10 Best Wood Carving Tools in 2021

best wood carving tool

Wood carving is one of the ways to show your creativity and create a unique masterpiece. Although it is difficult to master the skill, wood carving gives fun to designers and artists. While dealing with a block of timber to make an artistic piece, woodworkers need to carve wood. That is why wood carving tools are one of the important needs of professionals. You can find a range of wood carving kits that comprise different tools. Novices may not find it easy to identify the best set of wood carving tools. Thus, our reviews will be of high value to these potential buyers.

We have picked the high-rated wood carving tools for you. You can compare them and make a deal

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Best Overall

BeaverCraft S01 Wood Spoon Carving Knives Set

BeaverCraft S01 Wood Spoon Carving Knives Set
  • Includes a  sloyd knife and a hook knife
  • High quality and durability
  • Carve bowls and cups

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Premium Choice

King Arthur’s Tools MERLIN2 Carving Set

King Arthur's Tools MERLIN2 Carving Set
  • Best for small projects
  • Used on wood and other materials
  • Designed for carving, sanding, and shaping

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Best Budget

Gimars Upgrade SK5 Wood Carving Tools

Gimars Upgrade SK5 Wood Carving Tools
  • Wooden handles
  • Different tips
  • Gouges of varying sizes

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1. BeaverCraft S01 Wood Spoon Carving Knives Set 

BeaverCraft S01 Wood Spoon Carving Knives Set

We have found it to be a versatile set to help you with bowl and spoon carving projects. As a reputable manufacturer, BeaverCraft has created the most thoughtful design for users. Although the wood carving knife set looks simple, it comprises a hook knife and a straight knife. You may use these tools to create different types of artwork. Bowl carving and spoon carving are simple wood carving techniques for novices. Thus, BeaverCraft S01 can be the perfect choice for wood carving professionals.

The wood carving blade of about 3.15 inches, and the ergonomic handle is easily manageable. In the case of the straight knife, the manufacturer has used high-carbon steel to design the blade. However, the hook knife’s handle is slightly thicker and longer. Moreover, most users have found that BeaverCraft has provided them with durable and long-lasting tools. You can invest in this kit for different wood carving needs.

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  • Multi-functionality
  • Hardened steel
  • Sharp blades


Designed for elementary needs

2. King Arthur’s Tools MERLIN2 Carving Set

King Arthur's Tools MERLIN2 Carving Set

King Arthur has provided a universal carving toolset that lets professionals take their skills to a different level. As the best power carving tool, it works faster and produces cleaner lines. Although it is a costly set, the premium products can make your projects successful. The high-quality rotary tool is available with a cutting blade. Moreover, the kit includes some sanding discs helping you to accomplish your projects. The variable-speed tool enables you to manage the speed based on your needs. It also includes air vents that help keep the system cool despite the application of pressure for a long time.

You may buy this toolset for small bowl carving, spoon carving, and detailing features and faces. It works not only on wood but also on bone, plastic, fiberglass, rubber, and non-ferrous materials.

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  • Versatile and portable
  • Include sanding accessories
  • Lots of air vents


Velcro of the sanding disc- Not tightly attached

3. Gimars Upgrade SK5 Wood Carving Tools

Gimars Upgrade SK5 Wood Carving Tools

Gimars has offered knives of different shapes, including shallow gouge, medium gouge, deep gouge, rounded chisel, and wide straight chisel. There are 4-angled knives useful for a range of purposes. Although we have chosen these tools for wood carving needs, you may use them for several other woodworking projects. These tools work best with basswood, poplar, hickory, and pine.

Manufacturers have used quality carbon steel for the razor-sharp blade. Moreover, the electrolytic coating ensures a lasting solution for users. You may create different patterns in your wooden objects. Design the micro models, like bowls, spoons, and animals. The tightly fitted blades will enable you to do your work smoothly.

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Every knife has a solid wood grip that never lets your hands feel tired while carving woods for long hours.

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  • Include different knives
  • Abrasion-resistant blades
  • Sturdy design


Not compatible with hardwoods

4. FLEXCUT SK107 Carving Tools

FLEXCUT SK107 Carving Tools

When you are looking for the best tools for your leaf carving project, you can buy this kit. It will be easy to create intricate designs by using these tools. The first-time buyers will get a high value from this set, as it includes 11 essential pieces. The ten blades included in the package are interchangeable, and they are available in a range of shapes. Another notable piece in the kit is the quick-change handle. Moreover, the 11-pocket tool roll will also be valuable for all users. Furthermore, the pre-printed carving blank will act as your guide.

