7 Best Zero Turn Mowers in 2021

Having a big lawn or garden area is not an easy task. You have to keep the place tidy and fit for living. Having a zero-turn mower that can keep your garden area clean in a comfortable manner will save much energy for you. Zero-turn mowers are a wonderful creation of humankind in terms of speed, comfort, and manoeuvrability, as they are ideal for keeping the lawn area clean. Though buying a zero-turn mower can be a challenging investment as they are expensive. However, for those who have big spaces to cover and always running low on time, buying a zero-turn mower will be a smart choice. 

We have compiled the best top three products to provide the best options for the zero-turn mowers. Check them out below.

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Best Overall

Husqvarna Z246 zero turn mower

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  • V-Twin Engine 
  • 2-Blade Mower Deck 
  • Cutting-edge design

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Premium Choice

Husqvarna MZ61 61 in. 27 HP Briggs & Stratton

Husqvarna MZ61 61 in. 27 HP Briggs & Stratton
  • Amazing Ergonomics
  • Comfortable Steering
  • Removable Foot Pan
  • Adjustable Tracking

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Best Budget

 RDJ Trucks – American-Shade Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

 RDJ Trucks - American-Shade Zero-Turn Lawn Mower
  • Fit any ROPS 
  • Include a canopy
  • Solid construction

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We have researched the top best and the latest technology zero-turn mowers. Every product has different uses and features. It will help you to pick the one suitable for you. 

1. Husqvarna Z246 zero turn mower

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The Z246 zero turn mower is a highly-engineered model designed for professional lawn specialists and property owners. The speed and a high cutting capacity of this mode have pleased most of the users.

The overall design of the zero turn mower has aesthetics. However, its unique features and functionalities enable you to increase productivity.

The mower has two levers transmitting to motors attached to the rear wheels of the mower. The unit also includes a steering system. By pushing the levers down, you can move the mower in the forward direction.

Based on how much distance you have covered with the pushing and pulling mechanism, you can determine the speed. To turn to the right side, you have to manage the left lever.

The mower’s deck remains fitted to a reinforced steel cutting deck. The flat-stock steel has added durability. Moreover, the manual deck lift has a spring assist system helping you to use the mower effectively. You will enjoy both comfort and balance while using this mower.

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  • Electric clutch
  • Reinforced steel 
  • V-Twin engine


  • Problem with the cutting deck

2. Husqvarna MZ61 61 in. 27 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna MZ61 61 In. 27 HP

For people who want to spend a fair amount of money and want to keep a zero-turn mower with all the fantastic features, this premium option is just for them. If you have a much bigger area, this machine gives the perfect performance with commercial grade. 

With HP 27 and the Briggs’ endurance, the engine provides exceptional reliability and powerful ground speed. The fabricated 11 gauge with the steel deck cutting provides stunning 54 inches and with unique features. 

The deck lifting system supports fast and comfortable adjustment from the user’s seat. 

Another striking feature with clippings that can be mulched or discharged. All the discharges are collected in a 9-bushel triple bag. You will also get the bag attachment, and the mulching kit can be bought separately. 

If you have a bad back and think that it can be stressful for you, this premium product is high- back seat and armrest. You also get soft padded grips for hand and vibration dampeners that makes mowing easy for long hours. 

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  • The foot pan can be removable.
  • Extremely comfortable steering 
  • Takes less time
  • Ideal for a larger area. 
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  • The price is high.

 3. RDJ Trucks Made in The USA – American-Shade Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

RDJ Trucks Made In The USA - American-Shade Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

Another fantastic product within the budget item is the RDJ trucks made in the USA. This machine is designed, manufactured by the Americans. The construction is of UV and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene with immense strength and lightweight aluminum. Also, it has a powder-coated frame for better protection.

The ABS material is exceptionally durable and is not at all recyclable. The plastic is not cheaper, so it will last longer than expected. You will get a canopy, and the installation part is elementary. You can do it yourself, and no help is needed. It saves you from extreme heat and other diseases from heat exposure. 

Another exciting option that you get is a 3-year warranty. If you face any issue with the quality or any problem, it will be looked at once. If you are looking for a low-budget zero-turn mower with some great features, then you can choose this product. 

