10 Best Wood Routers in 2021

best wood router

A wood router is one of the most important tools in a professional woodworker’s workshop. The best quality wood routers help you in shaping wood edges, creating joints, and making intricate designs. But, wood routers are available in a range of models designed by several brands. We have reviewed the most reliable wood routers by analyzing their efficiency and ease of use. Moreover, our comprehensive guide will help you to find the best product for your regular woodworking needs.

We have listed the most important features of the best wood routers. Look at these features and compare them in detail. You will find the right product for your woodworking purpose.

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Best overall

Bosch 1617EVS Wood Router

Bosch 1617EVS Wood Router
  • 12 Amp router motor
  • 8000-25,000 RPM
  • Fixed base

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Best budget

Metabo HPT Router Kit KM12VC 

Metabo HPT Router Kit KM12VC 
  • 11 Amp motor 
  • Speed control
  • Low noise

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Premium choice

Festool 574691 Wood Router

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  • Dust collector
  • Variable speed
  • Thermal protection

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1. Bosch 1617EVS Wood Router

Bosch 1617EVS Wood Router

Bosch 1617EVS has gained our attention due to its advanced technical features. The heavy-duty 2.25 HP motor is effective to help you in your every woodworking needs. The ABS plastic housing of the motor coil is durable and solid. Moreover, there is an air vent to ensure smooth air circulation. Under heavy-duty load, your motor will remain cool. Due to the soft-start technology, the motor is capable of accelerating its speed gradually. Your materials have no risk of damage while using this device.

This Bosch router has a stable base made of durable and lightweight aluminum. The ergonomic handle enables you to grip the device comfortably. Although it has a wooden handle, it has a glossy transparent coat to create an elegant look.

The motor is embedded in a way that all users will find convenience in using it. You need a latch to remove and reinstall the motor. Besides, you can easily fit the router bits and remove them from the collet. This collet is also replaceable with wrenches. Thus, you may try out different collet sizes and router bits to get the desired result.

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  • Easy to control
  • High accuracy
  • Sturdy motor housing


  • No see-through design of the base plate

2. Metabo HPT wood Router Kit KM12VC 

Metabo HPT wood Router Kit KM12VC

Metabo HPT KM12VC is another high-quality router kit for woodworkers. Although its price is slightly high, it delivers the best value to users. The integrated 11 Amp motor helps you with controlled and precise cuts. 

Another notable feature of the device is the 2-step motor release clamp that helps with accurate and easy depth adjustments. You may also change the base without any issue. The package includes both fixed and plunged bases for the router users. Other attachments in this package are wrenches and collets.

One of the most important aspects of the router is speed. You can find electronic control to keep the RPM consistent.

Noise is not an issue with this thoughtfully designed wood router. While operating the device, the sound level can reach up to 79.5dB. Thus, your workshop will be a quiet site, and you will disturb no one. 

Moreover, the properly sized handle enables you to have better control of the device. You may work with this wood router for long hours. 

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  • Best for cutting and chamfering
  • Quality motor 
  • No sound issue


  • No instruction on the installation of bits

3. Festool 574691 Wood Router

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Festool 574691 is one of the compact and reliable wood routers with top, front, and rear handles. Mostly, professional woodworkers have chosen this product for their regular uses. You can grip the handle comfortably without feeling fatigued. Moreover, speed control and power switch are easily accessible to you. You may also use the secure plunge lock for better control of the 2-1/8” plunge action. The plunge base also includes a dust collection port for the safe removal of dust and debris.

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Manufacturers have included some safety features to prevent thermal risks and overload issues. You will find better cut-quality with this simple tool. To cut maple wood, decorative edges, and do several other activities, you can rely on this tool.

Another interesting feature of the device is the chip deflector, useful with edge forming bits. Moreover, you may find it easy to deal with corners and curves. 

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  • Tool-free spring clip system.
  • Easy to integrate FS Guide Rail system 
  • High precision and performance


  • No complaint

4. Porter-Cable 690LR Wood Router

Porter-Cable 690LR Wood Router

Porter-Cable 690LR has impressed us with its superb performance with its 11-amp motor. The accuracy of the micrometer depth adjuster is within 1/128 of an inch. What’s more, the device works at a speed of 27,500 RPMs. The aluminum-encased motor and high precision level are the two most notable things about this device. The outer shell of the motor reduces the risk of damage during transportation.

Manufacturers have not overlooked ergonomics, as they have designed molded handles to ensure the ultimate comfort. 