But, you must not use these tools for heavy-duty wood carving. You will not feel discomfort in gripping the handle. As the blades are thin, you may use them for whittling and carving small items. You will need big chisels with stable handles to carve large and complicated items.

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  • A comprehensive set of blades 
  • The tool roll gives an added advantage. 
  • Sharp, quality blades


Thin blades

5. VonHaus 16pc Wood Carving Tool Set

VonHaus 16pc Wood Carving Tool Set

Carpenters, sculptors, and other professionals have invested in this toolkit. You will get seven long shaft carving tools, two files, five short palm wood knives, one mallet, and one sharpening stone at an affordable price. Thus, the package provides you will all the essentials needed for woodcarving solutions.

The mallet and sharpening stone will help you to take your performance to a different level. Moreover, you can ensure accuracy in your project using this tool. The manufacturer has used chrome vanadium steel alloy to design blades with narrow side bevels. The heat treatments and the ground finish retain the quality of these blades.

The wood handles are unique and easy to grip, as they have an octagonal shape. First-time users will not feel discomfort from using them. Thus, you can try out this tool for your needs.

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  • Include different tools
  • Safe storage in a carry case
  • Superior quality handles


Sleek handles

6. SE Professional 7712WC 12-Piece Wood Carving Chisel Set 

SE Professional 7712WC 12-Piece Wood Carving Chisel Set 

SE 7712WC is one of the professional standard wood carving toolkits comprising 12 chisels of different sizes with diverse tip designs. Manufacturers have used high carbon steel to design blades, and that’s why these blades have high durability. Although you use them regularly, they retain their sharp edges for several years. The length of every chisel is about 7-3/4 inches. As there are multiple tips and sizes, you may use those tools for wood carving and detailing projects. Moreover, the wooden handles are ergonomic and comfortable for your hands.

There are tip protectors integrated into chisels to keep up the original sharpness for several years. You can keep them organized in the PVC pouch. SE 7712WC is one of the cost-effective wood carving tool sets best for buyers of all budgets.

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  • Best quality chisels
  • Soft handles
  • Include a pouch


A slight gap between the steel and the handle

7. WAYCOM 24PCS Wood Carving Kit

WAYCOM 24PCS Wood Carving Kit

We have chosen this kit for professionals who need to deal with wood carving projects every day. You will get 24 pieces in one package, and we think that the price is comparatively lower than that of other kits. The use of carbon steel has increased the durability of these tools. The grip handles of different tools have a varying length. So, based on your needs, you can identify the right one. Besides, the sturdy wooden handles enable you to grip the tool comfortably. The blades are also tightly fitted into handles. You will not feel discomfort while holding the handles. 

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The 24-piece kit includes different knives, including the curved oblique knife, bending knife, curved knife, semicircular knife, and lying round knife. You have to check out the knife dimensions before investing in the kit. There is also an angle cutter useful for wood carving professionals.

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  • Chisels of different sizes
  • Quality materials
  • Durable and strong-tipped tools


The short, thin ones are not easy to use.

8. Morakniv Wood Carving 106 Knife

Morakniv Wood Carving 106 Knife

When you do not like to invest in a comprehensive wood carving toolset, you can buy a single knife. The thickness of the blade is about 0.08″, while its length is 3.2″. The Sweden manufacturer has provided you with a lightweight knife that enables you to show your craftsmanship. The overall design is highly ergonomic, and you can hold the knife comfortably. 

The steel blade’s laminated design ensures that the tool will retain its original look for several years. The high-quality steel of the tapered blade has added value to the overall design of the tool. The blade design is perfect for woodworking and several other projects.

To design the wooden handle, manufacturers have used birch wood treated with oil. Thus, you can try out this budget-friendly knife for your wood carving needs.

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  • Highly resilient design
  • Standard blade length
  • Ergonomic design


The tip is not much bent.

9. Narex 822101 Small Spoon Carving Hook

Narex 822101 Small Spoon Carving Hook

Narex 822101 is a professional-grade tool intended for spoon carving projects. It is one of the highly popular tools manufactured with quality manganese steel. The hook knife for spoon carving is perfect when you think of scooping out any convex surface from bowls and spoons. However, it helps with a more controlled cut compared to that of the straight knife. One side of the knife is sharpened for your wood carving needs.

The alloy steel blade with heat treatment has a hardness level of about 61 HRc. The blade’s width is about 11/16, while its thickness is around 1/8″. The blade length is about 2″, and the radius of the curved blade is 1”. The straight blade has no tapers at its ends. Due to the unique blade design, you will find chatter-free, smooth cuts. 