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  • Great Canopy
  • You will get it within the budget.
  • Easy installation


  • Removing the canopy may not be easy.

4. Ariens 915223 zero turn mower 

Ariens 915223 Zero Turn Mower 

Ariens 915223 is one of the versatile mowers with a user-friendly design. Due to the zero-turn ability, the mower enables you to manage obstacles (like trees and other structures) around it. When you have a big lawn to mow, you may invest in this model. This mower helps you with your mowing activities quickly and efficiently.

The most notable part of the mower is its 52-inch deck, which is more significant than the standard cutting path. Hence, you can choose this flawlessly designed mower to mow a large property. When you use a system with a small cutting path, you need multiple passes. However, with the IKON-X, you may accomplish the task in a single pass. Thus, you will save time due to this striking design.

The mower’s deck includes a 3-blade design and a height adjustment selector operated by a dial. In other Ariens’ models, the blade height adjustment process is time-consuming. Ariens has solved this problem by including a dial design.

Another essential feature is the foot-operated deck lift. You can adjust the cutting height up to 13 levels.

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  • Include EZT twin hydrostatic transaxles
  • A user-friendly design
  • Designed for professional and home use.


  • Not perfect for small yards

5. Husqvarna Z254 54 in. 26 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna Z254 54 In. 26 HP

This Zero-turn mower works wonderfully in large areas and is capable of reaching the unreachable spots. The built quality, as well as the design, are both created to perform unbeatably. 

This zero-turn mower’s maximum speed is 6.5 MPH, which is ideal for edging the utmost and keeping the garden clean. With its air induction mowing feature, the air is drawn from the top and the bottom, so the cut is satisfying. 

It is incredibly user-friendly and not at all hard to figure out the power buttons. You also get a manual to understand the full use. The installation is effortless and quick. You do not need any help as it can be easily alone. 

Also, you will get headlights on the front, and the quality is top-notch. If you do not have the time to get your lawn cleaned, you can do it during the night-time without any hassle. 

The steel cutting deck has the top finish quality so that you get professional type results while mowing. 

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  • Kohler engine
  • fabricated deck
  • User-friendly


  • The rear tires may not work on wet grass. 

6. Husqvarna Z242F 42 in. 18 HP Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna Z242F

Husqvarna has been an excellent brand in terms of manufacturing zero-turn mowers with different budgets. This product is also a premium quality zero-turn mower that fits all the needs. The budget is also sufficient as per the features available. 

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For any unforeseen situation, this turn mower comes with a seatbelt so that it gives you full protection. You do not have to compromise with the machine as it is very smooth to use, and power buttons are easy to reach. 

18 HP Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower is very stylish. While using it, you can feel a sense of professionalism and understand how ravishingly it works. The machine allows the mower to do the cutting in a variant way to reach difficult areas. 

There is a park brake system that activates itself immediately upon monitoring the direction of the steering. The high-tech airflow system and terrific performing blades offer a clean cut. 

It is a bit expensive, but it is worth buying with all the features you are looking for. 

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  • A perfect buy for household lawn areas
  • Cleans any commercial space
  • The machine is hydrostatic
  • It is low in maintenance.


  • Pricey.

7.  Ariens Edge 42 inch 19 HP (Kohler) Zero Turn Mower 915245

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Another exceptional zero-turn mower is Ariens Edge’s innovative creation. It is an excellent product for managing the household lawn or commercial area. It is also useful for those who keep it clean every twice or once a week. It is an outstanding value for money and a perfect buy for those who want to have a satisfactory result. 

The built quality is terrific and works smoothly on cutting the rough and tough grasses. Ariens Zero-turn mower promises hassle-free lifelong service to keep your garden area clean. The navigation power is extreme as you can access wet lawns without worrying about slipping. 

The seat is comfortable and padded so that you get comfort while clipping the grasses. As per your need, you can also adjust the armrest. 

Not only adjusting the armrests, but you can also change the height of cutting the grasses as per your satisfaction. You will also get the chance to adjust the height for cutting on the go. 

The maintenance is also deficient and lasts longer than any other brands available in the market.

No products found.


  • Perfect for large estates
  • Ergonomic controls
  • Padded seat


  • The cutting deck is not so expansive.

