tip.

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  • Clearly labeled LEDs
  • Easy tracing with headphone usage 
  • Responsive and durable receiver
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  • Weak speakers

7. Kolsol F02 Wire Tracer

Kolsol F02 Wire Tracer

Most of us use wire tracers to detect wires hidden between our walls. However, this device enables us to trace invisible fence circuits present underground. This highly powerful wire locator can identify wirings embedded underground to a length of 1000 feet and a depth of 3 feet. This wire tracing system can deal with broken solenoids.

On the receiving end, there is a dangling antenna. By moving it back and forth, you can hear the sound generated from the system. While the antenna reaches the target wiring, you will not hear the sound. Thus, it is easy to identify underground connections by using this tool.

While checking the accuracy level, the device can solve invisible fence problems for 30 minutes. You can resolve this by finding the damaged connections quickly.

Kolsol has included batteries that work with this wire tracer. Thus, there is no need to find the source of power to operate the tracer at any time.

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  • Designed for single-strand and double-strand wire 
  • Locate hidden wires
  • Free earphone


  • Not for multi-strand wires

8. Elegiant Multifunction Wire Tracker

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This Elegiant wire tracker is a versatile choice, as it has a range of applications. When you cannot decide on the right wire tracker, you may invest in this product. There is more than one tracing function of this device. Professionals mostly choose the Network Mode to deal with issues related to telephone cables. Using the rotary knob, you can choose Continuity, Tone, and Scan mode to find values from other functions. 

While checking the design, it appears that the product is flimsy. However, by having a close look, we have found the durability of the product. The lightweight and affordable product is best for household usage.

Elegiant has made its product unique by alleviating the problem of interference. While tracing circuits, you may have noticed interference. However, you will not face the issue with this product. 

The package includes earphones that enable you to focus on the signal without being concerned about the surrounding sound. Moreover, in a dark environment, you will have benefits from the integrated flashlights.

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  • IP40 rated product
  • Multiple functions
  • Best for reinforced cable types 


  • Not right for beginners

9. PANTONG METODO2 Wire Tracer


Professional electricians and technicians always look for protective and highly durable toner. The long-distance wire tracing becomes easy with this scientifically designed tool. You can rely on this wire tracer to identify and trace cables and pairs without affecting the insulation. You can detect the line faulty and line polarity by using this tool. The short open Continuity testing is easy with the device. 

The probe has a high differential gain, and it has an integrated LED indicator for visual tracking. The sound level is also adjustable based on your needs. You can trace the target wire with minimal effort. Due to the audio jack, you can hear sound clear in the noisy environment.

There is a protective circuit added to the tone driver. This protective system ensures safety from the effects of reversal high DC voltage. 

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  • Dual alternating tone
  • Compact plastic tip probe
  • Include an audio jack


  • The headphone jack quality is not good.

10. Junluck B08156WM3G wire tracer

Junluck B08156WM3G wire tracer

Junluck has designed a reliable battery-operated device to let you trace different types of wires. You can choose the clamp mode to deal with the non-terminal cables. This mode helps you with the direct measurement of the cables. Moreover, you can measure the network line and telephone line.

This device has a high functional value with different measurements, like short circuit testing, line tracking, and ringing identification. What’s more, it works as a variable and selectable tone generator.

Most users have claimed that the device gives an accurate result. You may choose between adjustable and continuous generator based on your needs.

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There is a speaker tube integrated into the probe. Due to the insulation probe and loudspeaker, you can prevent the short circuit of a conductor. The device works with a 9V battery not included in the package.

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  • Safe for your use
  • Adjustable volume
  • Nominal gain- 30dB


  • Cannot work with AC wires

Buying Guide

Wire tracers are one of the electrical tools used by professional electricians and other mechanics. However, you may not find the right wire tracer without analyzing every detail of the product. When you have faulty connections and other related problems, you may use these wire tracers to identify the damaged wires.

The best wire tracers have the potential to find out the cables and wires located in water, underground, and deep inside walls. They can identify an individual wire and a set of wires in a connection. Thus, to deal with the wiring problems, you may invest in the wire tracer.

Wire tracers and their parts

A wire tracer includes three major parts-

  • A receiver- Depending on the strength of a signal, it emits a numeric value.
  • A probe- The probe has sensors to detect the wire and the direction of the current. It focuses on the particular site while its sensor tracks the signal.
  • A transmitter- The receiver identifies a signal.

You can differentiate wire tracers by determining their capability of locating non-energized and energized wires. While some of them can identify both types of wires, most products are designed only for a particular type of wire. Moreover, some tools work as a circuit tracer detecting the voltage and the circuit.

While purchasing the wire tracer, you have to focus on some factors.

Who will use the wire tracer?

Both homeowners and certified technicians buy a wire tracer. However, their purpose for buying it may be different. Professionals need to choose tracers that have a range of applications. But, for home usage, you may apply the tracer for your TVs, electrical layout, telecommunication cables, and Ethernet.

Adjustable sensitivity

It is the most relevant factor to obtain the right level of the signal. It prevents interference caused by other wires and does not provide you with false positives. There may be non-automatic and automatic sensitivity adjustment options.

Transmitting power

You may not always have a long electric wire through which you need to pass the signal. However, you must know about the transmitters’ power for easy identifications. The configuration and setup can cause variations to this power. The power can reach the wiring distance of 100 to 1000 feet.

Penetrating capacity

Most receivers have no direct connection to wirings. Still, we need to determine their effectiveness by identifying their potential to pass through flooring walls and other materials. You must know the depth of penetration of the receiver to capture the signal.


Wire tracing systems can work on different voltages. You have to learn the device’s voltage capacity to prevent damage and power imbalance. That is why there will be no overload issue of the tracer. You can find the right connections. 


It is good to have a battery in your wire tracer package. In most cases, wire tracers need 9V batteries for their performance. 

Mode of notification

Some novice users encounter problems in their audible signals transmitted to the receiver. Thus, it is best to choose a tracer giving a visual signal.


While buying the wire tracer, you have to check the materials used for designing the system. 

Now, it is easy to buy the best wire tracer for electrical and other needs. You can read our review and make the right choice. We have chosen products from the best brands. Our buying guide will also help you to decide on a high-quality wire tracer. So, purchase now!

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