Another useful feature of the device is the Cam-lock lever that helps with easy coarse height adjustments and motor release. However, you may also use the quick fixed-base motor release to control the motor setup between the d-handle base and plunge base.

Furthermore, the wood router components have the ultimate protection due to the dust-sealed switch. Your router will not collect dust for this special feature. The integrated ball bearings also prevent wear and tear to the router.

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  • Compact motor size
  • Potential motor
  • Durable design 
  • Stable router 


  • The router has a small opening diameter.

5. DEWALT Wood Router Fixed/Plunge Base Kit DW618PK

DEWALT Wood Router Fixed/Plunge Base Kit DW618PK

DEWALT always reflects professionalism in its products, and we have chosen this wood router to let you achieve perfection while working with woods. The router gets its power from the 120V 2.25 HP motor. You can do heavy-duty routing on wood materials. However, this tool is also useful for metal cutting solutions. 

There is an electronic variable-speed controlling system to adjust the RPM value from 8,000 to 24,000. But, RPM will not affect the result you obtain from the routing process. You will have smooth and professional edge trimmings for commercial and home purposes.

The fixed base of the system is best for micro-fine adjustments with accuracy of 1/64”. The 7” base diameter adds stability and sits properly on a table. 

The device also has a plunge base where you have to press the handle without much stress. It uses 1/2” and 1/4” collets and commercial standard router bits. However, when you are using a standard liner router, you can use 1/2” collets. You can adjust the depth using the spring coil offered by manufacturers.

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  • Reliable and quality design
  • Perfectly placed hole on the base plate
  • Dust sealed control


  • Not much easy to adjust the plunge base depth.

6. Triton TRA001 3-1/4 Wood Router

Triton TRA001 3-1/4 Wood Router

Triton TRA001 is a highly sturdy tool with soft start motor that gives you a better control of the tool. You can prevent damages by managing the speed. 

The speed of this 15-AMP motor can range from 8,000 to 22,000 RPM. This speed variability helps in creating beveled edges and making deep plunges into wooden boards. 

There is a side vent guiding the dirt to roll off your device. Thus, you may not find dust accumulation inside the tool. Moreover, the plastic sheet also protects the device from flying debris.

You will also find 3 preset heights with a micro winder. It is better to choose the marked heights for easy cuts on the wood. However, you may adjust the system to some smaller and larger depths. In fact, the micro winder works like a depth adjustment guide, and you may choose a depth of 2 to 5 inches. Moreover, you have to click a button to select a fixed and plunge base.

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  • Easy to adjust fence
  • Lightweight design
  • Simple speed control


  • Loose knobs

7. Dewalt Dw616 Wood Router

Dewalt Dw616 Wood Router

Dewalt Dw616 is one of the best available tools for DIY enthusiasts. The integrated features have made this device highly functional for your woodworking projects. The package includes essential accessories, including 2 wrenches, collets (1/4 and ½ inch). You can easily set up the system and start using the device.

The most important thing about this wood router is the motor. The 1-3/4HP, 11-amp motor has the potential to deal with thick wooden objects. Moreover, adjustments and precision are two other reasons for which we have invested in this product. The user-friendly ring is adjustable to an increment of 1/64-inch.

For better accuracy, there is a sub-base concentricity gauge. Thus, it is easy to maintain precision in every woodworking process. 

There are some safety features integrated with the device. You will feel comfortable while using the rubber hand grips. You will have a high level of control, visibility, and durability in the overall design. Moreover, you may also use the template guide bushings with this package.

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  • A tool-free steel motor
  • Unique cordset configuration
  • A flat top to alter the bit


  • Noisy system

8. Milwaukee FUEL M18 wood router

Milwaukee FUEL M18 wood router

This compact router is best for carpenters and several other professionals who need to trim windows, ease edges, and create chamfers. When you are looking for a cordless router, you may choose this product. This Milwaukee FUEL M18 works with a brushless motor that is effective like that of the corded routers. Due to the high SPM value, you can cut through hardwoods.

There is a quick-release lever for your convenience. It uses a push-button for micro and macro adjustment. The rubberized micro-screw adjustment control is much easier to grip, and you can operate it smoothly. The wood router also has a variable speed switch, especially for right-handed users. The properly placed dial helps you in adjusting the tool. The speed is adjustable from 10,000 to 31,000 RPM.

This wood router has two LEDs that remain illuminated for 15 seconds. It also includes an electric brake for your safety. Moreover, the tool comprises 2 plates of 2 sizes. You can use template brushings with mortising hinge jigs.