Zero-turn mower buying guide 

We understand how tough it is for the first-timers to pick up the zero-turn mowers at once as costly. Also, there are some crucial factors that one should know and keep in mind before deciding on a zero-turn mower online. So, we have come up with a comprehensive buying guide for the online audience. Our buying guide will help you to look for the right checkpoints before you buy one. Check it out below.

Checking the safety belt

Many of the zero-turn mowers have seats so that the user can comfortably sit and get the clipping of the grass done quickly. It is advisable to avoid sudden accidents; the turn mower has a seat belt.


While checking the right turn mower for you, please ensure that there are various ranges of adjustment. It will be helpful for you if you get a wide range of adjustment for clipping.


As machines tend to be very uncertain, it is better to go with a famous brand that gives an extended warranty period. If you see any issues, you can return or exchange the turn mower. 

Digital Displays

Some models come with digital displays and help you check the power and height adjustability. It is an excellent feature as it will be easier for you to select the right height. 

Deck size

It indicates the cutting area of the zero-turn mower. Choose the mower of proper deck size to reduce your mowing time.

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Engine power and size

The engine’s size corresponds to the power of your mower. It is vital to have a big sized engine to manage any grass. Moreover, you can apply the mower on slopes.

Materials used for constructing the mower

The light-duty mowers may have stamped steel in the frame metals. On the contrary, heavier mowers have cast iron and welded parts. When you buy a braded zero turn mower, you will find manufacturers mentioned the materials.

Controls of zero-turn mowers

Some zero turn mowers have a lap bar that you have to push back and forth. The entry-level mowers have steering wheel controls. You will feel comfortable using these steering wheels. There are also joystick controls found in different directions. Moreover, you will find stand-up controls in the commercial-grade mowers.

Zero-turn mowers of different types

As landscaping specialists and property owners, you can invest in zero-turn mowers that ensure comfort and speed for the zero-turn radius. The turning radius of zero-turn mowers is zero degrees. That is why you can make quick and narrow turns to navigate a yard. The speed level of some models may be up to 13 miles per hour. However, we have categorized zero turn mowers in 4 different ways.

  • Commercial-grade zero turn mowers

These commercial mowers can withstand rough conditions, and thus, you can use them comfortably for everyday use. The cutting width of these mowers can range from 34 to 72”. With the Twin engine cylinders and 5-31HP, these commercial models are fantastic choices. The tank capacity can vary between 5 to 13 gallons. The mowing decks of these mowers are large, and you may need to invest a hefty amount to buy them.

  • Semi-pro zero turn mowers

They are a blend of commercial and residential customers. When you need to mow a big yard, you can choose these mowers. The horsepower ranges from 16 to 25HP, while the cutting width can be 34 to 60”. Moreover, the tank of these mowers can hold 5 to 8 gallons of fuel.

These durable semi-pro mowers are best for regular uses, and their design includes single-piece steel frames. The speed level of these semi-pro mowers can be up to 8 miles per hour.

  • Mid-grade zero turn mowers 

They have heavy-duty components with a cutting width of 34 to 60”. These mid-grade systems have 16 to 25HP engine. Moreover, their tank capacity can be up to 4 gallons. Manufacturers use durable steel to design these mowers and weld the joints for higher strength.

There is a robust transmission integrated with the mid-grade zero turn mower. You will also find higher torque ratings, larger wheel motors, and bigger pumps to manage heavy loads. The deck height is adjustable with a foot controlling system.

  • Entry-level zero turn mower

When you use the zero turn mower for the first time, you can choose this model. This reliable mower is affordable, as it has a small engine and gas tank. The speed can range from 6 to 7 miles per hour. For occasional weekend mowing, you may buy this mower.

Bottom Line

Zero-turn mowers are beneficial and time-saving machines that help you keep your lawn clean and attractive. Though it can be expensive, it is better you choose as per your requirements. Check out each mower’s features very carefully, go through their pros and cons, and then decide on one.

Our list comprises all the prices so that you can see and buy the right one. If you are purchasing a turn mower, make sure the zero-turn mower you have chosen is long-lasting as you cannot buy them every year. It will be better if you can save some money and then buy the right one! We hope our list helps you to get a suitable zero-turn mower.

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