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  • Stained and properly finished handle
  • Handle made of European beechwood
  • A razor-sharp knife


A little clunky

10. Excel Blades Woodworking Knife Set 

Excel Blades Woodworking Knife Set 

You can choose this package for both wood carving and scrapbooking projects. Woodworkers, artisans, and other hobbyists can invest in this tool. The kit includes a K5 handle, blades, gouges, and routers. The blades of knives included in this kit have a highly durable honed design made of carbon steel. Manufacturers have focused on the edge, hardness, and materials to design these tools.

The jaw chuck included in the package is another notable thing to buyers. The knife handles have jaw aluminum chuck that helps with safe positioning of the blade. They are better and more advanced than standard light-duty knives. The snug-fitting is the most important reason for buying this knife set. The shatter-resistant safety cap ensures ultimate protection to your blade. You can keep these small tools organized in the wooden case. 

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  • Precision cutting
  • Secure blades
  • Heavy-duty knife


 Wood carving gouges must be better.

Buying Guide

Have you decided on buying quality wood carving tools? Here is a buying guide for you.

Novices can invest in the basic set of tools that include 12 to 24 pieces. However, while you need to apply complicated carving techniques, you may look for advanced carving tools.

Wood carving tools and their uses

We have listed the most important wood carving tools and their uses.

  • Bench knives– It is easy to manage the bench knives due to the specially designed blades. Most of these knives have a small blade of about 3/4″ of an inch. However, you must not confuse them with your cooking knives, as the bench knife has a big handle.
  • Carving knives– These knives have different applications, as they help you with your wood carving techniques. You may use them for whittling, paring, and cutting wood pieces. Based on the blade shape, you can identify the purpose. These carving knives must be very sharp, as you have to use them for delicate works. However, novices have to use these tools cautiously.
  • Chisel– Chisels are available in different sizes and shapes, and they have sharp cutting edge fitted to handle. Width and cutting are the most important factors to find the best chisel. You can look for paring chisels, mortise chisels, and several other types of chisels. Each of these chisels has different functionalities. 
  • Gouge– It is a vital tool for wood carving. The curved cutting edge is the most notable feature of the tool. Also, a gouge is a chisel with a rounded and curved edge. A gouge is useful for shallow and deep curves on your wood. When it is s a small gouge, we call it a veiner that has a small diameter.
  • V-tool– Although it is much similar to the veiner, it has a V shape.
  • Mallet– It is useful for taping gouges and chisels to drive your tool into the wooden piece. The mallet is made of plastic and hardwood and has a rounded structure. 
  • Sloyd Knife– It is a small 5-inch knife applied for carving wood. The knife’s blade is smaller than the handle.
  • Palm tools– When you need a wood carving toolkit for a small project, you can choose these tools. These simple tools are useful to deal with basswood and other softwoods. From the chip carving knives to the carpenter’s chisels, everything is available in small sizes. You can find palm gauges and these small tools in an affordable set.
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Carving different woods with your carving tools

Beginners will find it easy to carve woods, like

  • Basswood- This fine-grain wood is soft and easily manageable. Due to its physical properties, you can carve basswood with minimal effort.
  • Butternut- It is also a softwood with small grain, and its color is darker than that of basswood. 
  • Aspen– It is a whitewood intended for construction framing. When you think of creating functional objects, you may choose this wood.

You can find wood carving tools designed for different projects.

Spoon Carving

You will need a flat wooden piece for spoon carving needs. With the best tools, you may carve the spoon shape onto your wood.

Animal Figurine

You may need to create small and big animal figurines with woods. To accomplish your task, you can rely on wood carving tools. 

Do you need power carving tools?

One of the advantages of using power carving tools is that they effectively remove materials within a short time. However, it would help if you had control of the amount of material to be removed. Without skills and knowledge, you may not make the best use of these power carving tools. You can make smaller cuts using these tools. Some power carving tools have sanding attachments, and thus, you will find a flawless finish in these tools. 

Take some safety steps to deal with wood carving tools

You have to wear protective goggles to prevent sawdust and wood chips from reaching your eyes. While sanding with your power sander, you can use a dust mask. Moreover, mesh steel gloves are highly useful for your DIY wood carving projects.


Our review and buying guide will let you find the best set of tools for wood carving needs. While some professionals buy a comprehensive set, others prefer single tools. From rotary tools to scroll saws, different tools are available for wood carving professionals.

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