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  • Easy to grip speed dial knob 
  • Includes safety features
  • Macro adjustable button


  • No negative complaint

9. Makita RT0701C 1-1/4 HP Compact Wood Router

Makita RT0701C 1-1/4 HP Compact Wood Router

RT0701C is a highly engineered model that ensures precision every time you use it. It has easily readable depth scales with a smooth rack-and-pinion fine depth adjustment system. You can make a precise setting with this device. There is also a cam lock system for better removal and installation of the base. 

The overall design is ergonomic and slim. You can replace bits conveniently and install other bases. Make sure that you are using ¼” shank router bits with this wood router.

The RT0701C presents you with a 1-1/4 HP motor with a variable speed controlling system. The speed can range from 10,000 to 30,000 RPM. Thus, you can easily adapt to the wooden material that you are routing. However, the device works with a 3/8” collet size.

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  • Intuitive and easy-to-use design
  • Electronic speed load circuitry
  • Bore holes and perform trims
  • Durable aluminum motor
  • Easy startups for soft start feature


  • Not for heavy-duty work

10. Ryobi P601 One+ Wood Router

Ryobi P601 One+ Wood Router

Ryobi has designed one of the innovative wood routers with a range of useful features. The cordless router needs an 18V battery to operate its system.

Packed up with several features, this Ryobi cordless router has a built-in LED. You can illuminate the workspace with this LED light and find better visibility at the time of cutting woods. Another notable feature of the device is the micro-adjustment dial that helps you to make a precise depth for hinges. 

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Moreover, we have found that there is a quick-release lever simplifying your depth adjustment efforts. You may also remove the base very easily.

To ensure ergonomics, manufacturers have added an over-molded grip zone. The rubber coating applied on the grip helps with better precision. Although your hands may be slippery, you can grip the tool without any issue.

The aluminum base has a sturdy design with high stability. You can install the compact tool in any place and continue working with it. You may use P108, P107, P105, and several other battery models with this tool. As the package does not include batteries, you have to buy them separately.

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  • Durable base
  • Easy to grip
  • Easy-to-use knob to adjust the depth 


  • Depth-related issues for some users

Buying Guide

Wood routers are one of the useful tools for woodworkers. However, it may not always be easy to buy the right wood router for your needs. Based on motors, ergonomics, size, and some other factors, we have picked quality wood routers. Thus, you have to focus on these relevant factors to make your purchase.

Size of your router

Wood routers are available in a range of sizes and shapes. Palm routers are best for smaller tasks, while compact models are high-power tools with portability. There are some larger routers with bigger motors for professional use.


The best wood routers have a brushless motor with reliable performance. Moreover, the motor must not cause noise that disturbs others. You have to check out Ampere and Volts of motors. 

Ergonomic design

While performance is one of the major factors, you have to pay attention to ergonomics. The rubberized grip ensures that you can hold it for longer hours without stress and muscle tension.

Speed control

As wood routers are one of the power tools, you have to be able to control their speed levels for precision. Most of these tools have a variable speed, and thus, you can adjust it based on your needs. Smaller bits need higher speeds for clean cuts, whereas the larger ones are safe with the slower speed. 

Dust collection port

While using the wood router, you can find the system emitting dust. The dust can settle in two places- your lungs and workbench. You may have physiological issues with the dust buildup in the lungs. To avoid this problem, you can look for a wood router that collects dust coming out of the tool.

Router bits

Router bits play a major role while you are dealing with woodwork. The router may turn out to be useless without these bits. Some bits are chamfer, straight, rabbeting, edge, and dado. The best package includes a number of router bits for your tool.

Check out other additional features of the wood router-

Spindle lock- Due to the presence of this lock, you do not need to use two wrenches to replace bits. You may use a locking collar for the proper placement of the motor shaft and bits replacement.

Soft start- It makes sure that the motor is not causing vibration to the router. It slowly accelerates to the preset speed. That is why you will feel safe in using the tool.

The base of your wood router

Wood routers are available with 3 types of base-

Fixed base

  • Best for cutting depth to a desirable level
  • The grips are adjacent to the bottom of the base
  • Low center of gravity
  • Depth is not adjustable

Plunge base

  • A versatile choice- No need to preset the depth
  • Motor and handles are higher
  • High center of gravity
  • May be slightly unstable

Combination base

  • 2-in-one router
  • The engine is removable from a base


Now, you can start searching for the best wood router from our review. Identify the type of your job and your regular needs to make your woodworking successful with the router.

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